Progress will be about how we defend, penalties


There’s been a palpable sense of relief among all of us since Leigh Griffiths scored in Astana last midweek, but as Wednesday’s second leg draws nearer, the reality that our Champions League hopes are very much on the line is dawning.

Astana’s natural game in Europe is to defend and play on the break. They kept a clear sheet in Vilnius in the last round and conceded only twice on the road in last season’s three away qualifiers against Maribor, HJK Helsinki and APOEL Nicosia – decent qualifier opponents by any measure.

They will put two men on both Patrick Roberts and Leigh Griffiths, and sit deep, hoping to draw Celtic into leaving space at the back. This is the exact scenario we lost out to otherwise inferior teams in Europe over the last two seasons. We enjoyed possession and territorial advantage (home and away) but were ripped open on the break.

Progress to the playoff round will be all about how well we defend.

The bulk of tomorrow’s training session should be set aside for the practice of penalty kicks. Celtic lose far too many penalty competitions, and despite legacy notions which persist in British football, penalties can be practiced. 10 players should hit at least 10 penalties each.

Dreadful news that Tommy Gemmell was hospitalised over the weekend. He’s been a great friend to CQN in recent years and I know we all send him our best wishes.

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  1. Raberto67



    Not seen you post on the blog before





    Are you a hun?










    Happy birthday wee fella :-)




  2. There are 15 CL 2nd leg ties being played tonight and tomorrow, 8 of which are level and 5 with a one goal difference. The margin between success and failure is so tight.


    Celtic need our full backing tomorrow night. HH

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Many happy returns.


    Hope we can celebrate your birthday properly tomorrow.


    Hail Hail

  4. Happy Birthday Jamesgang!!



    Interesting reading about BR and tactics etc.



    A mate of mine works in the Aviva and he showed a couple of us around after the game on Saturday.



    In Barca’s Dressing Room they’d left their flipchart behind with our starting lineup.


    They had us down as;






    With Brown and Bitton as the 2 and Forrest, McGregor and Roberts as the 3.

  5. Raberto67





    You didn’t copy all of the piece.





    This is what you wrote and it puts a very different context to what you are suggesting.





    “However…as for CQN…it’s incredible how many people on here can’t wait to defend Effe as a player. The guy is rank. As for the accusations of being a hun, being brainwashed by the media or needing a scapegoat levelled at anyone who can see it, well these are pathetic and childish.”





    Haha, please tell me what you think you’ve proven by including this extra piece of the post?



    Please show me which part of this is me saying the people who make these accusations are pathetic and childish.



    Please explain why you don’t believe it’s the type of accusations which are being called pathetic and childish.



    I’ll give you a clue before you start – anyone, be they intelligent or otherwise, can make comments which can be described using various adjectives such as ‘pathetic’ and ‘childish’. Anyone who understands English will easily realise that this is no judgement of the overall character of the individual who made the comments, simply a judgement of those particular comments.



    Take your time.



    The correct response should be, “I apologise Raberto67, I’ve clearly misread what you said and commented unfairly. I should have taken the time to read your comment properly before crassly accusing you of being a hun.”



    My response to that will be, “Cool, let’s talk about Celtic now.”

  6. BIGbones8867 supports MO'N and Ireland on




    Indeed,but he’s very young with a lot to learn,no where near the finished article,he would progress under BR and get his move in 3 or 4 years time.



    HH. BB

  7. Raberto67


    Don’t u know any one who puts 67 after their Monica is obviously a hunterloper .


    Welcome to the blog, ya Hun.

  8. TD67



    Thanks (I think!). I’ve been reading the blog for long enough to know how ‘Newbies’ are treated with suspicion, and in some cases I can understand it. In this case it would appear to be because I criticised Effe. Again, I could perhaps understand if I just said he’s mince or whatever without backing it up. This wasn’t the case though. I gave a clear and reasoned argument. Some agreed to an extent, some disagreed and said why and we agreed to disagree. One guy accused me of being a hun and his ‘reason’ was that he thought I had called him a name. Others then jumped on to back him up, apparently, from what I can make out, this was because he’s been posting on the blog for longer than me. I’ll say no more, other than it’s very disappointing. What’s the point of a blog if you’re not allowed to have a different opinion?

  9. GER57



    With a couple of exceptions the last round was also very close . These games are getting harder

  10. RABERTO67 on 2ND AUGUST 2016 11:59 AM



    Very true, there are many on here who have been here since the blog started, and are not to shy to grab the moral high ground on that and let you know, kind bowling club attitude, silly really, what the point of it is I’m really not sure, teachers pet?

  11. tonydonnelly67 on 2nd August 2016 12:07 pm










    Does it involve gettin yer kit aff?



    Dear God, please take this mental image out of my head!

  12. Jerry Cornelius on

    Sounds good Jessica bit easier than my current job Celtic Pools collector in Larkhall

  13. Raberto67,



    That’s an articulate post. Most Tims in my experience spell Efe’s name correctly (it only has 3 letters). Why do find his name so difficult to spell?



    He joined us 4 years ago?

  14. TD67



    I’ve been lurking since almost the beginning. I’ve seen the stuff you’ve had to put up with and tbh wondered if I had missed something controversial you posted or if it was personal. Now I think I get it. You simply weren’t in the gang.

  15. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “For seven months, Brendan Rodgers and Mark Warburton forged an alliance.




    Never knew Brendan was a city trader…..

  16. Emerald Bee



    Re Dick Wilson and the new clubs liking for failure.


    I went out a walk that night with the intent of missing rhe score.I was coming in the ayr rd at the malletsheugh, I noted a bus full of tuped over cheat fans ejectin one of their own.I smiled and wondered as there is a loyal tendency for internecine violence.this all happened bout 200 yards from me.


    I smiled and wondered I had half hour to get home for late sportscene.


    I still didnt know the score.


    I came in and seen Dicks face


    Hurting hurting hun.hehe.


    Only murderwell game I have enjoyed ha


    Dicks tactical analysis was an exercise in chewing lemons.


    Hope your good mate:-)



  17. CC



    You got me. Let’s disregard everything I said and concentrate on that.



    I’ll have a word with my L5 masters and order an inquiry into my briefing before I went undercover on CQN.



    That’s what you’re looking for, right?

  18. Who know’s?



    If you are going to describe a Celtic player as ‘rank’ try and get his name right the next time ;)





  19. CC



    I think we all know.



    Fair enough, it’s a valid point. Still don’t see what difference it makes to the content of my posts.



    I could easily argue it’s as significant as your use of an apostrophe in the word ‘knows’ as far as comprehension of the point made, but that would be petty IMO.



    Plus, I’m not desperate to try to put an unfair label on anyone.




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