Question Peter will ask Brendan in May


Can we step back for a moment and look at Brendan Rodgers considerations for Odsonne Eduard this season?  In May, Peter Lawwell is going to ask the manager if he wants to pay PSG €10m to make his transfer permanent.

To answer that question Brendan will need to a firm view on how Odsonne compares to other candidates, with similar profiles to him and Olivier Ntcham.  They will all be a risk, but the manager needs to strengthen his team, so he must give himself the best possible information before committing.

One of the benefits of playing in Scotland is that we can afford to give a young talent an extended run in the team without affecting our title chances.  We can make changes which will have a negative impact on short-term performances, but will improve our long-term prospects.

There is another side of the player acquisition equation to consider.  Brendan had to convince Odsonne and Olivier that Celtic was the right club for them.  To do this, he pointed to Moussa Dembele, who was given his chance.  What young players attached to tier-one wealthy clubs want more than anything else (apart from money) is a game time.

Whether Odsonne makes it at Celtic or not, you can be sure Brendan will point to the opportunities he has to make an impression when he speaks to other targets.

Over the last 48 hours our lead at the top of the table went from 8 to 11 points, while giving a young player time on the field.  Leigh and Moussa know the script and are happy to concentrate on their own game, while allowing the manager to worry about youth development.

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  1. That will be quite enough of that kind of sensible talk Mr Paul Brennan.


    Whinging,moaning,bed wetting,throwing of playthings from the Perambulator,will commence shortly.


    It might be your Blog,but for goodness sake,get into the vibe.

  2. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Makes sense to me.


    How would we know if Odsonne is good for us by not using the opportunity to gauge him in the first eam.

  3. I see young Conor Hazard is off to Falkirk for the rest of the season on loan. Seem sensible move for him to get some game time, hope he does well, might need him next season.

  4. Hi Paul67,



    It’s great to see so many youngsters get a chance, under Brendan we seem to have moved up a division in our “prospects” outlook.



    N’cham: 4.5


    Kouassi: 3


    Edouard: 8?



    It’s obviously more money but potentially lower risk. When we were paying 1 or 2 Million on such players, which is obviously still a considerable amount of money, the results were hit and miss.



    With buying less “prospects” at higher prices the skilled scout/coach/manager should be getting better quality. It leaves room to give our own bhoys a chance too.



    If we are going to compete at Tier 2 level, we’ll need this policy to be a success. Of course the jury is still out but I have great faith…



    These ghuys look good, OE is a great prospect for me, but unless he starts hitting that onion bag with more aplomb… €10M is looking like a lot of cash.



    Still we still need to buy first team professionals as well… in this window a Creative midfield/forward is a must.



    You know it’s the inherent wisdom;)



    Hail Hail



    A far too sensible analysis of the situation if you ask me.




    GM….. no way!! Wow. Welcome back.

  6. Paul67


    Absolutely fair point about Edouard.


    My concern is not decisions to be made in the summer, but about now.


    Our team needs quality additions.


    It’s as plain as the nose on your face.


    I have no doubts that Brendan and his team have players in mind to do just that.


    Big Pete had better deliver or risk hacking Brendan off




  7. My Doctor has informed me I have a severe dose of the dreaded”Mine claps”.


    He put it down to all my years of”Happy shafting”


    Whits a boy to do?.

  8. glendalystonsils on

    It’s not just about finding out if Edouard is good enough, it’s about how to use him best in the team formation to maximise his abilities. Also ,accepting that he is not the finished article , how coachable/adaptable is he?


    He will need a good amount of game time to get answers to these questions. I’m sure Brendan has this in mind. 7 million is a lot of cash.

  9. GENE on 25TH JANUARY 2018 12:57 PM


    what are the odds on signing odsonne in the summer ?




    At the moment,I would think,slim,at the asking price.I do think the boy has loads of potential.He is still a Wean.

  10. Silver City 1888 on

    I was a little taken aback by posters criticising Brendan for not putting out our strongest team on Tuesday night. Against the second bottom team in the League? In Brendan we trust.

  11. Hi Paul,


    As well as having a proper look at the lad we cannot expect clubs loan us their talent unless they are guaranteed some game time. Is there a minimum amount of games that we have promised his club perhaps?

  12. I this window,a good right back,for me,is an absolute must.I dont think,but I do hope,Tony Ralston is ready.


    Big Mik is looking very poor.Started in the Hun game,and after the break,he has got shakier.Does not look to me the same player of last season.Not moving as freely.Shame.I love him.


    Was thinking on Tuesday,we dont half miss an on form Armstrong,for his running power.Hope he gets sorted out.Not in the Glasgow vernacular obviously.

  13. Since no-one else will




    GENE on 25TH JANUARY 2018 12:57 PM


    what are the odds on signing odsonne in the summer



    Odds on

  14. GENE on 25TH JANUARY 2018 1:04 PM


    surely you mean jeune garçon



    Probably,but I dont speak much Italian.

  15. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    I don’t know if moussa is pissed off or what Brendan’s motive for is but,to me it doesn’t make sense to keep dembele out to see if eduard is as good as dembele.


    If dembele is fit and hasn’t thrown the dummy out,get him in.


    The quality st gang forced their way into jock’s side and eduard must do the same(maybe he has)


    Anyway hail hail.

  16. GENE on 25TH JANUARY 2018 1:12 PM


    When is Paddy like;y to be fit




    February.Going by his running in Dubai,I would think early.

  17. BARNEY67 on 25TH JANUARY 2018 12:49 PM


    Alright who bid the quid?



    A Motherwell born billionaire?

  18. Brendan does puzzle me sometimes.In a lot of the games,we could play 3 at the back.We could play Griff and Moussa together,for a prolonged period of time.Give them a chance to click.It would also give opposition a problem.At the moment,we nearly always play the same line up,no matter what calibre of team we play.



    We have the players to play 3 3 4 against most teams.Would let Gordon go long on more occasions.Just too predictable sometimes,and players being left out,is never a good thing.

  19. GENE on 25TH JANUARY 2018 1:18 PM


    Turkeybhoy – the italian would be kleiner Junge





  20. 50 shades of green on

    What if Eddie gets a run in the team now and bangs in 15 or so goals before seasons end, I would imagine that we have a pre arranged price with Qsg, but would that not alert others who would come in with a hyped up offer to entice him?



    I suppose it would then be up to Celtic to make him an offer he couldn’t refuse.



    Decisions decisions decisions.




  21. 50 SHADES OF GREEN @ 1:33 PM,



    My understanding was that OE was seen as a a great prospect but a bit of a problem child at PSG.



    He became persona non grata…



    So Brendan who has a bit of a reputation for turning round such careers took him in loan…



    My understanding of the deal… fixed price €10M Celtic get first refusal…



    We’ll see, hope the bhoy makes it…



    Hail Hail

  22. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    There is nothing wrong with playing Edouard to gauge his qualities and determine if he is worth purchasing in the summer. What is wrong is to neglect the clear deficiencies in other areas of our team.



    I’m also skeptical that we will pay €10m for Edouard. We haven’t broken our transfer record for 18 years, I doubt we will do so on a 20 year old who shows promise.

  23. 50 shades of green on

    Don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it and I can’t be bothered to check back:-).



    But if the sevcomidians hadn’t taken 9 pts from the sheep, they could in all probability be only 2pts behind us.



    Can you imagine this place then, would be full of the Negatronians telling us I told you so etc…o wait.




  24. 50 shades of green on

    CLINK\O/ on 25TH JANUARY 2018 2:00 PM


    Negatronians ? wheren’t they in Star Trek…







    Some of them are pretty far out there so you could be right Clink\O/….




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