Pursuit of Celtic in January was a sham


24 hours on and not a whisper from the Scottish Government, their Senior Clinical Advisor or their principle academic media backer on dropping all of the sanctions imposed when Celtic were the target, when the issue at stake is not the Scottish Premiership but Euro 2020 progress.

The whole of Europe knows Billy Gilmour spent time in enclosed spaces with much if not all of the Scotland squad, any other explanation is not even remotely possible, he was photographed with Steve Clarke’s head touching his, Clarke’s hands clasped on his jaw.  I heard what happened when results arrived for Celtic’s Dubai Test and Trace.  Where is the vigour to pursue athletes who do not represent Celtic, Ms Sturgeon?  Either this is a sham or the Government’s pursuit of Celtic in January was.

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  1. It’s demonstrably nonsense to see photos of Gilmour in face to face contact with management and players following the England game and no one is deemed a close contact.



    Celtic should call this out. Make the point, make it publicly and move on, Celtic.

  2. Don’t hold your breath waiting on Mrs Murrell’s take on what happened in the Scotland camp !

  3. ONENIGHTINLISBON on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:05 PM



    From last thread,



    Lol ! For me, every new season provides new hope, a new start, it doesn’t always match the hope but it is exciting thinking about it! HH

  4. We are in a no win situ today.



    Speak up and get Scotland stuffed at a point where they can actually make progress



    Stay quiet and get abuse from the fans



    But, there is another way.



    Get the game out the way, and then do the complaining.



    High profile, get it out there and make people talk about it.



    Right now, till 10pm, they need to sit on it

  5. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    This is the country we live in. Amazes me that so many Tims have adopted the nationalist cause, when all of the evidence points to this becoming a little loyalist republic. If you don’t believe me, how do you explain the favourable treatment of the hun this past year and of the old and new Rangers in the two decades before?



    Not that the current English nationalist UK Govt is any great shakes, but that can’t sustain indefinitely.

  6. P67,



    So what are the Celtic board going to do about it? Same as the years of industrial cheating they went along with perhaps



    Maybe the could make paper aeroplanes out of the £50 vouchers and throw them at wee nippy and co

  7. Yes it’s a sham but no bigger than the fact we are weeks away from CL qualifiers and still in a self made mess



    NorthKorea CSC

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    I agree with Pau67



    and with BJB’s point that it is celtic who should be asking these questions of the authorities



    now if only we knew someone on here who has had direct access to a very very senior figure within celtic and scottish football for years who these thoughts could be relayed to






    Paul – you are fooling no one

  9. Agree Paul 67, either way it reeks of unequal treatment at best or at worst…institutional…..(insert chosen term here)

  10. Celtic were a sham last October.


    In January we hadn’t improved by much.



    Sturgeon wasn’t picking the team , providing tactical input or over seeing our reducing levels of fitness.



    What did you hear Paul ?


    Did you hear it from our CEO ?


    The one that doesn’t do conflict with any of our enemies, opponents or even the inconsistency of government or football governance ?



    If our own house was in order, then I might listen.


    All our wounds were self inflicted.


    Team selection.


    Tactics .


    Fitness ( lack off ) .


    Dubai, while we were locked up in the house.



    Do we have any non executive directors that even question our football or business pathway ?



    Meanwhile our managerial recruitment follows a similar path .


    He’s told who his staff are .


    It’s all 2nd rate to moi .


    Blaming the Scottish government is missing many many points . Imho.

  11. onenightinlisbon on

    MARTIM1980 on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:25 PM



    !00%. Must be better than last season, surely?

  12. I wonder what this country would be like if it was independent and being run by this mob?



    (And yes, they would be running it, it wouldn’t be governed by any mythical new party of as yet unheard of and unknown politicians).

  13. A close contact is a chat for 15 minute inside is my take on it otherwise every team that celebrates a goal would get barred if one of celebrants rocked up positive….



    …. Tin hat … this is starting to feel like a squirrel or paranoia



    Still it fills the internet up for another day



    On news Anthony is staying , the young lad has virtually no recovery speed but bizarrely often runs on to a ball inside the full back at speed and delivers a good cut back ….. still given squad numbers on balance no hardship for the new manager to take a look

  14. Celtic PLC would be told the Scottish National Team has nothing to do with them and to mind their own business. Now UEFA & the FA that’s a different thing altogether, por cierto

  15. With Tony Ralston, if it doesn’t work out we’ll get a fee if he is in contract, just makes sense all round, por cierto

  16. EKbhoy


    I’m sure they travelled to and from Middlesbrough in some form of enclosed transport and it will have taken more than 15 minutes

  17. I agree that it was a sham in January but it’s unrelated to the Scotland issue. Different jurisdictions, different strain, different time, different vaccination levels,….



    The time to complain was January. What did Celtic do?



    Why aren’t there articles on here bemoaning the lack of fight from Celtic on this issue?



    Telling us the Scottish establishment is anti-celtic doesn’t seem very constructive. Next story: water is wet.



    We didn’t replace Neil when we should have, we have no director of football, a farcical pursuit of a new manager, a punt on an untried manager, no strategy, no direction. The CQN position on all these issues: no (or very little) comment.



    I support Paul’s right to write about any subject he chooses but his influence will continue to wane when the articles here are so one eyed.

  18. As much as I am sure we were treated differently, I can’t say, hand on heart, that I want Scotland to be without lots of players for this game, por cierto.

  19. squire danaher on

    ANGELGABRIEL on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:42 PM



    Mate, save yourself some grief and let them get on with it.



    I was determined I wasn’t getting involved in this garbage again today but wanted to warn you and save you the hassle.



    You will get nowhere on here pointing out that these last two leaders by P67 is just squirrel-baiting to deflect attention from the Celtic PLCs lack of action or willingness to address this.



    Some will call you a bigot because in challenging the club’s inactivity and acquiescence you are participating in and condoning the bigotry which we’re being exposed to.



    This place the last two days has been like something out the Wacky Races when the two cavemen characters would break down and batter lumps out their vehicle with their clubs and stand bemused when it won’t restart and then turn on each other. .



    Verbal abuse of SNP politicians.



    Gaslighting and misrepresentation of posters who have declared themselves as pro-independence.



    Shout at every opportunity to each other “Double standards” and” Treated differently”, while ignoring the complete lack of action by the club – apart from letting a discredited, tired and emotional lame duck manager make a clown of himself at a press conference – to challenge and address the problem.



    Hair like Spaghetti called it correctly earlier as Groundhog Day. That’s good enough for me.

  20. Lisbon Lions Upper on

    Regardless of rights and wrongs, the moral high ground was lost on this the moment the club decided to go to Dubai at a time when we could barely leave the house:

  21. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Nor does anyone Por Cietro, but that’s kind of the point – it would severely hamper Scotland’s chances and be very politically unpopular. If the team happens to play in green and white hoops, however……



    No O’Brien yet? He’s usually quick to respond to thought crime.

  22. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    At Wembley on Friday night I had to queue socially distanced to show my negative Covid result (in a 48 hour window result) and then queue socially distanced again to show my digital ticket. I had to be in the ground between 5.00pm and 5.30pm, my allocted time for a 8pm kick off.



    Once in the stadium it was a free for all in the concourse and at the bars, Scottish and English fans mixing. I could have sat anywhere in the stadium, no one checked my ticket for my seat allocation.



    On the way out at the end was worse, all held together, mixed fans again, in pens created by stewards linking arms and herding us to the train station.

  23. How does anyone know that Celtic haven’t raised the point with the Scottish Goverment in a private and confidential letter ??


    Celtic do Not share their communication with others


    Maybe they should to help us fans understand they are fighting our corner


    We do Not know what is taking place in background

  24. LISBON LIONS UPPER on 22ND JUNE 2021 1:09 PM


    “Regardless of rights and wrongs, the moral high ground was lost on this the moment the club decided to go to Dubai at a time when we could barely leave the house”



    Yes, the most pertinent point yet! por cierto

  25. greenpinata



    Hope they are all social distancing


    Otherwise Paul67 will have tomorrow’s blog written for him



  26. lisbon lions upper



    What’s the problem with having a kickabout in the morning in Dubai


    Then the Manager and the Captain hitting the booze in the afternoon?


    Where’s the downside?




  27. Celtic Mac,



    Impeccable social distancing observed.


    Much more organised than Wembley it seems.




  28. Perhaps our (Celtic’s) best (but very slim) chance of calling-out Scotland’s bias and ridiculous stance on Gilmourgate is if Somehow Scotland got through and either England didn’t or just scraped through? The SMSM will just ignore this, but I can’t see the English media being quiet should such a scenario pan out…



    Good luck to the Scottish team tonight and especially their Celtic-minded players, but FTSFA and FTSMSM.


    (I think James Forrest will make a difference tonight! 😊🍀)



    Pleased about Ralston. I don’t see this as penny-pinching or a lack of ambition, but rather as a hopeful sign that Ange Postecoglou will seek to get the best out of our squad, youngsters in particular. 😊 🍀



    Yours in Celtic, 😊 🧣 🍀



    TB&F. 😊 🍀

  29. ‘Celtic do Not share their communication with others’ especially on the 5 way agreement

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