Protecting your keeper and defence


If we are looking for reasons why Celtic have dropped so many points in recent weeks it is revealing that we have not kept a clean sheet away in the league since Boxing Day, and that was to bottom club Dundee.

Losing goals, of course, is seldom about the last line of defence, and losing goals this consistently is seldom even an issue with defence, in dominant teams, defenders are seldom taxed.  It is more likely a consequence of the shape of the team.  Goalkeepers should be protected, as should defences.

It’s the midfield we should be looking at.  Dominate possession and stop leaving spaces for the opposition to exploit; we’ll stop losing goals and start winning games.
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  1. The Moon Bhoys on

    Jungle Jim – 16:34 on 11 March, 2013



    “I will happily never play them again either but I would like a genuine rival”



    Personally I’m dreading playing them again as when it happens it will simply endorse all the shenanigins that have gone on to enable them to be on the same pitch as us.



    ..but we do have a genuine rival – COMPLACENCY – there has been no signs recently suggesting we are close to getting on top of this particular rival.

  2. PFAyr 16.39



    I really do worry about some of the thoughts that go through my head.



    And then you go and repeat one of them.(:-)



    Joking aside it is uncanny how often you post something .


    I then read it and think, that’s i exactly what I am thinking.



    Maybe you should seek professional help(:-)



  3. Ntassoolla @ 16.53


    Your funniest yet! Excellent. Mind you, there were not many contenders 0:-)

  4. Mike in Toronto @ 16:52 “Ntassoola



    If I were R***’s (god forbid), I would hire the ‘the big hoose must stay open’ guy …. throw in a ‘we arra people’ and there you go… their submissions are already written.”



    I don’t see that well-burgerred big hun fitting into the Ferrari.




    I’m not sure that we are experimenting all that much



    The one time we played a second string at ICT away it was one of the best performances of the season




    The worst performances have been when the experienced players have been playing

  6. Having read back a bit more, I gather Charlie Mulgrew was taking part in a press conference. Well, our management shouldn’t put our players in such a position. As has been said, Charlie might have been afraid if he had said anything but what the MSM want to hear. But surely the powers that be at Celtic Park must be aware of the kind of question the MSM are going to ask. They are going to spin any answer anyway. We should have learned by now.



    I find it odd that CQN suddenly has voices speaking up for thon deid team’s being somersaulted up the divsions. There is no good reason or bad one for that matter, apart from panderinhg to their knuckledragging support. Interlopers from the very dark side? I imagine so. I haven’t met a single real Celtic supporter who doesn’t wish them never to return. They were an abomination. Let them rot where they belong.

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    tractorbhoy 16:49 on 11 March, 2013





    “I totally disagree with Charlie being entitled to his opinion he is representing the club at a press meeting”



    He’s not entitled to an opinion – seriously?



    Not many of us on here agree with Charlie’s opinion (which was hardly a resounding endorsement for playing Sevco) but he is entitled to it as much as we are.

  8. Celtic_First


    16:46 on


    11 March, 2013


    Has anyone put forward a coherent reason why Sevco ought to be fast-tracked into the SPL?



    There isn’t one.




  9. CM can hold whatever opinion he likes, such is life and such is freedom of thought, expression and speech.



    The relevance of one footballer’s thoughts on an action that has already been subject to a democratic vote of members, based on canvassing the majority of fans, that part is entirely lost on me.

  10. These things ought not to need repeating quite as frequently as this, but it seems that they do.



    Sevco is a new club, therefore it cannot be fast-tracked back to the SPL. It has never played in the SPL. Seem to remember a certain Mr Green saying it never would.



    Rangers are being liquidated.



    Sevco are not Rangers.



    Sevco got to play in SFL Division 3 owing to the sleight of hand of the SFL, the SPL, the SFA and Charles Green at the end of July. He promised he would get the supporters of the former Rangers to turn up in big numbers. Everyone fancied a slice of the money.



    Rangers were not demoted for cheating (chance would be a fine thing). They ceased to play because they were unable to exit administration with a CVA and therefore went into liquidation.



    Sevco were not demoted. This is their first season.



    Sevco are not Rangers.



    Sevco started the Scottish Cup on September 29 in round two, as befitted an SFL Division 3 club. Had Rangers continued playing, they would have begun their Scottish Cup campaign on December 1 in Round Four, as would have befitted the club that finished second in the SPL in the previous season.



    Sevco secured the services of some former Rangers players under TUPE legislation, thereby confirming that those players were moving from one employer to another (the only circumstances in which TUPE can apply). Football players can only have a football club as their employers for playing football.



    Had Sevco been able to win the Scottish cup this season, it would not have been able to represent Scotland in UEFA competition next season because it does not meet the criteria (three years’ accounts), this being its first season.

  11. srs


    Who gives him , or anyone, that entitlement? It`s a meaningless cliche.




  12. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Mulgrew story now fourth on SSN but the angle has changed to: “Celtic player risks the wrath of his own fans for comments about Sevco”

  13. Dead and Loving it on

    I know a few guys that have supported the club as long as I have, would like to see them back in the spl, I find it difficult to argue with them on this subject as my blood starts to boil



    We end the discussion on a, we agree to disagree basis



    One of the guys even told me that I hate the huns more than I love Celtic



    When I think about it , the more problems that they have got , the better I feel, I have loved it from the moment that the MBB walked up the marble staircase



    Maybe I am at fault for rejoicing in everything that goes wrong with them but cant change now



    As for the huns I know, they are hating every minute languishing in the bottom tier and as far as I am concerned the longer they stay there the better



    If we never played the huns again in my lifetime I for one would not mind


    I would continue with my subtle digs at them and that gives me great joy



    I really get on their nerves when I pretend not to know the score or who they where playing



    The handsome who I was talking to this morning said to me , terrible result , mcCoist ,blah , blah, blah, I said to him, sometimes on these small park’s, diddy teams can get lucky


    he replied , nearly spilling his coffee , it wis at Ibrox, I said your joking, then walked away

  14. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Jungle Jim 17:02 on 11 March, 2013



    “Who gives him , or anyone, that entitlement? It`s a meaningless cliche.”



    Is that your opinion?





    PR-Puerto Rico?



    He’s a lawyer,not a swindling accountant.



    Give the man the credit he deserves,please!

  16. Italian Football being the usual cess pit…



    Lazio have been fined €10,000 for a banner dosplayed in the crowd during Sunday’s Serie A match against Fiorentina.


    Lazio fans attacked UEFA President Michel Platini after the Romans were ordered to play their next two European home matches in empty stadiums following persistent problems of fans racism.


    The Lazio fans response to their lockout was to hold up a banner which read:


    ‘Heysel 29/05/85. You had the strength to play…and to celebrate in the face of 39 deaths…Platini, you rotten pig, you have no morals.’


    Michel Platini was a Juventus player back at the 1985 European Cup Final against Liverpool at Heysel in Belgium, when 39 fans were killed when riots broke out and a wall separating Liverpool and Juventus fans collapsed. Juventus went on to win the match 1-0.


    In other Italian news, Juventus were slapped with a ‘massive’ fine of €4,000 for their fans racist chanting on Sunday against Catania.

  17. afternoon ,well thats me back from a wonderful two weeks in Side,turkey…………..god they turks are tight.That ikemeler kebab floridaghirl ,was so amazing i had 2 also bought weee charlie bhoy some letters….if anyone needs some side letters contact me through paul67……i also learned today that wee charliebhoy(yea there’s three off us)went back to work this week,after his car crash and subsequent injuries.Thanks for all your best wishes and prayers…his dreams may have been tossed and blown,but never did he walk alone hh


    god bless the celtic family

  18. Mike in Toronto on




    An Italian pal of mine (a big Ferrari fan) was famous for saying, ‘you can eat, sleep and make love in a Ferrari, but you cant drive a house’…



    Now think of that, and the ‘big hoose’ guy…..



    I’ll get my coat!

  19. Son of Warsaw on

    Griffiths ?


    Don’t touch with a bargepole, way too much nonsense off the park.


    No thanks.

  20. swatson Neil Lennon's 6ft skinny twin! on




    17:02 on


    11 March, 2013


    They just been beaten by an Indian Restraurant *The New Annan* and they still want them in the SPL?



    Don’t knock it, it does the best Garlic Naan in town!

  21. “Celtic player risks the wrath of his own fans for comments about Sevco”



    Cue GB on Saturday:


    Charlie Mulgrew, Charlie Mulgrew,


    He hasn`t got a clue


    Charlie Mulgrew .




  22. Look guys unfortunately things have not played out as we would have wished . We also have to accept that there is not unanimity as to the status of the deid club.


    The Charlie Mulgrew situation could get worse if he is asked the same questions at a Scotland press conference.



    I think he needs to search out some good advice,and stick by it.

  24. Dallas.


    Dougie Dougie.


    Edinburgh juries.


    Bullets and letter bombs.


    Strathclyde police and the GB.


    The MSM.


    The “catchall” football act.


    Fat McCoist and the SFA.




    Scottish MSM


    BBC Scotland and recruitment policy for ex players of a defunct club and their ex referees.


    Sectarian Catholic schools.


    Nimmo Smith.


    Taking a football related matter to the civil courts.


    Threats to SPL Fans United football blog.


    Manchester,Barcelona—fill the rest in yourself.


    Dead football club resurrecting before our very eyes.


    And some people think an independant Scotland would fix this?


    Fix it right. Start a proper Scottish Republican Party and fight for thr hospitals, the schools, the right to free speech and all the rest. Otherwise a continuation of what you see now will be unending.

  25. “there is not unanimity as to the status of the deid club.”


    There might not be unanimity re Elvis either but he is still deid.

  26. kikinthenakas on

    Celtic First



    Great piece…..we should never let it be forgotten……well said.








    He isnae too fonda Michelle Mone either….

  28. Charlie is a typical example of the adage that a footballers brains are in his feet.



    However, all a player is interested in, is his wages and can he hold his place in the team.



    They want to win things and play in big games and, in Scotland, they didn’t come bigger then v Them.



    The politics of the game is beyond most players capacity and concern.



    If the fate of Sevco lies within the opnion of Charlie and others of that ilk, then they really are in a bad place.



    I’m not one for moving on re LNS, but I do think that it should be parked in a lay by, until reconstruction is sorted.



    This is the issue that requires focus, in the same way as last year’s shenanigans was halted;i.e., combined supporter action.



    LNS is, for now, in the grave beside RFC, but can be exhumed at any time for further analysis.




  29. Really disappointed in Charlie Mulgrews comments,


    So in his opinion newco shoud get fast tracked 2 divisions



  30. Craigie-bhoys business model while based on the inevitability that they would collapse and he would run away with money in his pocket was hamstrung by Swallys inability to negotiate cup competitions and the delay in the big tax case. Consequently, he lost control.



    Chuck came in on the promise from Doomcaster that Sevco would be crowbarred into SPL. There was a stumble when they realised that they would have to go into Div 3. But Chuck obviously believed he could get back up sooner rather than later and that his 500M fans would buy into the share issue. Part of the share issue was the statement that season tickets would return to full value.



    So now Chuck is staring at the abyss that Craigie got into:


    His business model needs to be promoted without this his loyal customers will not pay £500 to watch.


    The share issue was a flop with limited fan participation.



    Last throw of the dice is to ensure MSM are on message and crank up the pressure.



    Continue to print nonsense from Jabba et al and emphasise the desire of all (yes even at Celtic) for Sevco to get in SPL.



    Tallybhoy you are correct we need better media management (and training of our players), they should reminded of the lack of concern before Fergus rode to the rescue.