Prism of failure gives King chance to bring Newco down


After the failure to launch season ticket renewals at Ibrox in the wake of the Ramsdens Cup final last week, by Friday morning marketing staff, PR people, web designers and printers would all have been primed to press the button this morning, after the anticipated humbling of Dundee United in the Scottish Cup semi-final.

Things started to go wrong later Friday, when Dave King popped up with an intervention.  King, who was a director of Original Rangers in the years up to and including their liquidation, appears intent on sending the Newco Rangers to an equally liquidated state.  Should we erect a statue to this guy?

For those of you in doubt, his latest questions to Newco Rangers board are priceless:

“Does the board agree it is unfair to ask fans to buy season tickets before they consider the business review?”

No club in the country is asked to submit business plans to supporters before asking them to renew season tickets.  What’s more, there is an assumption by King that spending plans should be expansive, exactly as they were at Original Rangers, when King & co presided over the club’s failure.

Newco’s (even newer) management should be allowed to match expenditure with income.  This is the message that fans should be asked to back, the days of empire are over.  Anyone who tries to undermine a breakeven strategy at Newco is practically ensuring another failure.

“Does the board agree that, given the present financial position of the club, it is appropriate to provide Ibrox Park and Murray Park as security against season ticket advances?”

This is an interesting one.  King suggests Newco offers Ibrox up as security (Murray Park is largely irrelevant).  If they are boxed into a corner and concede this one, those in a position to utilise that security, which in Dave King’s plan would be Dave King, would have an incentive to see Newco liquidated.

“Does the board agree that in the latter half of December 2013 it was in discussions to obtain finance that would be needed prior to the end of the current season?

“Does the board agree that in the latter half of December 2013 it provided public assurances to the fans that the club had sufficient cash to last until the end of the current season?”

King has been there before and will know more than most how financial forecasting works; there is a clue in the name, it’s forecasting.  If a company seeks contingency borrowing for less than 5% of its expenditure (or 2 weeks costs), earlier projections could not have been that far off.

None of this matters right now.  Newco’s manager failed to win two hugely important games and that is the prism through which fans will evaluate the performance of their club.  King could accuse them of being responsible for his own role in Original Rangers liquidation and some would believe him.

Season ticket sales are the most fundamental aspect to the health and wellbeing of every Scottish football club.  This is true even at Celtic, with or without Champions League revenue.  Ticket sales will have a greater impact on Celtic’s season ahead than Champions League qualification.

Right now some hedge funds and the Easdales own Ibrox.  Ideas of bully them into submission will fail, although it will be enormously entertaining.  Go for it, Dave, we’re 100% behind you.

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    Nice one,bud.





    Fancy joining THE DAVE KING FAN CLUB?



    It has a ring to it,I feel.



    Albeit a hollow one…

  3. wonder if the Kray Twins will be asking the SFA if the Lying King complies with the Fit & Proper Person criteria?



  4. thezombieslayer on

    Statues of jinky ,jock stein ,fergus mc cann, paul le guen , david murray , whyte and king To line the lovely new pathway into paradise ?

  5. I posted similar yesterday..



    I have loved the demise of Rangers as much as any Celtic supporter. I really have.




    I am now TOTALLY BORED of the shenanigans .


    I can not imagine liquidation 2 living up to the original like most sequels it will be a pale imitation of the original .



    I do want competition for Celtic and if that is a resurgent Rangers so be it. What I’d really love would be for Aberdeen to lick their wounds and come back to claim genuine contender status.



    As for King, Green , Whyte, Swally, etc. they are all yesterday’s joke.

  6. bournesouprecipe on

    I agree none of the Dave King Sevco stuff matters much at the moment, and there is plenty to be done by Celtic, on the season ticket renewal front.



    We could be plagued two Sevco’s next season at this rate.

  7. stpatricksbhoy





    10:00 on



    14 April, 2014





    Sannabhoy and 2000 kids say Hail Hail to Pablo’s family


    09:49 on


    14 April, 2014


    TET , sorry to hear about Peter.



    Sannabhoy, I saw TET’s post last week about Peter I knew him form my days in St Michael’s Boys Guild,he was from Brucehill and had a brother Joe.Please keep us posted on him,prayers being said.


    Hail Hail.





    *The summer before I went up to St Pats the assistant heidie to Rinty Monaghan passed away, I believe his name was Joe Watters.

  8. It’s going to be a close season to match the 2012 one.



    I wonder if 3rd Rangers will be allowed to be promoted in place of 2nd Rangers?



    If they go into Administration they, in no form, should be promoted.

  9. CultsBhoy,



    The Godfather 2 was probably even better than the original …. same with French Connection.


    This could also be awesome!!


    Just hope we don’t get a Starwars saga – Disney buy them and we get 3 more versions!!

  10. Maybe if the footballing authorities, and other clubs, were unequivocal and forthright in staing that liquidation results in the death of a club and the loss of its history, then Sevco and its followers wouldn’t be so cavalier about repeating the process.

  11. cultsbhoy



    I can understand why you’re bored with it all now but I must admit I still enjoy it immensely.



    I think it’s because the fans of RFC1 and now RFC2 have not learned an ounce of humility.



    All that triumphalism, all the lording it, all the attempts to besmirch us and our Club for doing things right, all the fall outs among Celtic fans who argued over whether what the Club was doing actually was right……until they understand just how wrong they were for all those years, I’ll keep enjoying observing them getting taught the lesson.



    Sir David the King, we salute you.




  12. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on

    That Aberdeen resurgence and challenge thingammy didn’t last very long.

  13. stevo



    Decent exceptions outlined there Stevo… But you know what I’m saying.. We are in danger of being reduced to their level and always important in my opinion, is not allowing ourselves to be distracted from Celtic and any possible. ‘Under the radar’ moves by our own board and senior management team…

  14. macanbheatha Oscar Abú on




    12:35 on 14 April, 2014


    12:09 on 14 April, 2014



    that girl needs a psychiatrist



    Could you expand please?

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    bournesouprecipe. I have to agree that we have enough at Celtic to work on through the summer months.There could be a good lot of tplayers leaving and new ones coming in I stick my head on the block and suggest possible leavers are Sammi Kayal,Van Dyke,Forster,Pukki,Balde Commons.Leaving us very short for the Champions League qualifyers.H.H.

  16. Ernie




    Those of a Sevconian bent are well practiced in the art of pretence. They have maintained that 6 counties in the North of Ireland is a legitimate state for near a hundred years.



    Pretending a new Club is the same as an old Club will be a skoosh for them.




  17. bournesouprecipe on




    ‘Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner says final season will have major characters facing consequences of their actions

  18. CultsBhoy –



    What are you up to on the evening of Wed 30th April?



    I am meeting up with DBBIA and LFT in Aberdeen for a curry and a couple of beers.



    Fancy meeting up with us? It would be good to meet up with another NE based CQN-er.



    If so, Paul67 has my contact details.




  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    SwanseaBhoy 12:47


    It’s ironic that the old club going bust was rooted in trying to get 10 in a row, and King seems obsessed with getting the new club to stop us doing 10 in a row…..

  20. Afternoon champions from a changeable Lower Saxony ………enjoyed the Golf this morning ,and seeing wee Bubba in lookalike Hoops ….we should send him the real thing ……



    good post Paul….and yes it is enormously Huntertaining …….braw

  21. CultsBhoy


    Hear what you are saying and agree.


    If we are all too busy being amused and morally outraged by them we will miss what’s really going on.


    As entertaining as it is the new club was given the opportunity to start at the bottom and they did. They are making their way back up by fair means or foul. We all seen the refereeing performance at the weekend …. what must it be like week in week out when relatively speaking no-one is looking?


    The established cheating and still spending more then you can afford are a very serious issue (seperate from our amusement) and should be continually highlighted and somehow addressed.

  22. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    3rd Rankers under Kin & Smith playing out of Paisley or somewhere is their fate with SFA help(IMHO).



    These are hardened Spivs they are dealing with SALE & LEASEBACK of move on ya “glib & shameless liar” will be their plan.

  23. squire danaher on




    See instead of putting up links to the daily record, cut and paste the article on here



    It means that they don’t get the website traffic with people hitting the link



    Those who don’t want to read it can scroll past

  24. Curly


    Sounds like an excellent plan.



    My son will be playing in Aberdeen that night so I’d be free to join you guys around 7:30? Be great to meet other NE CQN folk as you say.


    I’ll catch you beforehand via text or email. ( from P67)





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