Provocative views about mental health as entertainment


Tomorrow’s visit of Ross County is one of the two oasis of home games amid our eight away game deluge.  Celtic comfortably swept County aside when the teams met in Dingwall last month.  That 1-4 win was followed by a dip in from by Celtic, who struggled to overcome Hamilton next time out, and throughout December.

County have had two draws and three defeats in their last five outings, including a Scottish Cup exit at Ayr.  If we can get the heavy lifting done early, tomorrow should be an opportunity for Neil Lennon to rest and experiment.

It will be interesting to hear if Sky Sports react to Celtic’s letter of yesterday regarding the comments of Kris Boyd about Leigh Griffiths.  Football is an entertainment business, the question for Sky is, do they regard provocative views about mental health as entertainment.  I don’t think we will be reassured by their response.

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  1. It’s a funny old word right enough, eh!



    This Dear Green Place- Bringin’ Tims the gither since forever…..



    But, but………. ye’d have to laff at some of the snyde comments that sneek in just around closin’ time…..*cough*



    …More Bitter than Guinness drunk probably…….!




  2. I really hope we score a load of goals today. Just have a feeling that we are going to start giving teams a real thrashing.

  3. DuckDuckGo is great, been on it for yonks, never any problem on here.



    Let’s see what the Celtic Trust AGM brings forward today.



    Looking forward to the match this afternoon.




  4. Hello again all you young rebels.



    No, Our little soccer club along the highway Nar Nar Goon were


    not impressed enough with the stats regarding Moreloss think they


    thought if you can’t score against the famous Glasgow Celtic then


    you’r not good enough for us.


    But… but .. There’s another little team along the peninsula who are


    desperate for a winker, sorry striker and they have got the required


    50 squillion needed.


    They’re called the St Kilda Celts , I’m sure they’d welcome him with


    open razors, there i go again, can’t hide my bias.


    O.K back to the rid biddy, and calm down


    H.H . Mick

  5. MM – open Razors – you can take the Bhoy out of Glasgow, but cannot take Glasgow out the Bhoy…😂😂😂



    Hail Hail and keep up the good work



    D. :)

  6. DAVID 66



    Do the young dudes even know what an open razor is?


    Is there any young dudes on CQN?


    Could you let us know if you’r under 40 ok 30 and are you shaving lol.


    H.H . Mick

  7. Has Sky no’ binned The Void yet?



    Did they not have to get shot of a coupla LIfe’s dinosaurs a while back for comments ??? Fat Ron?



    Those that should be commenting publicly on such sensitive society matters seem to be awfy quiet.






    Players Unionist


    Sweet FA


    Scoddish Nats


    ither “Members” o’ Parliament






    …cannae be bothered.




  8. MM – I was actually thinking of buying one again, for shaving of course.



    You cannot beat a good shave wi an open razor.



    By the way although ninjas born in 66 I’m only 32 😂😂😂



    I have my wee Grandson saying that to everyone ” what do you mean Grannie, Granda is only 32″ he knows my real age by the way, 😂 my wife goes off her nut..



    D. :)

  9. The open razor, with the bone handle, a must for the wannabee hard man


    back in the day, Cumbie, Tongs, Shamrock, didn’t matter i could run like


    feck.he he.


    H.H . Mick

  10. Hello NORRIEM



    Still prefer Cowiebhoy lol, wish i could be at CQN corner




    Tell Laura there’s plenty of beds for her and the wean when


    coming back over.


    H.H . MICK

  11. Forster, Bauer, Jozo, Jullien, Hayes, Forrest, Brown, Ntcham, McGregor, Johnston, Griff


    From the guy on Celticminded who’s generally spot on.


    Eddy injured apparently

  12. Saturday 3pm home games are just fantastic! Of course the downside is that, recently, streams of the home games are notoriously difficult to find. But I’m hoping that all those who do witness today’s extravaganza find 5 minutes to nominate their 3 favourite players to me at cqnpoty@gmail.com . After the game finishes, obviously!

  13. Does that team make it 5 changes in formation in 5 games, and 4 different formations in those 5 games.



    I’m not usually a huge fan of 352 but would’ve liked us to stick with it for the rest of this season.

  14. If not injured why no Eddie in starting line up?



    Play strongest team available get goals then make subs, makes sense. No?



    D. :)

  15. NorrieM on 25th January 2020 12:13 pm



    Recognise late notice



    I have a spare ticket for today



    Be at CQN corner at 2.30

  16. Onwards Celtic


    Good days work ahead.


    Hail hail to all Celts


    Lookin forward to this


    Go to it Celtic





  17. Right off to game, No drink for me today at game, grandweans staying😢


    1 with me and ma bhoy at the game COYBIG🍀💚🍀💚






    D. :)

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