Priority now to stop things getting worse


There is usually a fair amount of hysteria after a Celtic defeat, sometimes after a draw, but the reaction since Saturday has largely been grounded in measured concern.  Even in the darkest days of the 90s, when Oldco Rangers were at their peak, we could always lay a glove on them.  It was bad.

The question is, what now?  We won eight out of nine domestic games going into the weekend but the manner tightness of several of those wins did not inspire, were it not for late goals against St Johnstone and Dundee United, your worries would be significantly greater today.

Priority when you suffer a bad defeat is to stop things from getting worse.  That means going to Aberdeen on Sunday and winning.  It is not self-flagellation to say we need this game at Pittodrie.  We need to go to one of the best teams in the league and get a win.

We endured many bad results in the 90s, but, if you are old enough, you will remember how there would usually be a backlash to a Celtic defeat.  Whoever we played next saw the consequences of all that pain.  We need to get in touch with that sentiment on Sunday.  Use the pain.

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  1. Bada bing. Brilliant article from e time



    Especially part below



    That should be followed by a coaching staff meeting.





    He should want to know what the fuck they are telling players to do, and here we may have the core of the problem, Have a look at the Gerrard bench during the game on Saturday, and note how involved they are.





    Compare and contrast that with ours….and that shows that the coaches are not all pulling in the same direction, and perhaps the arrival of Gavin Strachan, signed to replace Damien Duff , is the issue here.





    Things certainly changed under his influence, and perhaps Lennon should be asking why. That means those such as John Kennedy and Stevie Woods need to speak up.




    I was at St Mirren park on Boxing Day behind dugout


    Zero interaction between Neil and John Kennedy



    We don’t have a coaching team and as such we will struggle with



    1. Transfer windows It’s clear we be needed a left back and attacking midfield. But as coaching team think 3 5 2 is only way to go they could not identify it. To play 3 5 2 anyway you need a good left back who can attack.



    2. Tactics or an ability to change a plan




    The football department was hired by Peter lawell The main remit was to say yes to Peter lawell



    Football and tactical experience was not in remit



    Here we are now



    We have better players than Sevco



    Sevco football department is streets ahead of us



    If our football department continues to fail in tactics and put our better players out on park with wrong formations v Sevco we will


    Lose the league




    Paul67 Header from Peter lawell makes it clear


    No bringing in football talent into football Peters football department to create waves for Peter

  2. SYDNEYTIM on 19TH OCTOBER 2020 9:19 PM



    At least you had the decency not to slaughter James Forrest for the result on Saturday.

  3. RC,


    Load of bollocks.Read the story.its a bumper hit on a roundabout.Nothing to report,but you do the Records work for them by including Griff.



    Nobody has been reported injured and the cars only suffered some minor damage to their bodywork, lights and bumpers, the Scottish Sun reports

  5. ABKW1888



    Were you proving a point regarding the unreliability of Wikipedia by changing it to say we beat FC Kokkola at Hampden and not Celtic Park?

  6. SLOLEYBHOY I was extremely disappointed in frimpong on Saturday He did what James Forrest is a master of. , ie invisible v Sevco



    Noticeable that even the most fervent James Forrest fans were not saying after game that we missed the 30 year old promising youngster

  7. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    We miss James Forrest







  8. Mad Mitch .


    You seem partial to a rant rather an assessment but what you saw from the Orcs on Saturday was far more tactical than you state .


    I stopped calling them shite at Hampden last December. At the end of the same month, I was stone cold sober and witnessed an effective ( nothing more ) system that was enough to beat us @ Paradise.


    What followed from us was a positive change with 2 up top , while their rookie manager played his own part in an obvious implosion.


    The implosion this season is far from certain.



    Regards Paul’s article



    What worries me now , is whether injuries, Covid or wrong team selections are causing our struggles ?


    If not , then the answer lies deep within the walls of Celtic Park .


    Cal Mac has mentioned that we need to sort it out “ internally “ .


    To moi , this points to a meeting of minds and opinions.


    I just wish that him or Lenny had said that hard work on the training pitch would reap rewards after everyone was more comfortable in their system.


    Being well drilled, coached and sticking to a game plan has it’s benefits.


    The team with better players doesn’t always win



    Keeping the faith, but with serious doubts CSC .

  9. lol. No mention then just now. Oh what about the invisible one. lol




    Tell you one thing. If I had choice of James Forrest being up front or Patryk ( 2nd touch a throw to them) Klimala I would take JF

  10. Celticrollercoaster supporting The Walk With Shay Legacy Fund on




    Whilst I agree with your views on PL, I think you might have a blindspot on young 30yo James :-)



    All about opinions







  11. Sydney Tim .


    Firmpong got to the touch line a couple of times early in the match, without causing them much damage. The sticky’s then doubled up , and got closer .


    Every team does that with wee Jamsie.


    The trick then , is moving the ball quicker inside or carrying it inside looking for one twos.


    It didn’t happen for multiple reasons .

  12. Gordy 8.54



    We don’t need a maniac on the touchline but Neil’s body language is a big concern.



    Someone also said Neil thought we had a good first half on Sat. He also thinks our CL exit was down to bad luck. I cannot see him turn our fortunes around.

  13. SYDNEYTIM on 19TH OCTOBER 2020 9:19 PM



    Did you celebrate with the Celtic dugout when James scored the winner ?

  14. I do enjoy watching Leeds United – they are superbly coached and play with flair and passion. Everything is deliberate, quick one twos and more refreshingly, passes from the middle of the park into pockets in midfield as players take the pass in their stride.



    Celtic play the conservative pass and lack 1-2 players with creative guile.

  15. James Forrest has rarely played well v the huns, Frimpong never took Barasic on the outside once on Saturday, back and square routine, a la Taylor….

  16. Actually couldn’t believe that Frimpong lasted 90mins on Saturday, he was so poor. Has a lot to learn.

  17. !!BADA BING!! on 19TH OCTOBER 2020 10:28 PM



    In a 4-2-3-1 Forrest would have dragged Barisic inside, creating space for Frimpong.



    Other than Ntcham for the first 30 minutes, Frimpong had no movement and no-one to link with. We gave him the ball and left him to the ambush.

  18. SLOLEYBHOY on 19TH OCTOBER 2020 8:23 PM – your transfer wheelin-dealin’s make some sense to me.


    Forster, Gallacher and Fletcher mighta made a difference vs THEM.


    However, it’s not that we don’t already have enough quality in the squad.


    It’s he formation/game plan and ability to react and respond to getting a beatin’ seems to be our main issue, That, along with a coaching crew whose in-game demeanour and post-game comments give real concern.


    Many good to-and-fro’s overnight. Not too many schoolyard insults, ‘cept the usuals…



  19. Mad Mitch



    “I fear you are a middle aged history teacher trying to show off.”






    Well, it’s as accurate as your other predictions, which I note you failed to reveal again at the 2nd time of asking.



    P.S. Is a fear of middle aged history teachers -Beardiecardophobia?



    Advert for new Celtic Manager





    Come and join us but lose one league game to them in any season and we’ll call for you to be sacked.





    Or alternatively,



    Come and join us. Dire team selection and total lack of any tactical nouse as well as continuous failure against European opposition with inferior budgets to our own are matters that can be overlooked. Additionally, similar continuous failure in matches against our nearest domestic challengers are also matters that can be overlooked and not considered as grounds for dismissal.

  21. GEEBEE1978 – 8:44



    It rips ma knitting the amount of times we have played 2 up front without playing 2 centre forwards.



    It has been horrible to watch in comparison to what we had after Christmas.



    I get we have had injuries/lacked match fitness at times but we could be having them on for a half each alongside the fit striker.

  22. TOSB



    or alternatively



    Add the sentence- “so long as we win every domestic Trophy”



    We sacked WGS after one lost league.


    We sacked RD before he had a chance to lose us a league.


    Neil has delivered every domestic trophy we have contested since his second arrival but that is not good enough because, again, many with the unproven gift of foresight can see us losing a league this year.