Questions are requested to be submitted to John Paul Taylor…

CQN will meet with the Celtic Supporters Liaison Officer again on Friday 25th November to look at The stadium, fan experience and safety at other stadiums.

There have been a few questions submitted, but less than we thought; part of this may be down to the fact that there was a big game to distract us this week.

Another element may be the perception of some that we were effectively “blanked” last week. That wasn’t the case at all; the timing wasn’t great and I’m sure that perception will change when the Club come out with their views on Res12 and the “new club” issue.
The questions for this week are very important and we need to keep on with this initiative. A number of people are spending time to make this work and we are certain that this will develop into a great link between Celtic and the fans.

A number of questions are being forwarded to the SLO today, but any late questions can be added later in the day or tomorrow (the question about emergency response time at the Stadium last night was included).
So please bear with us as we make this initiative work and any questions on The stadium, fan experience and safety at other stadiums should be sent to: Competition@celticquicknews.co.uk


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