Pursuit of Celtic in January was a sham


24 hours on and not a whisper from the Scottish Government, their Senior Clinical Advisor or their principle academic media backer on dropping all of the sanctions imposed when Celtic were the target, when the issue at stake is not the Scottish Premiership but Euro 2020 progress.

The whole of Europe knows Billy Gilmour spent time in enclosed spaces with much if not all of the Scotland squad, any other explanation is not even remotely possible, he was photographed with Steve Clarke’s head touching his, Clarke’s hands clasped on his jaw.  I heard what happened when results arrived for Celtic’s Dubai Test and Trace.  Where is the vigour to pursue athletes who do not represent Celtic, Ms Sturgeon?  Either this is a sham or the Government’s pursuit of Celtic in January was.

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  1. WINNINGEMMELL on 22ND JUNE 2021 5:41 PM



    The SFA is our mortal enemy.



    *and have been since we and Renton FC took the game away fae them and Queens Park. They put the Renton out of the game but couldnae dae that tae us, even back then, in our infancy, we were too big for them.

  2. Even without the apparently world class Billy G,I think Scotland will win tonight. I can`t say I am overly concerned so that can`t be put down as wishful thinking.



    After the England game, Nevin said something along the lines of ` It is great to know that Billy Gilmour will play in every Scotland game for the next ten years.` The wee phoney is only ten years out in his prediction :-)

  3. Sorry if this has been asked before, not been on for a while, what’s the Scotland song to the tune of achy breaky heart? Ta!

  4. A goal like Celtic lost all last season.



    Cross not blocked (Robertson), header not won ()’Donnell) and opposition quicker to react(McGregor).

  5. Croations very VERY comfortable on the ball.


    We have to slow down a wee bit when we have the ball

  6. Luca Modric must be rotten with Covid,with the social distancing we are giving him.

  7. How can Clarke not tell someone to get closer to Modric.Going to be our total undoing.

  8. I’d love Celtic to try a cheeky bud for Che Adams


    Maybe offer Christie as part of the deal

  9. BANKIEBHOY1 on 22ND JUNE 2021 8:24 PM


    Oh for a fit Sparky…………..



    That;s his fault and it cost us and Scotland big time.



    He has burnt his bridges and can feck off.



    We supported him through his ‘mental illness’ and look how he repaid everyone.

  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    15 minutes into a massive game for Scotland.



    Kevin Gallagher: Does that mean Croatia have the home dressing room?

  11. VB…………



    I don’t agree mate, I don’t think that’s the way it works with mental illness.



    I hope the wee man finds his place with AP.