Qarabag assistant suggests defensive tactics


Qarabag assistant manager, Avtandil Hajiyev, spoke to the media ahead of tomorrow’s game against Celtic. This is what he had to say:

“Celtic were strong favourites before the first leg but the 0-1 score suggests that nothing is over yet. The main struggle for both teams lies ahead.

“It’s a pity the game was not on TV as you would have seen that we had the advantage.

“We played well throughout the game, although you could not point to one single area where we were most dominant, but there were periods when Qarabag were on top. If you take the game as a whole, we performed better than Celtic.

“A small defeat away was a good result. Celtic are strong, they even managed to beat Barcelona at home. Eorpean clubs have difficulty at Celtic Park, but we provided decent resistance. 0-1 is not so depressing, we can achieve a result this week which will allow us to progress.

“Tactically, there is little difference between a 0-0 and a 0-1 defeat. We know we have to score one goal with either result to stay in the tie, so our approach will not change because of the goal.

“The return game will also be defensive but we will attack more. The Scots know and have probably already analysed our attacks, but I believe Gurban Gurbanov (Qarabeg manager) will have a few surprises in attack.

“The players have had time to analyse what happened in the first game. Our preparations are complete.

“Celtic can score in Baku but I believe the Qarabag defence will play safe and keep their goal intact.”

It’s a pity we all missed those periods when Qarabag were on top.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky on




    Wee cracker she was too. You were the only one at our table who knew her. :)

  2. Sipsini



    I seen one of the others going into the game last Wed night, can’t remember the name of character, but the guy who works in the club, is it Gabriel ?( was one of 3 brothers in this a few years ago ) Or something

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Haha. Turned on telly there to see her. She is more attractive in the flesh. :)

  4. Sipsini



    And seen the old Bhoy Beattie going into a European game last season :-)

  5. I’m limiting my posts these days (thank Ghod says CQN) however, I have to say something about the one or three posters worrying about The Tribute Act FC being a challenge to us.



    Giving Hibs a hiding and beating Peterhead 3-0 does not constitute any kind of cause for concern.



    Having a manager who seems to know how to organise a team reasonably well and employ a fitness coach to get fit young men fit to play for 90 minutes and win two minor cup matches in the lower leagues should not cause you to think they are going to be a threat to us let alone Aberdeen, Hearts, DUFC etc.



    Did the Bread Man leave Brentford for TRIFC? I’ve not really followed his ‘meteoric rise’ but I thought I heard that he was ‘between jobs’ when he was snapped up?



    Apart from that – and OK he may turn out a decent manager of a lower league Scottish Club with ambitions to try out the top league – there are one or ten elephants in the Blue Room at present. Not least of these is the massive injection of cash it’s going to take to get the new outfit on an even keel.



    Do the maths (with or without a calculator). Follow the (lack of) money. Check out where the revenue streams flow to. Ironically, if they get promoted, those streams flow faster and wider OUT of the club. So, they are supposed to compete with lower revenue streams (yep, ST sales will rise but a large portion of the higher priced tickets goes to the Spivs and their arrival in the top fight might actually see an extra few thousand ST’s sold by Celtic!) no European fitba, the same crappy money as the rest of us from the TV, no cash from merchandising………..



    Gie yersels a break……

  6. DD…



    She looked stunning and gave me a Hail Hail, more my bhoys age though :(





    The burd that had the cafe in the program was my badminton partner at school, she played net, a lot younger then, no wonder I missed so many shots;)

  7. Alright River City fans,you have my interest,


    what wee lassie are you talking about

  8. Saints is, we got there sooner. I went to uni in sixties with many other from Catholic schools. Am now retired but made it to higher civil service, and know that many of my contemporaries became similar or directors in international companies (which didn’t ask which school you went to)

  9. Managed to psi this on another thread. B avigation



    The bhoy who is Gabriel in river city is often in 138.



    Cool dude. Average Joe.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Cowiebhoy, it was 2 2 in Vienna. Ajax were 2 nil up at one point

  11. Sips.



    Was that roisin ?



    With the Doric man’s voice ?



    Raymond get us to papers in . Aye ken whit aye.

  12. Ghordybhoy64



    I think it is wee Stella ?


    I know wee Bob is a cream bun, but they have him playing a Celtic supporter in the program :-)



    Hail Hail

  13. winning captains


    Im still having problems with the site it seems to freeze,then get a message shockwave has crashed. Is that a CQN issue or my laptop?

  14. Ron.



    Some did. Like yourself and broke the masonic and orange ceilings.



    Trailblazers through better education.



    But it took till 2002 for our greater population to be on par.



    It’s bloody magic.



    For any lurking huns. Your right.



    We are now the establishment.



    God bless Catholic schools



    And uppity tims

  15. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    He will be Scott Fletcher also appeared in Gary tank commander


    His older brother Ryan was in it years ago and is currently in London



    tyre bhoys

  16. Back using Windows phone.



    Bliddy iPad air won’t let me log in though I can read article and first page. 2nd page? Dropped out from both google and safari.



    Hope W.C. comments are accurate.



    Anyways, back to O’Shea’s here in Manchester tmrw night. Score draw for me.




  17. Cowiebhoy,


    cheers mucker,i suppose it gives me a reason to pay attention when my mrs is watching it

  18. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    A book on RDs first season




    Can’t imagine the first half of the book makes very good reading



    Seriously , will many people want to read this

  19. Saint Stivs…



    She is the ginger one, don’t want to post the name, tidy bahookey when she was younger, not that I was looking :)

  20. I like wee Stella plummy West end pronunciation.



    I think she will be a big star in the future.

  21. Colour Blind Bhoy on

    winning captains on 4th August 2015 7:28 pm An update on the problems some people are having with the site, especially those with older iPads.



    Thanks for update and for your efforts in making the switchover a success. I mostly use an iPad so have been experiencing some issues and as a result haven’t been on much lately, as a result am missing my CQN fix.



    Will try again tomorrow – hail hail.

  22. In a father ted lovely Mary type response



    Sure didn’t they all have tidy bahookys back then

  23. Everyone should drop ipads an get on decent android equipment



    Like lenovo or motorola

  24. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar on 4th August 2015 8:57 pm:




    Commercialism gone will, unbelievable. Anything to make a quick buck.




    Keep the Faith!




    Hail Hail!

  25. Coming out of the Kerrydale Suite after the match on Saturday I was gifted a bbq tool set. I wouldn’t be allowed bring the tools home in my carry-on luggage but I kept the ‘bag’ (which doubled as an apron) they were contained in. I kept the apron because it had the Celtic crest on it but it got me thinking about the various items of Celtic memorabilia I own. I have a toothbrush holder in the form of a bear wearing a Celtic jersey and my name etched in the wooden base. Among many other items, I also have a decorative garden ornament of a player in a Celtic jersey.



    So, what is your strangest/favorite piece of Celtic memorabilia?



    Well done to all students who got their results today and to their parents, guardians & teachers ho guided them along the way.