Probability of better defenders on loan market for Celtic


After a flurry of transfer activity, it was reassuring to hear Brendan Rodgers say “We will look to do more business, January is important for us.”  We have brought in players who will help us with domestic and European challenges this season, but the strategic objective of arriving at the Champions League qualifiers with strong central defensive choices remains.

While the manager is in Dubai, Celtic scouts are busy on this task.  The previous two transfer windows saw Marvin Compper and Jack Hendry arrive on permanent contracts but fail to impress.  Getting players in is not the problem, but signing players capable of competing in Champions League qualification games is another matter.

Our most reliable method of recruiting central defenders in recent seasons has been loans from English Premier League teams’ younger ranks.  We have a reputation there for improving defenders, adding value for Manchester City and Leicester.  It would be better to add value to our own playing assets, but squads can have both strategically consistent players (Vakoun Issouf Bayo) and short-term patches (Filip Benkovic).

Would we get a better player through this method than buying on the open market?  Probably.


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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    !!BADA BING!! on 10TH JANUARY 2019 7:55 PM


    Brendan will know much more about LG,than is in the rags.









    And on CQN.

  2. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ TURKEYBHOY on 10TH JANUARY 2019 8:04 PM



    “Take Celtic from a position of total strength to one of similar to the Neely Dunns”



    Pretty sure our current approach is leading towards the surrender of our position of strength; or are you pedaling the ‘we will go bust if we spend money’ maxim.

  3. South Of Tunis on




    Jinky on a jam jar lid?



    Yes – early 70s.One of a set..George Best /Billy Bremner etc.

  4. Bada



    All the more reason to give them – the rags – nothing. Nowt. Nada, Bada?



    HH jg

  5. Good source told a mate KT likely to need surgery. Gutman is in Glasgow, met Pedro today. Could take over a left back sooner rather than later. Izzy surplus. Morgan going out on loan and we’re trying to punt Hayes.

  6. turkeybhoy – doesn’t money grow on trees. Celtic can attract seasoned professionals either through loans or spending money we have in the bank to face up to the challenge.



    I’d rather we loaned experienced players and bought young hungry players and develop them. So far we have loaned two players who have hardly kicked a ball at senior level – how does that stand up to the stress of the run in?



    when will be the next time we have a chance to win 8 in a row? maybe the last in our lifetime – give the team the best chance and bury rangers at the same time (they have gambled way sooner than they had budgeted for)

  7. mike in toronto on




    Will be interesting to see how that pre-Soprano show goes



    Spinoffs/prequels/sequels can be tricky…



    Some can be good … Im told that Better Call Saul was very good … on the other hand, I was a fan of Sons of Anarchy… but saw a few episodes of the spin off about the Mexican gang … just didn’t have the same feel or appeal.

  8. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I’d like us to spend more time practising with ten men, I also believe it would in fact open more space for attacking football as teams would more likely fancy their chances against ten, we’ve seen this over the last couple of years.


    My reasoning for this is I’d like us to buy a couple of real hard players who are not afraid of breaking legs. We play these scum week in week out and they are being protected by the refs, so if refs are not going to administer justice then we should at least be prepared to make the thugs think twice about crippling our players, snap a few and create our own justice then lets see how brave they are, knowing the revenge might end their careers.


    We need to stop relying on proven cheats and liars for protection.

  9. Stairheedrammy on

    Recovery from depression often requires medication and counselling but it always requires re-engagement with friends and social activity. Going on a social trip would likely be of benefit if it wasnt for people with an interest in sensationalist mischief making.

  10. WITS, can I beat you to it and say that Peter Lawell is doing a great job.






    D. :)

  11. mike in toronto on

    It is said that it is a fool’s prerogative to utter truths that no one else will speak.



    CQN needs more fools, not less.




  12. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MIKE IN TORONTO on 10TH JANUARY 2019 8:49 PM



    Truth ,rumour , supposition and assumption.



    Your stock in trade ?

  13. Canamalar – the thing is we have plenty of hard players in the past and I don’t recall them being red carded on a weekly basis. Broonie has given out plenty of bruises and stayed on the park.


    Big Bobo was the last hard man I can think of that other players were visibly scared of. His clean tackles still rattled them to their core.

  14. MiT









    I seldom disagree with you. Especially on this Fhriend.



    HH jg

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TURKEYBHOY on 10TH JANUARY 2019 8:40 PM



    Our emphases in some cases differ , but I know how you feel .

  16. I see ‘The Paras: Men of War ‘ programme on at 9 ITV….wonder how far into training is the ‘shoot unarmed


    Irishmen and women’ ?

  17. BB @ 6.59



    LHS CB position in the team.


    Developing into an interesting decision …



    Could it be a case of Farmfoods vs Iceland


    Who offers the better value?



    HH = Iceland.


    SMcK = Farmfoods aka the Sheep.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I’m talking about assassins, fighting fire with fire, our hard men were and are football players at heart, I’m talking expendable thugs that will do serious no holds career threatening damage, where the red card is for breaking a leg at the knee and no way back for the player. We could start a list of thugs who have tried to do the same to our players but luck saved our players. I’ve had it with the not lowering ourselves, fire with fire and I suggest it would quickly improve the game as the thugs would suddenly become football players and forget about trying to cripple our player if they know their career could be over within the same 90 minutes.

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Bobo was not a seeker of vengeance he did not hunt down thugs who assaulted his team mates, I think Sutton and Thompson were more protective and dished out a lot more vengeance that anyone since, however I’m talking about worse then them I want to see people like Naesmith and Morelos stretchered off to the hospital and out the game.



    Oh for a Bobo,Davie Hay or Bertie Auld.


    I think Celtic should look at taking advice from a martial arts coach.


    These guys have a very good understanding of the tolerances of human anatomy.


    Some training in turning opponents violence into a positive situation for us would be welcome.


    Bullies tend not to be emboldened when there’s a price to pay.

  21. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    I want to see people like Naesmith and Morelos stretchered off to the hospital and out the game.





    Bit extreme. I would rather we passed round them with our better players then scored.

  22. C / OCD @ 9.12



    Dont agree on the individual approach.


    Where would they stay and how long before they get “sin die” against them?



    Better a full court press / team effort.


    Somebody is out to maim then the whole team should take turns to offer active resistance



    Start with JF or ScS — forwards tackle and then get someone more adept to run over the heap on the floor.



    80’s egg chasing was full of it.



    There are times when reading this blog i get visions of a new Marvel series called Ubertims about a group of superfans dressed in onesies controlled by a guy on a large gold throne who sends them out to defend his honor.

  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    aye thats the current strategy and its working well for us eh, fire with fire and let them worry about their players for a change

  25. mike in toronto on

    Fanatic … not a good look for a blog where the average age is 60+. I just booked a dive holiday for February …I’m already dreading the photos… those wet suits are not a good look for me!



    Although I wonder if I could get a hooped one!




  26. Is it safe to assume we will not be playing with only one CF for the next few weeks? Sinclair on the bench, Edouard more on the left Bayo or Weah in the middle with support from JF on the right.