Qarabag assistant suggests defensive tactics


Qarabag assistant manager, Avtandil Hajiyev, spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game against Celtic. This is what he had to say:

“Celtic were strong favourites before the first leg but the 0-1 score suggests that nothing is over yet. The main struggle for both teams lies ahead.

“It’s a pity the game was not on TV as you would have seen that we had the advantage.

“We played well throughout the game, although you could not point to one single area where we were most dominant, but there were periods when Qarabag were on top. If you take the game as a whole, we performed better than Celtic.

“A small defeat away was a good result. Celtic are strong, they even managed to beat Barcelona at home. Eorpean clubs have difficulty at Celtic Park, but we provided decent resistance. 0-1 is not so depressing, we can achieve a result this week which will allow us to progress.

“Tactically, there is little difference between a 0-0 and a 0-1 defeat. We know we have to score one goal with either result to stay in the tie, so our approach will not change because of the goal.

“The return game will also be defensive but we will attack more. The Scots know and have probably already analysed our attacks, but I believe Gurban Gurbanov (Qarabeg manager) will have a few surprises in attack.

“The players have had time to analyse what happened in the first game. Our preparations are complete.

“Celtic can score in Baku but I believe the Qarabag defence will play safe and keep their goal intact.”

It’s a pity we all missed those periods when Qarabag were on top.

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  1. Route 1 will probably suit us more han t will suit them, I’m sure 1 goal wil be enough.

  2. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Takes for ever moving from one article to a new one :-(

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    I think they probably will be fairly defensive. They know that if we score it’s probably game over.

  4. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Heard celtic are training on the pitch tonight ..






    As John Collins said .. No passing it out of defence .. Just blooter it up the park ..







  5. Just need to keep it tight at the back. They are not a quality team. I’d start Commons behind Cifti. If the pitch is as bad as they make out high balls and long shots will be in order.

  6. I would leave Commons on the bench until the last hour and bring him on if we need a goal. Given the conditions, those who are fittest should start, apart from maybe Ciftci. Griffiths, if fit, should get the last half hour too.

  7. The pitch is throwing an extra bit of uncertainty into the pitch. Blootering it up the pitch is not normally the best of policies as it has a habit of coming back down fairly quickly and you are handing your opponents bith possession and time. You can take huge chunks out of the ninety minutes just keeping possession and passing it around.

  8. 67 European Cup Winners on

    2 things required tonight and 1 wish


    Required – Do not concede early (how many times have we conceded early away in Europe) and Score


    Wish – Baku will feel like, look like, sound like Turkey Ciftci not far from home – and a good time (a very good time) to score his first goal for celtic




  9. Bawsman on 4th August 2015 1:12 pm



    Long term strategy lasts 6 months……




    So, Douglas Park comes in and lends them money to get a board position, ensures his company are awarded the bus contract, and leaves a placeman as his proxy. These “real Rangers men” don’t sound all that different to the previous dudes..?

  10. Firstly, thanks to Paul for the new look site. IMO, it’s an improvement. There’s always resistance to change but I believe that once we get used to the new blog, we will come to appreciate its benefits.


    Secondly, congrats to all parents of students who received their Higher results today. The last few weeks will have been a strain on the old nerves. Hopefully, all of you are relieved that your kids can go on to a job or further education course of their choice. For those who didn’t, the kids are young enough to regroup and recover. Jeez, what did we know at 17 or 18?


    Now to tomorrow’s game. We have the advantage; they must attack us to win the tie, which suits our counter attacking style. I’ll bet anyone that we have played, and won, on worse pitches than this. If we core one, it’s game over.





  11. 67 EUROPEAN CUP WINNERS on 4TH AUGUST 2015 1:31 PM


    2 things required tonight





    FK QarabagvCeltic


    (agg 0 – 1)



  12. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Defense need to be strong with bitton and brown supporting !



    I think we will score and maybe more than 1. Big nads will score with kc possibly getting one

  13. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    CC ..



    Can you really play a passing game on a pitch like that ? Baw would bobble .. I think the long ball game would be advantageous .. They’re not the tallest team in the world. I hope Ronny plays big Nad’s and Griff .. They’d be a handful and create plenty of opportunities, Commons in behind them.



    They’ll come undone at a set piece or a Commons blaster.



    They’re shoite!!

  14. What is the Stars on

    Tomorrow is once again ronnys biggest test so far as celtic manager. He has had a few of them


    And if we get through the next European game becomes. …his biggest test so far


    Where will it all end

  15. a light insanity on

    I don’t think he would play 2 up front. Can see GMS getting a free role.


    Hope all the kids got what they needed in the exam results. If they didn’t then there are always other options – unless you are a zombie…

  16. To be fair to the Qarabag assistant manager they did have a period of dominance, pity it was only for about a minute during time added on . This joker should get a job with sevco , right up there with the crap the fat gardener used to spout.

  17. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Does nobody think the temperature will be a more important factor affecting performance than the pitch?




  18. Borgo67



    To be fair, the amount of folk I saw with Carrier bags that night at CP they certainly had a dominance for most of the game.



    MWD said AYE Loyalist Tims are loony tunes.

  19. I too believe the temperature will play its part,


    However 2-1 on the night through on away goals, that’ll do for me





  20. Yes, I’m in the camp of those who think the temperature will have a greater bearing on the team’s performance than the state of the pitch. That will be the same for both teams.

  21. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    Exactly .. His arrogance is getting on my nerves .. Who’d heard of them previously ?





    They’re just like Sevco .. A team full of Waifs & Strays, playing in a crap league .. Shouldn’t even be in the CL play offs ..






    I wonder when their new super duper 5000 capacity Nou Camp of the East will be completed .. Take no more than a month to knock up ..




  22. We must defend with a high-line and a high-tempo. Quite sure that Cifti will be the front man with the state of the pitch – we should go back to front and get forward for the hold-up and/or, second ball.




    A first-half goal for either team will change the game – let’s hope we don’t concede early – I don’t fancy hanging on for 70/80 minutes.




  23. bournesouprecipe on

    I hope the pictures of the pitch in Baku are made up stuff, if not there won’t be much need for ball players, as it’ll be in the air a lot.






    With Charlie Mulgrew out Izzaguire back in, and doubts over Griffiths and Bitton, I’d like an extra defensive player in for cover, and hope RD pulls a surprise there.






    If we score it could be from a set piece again so we’re likely to see Kris Commons again for his creativity, they have to score we don’t, but the problem could be whether the defence is as solid without Jason Denayer.






    Qarabag can’t play for a draw like the one they didn’t get at CP , they have to come out, that’s where we could win with the away goal(s). From the early minutes at CP, it was clear this tie wouldn’t be settled until after the Baku game.

  24. Get on the board when the team are on the Stock exchange, avante from the Stock exchange with the club, old rules apply, see and get what’s in it for you, do a runner after you get that sorted, as rules don’t apply stick your son in to keep sniffing about the carcass, might pick up some more loose change, and when the sheet hits the fan, your one of the main creditors job done, wait for the old administration coming in, give the old ” awe it was fine when I was there” exculpating line, and they’re off at plump ton.

  25. Careful With That Tax, Moonbeams on

    I thought Baku was a planet in the Star Wars movies until a few weeks ago ..