Priority now to stop things getting worse


There is usually a fair amount of hysteria after a Celtic defeat, sometimes after a draw, but the reaction since Saturday has largely been grounded in measured concern.  Even in the darkest days of the 90s, when Oldco Rangers were at their peak, we could always lay a glove on them.  It was bad.

The question is, what now?  We won eight out of nine domestic games going into the weekend but the manner tightness of several of those wins did not inspire, were it not for late goals against St Johnstone and Dundee United, your worries would be significantly greater today.

Priority when you suffer a bad defeat is to stop things from getting worse.  That means going to Aberdeen on Sunday and winning.  It is not self-flagellation to say we need this game at Pittodrie.  We need to go to one of the best teams in the league and get a win.

We endured many bad results in the 90s, but, if you are old enough, you will remember how there would usually be a backlash to a Celtic defeat.  Whoever we played next saw the consequences of all that pain.  We need to get in touch with that sentiment on Sunday.  Use the pain.

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  1. SLOLEYBHOY- doubling up on a wide player, is as old as football itself, that’s where coaching movement comes in to play….or it should….HH

  2. Love football? Like a challenge? Don’t mind bullets in the post or ad-hoc street and workplace assaults? Then we’ve got the job for you! Due to a very unexpected departure, a top position has opened up for the right candidate to secure a triplet of KPIs in a historically lucrative trading period for our PLC-owned global brand.


    Reporting directly to our expert CEO and his tight-knit team, you’ll get the chance to literally make history for the [allegedly] very best supporters in the world. You’ll be heading a hugely ambitious and talented team and your man-management skills need to be top-notch. Note, your facial expressions will be evaluated on a second-by-second basis, so a thick skin will prove invaluable as is the ability to cope with unrealistic fan and media expectations. You’ll need to keep a cool head when all around are losing theirs, and while some European travel is expected each year, it’s not mandatory. Public speaking skills and media interview abilities are essential. There’s a fantastic renumeration package available for the right candidate who loves a 24-hr, high-pressure, thankless, career-defining role. Previous references may/may not be essential for this role.


    (Note, own swimming trunks are needed as final interviews will be held in team showers)

  3. If Celtic Football Club are thinking about a change of manager,I think they look at a coach who isn’t attached to any club,The man I’m thinking about is a ex Celtic Player,that man is Mick McCarthy a no nonsense centre half ,whom I’m sure is a good motivator and man management,I think big Mick stayed to long at Ipswich which did him no favours,so there you go snap him up even in coaching role up at Lennoxtown,I’ll bet you will see a lot fitter players and they will be more motivated.




    I’ve not suggested he will lose us the League this season. However, you keep missing the point. Cluj, Copenhagen, Ferencvaros. Enough said.




    we have been up against zero competition, only time we have come up correctly organized and trained teams is Europe where on majority of occasions we have failed due to mainly tactics against financially inferiors teams to us



    On sat we failed again against a team with inferior resources but better coached and managed



    this time it was in SPFL were we have had a free run for virtually 8 years



    Now we we must change our coaching team, if not Neil at least give him experienced back up




    JOB advert for assistant manger and 1st team coach



    Experience of tactic’s ,plans etc none required


    Able to follow instructions of CEO and keep quiet

  6. TOSB



    The point wasn’t missed.



    I think I can read the mood of my fellow supporters and the knives are out for Neil- not because we sometimes lose in Europe- but because we fear losing the league to an Ibrox mob.



    That’s the main charge on his sheet. The European losses are just padding to make us feel better about kicking a good seravant to the club.



    If Neil does go, he can leave with his head held higher than many of us.

  7. FixthefeckingloginFFS!!!


    Not even a Post Comment box to insert some nonsense for over an hour. The Remember Me function does not work. And yes, I have Java Script disabled, tried several browsers and devices, and have 3 separate adblockers.



    I am no computer expert, but no Luddite either. I have being doing CAD ( computer aided design ) in urban planning and architecture for years, and this frequent anomaly, on CQN only, has just about exhausted my patience. I’ve forgotten the point I was going to make. Maybe it’s why we are losing so many posters?

  8. garygillespieshamstring on

    Celtic v kokkola was definitely played at Celtic Park.


    I was at the game and I still have the match programme and stand ticket in the house.



    Paul Wilson and Vic Davidson came on as subs and Paul scored 2 and as far as I remember, Vic got 1.

  9. SFTB



    No one wants to kick Neil. Fans know what he has suffered in the past and that he ‘has been a good servant to the club.’ However, in defence of critical fans like myself, we did point out at the time of the appointment in the showers’ that Neil was the wrong man for the job. The Board were lazy and Peter Lawell told us that they didn’t even consider anyone else for the post. Well that just proves the level of incompetence that exists at the top of the club. Another blogger suggests that Dermot Desmond approached David Moyes but was rebuffed. I’m not sure where the truth lies. They needed to cast their net wider but don’t appear to have done so. The inspired appointment of Brendan Rodgers cost money. It ended acrimoniously as Brendan made demands that the CEO did not want to accede to. Perhaps that’s why they have not wanted another top level coach. They want someone compliant who won’t make waves. Someone who has the club at heart. A true fan who wears his heart on his sleeve. That should keep the fans quiet for a bit. No need to spend too much on fixing the problem.



    Well I’m sorry. I demand that the club give us the very best manager that they can afford. This is Celtic we’re talking about. We need someone to take responsibility and act in a professional manner and make the decisions that have to be made, no matter how tough those decisions may be,

  10. Best comment I have read went along the lines of


    Peter lawwel has got away with failures in Europe because of poor coaching and tactics because of our success v Sevco and spfl success



    He won’t get away with failures v Sevco and SPFL due to ten in a row



    Sunday the 3rd of jan might seem a long way away But time to get it right it now

  11. I thought we were playing better football under Neil last year than we saw in seasons 2 & 3 of Rodgers.



    Last year we moved the ball into attacking areas at break neck speed. Neil said he didn’t want to see us slow our game down and had told the players to dispense with the Rodgers build up for a more direct approach.



    It worked.



    I’m at a loss to explain why we’ve resorted back to the slow build up and lateral passes of Rodgers’ last season.



    Neil got it right last season so how it can go so badly wrong in this season of all seasons is truly puzzling.



    I’d like to see CalMac further up the field and we desperately need to end the reliance on Frimpong. Either play two strikers or go one upfront – end the Moi/Christie striker role.



    Get Julien and Eddie back and contributing, get the players fit and back to enjoying their football.



    Lennon’s record suggests he can go on a big winning run which is what it will take to rescue this situation.



    We’ll know after Sunday if he’s the man to turn this round. If we don’t get a reaction in the next two games then we’re in very big trouble.

  12. Good morning cqn from a windy, dark and wet Garngad



    If my mood was like weather it would be like that weather update. Ooh that doesn’t sound right.😁



    I agree with what An Dun says above, why have we regressed so much from moving the ball faster forward and attacking to BR style 60-70% possession along our 18yard line. Astonishing.



    Dont get me started on 2 up top with 1 or no strikers playing. Ffs



    Sunday is where Neil has to make sure we get back on track and show improvement not an 95th minute winner.



    If we get beat or pumped on Thursday then the pressure on Sunday will be even greater.


    Right as I was off yesterday now to deal with the odd Hun in work.






    D :)

  13. An dun. After Xmas we played Griffiths up top running into channels and behind him was Eddie


    That is what changed


    You can’t go back to one up front as we did with Eddie on his own


    You must have two good forward men stretching defences


    Klimala can’t do that and never will Let’s stop kidding ourselves


    The big failure this season was not recognising that a 70% fit Griffiths was a must to start


    Our coaching staff should have been zooming him at home to make sure he was on treadmill every day. Massive failure

  14. The hand of God on

    In my post at 10.00 yesterday I pointed out that its impossible to criticise NFL without the wrath of the “after all NFL has been through ” brigade…reading through last nights comments has only confirmed that..As the ma ager of Celtic he will be judged not purely on results but also performances and can anyone truly say that they are happy with those this season…so far.We dont know what’s going on behind the scenes but his team selections and formations have been unfathomable resulting in pretty dire performances.

  15. Oh and please shoot at goal Celtic.



    You cannot score if you do not shoot.






    HH have a nice day yall.



    D :)

  16. Kokkola was certainly at Celtic Park, I was there. I have a vague memory that was Paul Wilson’s first team debut.


    9-0 😀

  17. Nice to see TOSB


    posting –


    agree with much of your thoughts.



    The constructive critique of our manager and management is valid.


    Neil was never my preferred choice, but he’s in the seat now – any seismic change now would imo be crazy for many reasons – some logistical, some more complex .



    As for the Club, I don’t see things in black and white – it’s always green and white for me…….


    Neils in the role and needs ( maybe not deserves, on saturdays performance anyway) but the least awful response is for him and the club to have our support to consolidate and build for the finale………

  18. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Celtic v Kokkola:


    Game at Celtic Park.We played in all yellow, opposition green and white.Nine nil!

  19. garygillespieshamstring on




    You are correct about Paul Wilson. It was also a first appearance for Victor Davidson I think.




    Yep the Griff and Eddie partnership was a key feature of the 3-5-2. However in the first half of last season under the 4-2-3-1 we played well – October and November we were on fire, beating Lazio and putting 5 past Hibs at Hampden.




    I know players look better in their absence and I’m not saying he’s a world-beater but was there any logic in spending £3.5m on Klimala instead of just giving this game time to Bayo?



    Not much in them from what I can see.

  22. When managers are replaced nowadays is it normal practice for the new manager to bring in all their own coaching staff etc, or are they required to work with those already in place?



    And how many people are we talking about?




    Agreed. Though I’m not sure how much autonomy the club have to deal with it given that there are presumably insurers involved.



    It also occurs to me that Peter Lawwell is unlikely to step down while the issue is still ongoing.

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    Emdy mind this passage of play in the second half…



    It’s about 60 odd minutes, we’re down 2-0.



    The ball goes to Moi (as I remember), into feet, back to goal, about 15 yards inside the opposition half in the inside left channel.



    Goldson hits the man on the first touch, keeps tight, pushing Moi back towards his own half. Moi takes the hustle, keeps the ball, looks for an offload.



    The hustle continues, Goldson pushing Moi across the halfway line, 5, 10, 15 yards into the Celtic half. Goldson is now more advanced than his midfield.



    At that moment we’re in possession, we’ve got Moi on the ball looking for the pass, and there’s a Goldson sized hole in their central defence.



    The screamingly obvious play is back one to Ajer then bang! straight into the now vacant channel for the runner. I can see in my mind’s eye big Sammie or Griff or Eddie or Emdy FFS running onto the through ball, bearing down in the box, wrapping it round the keeper into the far corner.



    2-0 down, we opt to recycle, across the back and out the other side. Goldson retreats to his position on the pitch and the opportunity has passed.



    The coaching direction seems to be that since we’re playing 3 centre backs, we need to get full value from them and that means each of them getting a touch and a pass before we start to think about what we want to do with the ball.



    Only an anecdote, of course, and perhaps not too accurately remembered, but it’s stuck with me for three days. We are so slow in possession, so deliberate with it, that is must be an absolute skoosh for the opposition midfield, knowing the ball will always be in front of them when Celtic have it.




  25. MH @ 9.38



    The article is a lawyer inspired pre-pack put out by a “jobbing” gun for hire journalist.


    It contains every journalistic cliche known to man to further its narrative.



    At best I would claim that it is forced / partial / slanted.


    Consequently just about par for the course for the Grauniad.



    The KPI for the article was the number of times it mentions the name of the club.

  26. Regarding comments made last night — we are a poorly managed organisation full of fans with badges working for buttons as getting by is good enough when the support are pretty “loyal” to the brand.



    Things will only change when the money stops.


    We are a masterclass of just about keeping the hare in front of the pack.



    Badly run / badly managed / badly coached — oh the joys.

  27. TBB,



    I remember that one. There’s also another highlighted on a screenshot on twitter where Scott gains possession and for a moment the Huns normal block has a huge hole to progress into right to their box. Instead of going forward he turns and passes it back to Duffy and the Huns move back into position. Dreadful stuff.



    There’s also the heat map that shows a massive semi circle of doom between 3 CHs and a DM. Horrible stuff.



    McInnes will be setting his team up for the same allowing our 4 non-creatives all the time and space in the world to play it to each other before crowding out the last third.



    With all the time being spent on team bonding sessions this week I don;t suspect much will be getting changed on the pitch apart from running between those bloody cones or the constant 5 a side match they seem to play :(




  28. MADMITCH on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 9:57 AM



    It’s part of an effort on the part of the litigators to affect the public mood and thereby the direction of travel in the way that judicial discretion is exercised in relation to how issues like this are dealt with. Not necessarily a bad thing.

  29. Irrespective of the motives of putting the article out,in the Guardian, Henry McDonald is a well respected Belfast based journalist – from the nationalist lower Ormeau area, I believe.

  30. Majestic Hartson



    I played for the Boys Club and Andy Gray was teammate. The club should’ve taken ownership of this early and dealt with it accordingly. They can say it was two separate organisations but having been there there was an intrinsic link to the extent of Kevin Kelly a director coming on a trip to France. I had no idea at the time but looking back as an adult I’ve no doubts.