Promise of Compper crucial to how Celtic play


Celtic were not back to their brilliant best last night but two very fine goals and denying Partick Thistle any resemblance of a chance was more than satisfactory. Importantly, last night was the last onerous fixture Celtic players have the middle of February. There are no European or international fixtures until then, so our players will play the same amount of football as others in the league.

Partick were as poor at team as we have seen this season but it took an exceptional piece of play from Stuart Armstrong to open them up. Stuart and Tom Rogic both have the ability to win games from the edge of the area, an underappreciated resource.

The promise of Marvin Compper is that he is a fast central defender, good in the air and, more importantly, can receive and make a pass. The role of central defenders has changed beyond recognition since the days of Bobo Balde. They are now more playmaker than stopper. Celtic’s entire system of play depends on central defenders who can find space with passes out of defence.

There will be no resale value from Marvin, but at £1m he is an investment we can afford to write-off over the next two years.

Welcome to Celtic, Marvin.

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  1. BEATBHOY on 21ST DECEMBER 2017 11:54 AM






    Your description of the potential decision facing both the clubs and their supporters when 2018/19 season ticket renewal time comes around goes straight to the heart of the matter.



    Of course, the heart is but a muscle, and it is in the head that choices will be made, just as they were back in 2012, when the stench of the fix was too overwhelming to be avoided by simple nose-holding.



    The supporters who threatened to withdraw financial support from their clubs gave us 4 years without the abomination that is Sevco in our division, the only time they and their enablers have been thwarted,off the pitch at least, in their 5 year span of existence.



    I don’t know why anyone would think that those supporters felt any less about their clubs for trying to stop them from abandoning fairness, honesty and sporting integrity. Their success has obviously been temporary, but they know even more now about the rigged game into which they paid for over a decade at least, and they won’t forget how they managed so quickly to grab their club’s full attention back in 2012.



    Bateen Bhoy – I like the look of Ajer, and also like that he has the confidence to break forward with the ball, committing opposition midfielders and creating space for players further ahead.







    Agree, and the wee run he went on down the line in front of the North Stand showed that confidence in his ability. He skinned one Thistle player and would have skinned a second, right on the line, if he hadn’t lost control of the ball. A major talent, with real confidence in himself. One for the future definitely and hopefully for the not too distant future as well.

  3. Big Bobo always found space coming forward, as opposition players pointed and shouted, “Naw, YOU go to him!” I’m sure Ronaldinho the Boer once complained that he could accept kicks and shoves, but Bobo was lifting him out of the way during the game!

  4. Naive question – I am coming over from Spain tomorrow and I’m taking my 5-year-old to the Aberdeen game (his first game and as he’ll be with his dad and grandad). I anticiapte he will probably be cold and bored before the game is more than a few minutes old. Anyone know if I can take a small flask in with a few bits and pieces for him (e..g an Ipad and a flask of hot chocolate) or are you not allowed to take in a haversack?

  5. Denia



    A big day for your son.



    I hope he enjoys it as much as I did for my first game. (Though I’d like to point out that I’m so unlucky that the first Celtic game I went to was in 1967 and we lost: … at home … for the second time that season … to Dundee Utd.)



    nnyway: on your haversack and contents: it kind of depends on the stewards: they will almost certainly ask to look in the haversack and may ask that you take out anything chuckable. You might get away with an iPad, but probably won’t get away with any flask, of any description …




  6. Could we not get Bobo into a room with Regan and Doncaster and get him to ask them nicely if they’d like to reconsider the decision not to review how Celtic were cheated out of titles by the Deidclub?

  7. Plenty of talk re Ajer in last thread. I would concur with the general sentiment that he has looked good and deserves to keep his place either in the central defense or as a defensive midfielder in partnership with Brown.

  8. HOT SMOKED on21ST DECEMBER 2017 11:37 AM






    CowieBhoy? Huh ! Like being ravaged by a dead sheep.



    That has got to be one of the best put downs EVER.



    Housecoat covered in tea ! :)))






    with COWIEBHOYS absense last night i realised the amount of numpties in an around his seat who shout abuse …maybe thats why he (CB) shouts incouragement from the off , to drown the clowns out .



    Looking forward to celebrating Christmas …did’nt think we would get here but we have and thankful for it



    I know you and the family will have a great time too , great bunch of kids and their parents are not to bad either .






    JAMESGANG ITS THE 29TH.BIG MAN !!!!!!!! :))

  9. 50 shades of green on




    Boy in our row brings a small bag with stuff in it for his young son , a few kids etc around have ipads also, should be okay.







    Bags are searched and any bottle or can of fluid is requested to be drank or discarded .



    The teenagers in front of us on entry were not happy and let the stewards know .



    A father and child might be given so leeway , i dont know.

  11. Denia- maybe try the Kerrydale before the game if you are there about 11.30 ? Food,drinks and they show the lunchtime TV game, which is El Clasico…..enjoy

  12. There are many great teams who had someone more like Bobo than George Connolly. Could big Billy pass? Nah, but he had plenty others around him who could. The guys we have now can’t pass well nor can they defend that well. Give me a defender who can defend first and foremost. Oh for a new Bobo (with a ball playing partner).

  13. Ajer should start the next three games before the break at centre half. If he continues to impress he should start post break alongside Compper as our fist pick pairing. Sviatchenko will go in January, possibly Simunovic as well. Boyata will be here to the summer but shouldn’t necessarily be a first pick.


    Ideally Bitton and Boyata as back up to Ajer and Compper.

  14. Marspapa


    Just because I changed ( accidentally) from `savaged` to ` ravaged`does not mean I can claim ownership of that great put down. As I tried to indicate in my CSC signature, it was Denis Healey and aimed at, Geoffrey Howe.



    BeatBhoy @12:34


    Very good :-)))




  15. I wouldn’t disagree with your thinking re Ajer, Gary.


    However obviously the Jury is out on Marvin until we see him in action.


    Hopefully he will be the answer to our prayers.


    One positive thing is he will be on the Christmas Break holiday, so will get a chance to integrate himself into the squad, whether he goes straight into the team after the break is anybody’s guess.

  16. As I said last night I’m beginning to think that a deal is done for Moussa to leave in January. Someone has met our valuation, the player is happy to sign and we have decided to cash in. He’s missed more games than he’s played this season (and the final third of last season). He isn’t starting games (or even coming on as sub) for fear of him getting injured again and jeopardising move.

  17. BEATBHOY on21ST DECEMBER 2017 12:34 PM



    Avoid Marspapa’s post @12:27 if you suffer from agoraphobia!



    Haha , i noticed the drop between sentences , dont know how that happened !! Bad enough my spelling punctuation and grammar are not up to it lol.

  18. Ziggydoc



    Usually only 1 striker trying to close down defenders.


    Makes his job easier just needing to mark/sit on the one that’s useful with the ball and not give him space, while leaving the one that cannae play as he won’t do anything with it anyway!


    We generally have about 60-70% possession in games so everyone needs to be, or should be comfortable on the ball.


    The better we are at it then those stats keep rising and the need to be a great defender probably lessens.


    It would be amazing if we could get 2 that could do both aspects well but they would probably end up down south so whits the point!

  19. Hi Friends ,Posters & lurkers



    Sorry to bring some bads news on a personal level on to the blog but I’m sure that of some of you will want to be made aware of my illness which has came all rather to quick to really take in to be honest



    I have been diagnosed with cancer of the throat which just started of as a sore throat of little significance


    well that was the way it seemed at the time



    But unfortunately scans & biopsies have shown cancer behind my voice box & the results are not to good ,the consultant wants to perform a full laryngectomy this has been quite devastating news for my family & myself



    Though I’ve to meet again with the consultant tomorrow with family members to discuss all options & recents results from a scan at the Beaston yesterday to see if the cancer has spread. So I might be of the blog for a while but hopefully can keep you all updated on my progress



    So tomorrow is when i will have to make the biggest decision of my life which is rather daunting to say the least



    But while i’m here I want to wish all on the blog a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy Celtic New Year to you all



    Thank you for being here as another internet bampot always reminds us :)




  20. I dont normally bum up my family , but …


    My Grandson who plays in goal for EKFC’s 2008’s won players player of the year amd coaches player of the year .


    Take a bow ROSS MCGUINESS



    Proudpapacsc :)))

  21. Slabhoy - Duntocher is Green and White on




    Jings – big decisions – YNWA remember



    Good luck with your op and subsequent treatments




    Terrible news mate!



    Prayers will be said for you today for the best possible outcome.



    I will also light a candle for you in St Michaels, Linlithgow.



    Take care and God bless.




  23. MAH


    Your post not only reflects the feelings engendered by such news but also shows a strength of character which will help you cope.


    I wish you all the very best and hope for the most positive outcome possible.




  24. MurdochauldandHay



    I’m very sorry to read your bad news. My thoughts are with you. Hopefully your treatment goes well – you are in very good hands at the Beatson.



    Despite having a difficult time at the moment, I hope you and your family have a happy Christmas together.




  25. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    MURDOCHAULDANDHAY: Sorry to hear of your illness.Will visit StWinin’s and light a candle for you and yours.


    My Dad had same operation in 1959 and spoke through a silver valve thing in his throats and I am sure things have progressed from then though it worked no bother.


    Before he had it his main complaint was to us that he had lost his voice not his hearing as we tried to ‘sign’ things!

  26. Celticrollercoaster supporting @WalkWithShay on




    My thoughts and prayers are with you Stephen, for a successful outcome to your battle ahead. Go and kick cancer’s a$$!







  27. Re Moussa , I don’t believe the big fella will get a move unless he has an injury free run of games … not sure the mgr would have been that impressed with his HT warm up effort



    Annoyingly last night , we seemed unwilling to pass to Calum as he was being man marked by Thistles big no. 13 …. a lot more movement required in the team and the confidence to pass to a man who is marked rather than the easy ball to a free man







    My younger cousin had the same cancer . He had to write down everything for a while and learn to talk again.


    He has responded to the treatment well and is well on his way to his former self .



    Hope , prayers and best wishes for you and the family.



    Good luck .







  29. MurdochAuldandHay,


    My heartfelt sympathies to you on such dreadful news.


    Regarding decisions, you have to go along with Medical advice.


    Treatment for Cancer has come on in leaps & bounds and the survivor rate is increasing every year.


    Eurochamps is well on the mend after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer a couple of months back.


    You need to stay positive and to absolutely believe you will conquer this.


    You have my prayers & every good wish in the fight you are facing.

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