Pursuit of Celtic in January was a sham


24 hours on and not a whisper from the Scottish Government, their Senior Clinical Advisor or their principle academic media backer on dropping all of the sanctions imposed when Celtic were the target, when the issue at stake is not the Scottish Premiership but Euro 2020 progress.

The whole of Europe knows Billy Gilmour spent time in enclosed spaces with much if not all of the Scotland squad, any other explanation is not even remotely possible, he was photographed with Steve Clarke’s head touching his, Clarke’s hands clasped on his jaw.  I heard what happened when results arrived for Celtic’s Dubai Test and Trace.  Where is the vigour to pursue athletes who do not represent Celtic, Ms Sturgeon?  Either this is a sham or the Government’s pursuit of Celtic in January was.

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  1. VALE BHOY on 22ND JUNE 2021 8:29 PM




    if ever a comment needed moderated that is it.

  2. Croatia right back looks very good – Juranavic – 25y old plays for Legia Warsaw – that is our market

  3. They will target McKenna second half.


    Their CF will get up close and personal to him

  4. glasgowbhoy



    We’ve got McGinn


    Super John McGinn…



    Think we had a similar version a while back

  5. Even before he scored Calmac was easily Scotland’s best player, never loses possession.

  6. I was always fascinated that Kevin was Patsys grandson, the timeline is incredible with himslef born in 66, and his granda born in 1891 (75 years apart)







    Personal life


    He is the grandson of the late Celtic forward Patsy Gallacher, who died before he was born. His uncles Willie and Tommy and cousin Brian were also footballers.[12][2] The Gallachers are also related to another footballing branch of the family, John Divers and his son of the same name who both played for Celtic.[13]






    Patrick Gallacher (16 March 1891 – 17 June 1953) was an Irish footballer, playing in the inside-right position, and most noted for his career at Celtic – he is one of the club’s leading goalscorers of all time.





    Early life


    Patsy was born in a workhouse in Milford, County Donegal. His parents were both originally named Gallagher but at some point the spelling was altered.[2]



    Gallacher was three years old when his family moved to Clydebank in Scotland[3] and he played for his first schoolboy team at Our Holy Redeemer’s Primary School in the town.[4] Patsy had to organise the team, acting as captain and secretary because every teacher in the school was female and showed little interest in the sport. Patsy remembered his first trophy in the Yoker Athletic Schools’ Tournament playing for Holy Redeemer who were the dark horses of the competition. He recalled that the organisers were unwilling to award the cup to a team without an adult manager.[5]

  7. celticforever on

    had a dilemna started watchng match on ITV4 and realised McCoist


    was commentating so immediately turned over to STV and must


    say Kevin Gallagher is torture to listen to



    Guess its STV sound down for the second half



    Great goal Calumn

  8. Calmac the best of our midfield.Passing very well.Mc Ginn,in comparison,like a bull in a China shop.Clumsy,and giving O Donnel no help on that side.Hope he scores right enough.


    Get Jamesy on.

  9. spikeysauldman on

    what a difference when calmac has someone to pass to, can keep possession and is on the same wavelength. shame its not tonight. just before the goal, that was training match. armstrongs drive and pace means hes faster at giving the ball away in places where only he runs to !

  10. Like others on here, struggling with KG commentary on STV, but far preferable to McCoist on ITV4.


    Anyone know where KG picked up that accent? Pretty sure that has developed since his playing days ended, sounds like he’s commentating while holding a rock in his gub!

  11. Turkeybhoy



    No need for that.


    Calmac should have been closer


    You know that


    He also mentioned Croatia’s midfield running the game….just as you did earlier

  12. sean bean is a method actor who bases most of his performances on stuart mccall.

  13. 31003,



    To pick out Calmac and blame him for the goal,was a disgrace.Typical Hun.