Qarabag assistant suggests defensive tactics


Qarabag assistant manager, Avtandil Hajiyev, spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game against Celtic. This is what he had to say:

“Celtic were strong favourites before the first leg but the 0-1 score suggests that nothing is over yet. The main struggle for both teams lies ahead.

“It’s a pity the game was not on TV as you would have seen that we had the advantage.

“We played well throughout the game, although you could not point to one single area where we were most dominant, but there were periods when Qarabag were on top. If you take the game as a whole, we performed better than Celtic.

“A small defeat away was a good result. Celtic are strong, they even managed to beat Barcelona at home. Eorpean clubs have difficulty at Celtic Park, but we provided decent resistance. 0-1 is not so depressing, we can achieve a result this week which will allow us to progress.

“Tactically, there is little difference between a 0-0 and a 0-1 defeat. We know we have to score one goal with either result to stay in the tie, so our approach will not change because of the goal.

“The return game will also be defensive but we will attack more. The Scots know and have probably already analysed our attacks, but I believe Gurban Gurbanov (Qarabeg manager) will have a few surprises in attack.

“The players have had time to analyse what happened in the first game. Our preparations are complete.

“Celtic can score in Baku but I believe the Qarabag defence will play safe and keep their goal intact.”

It’s a pity we all missed those periods when Qarabag were on top.

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  1. Good evening friends.



    Still rather drookit in ole EK. It seems like it’s been raining for approximately 105h and 36m of the last 96 hours.




  2. bournesouprecipe on 4th August 2015 6:39 pm





    To be honest the biggest problem with the new format is that it seems to have unearthed a load of hand wringers and people totally mis-reading the previous game.


    I wrote saying I did not enjoy the game nor the Ross County game,particularly when RD played Scepovic and the wonder winger,we cannot afford to play anyone who is not 100% constantly engaged.


    RD having a blind spot worries me more than the pitch.

  3. Tiny Tim


    “I spoke to a Rangers diehard today. He runs a RSC”



    I’m sure you meant a “dead” hard.

  4. An update on the problems some people are having with the site, especially those with older iPads.





    First issue last week was caused by volume of traffic on the site. Paul added even more capacity and that is now resolved with us reaching only 47% of the new increase on the increase server capacity.



    Next the iPad and log in issues. We think we have got that one too. A few things – like the league table for instance – are getting removed and the site should load much quicker and the reload problem should – touch wood – be sorted. We will know tomorrow.



    Next the comments section will be styled with the names and date /time and any links in green – names bigger as requested. Again this will happen in morning.




    On exam results / Bhoy got AAAAC ( for Celtic) in his 5th year Highers. He wanted a mention on CQN as a reward!

  5. As a lapsed mathematician, I was amazed when no.1 son who got an A in his A level maths, said that he had never done binary numbers.



    This, in the IT age and it’s nowhere near as difficult as differential equations and the like.



    For anyone like my son who doesn’t know, it’s the gubbins about



    1 + 1 = 10




    A binary win tomorrow would suit me fine.

  6. So far no problems with the site, there will be bells and whistles at the start that’s a given, give it a few days and all will be well, some people just don’t like changes, that I get, so far I tip my hat to all the hard work that those involved and well done you guys.


    PS Hibs knock back the Huns new bid.

  7. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Speaks volumes for our education system where they have to reduce the pass mark because they couldn’t assess the standard that needed to be met ……unbelievable

  8. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Whit’s happened to the smiley …. :-)

  9. There is a lot of hilarity about the standard of the signings made by Sevco,but they are IMO ,no worse than the signings made by the majority of teams in the SPL.


    Out with Aberdeen,Dundee United,Hearts and ourselves,they would in all likelyhood have the beating of the rest.


    Unfortunately the standard of football in Scotland is rapidly decreasing.


    Celtic may be sleeping and going to wake up with the nightmare of Sevco creeping up on them like a thief in the night,but I honestly do not know what else we can do in this league in Scotland .Spend big money to be No1in Scotland ,don’t think so.Joining another league ,pie in the sky.


    Any suggestions?

  10. TAMRABAM on 4TH AUGUST 2015 2:55 PM


    It seems that to get a seat on the board over at poundland you need to own a bus.



    now that was funny, ta

  11. bournesouprecipe on







    Couldn’t see where James Forrest was to have played last Wednesday, he still got on, but didn’t land a blow.






    He got 90 minutes on Saturday and did the same, and if the pitch stories are correct he not exactly master of ‘ the bobble ‘ either.






    A ‘confidence player,’ with no confidence at the moment not my choice for this game.






    Deila like the manager before seems to share the same myopia but with the bonus of GMS. as a better option.






    hopefully csc





    What about a hard return instead of having to put a .?




    Keep the Faith!




    Hail Hail!

  13. Some right clever Bhoys and Ghirls out there, helping keep the future Green :-)



    Well done to all,



    that includes my niece Shannon 3 A’s and 4 B’s



    Hail Hail

  14. I see that Adam Le Fondre has gone to Wolves on a season long loan




    Lee Tomlin to Bournemouth for £3m


    So that’s 2 off John Parks list :-)



    Hail Hail

  15. Paul67 et al



    Congratulations to all those who managed to pass their examinations. Hope you got what you need. Speaking of higher mathematics what is the formula needed for us to go through tomorrow?


    It’s not e=mc2 is it by any chance?

  16. the glorious balance sheet on

    Dinamo Zagreb through on away goals after a 3-3 draw v Molde. They were winning 3-0 but Molde got it back to 3-3.



    APOEL deep into injury time in their game v Midjytlland and heading through on away goals. Morten Rasmussen is playing for the Danish side.



    And Rapid Vienna are 2-0 up in Amsterdam and looking good to put Ajax out.

  17. BSR.18.39.


    Thanks for the reply. Relieved that the anxiety csc membership is not confined to moi.



    Tiny Tim.


    The zombies seem to have made a sensible choice with Warburton. I’m not making this assumption via the smsm, which I don’t buy,


    but several commentators on betting sites & blogs who think Brentford will miss him more than vice versa.


    Their future probably depends on funding from Ashley which will be limited.


    How much funding is required though to stop 10.


    A fit , properly coached, team with young hungry players , representing Rangers (2012)


    being aided by honest mistakes will be a threat if complacency finds a home at Celtic Park.


    It’s in our hands to strive to be better every season. The alternative is a nightmare.

  18. bournesouprecipe on




    Proper paragraphs till they fix it?






    Blah Blah Blah






    Blah Blah Blah






    Blah Blah Blah






    Keep the faith csc

  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The problem with the pitch appeared to stem from the fact that it was a new pitch, laid recently, after multi athletic events in the stadium.



    Unlike us last year, when we decanted to Murrayfield, Qarabag stayed put.



    Before the grass had a chance to take proper hold, the scorching weather caused a virus to attack the grass and has only just been controlled.



    UEFA don’t have a problem with thus, but, see if there was a bit of the ground unseated, then a big no- no would be issued.

  20. i think its absolutely marvelous that many great great grandchildren of the irish migrants now have such outstanding academic results that they can never be held back in society.



    only took 140 years for economic parity,





    Got to be a cut and paste from ‘Word’…:)









    Keep the Faith!




    Hail Hail!

  22. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Tonights 2nd leg results for 2 of our possible Play Off opponents:




    APOEL Nicosia (Cyprus) 0 – 1 FC Midtjylland (Denmark) (agg 2 – 2) Apoel win on away goals




    Molde (Norway) 3 – 3 Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) (agg 4 – 4) Zagreb win on away goals




    Apoel concede a 3rd minute goal and had a player sent off after 30 mins but held on until the end of 10 minutes of stoppage time to secure away goals win




    Molde missed an early penalty then Zagreb scored 3 goals in 5 1st half minutes. Molde pulled back 3 goals despite going down to 10 men, but Zagreb go through on away goals




    So both seeded teams scrape through and are possible opponents for us in Friday morning’s Play Off draw.

  23. Captain Beefheart on

    Quarabag are mediocre. Attempts to portray them as anything else will flounder. No better than Maribor.



    We might as well give up if we fail against this mob.

  24. bournesouprecipe on







    There’s no dots in mine.






    Keep the faith






    Pedants csc