Pursuit of Celtic in January was a sham


24 hours on and not a whisper from the Scottish Government, their Senior Clinical Advisor or their principle academic media backer on dropping all of the sanctions imposed when Celtic were the target, when the issue at stake is not the Scottish Premiership but Euro 2020 progress.

The whole of Europe knows Billy Gilmour spent time in enclosed spaces with much if not all of the Scotland squad, any other explanation is not even remotely possible, he was photographed with Steve Clarke’s head touching his, Clarke’s hands clasped on his jaw.  I heard what happened when results arrived for Celtic’s Dubai Test and Trace.  Where is the vigour to pursue athletes who do not represent Celtic, Ms Sturgeon?  Either this is a sham or the Government’s pursuit of Celtic in January was.

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  1. WISHAW TIM on 22ND JUNE 2021 1:28 PM


    few new names today, word must of got back to HQ




    Are you suggesting that Paul 67 naming our ” dear leader” has provoked a cyber response ???????




  2. The difference in treatment of England and Scotland players has been discussed everywhere from TalkSPORT to Radio 4 today.



    Why no explanation from either side – even Gareth Southgate is confused :)



    It only makes everyone believe someone’s hiding something

  3. A whopping 5.4million shares of Celtic have been snapped up overnight by Lindsell equity group.[London Stock Exchange]




    Lindsell train has long been the second biggest shareholder in Celtic. Their investment in the club is not emotional and they are hands off for the most part.



    The equity group seek out opportunities in the sporting market where they believe there’s heavy potential for growth and profit.




    Lindsell are playing the long game with Celtic shared and believe when the club leaves the Scottish football league setup, the shares will likely quadruple in value making a massive profit for the group.



    It means there’s been someone shifting shares in the club and happy to do so.




    At last we checked the Lindsell company had 18.6% holdings in the business.




    We’re unsure what this means right now for the bigger picture.




    The Celtic Trust met on Monday evening to discuss further steps in how they deal with the current custodians of the club.




    The groups goal is for fans ownership, but that looks like an insurmountable pipe dream at the moment.



    The big worry is with just two groups holding over 50% of Celtic’s shares, we could be open to a hostile takeover in the future.




    Celtic fans having more of a say through shareholdings would be welcome. The Trust are trying to engage small shareholders to come on board with them to vote with the supporters and the Trust when it comes to vital issues.

  4. squire danaher on

    WISHAW TIM on 22ND JUNE 2021 1:28 PM


    few new names today, word must of got back to HQ






    Shucks, you pesky kid found me out.



    I convened a Cult meeting last night and asked for Big Bad Proddy SNP hauners on here



    I noticed myself a few suspiciously sceptical comments and was waiting for one of the usual suspects to bite. 🎣

  5. The application of covid rules appear arbitrary and inconsistent.


    Having been the biggest ‘victim’ previously, Celtic must speak up.


    Agree with the poster who suggested after the match.


    For me, this isn’t about what happened last time (sounds like sour grapes) rather what happens next time (engagement, planning)


    We must ask for clarification before the new season

  6. In general, we Celtic ( that still includes ra Bored! btw) are on a hiding to nothing…………on most things…..but especially things that are important to poltics religion and sport. which is pretty much everything in Scotland.






    We’re here on sufferance, or so the hunned-up sporting establishment think – generally.



    Of-course Celtic should just steam in and blooter thum wi’ statements……



    While I would welcome a tad more proactivity from us when confronted with such blatant hun-guffery.


    The result would not be a satisfactory resolution of outstand biases.


    Rather, like last season’s Hunned-Up Handicap Hurdles we would be treated differently, held up to different standards and subjected to harsh treatment by all and sundry. Scotland is happy enough with this state of affairs.



    If Celtic were to start a conversation, scoddland would paint us as the perpetrator and not the victim.



    Until Scotland wants a clean game and is prepared to go thru a Truth and Reconciliation process -it is in lock-step with hundom.




  7. garygillespieshamstring on




    Most impressive that guys can get their wives/partners to go and queue up to get their season tickets for them. :)

  8. Maybe this question has been answered elsewhere but surely all the players and management staff have been fully vaccinated by now?

  9. justshatered on

    I keep reading here “I know what happened when……..”.


    Well if the people in charge of our club know we have been treated differently from anyone else then ygey should be doing something about it and not just briefing a Celtic supporters website.


    We already know we are treated differently.


    We already know they do not like us.



    If the people in charge of our club do nothing about then don’t bother putting it here.

  10. Paul67


    If you think what happened to Celtic was corrupt, wait till you find out that Lawwell, a Celtic employee, was party to an agreement to confer over 100 trophies of a club that died to a club founded in 2012. while making said new club unpunishable for the old clubs sins.


    Even worse, he was given a dossier showing corruption in SFA and swept it under the carpet.


    Lawwell even had the power to go to Uefa regarding trophies won by the same club where, in hundreds of matches, players inelligible to play took part.


    All of which makes the current situation with Scotland and what happened to Celtic in January as trivial as they come in comparison.


    Strangely, you decry the Scottish Govt for their actions, yet sweep everything Lawwell done under the carpet.


    How two faced can you get?

  11. The SNP cult do exactly what they want because they are not held to account by a split opposition, who although securing a bigger combined vote, are impotent.



    The Scottish media are not worthy of of the name – they are a cowed & compliant bunch, unwilling & unable to do their job.




    ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:44 PM


    I wonder what this country would be like if it was independent and being run by this mob?




    (And yes, they would be running it, it wouldn’t be governed by any mythical new party of as yet unheard of and unknown politicians).




    I agree with this 100% – and would add this observation.



    In the unlikely event of independence, yes of course the SNP will be the government, however those familiar names currently at the head of the cult know exactly the economic mess that we would be in. So after basking in the initial glory, and ramping-up the grievance & bile for the first 2/3 years during protracted negotiations with UKGOV, they will be off, pensions suitably boosted, shouting “job done, legacy secured”.



    In those 2/3 years businesses, jobs & investment will head south – who would want to stay in a small country outside its biggest market with border posts at Berwick – outside of the EU with the chances of joining in the medium-term virtually nil – no control over monetary policy whilst using Sterling, no Central Bank, a national debt 400% of GDP, no track-record of borrowing – sky-high interest rates…..and an economy now reliant on whisky, B&Bs, nail-bars & hairdressers.



    Working people & those on pensions in Scotland will have no security in the TEN YEARS of austerity predicted by Andrew Wilson from the SNPcult’s own think-tank, euphemistically called ‘The Growth Commission’ If they ‘fess-up’ to TEN, then based on their forecasts in the 2014 ‘thick’ White Paper, it will probably be TWENTY PLUS. The ‘No Growth Commission’ would be the more apt name.



    That’s what lies in store – if any of the cult’s members, or, voters, have a coherent economic plan….let’s here it!. Of course we won’t, because there isn’t one – if there was they would be shouting it from their windows & rooftops beside the flags, that have appeared after 23 years in the football wilderness, supporting the NATIONALIST team

  12. Garngad to Croy on

    The dangerous question for the Scottish government is , why do the rest of us plebs even bother ?

  13. I agree with Clunks, Celtic should flag this up but after Scotland are out or we’ll be lambasted & Imelda will hide behind that.


    She’s got a real track record of vindictive prosecutions for dissenters, such is the way when politicians, prosecutors, police & the press are all in the same gang with no accountability. As someone who wants our sovereign independence I despise her.


    If only we all knew the truth eh…..

  14. Any word on Ange announcing his backroom staff or any new signings .


    As we do need quite a few.



    Or are we too busy with Scotlands covid issues.

  15. wow we have set the bar high with A Ralston , 3 loan spells all end in failure , and we resign hoping we get an offer , let the guy go and find his own level .

  16. CLUNKS on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:27 PM



    Agreed. Can you imagine the self-righteous uproar were Celtic to ask questions BEFORE this important game tonight?


    Unfortunately, even if we ask questions after the game, we will still be lambasted.




    On another note, someone guesstimated that the Celtic support might be about 50% Catholic.


    If by Catholic we mean being born into a Catholic family, then that might be accurate. If we mean actually believing in God and Catholicism, then I suspect the % would be much, much lower.


    If I were to use Arbroath as a barometer, then Catholics in the Celtic support locally would be about 5 %.

  17. GALLAGHER on 22ND JUNE 2021 1:56 PM


    She’s got a real track record of vindictive prosecutions for dissenters……..




    Vindictive is indeed the byword.



    She/they stabbed Salmond in the back because it suited their current agenda. Remember, Salmond was the sole reason why the SNPcult were transformed from a bunch of ceilidh-dancers to a party of power. If they can ‘kill’ him, they can ‘kill’ anybody.



    They are conning 350k of our “people” at this moment in time – in the event of independence we will feel the dagger in our backs, starting with Catholic Schooling.



    The CAUSE, as we have seen, and are still seeing, comes before EVERYTHING. Scotland The Brand is their raison d’etre and the cry is “wha’s like us” – the Tartan version of “We are the people”, stemming from exactly the same mindset.

  18. timmy7_noted on

    Hot Smoked on 22nd June 2021 2:09 pm



    Thanks for the feedback I had no idea what the number was and it’s totally irrelevant but I never expected it to be so low.




    Wishaw tim on 22nd June 2021 1:28 pm



    As ever an erudite, thought provoking, well developed contribution. Thanks.

  19. She’s not interested in independence, she enjoys the colonial governor status until she gets a globalist gig like Blair.

  20. timmy7_noted on

    350k of our “people”



    Racist or sectarian, the reader can decide. The 5% in Arbroath will be hiding in their basements as we speak.

  21. GREENPINATA on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:59 PM



    A very ” healthy” crowd queuing outside the ticket office.






    Please god that they all stay healthy, we’ll need every renewal we can get if we’re to listen to the daily rageoholics, on the internet.

  22. excathedra44 on

    I agree with Paul’s leader.


    Irrespective if we had a form dip,were unfit,had dressing room problems,had bad tactics etc.that is for us to sort.


    We do not need Govt.interpretations to our detriment with laws applied retrospectively,let’s not add for good measure the scandalous standard of Officials,so blatant it would have embarrassed the Football League of Iraq,when it was running.



    Be in no doubt we are detested.

  23. HOT SMOKED on 22ND JUNE 2021 2:09 PM




    The bulk of the Celtic support hail from west central Scotland, and are overwhelmingly of an Irish Catholic background. Arbroath is in no way representative of the make up of the Celtic support.

  24. TIMMY7_NOTED on 22ND JUNE 2021 2:18 PM




    Most Celtic fans are from an Irish Catholic background. It isn’t racist or sectarian to point that out.

  25. ERNIE LYNCH on 22ND JUNE 2021 12:44 PM



    I wonder what this country would be like if it was independent and being run by this mob?



    (And yes, they would be running it, it wouldn’t be governed by any mythical new party of as yet unheard of and unknown politicians).





    once Labour get its act together in an independent Scotland they will gather the popular vote no problem.i agree Labour in power would be mythical as it would end and hope Labour gets power.they might have to get a leader,might have to learn to count and of course there will be no bank debt to nationalize.heres hoping.alas we wait and see.




  26. timmy7_noted on

    Ernie playing games as usual, if you’re happy to be seen to be supporting that racist then it says a lot about you.



    350k our “people”.



    Even with the helpful addition of parenthesis for anyone unsure.



    Bigotry and racism every single day and you defend it.



    This is no longer a Celtic supporters site its full of paranoid delusion, people spreading lies and division and open support of bigots and racists.

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