PSG have yet to be asked questions


Friday night is the new Saturday afternoon, apparently. Celtic, Paris Saint-Germain and Anderlecht all play tomorrow evening. Only Bayern Munich from our Champions League group have a weekend game; on Saturday, so there will be little advantage gained from the earlier domestic kick-off.

PSG are away to Metz, near the German border. Whereas PSG are top of Ligue 1, having won all their games, Metz are anchored at the bottom, the only team yet to take a point. This game is a perfect opportunity for PSG to rest players who have been busy on international duty, before the trip to Glasgow. Celtic’s scouts will be able to observe the shape of their forthcoming opponents, but the intensity of the game will not come close to what we see at Celtic Park.

Immediately before the international break, PSG beat Saint Etienne 3-0 in Paris. It is one measure of a good team to win comfortably even when not playing well. PSG achieved this against Le Verts, but there was encouragement for Brendan Rodgers in this game. This was also the only league game PSG have played against a team who have not lost at least half of their matches so far.

Without having to go through the trauma of Champions League qualifiers, the notion persists that PSG have yet to be asked questions this season. They may be able to revel in the joys of having signed two exciting new strikers, but great teams are made of durable cohesion, not striking bling.


In this week’s Centenary Special, Paul John Dykes speaks to Republic of Ireland internationalist, Chris Morris, about his Celtic career, what the club means to him, and the part he played in introducing ‘The Fields of Athenry’ to the Celtic fans’ songbook.

Enjoy the new Podcast below…


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  1. Imatim wants justice and the titles to be stripped from the cheats on

    From the Celtic Blog – Perhaps Peter Lawwell and the Board deserve our appreciation?






    Date: 7th September 2017 at 11:20am


    Written by: James Forrest



    The Times of London has today reproduced a quite incredible document.



    It is a letter Celtic sent to the SFA in 2012, demanding a judicial review of what had gone on at Ibrox and Hampden in the preceding years.



    This should answer every question every supporter of our club has about our so-called “collusion” with the SFA over the survival of a club calling itself Rangers.



    Of all the conspiracy theories out there, this is one of the worst; that Celtic refused to press this issue because it was in our best interests that there was a strong Ibrox club. The number of people – Celtic fans and those of the two teams which have played out of that ground – who believe this garbage is staggering.



    Before I get to the point let me address that theory.



    Celtic has never been idle in these affairs.



    We have always been busy behind the scenes.



    We have always been working on them, but some refuse to believe that. They think we were keen to rebuild the “Old Firm” brand and were willing to look the other way on a decade of cheating to facilitate good relations with Ibrox and Hampden.



    There are Sevco fans – and Celtic fans – who still believe that there will come a time when we’ll “throw” a league race just to keep things interesting, and to keep the fans coming through the turnstiles. This is such a stupid notion that anyone who believes it should have themselves checked in somewhere before they start feeding the fairies at the bottom of the garden.



    Celtic is a club that plays by the rules.



    Over the years when the first Ibrox club was doping itself on a cocktail of bank debts and EBT’s we suffered. We lost trophies. We lost leagues. We lost money, tens of millions. Our shareholders were disenfranchised, our fans cheated. And a lot of people in our support, not fully understanding that Rangers was busily priming a time-bomb under its own foundations, turned their anger on our board, and Peter Lawwell in particular.



    As I’ve found out many times on here, it’s bad enough to get hate mail and abuse from the Ibrox horde. It’s a whole other matter getting it from fellow Celtic fans. It’s not the nicest feeling in the world and whenever it happens I pretty much feel like chucking it.



    Those who say “well, you’ve not got a heated driveway to fund” are missing the point …



    Our directors essentially did nothing wrong, except that they refused to put our club in jeopardy chasing Rangers’ in the fantasy football years. They have eaten some amount of dirt for it, and I’ll bet every one of them considered abandoning their post many times over the years.



    I wrote some of the articles that slagged them.



    In short, our board took a lot of stick at a time when it was doing the job well.



    The 2012 letter shows us that they always have been.



    Celtic’s concerns over what was going on inside Hampden are not new. Nor were they left sitting on the shelf. As I reported here some weeks ago, Celtic has formally asked for an independent review of Scottish football governance, which the SFA has been trying to pretend isn’t there.



    And today the 2012 letter is in the papers.



    Please note that this was not a leak to a Scottish tabloid, but a London broadsheet.



    We are through playing games with the idiot children up here.



    Celtic wants this story to have a national audience, one outside of Scotland, one which will take it seriously.



    Where do you reckon the leak came from?



    The SFA itself?



    They have no reason to let that document into the public domain.



    This is a warning shot across their bow; Celtic is not so subtly letting the world know that its position on this has hardened and we want answers.



    Our formal request is waiting to be acknowledged.



    If it’s not the next step will be to get legal.



    The SFA has no choice whatsoever here; they are compelled to take this seriously, because frankly it is serious.



    Celtic wants answers, and not from the talking heads at Hampden.



    The club will not accept anything less than an independent inquiry with the necessary powers of investigation and punishment, and which will change the structure of our game.



    At this point it’s probably right to point out that Celtic has never seen this matter as being one about title stripping or even completely about Rangers; this ceased to be our concern quite some time ago. This is about how officialdom acted in relation to those matters.



    With an independent review, free to impose sanctions, title stripping will come as a matter of course; it’s like a nearly inevitable effect of a robust inquiry.



    But it’s not what our club is after here and it never was.



    We want to know how the Ibrox club was ever able to cheat the game for so many years and Celtic does not believe that all the responsibility lies inside Ibrox itself.



    Part of the leaked 2012 letter reads thus:



    “The interests of fairness and Scottish football now demand that the SFA act decisively. The initial inquiry should now be reconvened or a new independent panel led by a judge or senior lawyer should be formed to investigate and report upon the Rangers EBT issues and consider whether there has been any further breach of the Association’s rules, including those on disrepute.



    “The roles of individuals (past and present) subject to the jurisdiction of the Association should also be examined. This should take place as quickly as possible, irrespective of the SPL’s own investigations.”



    This could not be clearer.



    Celtic did not want this handled only at the SPL level.



    We never believed this matter would be properly pursued if left in the hands of the football authorities themselves, with a remit set by them.



    We feared cover-up.



    We knew that disrepute was an issue as well as the illegal registration of footballers.



    We knew this was about “individuals past and present” and although the letter doesn’t openly state that we know some of them were at Hampden as well as Ibrox it’s clearly implied.



    Celtic’s official request for an independent investigation into all of this has been submitted.



    It is in the system.



    It cannot be ignored.



    Regan and his cohort at Hampden – and some of them, including him, might already be preparing to cut and run, as I said the other day – know this.



    They know this has to be dealt with.



    They know where Celtic will send it next.



    If it looks like we’re delaying that’s probably because Celtic still wants to see people do the right thing; it might sound incredible, but that’s how we do business. We’re giving these people every chance to act with honour and with some measure of integrity as we get towards the endgame.



    If they will not do it, they will be compelled to.



    The problem with sticking your head in the sand is that it leaves your arse twitching in the wind. If that hasn’t dawned on Regan yet it better start to.



    Celtic is done asking nicely.



    This is a warning. I strongly suspect it is the last warning.

  2. Hope you are right Paul.Last season we played a Man City team that had run up 10 wins in a row,and were being hailed as “Unstoppable”.


    In saying that,this PSG team looks awesome.My bet to win it.If we dont get humped badly,I will be happy.


    A draw,delirious.


    A win.Well,I wont sober up till Friday.

  3. Reminded me of what CQN’s all about these days, those on the outside giving all the instructions and getting their panties in a twist and those on the inside not getting very far in their mission to get rid of the pest.


    If only they had ignored it and turned off the lights and opened a few doors and windows it would have eventually disappeared.


    Just like CQN…..Hilarious




  4. First things first.Going by Brendan,we might not see Paddy tomorrow night,but maybe see Oddsone.He reckons that the boy has had a good pre season,playing games,where Paddy has not.A bit to go for Paddy.


    Not sure if this is such a bad thing.I will be shocked,after Barca last year,if Brendan goes with 3 up front.At the start anyway.Scott and Griff,backed by Armstrong,leaving Broony,Ntcham,Mc Gregor,holding.


    This team are on a par with the Barca team we played last year.


    Just my thoughts.

  5. Just in case Regan was playing for time to stop further enquiry by a time bar, he would have to ignore this UEFA Rule.



     Article 10 UEFA’s Disciplinary Regulations  contains a statue of limitations.



     It reads: ‘There is a statute of limitations on prosecution, which is time-barred after:



     a. one year for offences committed on the field of play or in its immediate vicinity; 



     b. ten years for doping offences; 



     c. five years for all other offences. 



     Match-fixing, bribery and corruption are not subject to a statute of limitations.’






     Given that corruption is in evidence it would seem that bolt hole does not exist.

  6. MICKBHOY1888 on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:25 PM


    Reminded me of what CQN’s all about these days, those on the outside giving all the instructions and getting their panties in a twist and those on the inside not getting very far in their mission to get rid of the pest.



    If only they had ignored it and turned off the lights and opened a few doors and windows it would have eventually disappeared.



    Just like CQN…..Hilarious








    Absolutely brilliant.Loved the bit”Hes like Mc Gregor,his legs have gone”.

  7. Title stripping is about righting the wrongs of the past. It’s historic.



    The same club lie is a current wrong.



    Doing something about the former and nothing about the latter seems odd.



    it’s almost as if you accept the latter.

  8. I am delighted to read Celtic’s letter to the SFA, which appears to me, like a No moving on position until issues are examined and people held to account for their actions and decisions. Well done the Board.


    Big game tomorrow evening on the disgrace that is a plastic pitch in the top league in Scotland, settle for any win and no injuries.

  9. Some great pics in the Times of Celtic training.Big Moussa looking like a “Lean,mean,Hun skelping machine”.


    Leanest I have seen him.Ntcham with mad haircut.Good pics.

  10. At long last those who have been slating the Board and Peter Lawwell are getting an answer. Time after time we have heard moans on hear about a Board doing nothing and scurrilous statements about PL. Perhaps if like me some of you had actually contacted and met with PL you might have had some knowledge of what was really taking place.



    I have not always agreed with certain areas of the Boards’ actions on other matters but I was prepared to take the long view that something was in the offing. Please unite behind the Board on this. We are all Celtic and on this issue we require everyone on board. Remember our people have been on the “long Road” before and won out.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Spot on , Turkeybhoy. Hee Hee


    As predictable as clockwork.


    Do these guys really support Celtic or look for opportunities to denigrate the institution which you and I both love ? And DEFEND .











    Well. There we have it.




    So much for the years of the Celtic CQN ” faithful ” confidently asserting that Celtic in general and P.L. in particular have been ignoring this issue in part because they wanted the return of Rangers to help fill the coffers.




    The P.L. heated driveway screamers.





    Can we now expect a line up of ” mea culpas ” from our own coterie of permanently disgruntled punters who feel that attacking and dividing our own is the noble thing to do?




    Well. We could have good reason to expect it , but I`ll bet you that we`re not going to get it.





    Well there is your answer.They will find something else.







    ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2017 11:59 AM



    Has there been any correspondence from Celtic that challenges the same club lie?



    Does anyone know?






    Does any REAL Celtic supporter give a damn ?

  12. Just catching up.



    Well! Well! Well! Finally frustrations are over flowing off the heated driveway and Peter and the Board (if they leaked letter) are now doing something. Vindicates the efforts of the Res12ers for keeping the pressure boiling under the PLC’s asses.



    As for the over pricing of match tix and packages. The ethos and foundation of our club is being pointed at the poorer in our support base with a rather large middle finger with a sign saying – You Are No Llnger Welcome!




  13. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Leave it to the Board.


    Our professionals know what they are doing and don`t need the advice of the uninformed but opinionated CQN punter.

  14. Very positive news day. I hope Celtic continue to apply the necessary pressure.


    Seems UEFA don’t want my seat for CL match v PSG!


    Great news for those who like a great vantage point, easy access to facilities, on tap instant replays from press pack and a 20 second exit to Celtic Way.


    Ole Corkcelt, you’ve won a watch. Enjoy.







  15. Huns stoking up on the hate for Scot Allan on Saturday.


    The more Liberal only hoping for a career ending injury.






  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Well , there we go .


    Exactly as you predicted , Turkeybhoy .


    Another whinge with which to attack Celtic from our own ” supporters .”



    Supporters ? The antithesis of support.


    Who needs huns when we have this calibre of ” supporters ” ?

  17. ERNIE LYNCH on 7TH SEPTEMBER 2017 12:43 PM


    Title stripping is about righting the wrongs of the past. It’s historic.



    The same club lie is a current wrong.



    Doing something about the former and nothing about the latter seems odd.



    it’s almost as if you accept the latter.






    What exactly do you expect the club to do.



    Release a statement saying “Yous are a new club so yous are”?



    Rangers 2012 respond with a statement “No wur no”



    Then what? We release another statement saying “Ayes yous are” and get in to a statement war going on ad infinitum? We are run in a professional manner. There is no benefit to dropping to their amateur level. You know they were liquidated. We know they were liquidated. They know they were liquidated. That they came up with a preposterous parallel universe where they could somehow buy history is merely a coping mechanism to be laughed at and pitied.



    Meanwhile… the team goes from strength to strength. Onwards to Hamilton on Friday night



    Spot on , Turkeybhoy. Hee Hee



    As predictable as clockwork.




    Yep.One door closes,a few more open.Its ticket pricing now.If Celtic made it 25 quid,we would get,”What about the fans that cant afford 25 quid”,like I am sure there are a few.What does the club do?A Fiver entry?.How would we be able to sign the much needed 5 Centre Halfs,3 Strikers,all of top quality,that we MUST have.


    Its a worry.

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