Provocative views about mental health as entertainment


Tomorrow’s visit of Ross County is one of the two oasis of home games amid our eight away game deluge.  Celtic comfortably swept County aside when the teams met in Dingwall last month.  That 1-4 win was followed by a dip in from by Celtic, who struggled to overcome Hamilton next time out, and throughout December.

County have had two draws and three defeats in their last five outings, including a Scottish Cup exit at Ayr.  If we can get the heavy lifting done early, tomorrow should be an opportunity for Neil Lennon to rest and experiment.

It will be interesting to hear if Sky Sports react to Celtic’s letter of yesterday regarding the comments of Kris Boyd about Leigh Griffiths.  Football is an entertainment business, the question for Sky is, do they regard provocative views about mental health as entertainment.  I don’t think we will be reassured by their response.

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  1. Billy Preston would have been playing an organ. Pretty sure John Lennon played the organ (or similar) at the Shea Stadium gig on I’m Down?

  2. Ron67



    Kouassi was certainly an expensive flop. First of all the player was given plenty of chances under BR, although his injury may have influenced his performances for NFL to gauge.



    I really don’t get this he didn’t get a chance nonsense, I’ve now heard it with Kouassi, Arzani and Shved.



    These players get a chance every single day, continuously getting assesed, if you don’t see them in the match day squad and they aren’t injured its because it is deemed the players picked are reaching a higher standard than the players not picked.



    Was Jack Hendry not given a chance also, he made 15 appearances compared to Kouassi 22 appearances?



    I’d say no, both players had players in their respective positions preferred.



    You have to earn the right to play just like Frimpong has, he produced in training first then took his chance.

  3. Just found this on me Google


    Unfortunately, we can’t find any info on when or where this shot was taken but it’s sparked a conversation via Instant Messenger. Peek in on our talk and post your own theories on the origins of this photo or links to your own favorites after the jump…




    Our discussion of this photo:



    [13:02] phil: http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg52/BrandonProff/



    [13:02] phil: look at his first image



    [13:03] jake: what is that? beatles 1965?



    [13:03] phil: I’m guessing somewhere around then



    [13:03] phil: no story with the image



    [13:03] phil: but it’s awesome



    [13:04] jake: wow. how’d you find it?



    [13:04] phil: posted to a bulletin board



    [13:04] jake: cool.



    [13:04] jake: probably 64 by the suits, right?



    [13:04] phil: if we could see whether there were ties we’d know better



    [13:05] jake: must be from taken from the lighting, huh



    [13:05] phil: note the piano and the acoustic guitar



    [13:05] jake: yeah, and gretsch laying on the floor



    [13:05] phil: yeah, one gretsch, one rick



    [13:05] phil: sweet



    [13:05] jake: and the hofner



    [13:05] jake: bass



    [13:05] jake: ha



    [13:06] jake: get stands for those guys



    [13:06] jake: they’re the beatles!



    [13:06] phil: seriously!



    [13:06] jake: what a mess of wires, too



    [13:06] phil: but with the piano and the acoustic, I’m wondering if it’s ’65



    [13:06] jake: good call



    [13:06] phil: could be anywhere though



    [13:07] jake: probably help era



    [13:07] phil: right



    [13:07] jake: sp cpp;



    [13:07] phil: wha?



    [13:07] jake: that was: so cool



    [13:07] jake: no shadows



    [13:07] jake: must be outside?



    [13:07] jake: during the day?



    [13:08] phil: wood plank floor



    [13:08] phil: maybe an amphitheater?



    [13:09] jake: huh



    [13:09] jake: no info



    [13:09] jake: ?



    [13:09] phil: not that I can find



    [13:09] phil: nothing with the image



    [13:10] jake: can’t even think of how to google it



    [13:10] jake: beatles rafters?



    [13:10] jake: ceiling?



    [13:11] phil: bird’s eye photo?



    [13:11] phil: overhead pic



    [13:11] jake: ringo’s not on a riser at all. weird



    [13:11] phil: oh, no



    [13:11] phil: huh



    [13:13] jake: i’ve seen a lot of beatles pics



    [13:13] jake: and this is one of the coolest



    [13:13] phil: Oh yeah



    [13:13] phil: that’s why i sent it



    [13:13] phil: such a cool perspective



    [13:13] phil: historical, even



    [13:14] phil: as it shows the set up



    [13:14] phil: an angle surely never seen before



    [13:14] jake: right



    [13:14] phil: just so interesting



    [13:15] phil: I’m posting it



    [13:16] jake: not as cool but still: http://www.combo-organ.com/Vox/Dual/BeatlesEssen6-25-66.jpg



    [13:17] phil: Oh, that is a pretty cool angle!



    Update: Thanks to Greg at the Beatle Photo Blog, GLONO reader BK, and YouTube user luma78, we have confirmed that this photo is from Paris on June 20, 1965.

  4. I was at Broonie’s testimonial v Eire and Kouassi magnificently rounded a defender on the goal line and cut the ball back for a Griffiths tap in. A wonderful wee bit of sublime skill that I’ve not seen since Lubo.


    Unlucky with illness and injury – I wish him nothing but the best, whatever is next up for him.


    Thought he would have our steel in the middle of the park….shame.

  5. There was no way it was gonnae be Easy to get 9 never mind 10, no matter what.



    No Club in World fitba does such things…. Certainly not a Club that isnae appreciated for what it does for so many.



    The mentality now is the correct one, siege.



    Sky Sports (Sky) are reprobates. Entities, higher powers doing what they do.



    A possible blessing in disguise we are away from home so much as Neil will need to utilise more of the squad as I’m sure both Celtic and Newco will Progress to the next round of the Europa (apparently the most bombed hotel) League.



    I never got to see the cup game and only saw the first half of the Killie game. Celtic looked alright.



    Cannae wait to Witness the Hoops the morra.



    C’Mon ye Bhoys in GREEN.



    I have sat in amongst these arseholes at Rugby park and it’s Fenian this and Fenian that – huns without the bus fare.



    POG I don’t go to many away games but blagged my way into registering for a ‘home’ allocation at Killie a few years ago so appear in the main stand for the Celtic games. They really are a shower o’ sh*te. I usually bait them by agreeing with what they are saying but adding caveats, EG “Hate to admit it but the big Frenchie’s finish was good”. And “Thank feck Brown didn’t do that to our guy!”

  7. fergusslayedtheblues on

    Well it looks to me as if we are trying new formations that would allow us to play 2 up front and I suppose the next phase of the league will be the testing ground .


    With away fixtures more prominent in this phase it could be a challenge but I,m sure it,s a challenge we can rise to .


    We are creating chances and with a little better decision making in the final third we could really put a marker down .


    I think we will see the griff n eddie again tomorrow ,if we can add good shooting from the midfield into that mix then we could be unstoppable ,ON had 3 such chances in midweek .



    You know what they say practice makes perfect



  8. Odsonne & Leigh could be very good for each other …



    Goalscorers score goals



    2 goals in 2 games is easy to say about our Leigh … but some of his football (& corners) have been delightful … many forget how good a footballer the wee mhan is… long may he grace the hoops :-)

  9. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Big bonus from playing 442 and 352 apart from keeping two forwards permanently match sharp is having a plan b when things are no going well, the more formations the players get used to the easier to switch during the game.

  10. Augurs well that Finish frae a Midfielder.



    Celtic is Looking Good, below the Hood.



    There is honesty after the game in interviews. It isnae always easy to play under the coshh (Health &Safety Refs wow wow, canamalar pinpointed this).



    No offence to this game in particular, just jibber jabbering about Scotlands Strange Insti…..



    Love is the Law – I’m definitely going to a Bible Prophecy conference in the Future when All is well doon in Deepest Ayrshire.



    Ravers gone MAD.



    Is there anyway to watch Celtic TV through virginmedia these days?

  11. fergusslayedtheblues on

    does anyone else get a bit down regards formations and systems on the field .


    Where in these formations or systems is the space for footballers with natural FOOTBALL abilities .



    You know the one,s guys who can drop a shoulder and take on the system full back and pull his cross back beyond the system defensive midfielder ,is keep ball the be all and end all .



    Is that not what the greatest ever football team in the world blew out the water in 67 .



    Formations and tactics are again beginning to strangle PURE FOOTBALL .C,mon the TIC time to change the world again

  12. The local pub, The Red Lion better known as the Beastie has had an offer on from 23 – 26 Jan for a Burns dinner. £13 for two courses and £16 for 3. The wife asked me last night if I’d booked the table for tonight? Oops I’d forgotten so it looked like a curry and Anal Burns instead of Rabbie.


    I sent the pub a message and got a table no bother – surprising I thought, then it dawned on me it’s the 4th weekend in January so everybody is rooked. I’ve never seen that pub so empty on a Friday night.


    As per usual the food was excellent but could only manage the two courses.


    You’d have thought Burns’ maw could have been a bit more considerate and had him on January 31st when everybody’s been paid.😉

  13. fergusslayedtheblues,



    NFL is empowering his whole Backroom staff.



    It is ShowTime.



    It is the Almightys Story, this is just a chapter, a Kwalty wan as well.

  14. fergusslayedtheblues on

    For me ,I would play with one winger and one overlapping fullback ,that would give us the extra man in midfield or up front ,depending on the game .



  15. Go tell the Spartim on

    KKKris Boyd has no concept of professionalism to start with so for him to comment, who according to an earlier twitter post, on a guy who’s scored more goals in less games and has got many years left in his legs.



    Walks like a hun banging a big drum



    Plus ca change

  16. Fergusslayed 10.27pm



    Celtic at home domestically should never need 4 at the back … without going too much into formations (I agree with your previous post about blinking tactics) even our nearest challengers play one up front … no need for 4 at the back in Scotland … we are far more dangerous going forward



    play to our strengths … leave the defensive formation for the Europa leagues & wins at places like Lazio :-)

  17. And if you know your history…..



    The Scottish Cup final win against Aberdeen in 1937 was attended by a crowd of 147,365 at Hampden Park in Glasgow, which remains a world record gate for a national cup final,[233] and also the highest attendance for a club football match in Europe.[234]


    Highest attendance for a European club competition match: 136,505 against Leeds United in the European Cup semi-final at Hampden Park (15 April 1970).[233]


    Record home attendance: 83,500 against Rangers on 1 January 1938.[nb 2][235][236][237][238] A 3–0 victory for Celtic.[239]


    UK record for an unbeaten run in domestic professional football: 69 games (60 won, 9 drawn), from 15 May 2016 until 17 December 2017 – a total of 582 days in all.[240]


    SPL record for an unbeaten run of home matches: 77 games, from 2001 to 2004.[241][242]


    14 consecutive League Cup final appearances, from season 1964–65 to 1977–78 inclusive,[243] a world record for successive appearances in the final of a major football competition.[244]


    World record for total number of goals scored in a season (competitive games only): 196 (season 1966–67).[245]


    Most goals scored in one Scottish top-flight league match by one player: eight goals by Jimmy McGrory against Dunfermline in 9–0 win on 14 January 1928.[246]


    Highest score in a domestic British cup final: Celtic 7–1 Rangers (1957 Scottish League Cup Final).[247]


    Fastest hat-trick in European Club Football: Mark Burchill against Jeunesse Esch in 2000; 3 minutes (between twelfth minute and fifteenth minute), a record at the time.[238][248]


    Earliest Scottish Premiership title won: Won with eight games remaining in 2017, against Heart of Midlothian on 2 April 2017.[249]


    Biggest margin of victory in the SPL: 9–0 against Aberdeen, 6 November 2010.[250]


    Celtic and Hibernian hold the record for the largest transfer fee between two Scottish clubs (Scott Brown in May 2007).[251]


    Most expensive export from Scottish football: Kieran Tierney to Arsenal (August 2019).[252]


    First weekly football club publication in the UK: The Celtic View.[144]


    First European club to field a player from the Indian sub-continent: Mohammed Salim.[253]


    Gil Heron, who signed for Celtic in 1951, was the first black person to play professionally in Scotland;[254] his son Gil Scott-Heron rose to prominence in the 1970s as a hugely influential jazz and soul musician.[255]


    Individual records


    Record appearances (all competitions): Billy McNeill, 822 from 1957–1975[256]


    Record appearances (League): Alec McNair, 583 from 1904–1925[257]


    Most capped player for Scotland: 102 (47 whilst at Celtic), Kenny Dalglish[258]


    Most international caps for Scotland while a Celtic player: 76, Paul McStay[259]


    Most caps won whilst at Celtic: 80, Pat Bonner[259]


    Record scorer: Jimmy McGrory, 522 (1922/23 – 1937/38)[256][260]


    Record scorer in league: Jimmy McGrory, 396[257]


    Most goals in a season (all competitions): Jimmy McGrory, 62 (1927/28) (47 in League, 15 in Cup competitions)[261]


    Most goals in a season (league only): Jimmy McGrory, 50[262] (1935/36)[263)





    Read that and weep Newco.

  18. Kris Boyd statement via sky









    Metal health equals mental strength.eh


    When you wish it to be so.



    In short Kris,your statement via sky is a FART.


    by your own charities word.



    You know what your doing


    Your brothers death is was a tragedy,it appears you have a lot still to work through after that devastation.


    You bring your good work into disrepute at the alter of sky .clicks,etc,not one bit of empathy towards a sufferer or advice on how to support someone who feels it’s ok not to feel ok.sad really.




  19. Just read Boyd’s statement. Wow. Wouldn’t know where to begin. It’s lacking in pretty much everything.

  20. An Tearmann, he is under orders.


    He couldn’t score against us on the pitch.


    Don’t let him score off the pitch.

  21. fergusslayedtheblues on

    with a week left in the window and the PLC seemingly not getting NLs starters in .


    who is going to be buoyed with this window .



    It was stated early doors by slippy that they would not be doing any business this window ,do the people running our club believe a single word that comes out of that place .



    Or do they want to plead ignorance .



    I got to thinking the other day ,what if ……….



    What if a business wanted a rival to survive for the overall good as their business .



    If it was in a sporting context ,how could the pull that off .



    Well IMO you could never do it player by player .



    What you could do though is not bring in the experienced players needed to make it a formality .



    Add the up and coming performances of the MIBs and you have all the hallmarks of TM bul**it

  22. Don’t Ever forget the Powers and Principalities that make people make such……..



    It is terrible.



    Dinnae Judge too much.

  23. Fergus’s, like your stuff but that is bullshit.



    We have brought in ‘experieced’ players in the past. Roy Keane? Ian Wright? Etc…



    Joining Celtic is a toss of a coin.



    It works or doesn’t.



    It fits or doesn’t.



    Like every signing.



    We get lucky – Lubo/Larsson



    We don’t- too many.



    Even when we get lucky – Virgil, we lose them…eventually.



    All being good there would be no big neighbour with big contracts to entice our Bhoys away but it’s a current fact of life.



    Celtic is doing not too bad (but some will always say should be doing better.

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