Prof Leitch: politicians are reason you ‘can’t go to Celtic Park’


I listened to a Scottish Rugby podcast with Jason Leitch, recorded earlier this week, where they discussed the reasons that appear to lie behind why the Scottish Government in their treatment of football is out of step with European countries, like Germany, France, Netherlands and others, but in-step with the Westminster Government.

Professor Leitch rhetorically posed the question you and I have discussed recently, “Why can I go to the pub and I can’t go to Celtic Park.”  Through analogy, he explained that the Government were able to permit some activities, not all.  That has never been in dispute, during a pandemic, you cannot allow all activities.

What has not previously been confirmed is why the Scottish Government has shadowed the (frankly abysmal) pandemic response of Boris Johnson’s Westminster government, instead of acknowledging the clear and undisputed scientific evidence that drives public policy among our European peers.  Professor Leitch placed responsibility for this squarely with his political masters:

“How you then make choices between sport, versus retail, versus hospitality; that comes down to decision making, by politicians, taking the best advice they can from the financial people, the public health people, the social policy people and making choices.”

Clearly the Scottish Government listens to financial, public health and social policy people before making decisions, so do Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, this allows them to act sincere, it does not make them any good.  But when Europe takes one path, which is consistent with science, and Scotland follows Westminster, which has led to some of the highest rates of mortality in the world in both Scotland and the UK as a whole, we are entitled to ask, what is going on?

They do not have a different virus in Dortmund than we have in Glasgow.  In both places, it spreads significantly more indoors than out.  It is inhibited by adherence to clear and monitored hygiene and distancing rules, like those in place at football games across the Continent, and it spreads where consistent enforcement of these rules is unmonitored – like pubs.  The difference is the politicians, not the virus.

I know this is ‘just’ football, and our consequences are nothing like the care homes fiasco, but government policy needs to shape up pandemic response in all areas.  It is not easy, but if decisions are too onerous for people in Edinburgh to get their heads around, stop following a clown in London and watch what is happening in Europe: fewer deaths, fewer infections, industry specific responses.

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  1. Melbourne Mick on




    Yes..yes remember that well, and was there not some talk of


    him being a Celtic fan and the possibility of us signing him?


    Sure there was.


    H.H. Mick

  2. MELBOURNE MICK on 10TH OCTOBER 2020 7:14 AM



    All good here, mate. Things seem to be getting better where you are from what I’ve seen on the news?

  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Yes, the 19 th Oct, restrictions should be eased but the


    premier saying it will be minimal, think it will be after


    Christmas before we get our CSC Bhoys together again.


    H.H. Mick

  4. MELBOURNE MICK on 10TH OCTOBER 2020 8:11 AM



    Oh, didn’t realise it was only going to be minimal. God knows when this will be over. Next week will be the first ever Celtic/sevco game I’ve watched on my own (well, my wife and kids will be around but I have to pretend I’m a responsible adult when I’m with them)

  5. FT



    ` I have to pretend I’m a responsible adult`



    If you succeed, could you send me the recipe?

  6. Melbourne Mick on

    I can see the logic in our health peoples thinking, get the numbers


    so low that tracking, tracing future spikes will be manageable.


    We’ve done the hard yard so no point blowing it all away for another


    couple weeks.


    Plans are that billions will be pumped into the economy via tax rebates


    rail, roads, bridges be built, it’s all about the debt now for the next




    H.H. Mick

  7. HOT SMOKED on 10TH OCTOBER 2020 8:42 AM



    Ha! I don’t know what is worse, me pretending or them pretending to believe it :-)

  8. Good morning the international Brigade or CQN as we know it.



    1 week to go to we get to see what squad members are fit to play against the tribute act.



    When you look at our squad we should have enough good players to beat slippy’s Gumtree Galactico’s.



    It depends on what first 11 and formation lenny picks, also if we set the Tempo. Assuming we win the Toss take centre pump it into their corner and get them on back foot right away like we did at the bigot dome before.



    D :)

  9. Melbourne Mick on




    Ha..ha how can anybody act responsibly when playing


    that shower lol.


    Any thoughts on opposing players who exited you at


    Celtic Park over the years?


    H.H. Mick

  10. FT








    Wee Jimmy when he played for the Reserves v The First 11 in an 0ld Pre-Season silver collection game :-)



    I was away from Scotland for many years so my recollections are more recent.


    A tall, slim guy who played for PSG impressed me greatly when we played them at Celtic Park.


    Just Googled. His name is Rabiot. Very classy.

  11. The hand of God on

    Melbourne Mick…Prosenicki was a great player and he shone at Celtic Park but he didn’t destroy us we won 1-0…the second led was different thin Mark Viduka and Reggie Blinker

  12. MM


    We sometimes live in a vacuum as to how our posts are regarded by others so let me say that I think your posts are examplary in showing the manner in which disagreements should be aired.You also show a calm perspicacity when giving an opinion on matters Celtic.


    Have to go so, on that pleasant note, I will say.


    Cheerio for now.



    PS Have CQNers noticed that the word `Cheerio` is seldom said now? It is almost extinct in the South of England.

  13. The hand of God on

    Prosenicki did destroy the Huns as part of the great Red Star Belgrade team that went on to win the European cup that season even though when they nmbeat Marseille in the final it was a game that would get football banned.

  14. Good morning from another wet day in North Staffs. The SFA bring in their cheatin beaton – we should expect no less

  15. The hand of God on

    Its difficult to forecast a result for next week’s Glasgow derby as we have no idea who will be available for selection for both teams.

  16. The hand of God on

    See there is uproar in the English press regarding clubs asking fans to stump up for pay per view matches…once again in Scotland we are well ahead of the curve in fleecing fans

  17. Melbourne Mick on




    Thank you for that, need to remember and tell PADDYMAC that


    i’ve got a calm perspicacity.


    He thinks I cut about like a lunatic 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  18. The hand of God


    We’ve got a box for 8 at Vale park about £6k for this season. We get access to the home games on line which we could pay £10 per game for on pay per view. Suppose it’s about supporting the club.

  19. Proseniki did destroy us – in a friendly -testimonial? along with De La Pena.


    The pair of them were on another planet .

  20. The hand of God on

    Melbourne Mick…one of the best team performance I witnessed at Celtic park was the Ajax team of 1982 featuring the peerless Cruyff and the Danish trio of Lerby,Molby and Olsen with Marco Van Basten on the bench.What a fabulous game of football think it was 2-2 at half time…was expecting to get hammered in Amsterdam couldn’t believe our performance to win there.

  21. The hand of God on

    Bamboo….wasnt De La Pena on trial with us along with Dani….for some strange reason we didn’t sign him…was at that friendly during Bobby Robson’s reign.

  22. The hand of God on

    Bamboo…of course fans are doing their best to support their clubs and Scottish club’s fans have really stepped upto the plate considering we will not get any refund for games missed…it will be difficult for clubs next year if fans dont get in at all this season…I will renew mine but many wont be in a position to do so.I think the press reaction in England was mainly referring to the EPL clubs some of whom sack staff then spend £45M on one player then expect fans who are struggling to stump up again for PPV.

  23. Thanks for all the good wishes yesterday particularly from those I have had the odd disagreement with 🙃


    So far this has been an unpleasant and surreal experience with symptoms apparently changing almost by the hour. I have been surprised by the headaches and body pain never expected that,



    However reason for more sharing today is my disappointment at track and trace, so far no contact by anyone, by phone or the app. System does not seem to be working.

  24. THE HAND OF GOD on 10TH OCTOBER 2020 9:24 AM


    Melbourne Mick…one of the best team performance I witnessed at Celtic park was the Ajax team of 1982 featuring the peerless Cruyff and the Danish trio of Lerby,Molby and Olsen with Marco Van Basten on the bench.What a fabulous game of football think it was 2-2 at half time…was expecting to get hammered in Amsterdam couldn’t believe our performance to win there




    I was at the home game and while I don’t remember a great deal about it, I think Ajax were the better team by quite a distance. Cruyff is favourite player (outwith any Celt) but I think he was past his prime by then. As you say, an amazing result in Amsterdam.

  25. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    The Hand of God



    The uproar seems justifiable. If I am reading the EPL offer correctly, the £15 per game would be in addition to your monthly sky/BT sport subscription – and as things currently stand, no “free pass” for season ticket holders. I think that is extracting the urine.

  26. Melbourne Mick on




    Another amazing player and a heavy smoker, which obviously


    affected him in later life.


    H.H. Mick




    All the best to you and your Mrs for your battle with covid, disappointing to hear no one’s contacted you regards the trace.




  28. ZiggyDoc1 – Cruyff was kept quiet in the second leg by Graeme Sinclair who, when asked before the game if he was nervous, said “No, I’ve done man markin jobs at Dumbarton”.



    Timmy 7_noted – you’re gaun saft in yer old age ha.

  29. Mick



    Vaguely remember Prosinecki playing for Dinamo Zagreb, think they beat us 3-0 and yes he was a quality player. Always seemed to have plenty of time on the ball and never rushed when in possession, a hallmark of great players.



    BTW left a post for you a couple of days ago, didn’t catch a reply.




  30. The hand of God on

    Melbourne Mick….another player who scored regularly against us including a 4 goal blast for Aberdeen…Celtic mad Frank McDougall