Promotion, relegation, shot in the arm


Swapping Livingston for Dundee United is the biggest shot in the arm for the Scottish Premiership since Motherwell’s playoff win in 2015.  St Johnstone have a one-point lead over Ross County with four to play in the fight to avoid the Premiership playoff spot.  Neither are in good form but at least County don’t have to cope with Craig Levein picking the team.

One of these two will face the winner of the Championship playoffs, either Raith Rovers, Partick Thistle or Airdrieonians.  Airdrie have never been a shining light in the world but it’s their plastic pitch that would cause most regret – the potential ban will not be in place for next season, if it comes at all.

Raith, Partick and St Johnstone each have a support base comparable to Motherwell and should be able to contribute something to the topflight.  This scenario is a lot better than two years ago, when the prospect of Arbroath missed the automatic promotion spot to the Premiership by two points.

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  1. Got some nice gear at heavy discount in the Celtic shop. Some shipped here and some to my parents hoose to sport the colours in Lisbon.

  2. SAINT STIVS on 1ST MAY 2024 12:55 PM


    MOISEY17 on 1ST MAY 2024 12:53 PM




    i apoligise for my over reaction on sunday, it is a great thing you do for jimmy,



    peace ?




    Of course👍🏻

  3. An Tearmann on

    Dobyin 12.39



    Are you speaking for your wide range of monikers you use on this forum?



    -Boat chasing – galloway sycophant- Ange may not make top6- ‘commie corbyn’- boat chasing – JHB


    – child abuse specialist-Cloud9


    -awfully offended Andrena


    To name three


    You have the keech of a narcissism complex around you,and it is not based on knowledge,dont be offended when folk correct you or contest your free speech drivel.your boat stopping past would limit quit with the victim nonsense.

  4. big jimmy



    Social Security Scotland is responsible for paying some Welfare Benefits (eg Ill Health/Disability/PIP etc) but not others, (Job Seekers/ESA/Income Support etc). It is not clear, from Rishi’s madcap proposals, whether they would apply change the Scotland Act 2016, or even how likely they are to become law, change current regs. etc


    Sounds to me they are based on that on that old joke…


    Guy goes to the Doctors;


    “Whats the matter wi you?”


    “Doc I keep thinking I’m a pair o curtains”


    “Pull yersel together man!”

  5. An Tearmann on




    Weans tops £5 from jd sports.


    Seen that elsewhere




  6. BIGRAILROADBLUES re: Who asked you?



    I asked myself. Back to your pint you upstart you.






    Saw that, really good deals.

  7. Tom McLaughlin on



    Got some nice gear at heavy discount in the Celtic shop.


    Good Lord. Didn’t know the Celtic Shop dealt in that sort of stuff.

  8. CELTIC MAC on 1ST MAY 2024 2:52 PM





    Cheers mate, I think I am ” Safe” from the Tories……. for now anyway.




  9. Opinions, eh



    If anyone has the temerity to disagree with me, I will have them taken outside, and shot !!





  10. Tom McLaughlin on




    Yes I saw that video of the Coventry goal from the opposite side on X. It was blatantly fake, as pointed out by about 90% of viewers. How can a player appear a wee bit offside from the right wing and 3 yards onside from the left wing?

  11. FAO BRRB…


    Yesterday ( Tuesday) at PUNCHESTOWN Races, I had THREE Good Winners at odds of 10/1, 6/1 and 3/1.



    So far Today ( Wednesday ), I have backed the first TWO Winners at Punchestown at odds of 9/1 and 7/1.



    Not too shabby so far.


    HH Mate.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    I think I’m right in saying Sunak’s proposed attack on PIP recipients was aimed at those claiming on mental health grounds.

  13. Paul67 et al



    It seems a bit much to indulge in Vorfreude at the imminent arrival of Dundee United in the SPL whilst simultaneously recalling the Schadenfreude experienced at the failure of Arbroath to attain that same objective. Not least because such an achievement would have allowed one of our more esteamed posters, namely Hot Smoked, to support the mighty Celtic without having to leave his home town.




  14. I read elsewhere that the VAR Review Panel has ‘ruled’ that both penalties in the Hearts – Celtic game were incorrect. Mmmm.


    Ergo, the Celtic penalty (which we missed) was not a foul and the penalty should not have been given. The VAR decision to award/recommend the Hearts penalty, was wrong, and the referee’s on field decison was the correct one. That penalty led to the first goal. No mention of the decision to Red Card Yang, after the referee had booked him (correctly in my view) at the time.


    Both of the key decisons, the red card and the penalty, which went against us were VAR decisions, ie where the game was re-refereed, to benefit our opponents. They dont want to hold their hands up to the Yang decision though, so are trying to even out on the penalties. And yet some still have faith.

  15. bigrailroadblues on

    Big Jimmy 3.20


    My Punchestown bets were last spotted in East Wall, Dublin. 🙄

  16. glendalystonsils on

    CELTIC MAC on 1ST MAY 2024 4:04 PM



    I think we should have nade a bit more noise about the fact there was no contact made by Yang’s high boot , as evidenced by the fact there no mark left of any kind on Cochrane’s face. Cochrane rolled on the ground clutching his face in an attempt to make it look like he had been injured , in the way that many cheats do in the modern game .

  17. TOM MCLAUGHLIN re: Celtic shop gear.



    Proper good fish scale stuff.




  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN- different angles? We have also seen distorted lines drawn ,lines drawn when a ball has left the player….and the Motherwell NASA camera angles

  19. BIG JIMMY…as you say, Adult Disability Payment is replacing PIP in Scotland. These are essentially the same benefit but the Scottish government pays ADP recipients from its own budget. Any changes the Tories make to PIP will be limited to people in receipt of PIP. By the time any changes go through, everyone up here still on PIP should have moved over to ADP.


    But if the Tories reduce the cost of PIP in England and Wales by making qualification harder or by taking some health conditions out of consideration, then that would potentially affect the overall Scottish budget settlement under the Barnett formula. Scottish Government would then have proportionately less money to spend. I think the Scottish Government would try to shield ADP from significant change, which is described as its flagship benefit.

  20. glendalystonsils



    I think Yang’s action could be classed as reckless under Law 12, (though TBB thought it might be allowable) as in disregarding the opponent, and as such must lead to a Caution. Must.


    As for Cochrane, wasn’t he the guy involved in our penalty? Yup he made a meal out of it at the time.


    Down to ten men, then losing to a penalty that never was, both VAR decisions, got to ask what was discussed which led to both, by Brother Beaton. Same guy that did not see much wrong with the challenge on CalMac or the two handed push on AJ at Dundee. Easy to say I know but we need to try and take the referees out of the equation on Saturday, as in create and take our chances.

  21. Adi Dassler,



    Going by their decisions


    Stevie Wonder,Ray Charles,and the blind guy with the” Minkey”in the Pink Panther.

  22. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Looks like another huge turnover in the summer. The new normal given how we run our club and the wider football ‘market’ conditions?



    Coming in I hope Lawal and Kelly develop as 1st team squad options. I think we’ll buy Bernardí, which would be a good signing.



    We’ll sell Matt and I suspect Hatate and Kyogo. I think we’ll bring in Idah and Miovski. Oh will move, possibly on loan within the SPFL. We could do worse than look at Lennon Miller from Motherwell as a development buy.



    Joe will retire and hopefully we’ll get rid of Siegrist, so expect Scott Bain to be number 1 next season. Celtic won’t spend serious money on a goalie after Barkas. We might bring in one of the better SPFL keepers to compete with Bain.



    Wingers?! Mikey J will be sold to an English Championship side. I would sell Palma, who is capable of excellence but lacks the required attitude. Yang is simply red rotten and should be binned. Hakka must be sold too, along with Tillio. Kuhn has shown enough and will hopefully improve. Daizen and Jamesy will still be there. If Palma does go I could see us going in for Armstrong of Kilmarnock, who’s a good player.



    Midfield will be built around CalMac, Iwata, Bernardo, Kelly and Lawal. A big drop off from a year ago, but what I expect, at least all good players, unlike the freeloader McCarthy. Hopefully we get rid. Finally.



    Defence? Lagerbielke is a cert to leave. I feel for the lad as he flying high in Sweden and hit a brick wall here. Good luck to him. Surely Nawrocki will follow him as he can’t get a game ahead of Scales. Please God someone takes Bernabei off our hands – he’s worse than Yang.



    So a defence of Taylor, Scales, CCV and AJ, with Ralston and Welsh in reserve. Possibly Lawal too as Rodgers might prefer him in the ball progressing centre half role.



    So a first team squad of



    Bain plus new keeper (plus youth team 3rd choice)



    AJ, CCV, Scales, Taylor (Ralston and Welsh in reserve, with new sub left back and Lawal of new squad centre half).



    CalMac, Iwata, Bernardo (Kelly and possibly Lawal in reserve)



    Jamesy, Daizen, Kuhn, Palma or a replacement



    Idah, Miovski (as our main summer signing) and possibly a project like Lennon Miller.



    I expect this or a similar shape to recruitment as the Board position the club for no guaranteed champions league money the season after next.



    With the expected Frimpong and MO’E money, plus Champions League money coming in, the plc will feel comfortable about sanctioning Miovski, Idah and Bernardo. Maybe a couple of quality loans again.



    Should be enough to win the league-

  23. Media spouting about the Yang decision being adjudged by the panel to be correct.Smugly.


    Same Media who totally ignored the head high boot of Butland on Saturday,and crashing recklessly into the forward resulting in injury.Similar to Joe Harts Red.I called it a Red straight away on here.Did anyone else?.

  24. Ah mean……lol. 😀️





    People say that social media has made people more contemptuous 


    But I say to them- that’s crap! You’re Cancelled! Burn in Hell!





    Is that what you put on your wee sneaky apple for the Teacher themed emails for the attention of whatever facing burnout bent MOD has your ear? 👀️



    If Hoomzah spoke any real truth he might say….



    Celtic PLC – Bent!


    Brendan Rodgers PLC Plant – Bent!


    Timmy x 60,000 pro Old Firrmists – Bent!


    Celtic Quick News – Bent!


    Sentinel Celts – Bent!


    Celtic Supporters Trust – Bent!


    Celtic Supporters Association – Bent!


    A Celtic State of Mind – Bent!


    Sir Rod The Fraud Stewart – Bent!


    Hoomzah Pretendy Tim – Bent!


    SNP Debauched Degenerates – Bent as Fluck!


    Scottish Greens ditto SNP – Bent as Fluck!


    Scottish Libdems voted for filth as well – Bent as Fluck!!


    Scottish Labour ditto UK Labour – Scum!


    Scottish Conservative ditto UK Cons – Scum!


    Workers Party GB Rebels – Hoomzah and his swamp are terrified of WPB Truthers! 👀️



    PS, The Tory`s want rid of the Welfare State because countless millions of innocent people have been rendered unable to work because of Zionist controlled and owned big Pharma companies and their Genocidal Covid Vaxxines injury and death rates as a consequence of these fake vaxxines.


    Some info here which the BBC and The Guardian or Cjhannel4 News, Sky News, etc won`t tell you about. 👀️




    Even ITV`s News reader took a stroke on TV last Friday night and has been covered up by his `colleagues` in the media. 👀️





  25. TURKEYBHOY on 1ST MAY 2024 4:51 PM


    Adi Dassler,







    Going by their decisions





    Stevie Wonder,Ray Charles,and the blind guy with the” Minkey”in the Pink Panther.





    Aye but was the so called ” Blind Man” with the Minkey in the Pink Panther really Blind ?


    After all he was the ” Look Out Man” for the Bank Robbers.





  26. 418



    it was, quite obviously a joke comment. Only a seriously twisted mind could see other motivation.



    As part of your therapy for extracting yourself from the Covid/15 minute Cities/Great Rest rabbit holes within which you are trapped, could I recommend a listen to these:-







    And this is not intended as a joke- just in case you are further confused.



    P.S. How many right arm raises can you do in a day?

  27. An Tearmann on




    “The motherwell NASA angles”.



    That was funny.:-)))




  28. PLB,



    Just let CQN do the recruiting.In the Summer the majority of our experts were disgusted at us being linked to,Eric Dier for CH,and even more forceful in their condemnation,regards,Ross Barkley.Dier in he Semis of CL,Barkley rated in the top 5 midfielders in the EPL.Most did not want Mooy.



    The guy,Szmodic,I have been touting,a month ago was valued,£ 5-6 million.Recently seen quotes of £ 15-20 million,and he is 28.I keep saying,you want quality,forget it,we cannot afford the quality some expect.


    Unless of course,you know better.

  29. Tontine Tim on

    Here is a wee hymn that is so germane to today and also reminds me of my days in primary school:



    Bring flowers the rarest,


    Bring flowers of the fairest


    From garden and woodland and hillside and dale.


    Our full hearts are swelling,


    Our glad voices telling


    The praise of the loveliest flower of the vale



    Our voices ascending, in harmony blending,


    Oh! thus may our hearts turn, dear Mother, to thee.


    Oh! thus shall we prove thee


    how truly we love thee,


    How dark without Mary, life’s journey would be.



    O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today!


    Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May.


    O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,


    Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May.



    O Virgin most tender,


    our homage we render,


    Thy love and protection, sweet Mother, to win.


    In danger defend us,


    in sorrow befriend us,


    As pure as the lilies we lay at your feet.



    O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today!


    Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May.


    O Mary, we crown thee with blossoms today,


    Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May.

  30. James Webb Telescope used for that Motherwell VAR.


    Still better than the Dons one though.VAR broke down.The officials saw nothing amiss,but,although ,not working,the VAR “Experts” decided for it..

  31. Big Jimmy,



    Aye,and he took nothing to do with the”Minkie’s”earnings.Very funny .


    ” Do you have a Lysons for this Minkey”

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