Provocative views about mental health as entertainment


Tomorrow’s visit of Ross County is one of the two oasis of home games amid our eight away game deluge.  Celtic comfortably swept County aside when the teams met in Dingwall last month.  That 1-4 win was followed by a dip in from by Celtic, who struggled to overcome Hamilton next time out, and throughout December.

County have had two draws and three defeats in their last five outings, including a Scottish Cup exit at Ayr.  If we can get the heavy lifting done early, tomorrow should be an opportunity for Neil Lennon to rest and experiment.

It will be interesting to hear if Sky Sports react to Celtic’s letter of yesterday regarding the comments of Kris Boyd about Leigh Griffiths.  Football is an entertainment business, the question for Sky is, do they regard provocative views about mental health as entertainment.  I don’t think we will be reassured by their response.

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  1. With the Celtic ‘letter writers’ working overtime as multiple controversies pile up after every game, its hard to keep up.



    ‘The clean tackle’ © Andy Walker on Jeremie Frimpong could have been career threatening, just as well ‘the failed transfer policy’ took account of being booted up and down plastic or grass, and bought three right backs, just in case.



    Moritz Bauer hasn’t had a run of games in which to judge, and its no digrace he’s been second choice to the Frimpong revelation, if selected tomorrow he should be fine, in the role cynically emptied by Alan Power.



    Celtic return to the scene of the Sevco ‘crime’ and NFL has both James Forrest and Mikey Johnston fit from their disappointment that day, but its hard to imagine NFL will play two wide men wingers in the same game again, even against lowly Ross County?



    Would prefer to see Patryk Klimala force his way into the side, as the support want a new hero to drive us towards the bitterly resisted ninth title in a row, with Arzani fit, just another don’t know player, who could take us out of the doldrums, of being top of the league.



    With the midfield unlikely to change neither is the back three Jullien Simunovic and Ajer it leaves the infamous left back berth up for grabs, in the middle of three games in seven days, NFL could play one of the players he bought for the position, ahead of Jonny Hayes – Shirley?



    Celtic Park 3.00 pm on a Saturday, see you there.



    Hail Hail

  2. As we have recalled Henderson and Welsh today, are the signings over? Welsh straight into first team squad. I wonder why Henderson couldn’t establish himself at RC, he looked a real talent.

  3. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    DENIABHOY on 24TH JANUARY 2020 4:00 PM



    Mortons manager alluded to the fact that there is a possibility of them getting Walsh back before the window closes, so who knows. For us it may just be to cover the next two games.




  4. weebobbycollins on

    GG @ 2.47…”Boyd is merely the stooge delivering the prepared script.”


    Correct!…however, Boyd knew what he was going to say, even before the game. Siempre Celtic suggests fatso had already written an article on the subject for his paper, so, Sky producers would know more or less what he was going to say. However, there is no script or autocue in that live situation, they wouldn’t know the exact words he was going to use nor how he was going to express them…in saying that, he would have been wearing an ear-piece so, at any time the producer could have spoken to him…also, it is possible the producer was not terribly clued-up on all things ‘scottish football’…ie. he knows LG the Celtic and Scotland footballer (he scores goals and ties scarves to goal posts) but not the person and therefore, didn’t understand the significance of Boyd’s rant….I just hope Sky are now very aware of the offence caused by the plump lazy git and react accordingly…whatever that means…


    No to Sky!

  5. Fans should be aware of major roadworks around Shawfield Stadium and on Springfield Rd tomorrow, both roads are open but there are lane closures which will lead to delays, allow a bit of additional time for your journey

  6. That horrible moment when you board your flight and Bomber😡Brown is less than 10 feet away.



    HH HH

  7. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    BSR – you reminded me of something.



    Contrast Walker’s opinion of a ‘clean tackle’ on Frimpong with Jozo’s on Kenny Miller a couple of years back.



    He was screaming for Jozo to be sent off.

  8. At the end of the last game, Edouard limped off after the karate kicking keeper tried to halve him.


    Wouldn’t be too surprised to see him rested tomorrow and Bayo and Griff starting.


    6-0 to the good guys.

  9. Andy Walker dwelt at some length about how clean the tackle was and he persistently stressed that Power got the ball. I don’t think that Andy is necessarily a liar but his commentary was seriously at odds with the evidence.


    What I do think is that Power was angry and looking for a victim. But, ultimately it’s the ref’s job to apply the rules and punish the guilty. Increasingly, that just doesn’t happen where Celtic are concerned.

  10. If Robertson had done his job honestly, he should have booked Power earlier in the game,and he would have thought twice about going in the way he did.



    Greenpinata…”Given Boyd’s personal knowledge of the subject…”



    Just because his brother had mental issues and ended his own life doesn’t mean KB gleaned any knowledge of the subject…





    That is true.tho I would suspect kb knew how to ‘wind up ‘ his brother.only this time it was Leigh and he did it on a tv station,he was methodical in his intent,knew exactly what he was doing.his choice of language and tonea.


    As poster Go Spartan said sky doing their usual divisive stuff,it’s all bout clicks and hits.




  12. Let’s make no mistake about it, Sky have an anti-Celtic agenda. They couldn’t wait to show Leigh disposing of the stocking tape and make it look like he had thrown them at the bearded bigot from Ayrshire. I have sat in amongst these arseholes at Rugby park and it’s Fenian this and Fenian that – huns without the bus fare.


    Fortunately social media came to the rescue and showed there was a bin bag (no, not the one with the beard and the Kilmarnock scarf) in the vicinity. Have Kilmarnock done anything about Birdseye yet?

  13. Having read that statement from Boyd, it is appalling and completely lacking in insight into what he said and meant or he sees really nothing wrong in what he said, he should be sacked from Sky banned from Celtic Park and hopefully other clubs will not welcome him through their doors.

  14. Saint Stivs –



    It’s The Beatles but can’t remember them ever playing a live show with a grand piano on stage so is it an overhead studio shot for maybe The White Album?

  15. don’t think kouassi was a flop , appears to me he wasn’t given a fair crack of the whip to fit into the team , hope this doesn’t come back to bite us.

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