Protecting your keeper and defence


If we are looking for reasons why Celtic have dropped so many points in recent weeks it is revealing that we have not kept a clean sheet away in the league since Boxing Day, and that was to bottom club Dundee.

Losing goals, of course, is seldom about the last line of defence, and losing goals this consistently is seldom even an issue with defence, in dominant teams, defenders are seldom taxed.  It is more likely a consequence of the shape of the team.  Goalkeepers should be protected, as should defences.

It’s the midfield we should be looking at.  Dominate possession and stop leaving spaces for the opposition to exploit; we’ll stop losing goals and start winning games.
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  1. quonno said:



    “Last week NL made great play of the resources gap between Celtic and Juventus,. It is not any greater than the resources gap between Celtic and the remainder of the current SPL.”



    ….nor any greater than the points gap between Celtic and the other SPL teams. Your point?




  2. Starry



    If you’re happy for our players to be used to promote the fast tracking of Sevco into the SPL …then that’s a matter for you




  3. Wasn’t it Neil who started all the talk of players leaving when he gave his press conference after the second leg against Juve?


    The headlines afterwards were all about Vic, Gary, Fraser F. etc probably departing in the summer. Then Fraser gave an interview saying he wanted to play in England.


    Then after the Ross C. game Neil questions the character of his players. What?! After saying how great they were to get to the last 16 of the CL?


    I think Neil should realise that slagging off his players in public should not be done too often, if at all. He’s done it before.


    After we lost to Juve he said he hoped they would win the CL. What?! After their wrestling tactics at Celtic Park, surely not?


    After we lost to Ross C he didn’t give our opponents any credit. IMO he should merely have said they deserved it and adapted better to the conditions and the pitch. Anything he had to say to the Celtic players should have been said behind closed doors.


    I think he should let Johann do more press conferences.

  4. Somesaythedevilisdead



    Mulgrew should have said: What about Queens Park? Great stadium, local derby, cracking strips and we might get over our Hampden hoodoo.




  5. re Charlie,


    I would have loved it had he said: Rangers don`t exist. Next question? 0:-)


    Really, though, his best response would have been along the lines of: Nothing to do with me.








    I’ll quite happily never play them again,and I’ll take even more pleasure from there being no them to play against anyway. Which is how it should be.



    There should not even be a question to be asked.

  7. I will happily never play them again either but I would like a genuine rival.




  8. That “probably” in Charlie’s reaction says it all really. He clearly wasn’t enthusiastic about giving the answer the MSM wanted, but he knows he would have been attacked (literally?) if he had said he doesn’t want them back in the SPL.


    I agree that the club should instruct the players to say No Comment when asked about Sevco.

  9. Dead and Loving it on

    The MSM scumbags have a turbo powered agenda to get their brothers into the top league, I think over the next couple of months we will see this campaign, because that is what it is, grow and grow


    They will have plenty names in the hat that they will wheel out over the coming months to do a Alex Smith



    It is not even subtle now, shameless cretins

  10. jeez_I_thought_blinker_was_pants on

    quonno, what is



    “thenotorious Brattbak interview”?



    must have missed that

  11. CM is entitled to his opinion- I don’t think he is in a tiny minority who want to see some realistic challenge in the SPL . Apart from the CL I have been bored with the domestic season and I fear I will be bored next season as well- I suspect a good number of Tims would agree with that.

  12. My point being that the gap in resources should have guaranteed the winning of this year’s SPL with a record points tally. Also come Sunday we should not be reflecting on another blown treble. And the Scottish cup is far from a certainty.

  13. How about ….all teams should be in the SPL on merit …if and when sevco merit it then we’ ll be happy to play them …

  14. PeterScarff



    I will never tire of Celtic winning. It’s a pity we have not dealt with the challenges we have had this season. It’s been a great league. If we had not got the points in the bag early we would maybe have a challenger for the league and these clubs will get stronger and better next season.


    Lots to look forward to. Sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture.




  15. I had to sit and listen,last week,to Andy Walker and Frank MacAvennie spouting nonsense about how Sevco must be allowed into the SPL next season,now we haveCM doing the same,I am sick listening to these comments from Celtic players and former players,you would think it is being passed on from up high?

  16. BMCUW,



    I know but the reality is they have survived in whatever mutant form and they will be back in the top tier at some stage. Our polemics do not alter that grim reality

  17. Peterscarff



    Perhaps your boredom is related to the dreadful form we gave exhibited at times during this league campaign

  18. SPLFansUtd



    Unfortunately we have had to make the


    decision to move to a wordpress free site.


    The reason we had to make this decision


    is because our hosting company and


    some of their clients were sent abusive


    and threatening emails. This is now in the


    hands of the Police and therefor we have


    no further comment to make.


    We will have to look into starting a new


    forum as this free version of wordpress


    does not allow for a forum. We also can’t


    seem to transfer users over.


    We would like to make one thing clear. To


    the bigots and trolls we ‘Don’t Do Walking


    Away’ , you will not stop SPL Fans United


    with your vile threats and petty


    intimidation. The vast majority of Scottish


    football fans are decent law abiding tax


    paying citizens and they will prevail.


    We would like to thank William Brown for


    his help and support in setting up the site


    and our social media contacts. We wish


    him all the best for the future and can


    recommend him as a first class web


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    apologise for all the hassle he, his family


    and clients have had to put up with.



    An independent Scotland?

  19. fanadpatriot,



    Who is CM? Charlie Mulgrew? I wonder if he has hopes of being Scotland captain or a career in the media. Otherwise, if he has no ulterior motive, he has to be off his head.

  20. quonno


    Nope. The gap in resources should guarantee the winning of this year`s SPL title. The tally is irrelevant (OK not to you and the Evening Times ).


    I do agree with you that we should not be reflecting on ” another blown treble” ( but I suspect some miserable folk will).


    Finally, you are quite right that the Scottish Cup is `far from a certainty`…. and I am glad that is the case.







  21. fanadpatriot



    I’m sure Andy and Frank wouldn’t have minded when they played for smaller teams in England if they were turfed out the league to let a giant of the English game Nottingham Forest back in the the top league for the good of the game!


    People talk utter tripe about this situation. You win games and leagues to move up the ranks. These two are probably in the ca,p of Rangers didn’t go bust but were punished and sent to the 3rd division. THEY WENT BUST!!!


    It’s amazing how many people in my work think it’s pure terrible what they did to Rangers. When I tell them they went bust they look at me like I am talking Greek. These are people that either don’t watch fitba or just have a passing interest.


    Macca and Andy want the derby games back because they can make more money. It’s that simple. They can get work in England in newspapers and on Sky and other broadcasters when there is a Glasgow derby on because it gets world wide coverage.


    I’m sick of the lot of it from the LNS verdict to the constant whining about letting them move up the leagues. Insaying that I still think it is up to Mulgrew to answer honestly.




  22. Ten Men Won The League


    16:25 on


    11 March, 2013


    Regarding CM’s comments.



    I have said it repeatedly on here all season. The Press Officer at the club is utterly hopeless. The MSM should have been warned by him/her at the start of the season that the players and management will answer no questions on the new club.



    The fact that players are still fielding questions like that is an indictment of the paucity of our PO’s ability at the club.






    Totally agree.



    The Celtic PO (who he?) should instruct EVERY journo that the manager and/or players will not answer any question relating to a deid club and their tribute act.



    …and if they insist on asking the question anyway, the press conference should be terminated – or the journo asking the question asked to leave.




  23. Has anyone put forward a coherent reason why Sevco ought to be fast-tracked into the SPL?

  24. Celtic_First @16:46 challenges “Has anyone put forward a coherent reason why Sevco ought to be fast-tracked into the SPL?”



    Such a lawyer is not yet born.


    Even if he were, sevco couldn’t afford him.

  25. PF,



    We were 1/33 to win the SPL at the start of the season our league form has been poor and we are still 15 ahead with 8 to play. I don’t know what the answer is but the status quo is not sustainable

  26. PeterScarff



    I totally disagree with Charlie being entitled to his opinion he is representing the club at a press meeting. He and all the other pampered players of our club should only talk about our club and let the MSN know that what goes on at the dark side is of no relevence to the Celtic and more importantly our support.



    Like thousands of other fans I could only dream about wearing that jersey and running out at Paradise every other week, instead I have to earn a living and not very good one at that. I will be renewing my ST’s for next year after not being able to do so this year, even though financially I really cannot afford to do so.



    One final thing ask the staff at the A&E’s all over the Scotland and in the West in particular if they miss us playing them.

  27. Perhaps if Charlie was made aware that any new contract would be reduced in line with the reduction in the number of ST `s bought as a result of Sevco being allowed into the SPL, he would have given a different answer.




  28. Mike in Toronto on

    Re: CM’s comments…. Personally, I would rather he said nothing, or ‘R****? Who’s that? Arent’ they dead?’…



    But, if he were to say (as I suspect he feels)… ‘ the greatest feeling in the world was scoring against R****, and turning towards their fans, and seeing the whole pig ugly throng of them, shut the f up for once… I miss putting that horrendous lot in their place’ …. well, I could understand his comment.

  29. CF



    It’s for the good of Scottish Football ….apparently …cause it is



    Beyond that its for the benefit of all Huns and the MSM

  30. Mike in Toronto on




    If I were R***’s (god forbid), I would hire the ‘the big hoose must stay open’ guy …. throw in a ‘we arra people’ and there you go… their submissions are already written.


    IMO,in order to have achieved the record points tally demanded by some,we would have had to play our best team most of the time.



    This would have impacted negatively on the freshness of our players-it didnae work for Martin O’Neill,after all.



    It would also have denied us the chance to blood some of our youngsters-something which many on here bang on about.



    We are in the fortunate position of being able to experiment for a few seasons. Not to do so in our current circumstances would be a criminal waste of the breathing space we have been afforded.



    So we don’t win every week,so bloody what?



    Judge Neil Lennon by how prepared he is for the challenge when it arrives. If he is not ready for it,I will be surprised,and will say so.



    At the moment,I’m as p….d off as the rest when we don’t win,but there IS a bigger picture.

  32. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Zombies threatening to open up anothes shop in Belfast eh? hahahahahaha Gtf! I hope they do cos it will end up the same way as the previous two shops they had in Belfast city centre – down the tubes,and both those shops were opened and shut when they were at the height of their cheating ways.Only one shop in Belfast city centre and that’s the Celtic Shop.The only one that has stood the test of time,and remember Manchester United & Liverpool both opened shops here,and they went to the wall like the 2 hun shops! Belfast’s Green & White! :)

  33. We are the reason why Celtic players are paid the wages they are.


    I would like a condition of their contracts to be that they must give time to the Fans` Forums as well as to the MSSM.




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