Protecting your keeper and defence


If we are looking for reasons why Celtic have dropped so many points in recent weeks it is revealing that we have not kept a clean sheet away in the league since Boxing Day, and that was to bottom club Dundee.

Losing goals, of course, is seldom about the last line of defence, and losing goals this consistently is seldom even an issue with defence, in dominant teams, defenders are seldom taxed.  It is more likely a consequence of the shape of the team.  Goalkeepers should be protected, as should defences.

It’s the midfield we should be looking at.  Dominate possession and stop leaving spaces for the opposition to exploit; we’ll stop losing goals and start winning games.
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  1. Steinreignedsupreme on

    O.G.Rafferty 11:50 on 12 March, 2013



    Custom House in the centre of town. Good fish ect.




    Thanks mate. Got a few selections on today. Just for a wee interest.



    Picks Outsiders



    1:30:00 PM Un Atout Cheltenian


    2:05:00 PM Simonsig Baily Green


    2:40:00 PM Our Mick Loch Ba


    3:20:00 PM Zarkandar Cinders & Ashes


    4:00:00 PM Arabella Boy


    4:40:00 PM Quevega Prima Porta


    5:15:00 PM Carlito Brigante John’s Spirit



    It’s a lottery at Cheltenham though.



    Good luck with your bets.




  3. If Sevco are not a New club, then surely they would merit an investigation from UEFA?



    ‘The European Commission has opened a formal investigation into the financial affairs of Valencia, Hércules and Elche after their recent bail-outs from local government.



    A mountain of unrepayable debt has hit football clubs, in Valencia, the local government and the Spanish banks. Now according to El Pais, the whole system of loans to soccer clubs employed across different tiers of government – regional, provincial and municipal – is under the spotlight of the Competition Commission, headed by Spanish EC vice president Joaquín Almunia.



    If the state aid is found to violate European competition the clubs may be forced to pay the money back, which would likely lead to their demise.



    As second line of enquiry for Almunia has been the non-payment of tax and social security contributions. The array of grants and privileges awarded to clubs in Spain amounts to what investigators in Brussels term “the Spanish soccer bubble.”



    Dutch clubs, including PSV are also under scrutiny, with decisions expected within a year.’

  4. OG


    Top End….


    Browns .


    Chef featured on some cookery show last week. BBC.


    Trying for a Michelin Star apparently.


    La Sosta


    Very good Italian



    More Family Fare


    Mama Masala.


    Indian Italian hybrid


    Good reasonable .though dont know how it would fare against a Glasgow Indian.


    Mandarin Palace.


    Very popular Chinese


    Quay West


    Very popular very reasonable.


    Lots of deals about as the recession bites.


    Have a good time and the Muckers will talk the back legs off ye

  5. I’m on such a shedload of medication…….s.o.t…….I had this fantasy of walking across a Sicilian field one fine day to greet you with a fine pair of soft leather gloves for your good lady.


    In my heart I hold this to be true, even now as a distant dream.


    You strike me as a fine man with a great love of life and love, and even virtually, it’s been a priviliege to know you and of you. ( And you shoorly know a good choon!)


    HH! miki67





    Post them at the end of the previous article. Enter the CHELTENHAM NAPS computer.

  7. “Scottish Football League clubs have been asked to indicate by the close of play on Tuesday their preference for the composition of proposed reconstructed divisions.”




    Wonder how much additional info they have they we don’t?


    Wonder if they have been told if points will be reset after any split?


    Wonder if they have been told what the winner of “Split3” wins?


    Wonder if they have been told how mant will be promoted from te “18” each year?



    The devil is in the detail and the Scottish football fan is still being kept in the dark and treated like mushrooms.


    Only a few have recognised their support in this and even then the detail of these changes will be missing.

  8. ASonOfDan the three way split allows sevco to come 4th twice and be in the top flight.


    It reduces risk and makes it easier for them to attract investment and sell season tickets. This applies to them and no-one else.


    Ross County have played and battled their way up fair and square.

  9. setting free the bears


    11:24 on 12 March, 2013




    Very thoughtful


    I am in almost complete agreement.


    As a Celtic fan though I reserve the right to find fault anywhere.