Protecting your keeper and defence


If we are looking for reasons why Celtic have dropped so many points in recent weeks it is revealing that we have not kept a clean sheet away in the league since Boxing Day, and that was to bottom club Dundee.

Losing goals, of course, is seldom about the last line of defence, and losing goals this consistently is seldom even an issue with defence, in dominant teams, defenders are seldom taxed.  It is more likely a consequence of the shape of the team.  Goalkeepers should be protected, as should defences.

It’s the midfield we should be looking at.  Dominate possession and stop leaving spaces for the opposition to exploit; we’ll stop losing goals and start winning games.
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  1. Baku/Black Isle Celt on

    Re Herald article:



    Old Rangers pre JJB – 20.5M turnover, 5.6M profit



    Old Rangers with JJB – 3M all profit



    New Rangers with Sports Direct (approx 50/50 JV) – 20.5M turnover, 5.6M profit shared with SD so 2.8M to New Rangers.



    So adding 20.5M to turnover and ending up with 200K less profit is being spun as good news!




  2. Celtic are in a no win situation this season. If they win the league at a canter the MSM will bleat about how boring it is, if it’s exciting and Celtic win then they will claim that we wouldn’t have won if there was a financially unviable ( sorry strong) Thems in the league..

  3. I think the tinkering with the defence does not help, we need stability, granted, injuries are not helping but we seem to change shape constantly during games.



    We need a solid spine and back 4.


    Baku/Black Isle Celt



    Aye,but you’re overlooking the 500,000,000 new fans.



    People like you are always trying to talk down this great proud club.



    Nae bloody wonder,when tripe like that is printed unquestioningly.

  5. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on

    Keep em coming Jabba. That has fair warmed me up on a freezin’ morn.



    500M seater SuperCasino is space next?

  6. Cheers bobby murdochs curled up winkle pickers…was on a wee roll on the last page..thot i’d blown it wi laffin that much at chuckles plan h.h





    I blew it wi a typo-hence the short and much amended post!



    Canny have a typo heading the article,strangers might think they were on FF or Leggoland or summat….

  8. i wish to claim some credit for alerting cqners to a new article being posted .. 60 seconds before paul actually did :)




  9. I’m by no means a Kayal fan, but thought both he and Ledley did an excellent job in midfield. That third goal was a lofted ball that wasn’t dealt with. We lost because of a poor defence and goalkeeper, and a hapless attack force of Miku and Stokes. And Mcgeouch.



    The lack of confidence at the 3rd goal was comical.





    (Previous article)



    I think you are spot-on about their midden-I doubt it has had a penny spent on maintenance in about five years. Friends from the dark side have commented on the ramshackle state of things,people on here have mentioned the surfaces being weathered.



    Once the rot sets in,it is hard and expensive to cure. Preventative maintenance programmes are the only way to deal with structures like that.



    Well,short of a team of JCBs,my own preferred option.

  11. the boy jinky



    12:24 on 11 March, 2013



    aye….i had a look


    but was pmsl at the herald article of £100 million pound turnover


    that and eating a bacon roll



    stupid sevconians they will believe anything


    still got the article on the MBB



    right cqn


    off out to work


    got some bear baiting to do


    and talk some footbal with any sevco fans that i find



    hail hail




  12. Yous lot should stoap yer laughin’ pretty soon Souper Ally wull huv his 10 million pound warchest and then yous lot and that Annan mob hud better look oot..



    Billy A. Braincell

  13. Turnover is no guarantee of profit, £10 mill turnover with £5 mill profit is better than £100 mill with £10 mill loss.

  14. The Battered Bunnet on

    In no particular order, why Celtic’s future excites me:



    Adam Matthews


    Fraser Forster


    James Forrest


    Tony Watt


    Tom Rogic


    Dylan McGeouch


    Filip Twardzik



    I’m resigned to losing Wanyama in the summer for irresistable money, and Hoops will likely go too. Together with the Champions League surplus, the club will have a pile of cash and the problem will be quite what to do with it.



    Were Champions League participation assured, it is likely that the club would make some significant signings, but the fact is that qualifying is a lottery, and will remain so for a number of years. Splashing cash on big contracts over multiple years is unlikely in the circumstances.



    I expect we will be more likely to bring forward plans for developing the footprint around the ground, perhaps a floating drive-thru Casino?

  15. Serious question here.



    What actual benefits did having Rangers in the league bring?



    Maybe it could be argued that they bought out their away ticket allocation but over nearly a generation the systematic cheating has driven supporters away from the game.



    Before Rangers were ‘funded’ by Murray using generally questionable (I understand the legal nicities of no saying what I REALLY think) tax avoidance wheezes, Scottish football was in great good health.



    For almost a generation Murray squeezed the very life out of the game (he personally consigned Airdrie FC to the scrapheap for £30,000).



    We used to mock the English as our national team qualified for every tournament (and their’s failed).


    Aberdeen and Dundee Utd were flying the flag very successfully in Europe, we had HUGE travelling supports visiting Celtic Park, the games were meaty, skillful encounters.



    Then we had Rangers…………………Do we, and by we, I mean Scottish football, really want them back?

  16. …some of the comments re THAT article in the Herlad are hilarious.




    HoverPitchSuperCasino CSC

  17. Steinreignedsupreme on

    The Herald article is further confirmation that nothing has changed in the Scottish Media – they simply regurgitate ludicrous claims as facts … when the tales come from clubs based at Ibrox.

  18. George Osbourne will today announce in a major speech to the City that the return of t’rangers to the SPL would allow the UK deficit to be wiped out and a return to surplus in the “following years 2013-2014 and then to infinity:)

  19. I hear ‘Hee-Haw’ will launch a new tradishun at the Replika Klub……..


    – Gurning



    (with or without “Horse’s Collar”)



    I kid you not…..


    ……….I SAY………….”I kid you not.”

  20. Snake Plissken on

    Just tried to read the Herald online.



    The site is experiencing technical difficulties and is not working.



    That says it all really.



    It must be from sheer overload of people trying to click on for a laugh.

  21. I’d like to see Parkhead surrounded by about 50 grass football pitches, made to look like a big shamrock from the air, with “Young, tiny” cut in by our erudite groundsmen.



    And a massive St Andrews cross in the style of the Wembley arch, diagonally across the stadium, lit up in green for all who fly into Glasgow to see.

  22. Auldheid,



    I meant to mention that my Dad grew up playing football in the street with John Cairney’s brother, who was good, and Tiny Wharton, who was not good but who provided the ball. My Dad’s granny’s house was the next close to theirs.

  23. Bobby murdochs curled up winkle pickers


    i know of a roofing company..not the coatbridge one lol..that have done loads of repairs and have refused to do anymore due to the unsafe framework and constant patch up when it needs serious repair work done..dont bouncy too hard now orcs..youve been warned





    You’ll laugh even louder at this,from the same paper.



    Comment about Spiers’ article on cash-strapped Dunfermline….


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    “David Kerr, GlasgowCollapse





    Is this not the club who’s chairman vociferously critisized Rangers and wanted them severly punished?


    Welcome to the real world. What goes around comes around.”


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Stupid hun,as if Yorkston would ever criticise rarangers-he even overlooked £80k owing to Dunfermline last season!



    Not a mention of that in the MSM these days,btw…..



    Oh,and the typos in the quote urnae mine!

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