Proof that top level football is not always great


Yesterday was not a particularly good day for football.  The Edinburgh cup final was played before a half empty Hampden long before the end and Chelsea’s revival of catenaccio secured the Champions League.  If nothing else the latter proved that football at the very top level is not always great.  Perhaps the reason why truly great teams are so celebrated.

There is an interesting dynamic to Rangers in administration.  Creditors have a cash offer of around £8.5m to consider but eight players, Naismith, Bocanegra, McGregor, David, Whittaker, Goian, Lafferty and Edu cut release clause deals with Duff and Phelps for values greater than this.

Any CVA agreed next month (unlikely though it is) could be paid for by the departure of these players.  Charles Green could potentially be the second person to buy Rangers for only £1.

It is, however, unlikely that other clubs will offer money for these players before a CVA is agreed as they will be available as free agents should the CVA fail and those in control of Ibrox attempt to form a Newco.  Therefore, the chances of creditors getting their hands on any of these transfer fees are limited, no matter what happens to the company.

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  1. Yes indeed Paul, I haven´t been able to see the scottish cup final but the champions was drab. That was Until Muller scored a fantastic text book header but as it was nearly full time Heynkes yanked him!



    Who else was going to score for Bayern, not even Robbeniño from a penalty. Not a smart move as it turned out. Credit to Juan Mata too for putting the ball on Drogba´s napper. Even though Mata should have been censured earlier in the season for claiming berserkly a goal that wasn´t by a mile against Tottenham in the FA cup semi final whilst Andy Carrol never got a goal in the final which would have made it two two and mibbeess………….


    Aye the cheating barstewards won the big cup.


    Glad it was Drogba rather than Terry who slotted it in.

  2. Neil Lennon Abbot of Clonmacnois on

    PFAyr, AntrimKev, Bloke 109






    Genuinely amazed at the apathy. Glad. But, amazed.

  3. ernie



    i don`t wish him any ill will should he move on



    perhaps i am old fashioned with my expectations re players gratitude etc






    i probably have some difficulty in understanding why players who have an opportunity to play for CFC don`t jump at the chance

  4. Abbot…. @ 19:48.



    nearly £70,000 you say. As I understand it for one to be “allowed” to walk you had to pledge £100 in sponsorship. And the walk was to be limited (why??? – credit to MWD for highlighting this earlier) to just 1,872 walkers. Completing the walk earned you a t-shirt.



    Let’s asume each t-shirt cost just £5 to provide. The scheme should have therefore raised [(1,872 @ £100 less (1,872 @£5)] £177,840.



    So they achieved 39.36% of their target!



    By my reckoning there was therefore a maximum of 736 walkers –


    £73,600 in sponsorship less £3,680 costs (t-shirts) = £69,920.



    Bless them!

  5. Neil Lennon Abbot of Clonmacnois on 20 May, 2012 at 20:01 said:



    think of 1994



    now see what happens in 2012



    its amazing the difference



    and slap it up them

  6. leftclicktic on

    Neil Lennon Abbot of Clonmacnois on 20 May, 2012 at 19:48 said:




    1,872 people walked a mile aroon the brox and raised “nearly £70 grand”. That’s absolutely just about the most average thing I’ve ever heard.




    They are desperatley telling lies to their STUPID STUPID ORC following bud.


    On one of their sites during the week to get a place on the bigot stroll you MUST have had £100 of sponsorship at least . SOOOOOOOOO as twist n turn said earlier about 6 or 700 places took up :))))

  7. fanadpatriot on

    I also would find it difficult to watch Celtic,if they played in the manner


    Chelsea played.


    Jock Stein did play that way against Dukla Prague in the away game,but importantly he opologised after the game for playing in that manner.


    In all the years after that ,I never saw them resorting to that style of play.

  8. Another fantastic golfing day in the company of fellew tim’s and excellent CQN’rs.



    Big up to BJmac for organising once again. I’ve played that course a few times and today was the only time I have really enjoyed it – well I suppose it does help when you play not too bad but the main reason for me was the company.



    Was great to meet some old faces and place some new ones too.



    Jobo – sorry I missed the start and the opportunity to introduce myself the the CQN weather man – as you mighht have guessed I was the guy that turned up la…lat…. right on tee off time!



    Calabam – I don’t know what you are talking about – I wasn’t held up once. In fact I never even seen anyone in front of us the whole game :-)




  9. Bada Bing


    great night…


    the speakers where on for a good couple of hours…

  10. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Jock Stein himself said –



    “You can only play as well as the opposition let you”.



    Chelsea did just that, against a Bayern side who couldn’t score in a proverbial bro…..!



    Now get over it!



    Have we signed anyone yet?



    Are the huns dead yet?

  11. RE: Ali Douglas.


    I helped her put her portfolio together!


    One of the most pleasurable jobs I ever did. ;-)

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bad day for football yesterday especially the Champ league. Hertz fans saying it was nice to beat both the greens, well as I explained, you didn’t beat us but got a break from a hun ref. As for the Hibs, if the ref had done his job then Black would have been off after 15 min. As for the non penalty, I would have booked the Hertz player for diving.



    Oh and to make matters worse there was a orange walk to celebrate mini huns win, I’m going to bin this weekend from my memory banks :(

  13. BT



    Thanks again for the tickets.



    Great night ?



    It was outstanding !



    The Panel were brilliant and the questions raised were of a similar quality.


    Loved it :-)

  14. garygillespieshamstring on

    Bt : was that a CNN event on friday? A mate got a couple of tickets and took me along. Expected to hear phil, but p67 was a surprise. Now see a lot of posters were there.



    It was a great night and I thought the panel were great, as we’re the beer and pies.




  15. chaplin


    no problem..



    I didn’t want to overstate the evening.. 8-))

  16. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    What ever happened to the huns protest at Hampden yesterday? They are absolutely hopeless they cant raise any funds or organise a protest.H.H.

  17. garygillespieshamstring on

    Bt : Many thanks to the organisers. Also thought the guy with the mic did a great job. Is he a poster here?

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on 20 May, 2012 at 20:29 said:



    i think they eventually cottoned on to that being a bad idea!!!



    especially with 40 odd thousand hibs and hearts egging them on to do it



    i can imagine a few thousand begbies from hibs being well up for a hun protest



    im genuinley disappointed it didnt go ahead

  19. garygillespieshamstring on

    No, too busy getting lashed. Got a photo with it at cp a couple of years back.


    Just fired my spare cash into the raffles. A certain charity donation as I never win anything.



    Really enjoyed the night.

  20. There was a lot of Union jacks on sight from the East Coast huns when we played them at hampden in semi- funny how these clubs suddenly become so “patriotic” when they play us.

  21. Bloke109 –



    Absolutely, “clear and transparent” to replace “aye ready”.



    I have a wee feeling this week ahead is going to be one to remember.

  22. Wonky radar. What’s in a name?. Can’t believe your comment on WGS. the man was an out and out Tim. He became one in the same way we became fans of his.


    I’d have him back as our guest in a heartbeat.


    Loved the wee man. Back to FF for you.

  23. Playing golf today and couple of my buddies who are corporate bhoys were ripping it into a bare friend.



    According to them Green does not have a bean and were saying if he could prove the two named investors existed they would stump up £500.



    Green is a front for Whyte to sell all the assets and pocket the cash.



    No CVA, No transfer of shares and Liquidation Fire sale.



    Great day out…




  24. Few days ago I said that Craig Swan twisted Pawel Brozek words and presented him and Celtic in unfavorable light. Pawel Brozek has never ever blamed Lennon or Celtic.



    This is from today.



    Polish Journalist.: When Neil Lennon took you to Celtic he expected that your hunger for games and goals would help his team. Can Smuda (Poland coach) have same expectations?



    Pawel Brozek.: These are completely different situations. When I played for Poland I always felt big hunger for play, that was very big deal for me. Celtic? Things did not go for me as I planned them, for many reasons….



    Polish Journalist.: Euro competition might be good opportunity to prove to Celtic people that they made a mistake with their opinion on you…



    Pawel Brozek.: I have nothing to prove to nobody. When I left Celtic I said my big thank you to Neil Lennon, for taking me there and letting me see such big club from the inside. Wherever you go there, you can feel and see who Celtic Glasgow is. I could see and learn that for all Celtic supporters, their club is not only the football club.

  25. lochgoilhead bhoy on

    Joe Filippis Haircut on 20 May, 2012 at 20:29 said:


    “What ever happened to the huns protest at Hampden yesterday? They are absolutely hopeless they cant raise any funds or organise a protest.”


    This is the latest money spinning idea…….



    Coffee morning


    Holding a coffee morning for Rangers is a great way of getting together with your friends and raising money for Rangers Fighting Fund.



    Fundraising with friends


    Keep it small and intimate and have it at home.


    If you normally meet your friends at the local coffee shop, why not invite them round to your house and ask them to donate what they would have spent?



    Get your boss on board and hold a charity coffee break at work.


    Or get creative and pick an unusual place to get your caffeine fix – the only limit is your imagination.



    Putting the fun into fundraising


    Why not introduce some other fun fundraising activities to the morning? You could:


    • Have a cake baking competition and ask your guests for a donation to taste and vote for their favourite cake.


    • Organise a quiz and ask your friends to pay a donation to enter.


    Don’t forget that not everyone likes coffee so remember to offer some alternatives (and soft drinks in case your guests bring their children).



    Publicise your coffee morning


    It sounds obvious but although you know why you’re holding a coffee morning, your guests won’t.


    If you tell them they’re likely to be much more generous, after all it’s no longer just a snack they’re buying but the chance to make a difference to Rangers.


    Arm yourself with key facts and figures about the Rangers and display posters so people can easily see who you’re supporting.



    Money, money, money


    Always aim to raise at least three times as much as you need to spend (for example if you spend £10 you should aim to raise a minimum of £30).


    On the day, don’t forget a float – think about how much you’re charging and ensure you have the right coins for your customers’ change.


    Make sure you have a secure system for handling donations. Use a lockable box and ensure that you have two people together to count the money at the end of the day.

  26. Zbyszek – Cut & past Craig, as I call him.


    Couple of weeks ago I read a post from one of our bhoys.


    Next day it was in the DR. Word for word.



    He hasn’t an original thought in his head.


    Thanks for clearing up the Brozek situation.




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