Questions are always the same, just the answers change


Is the club safe with Sir David, Dave King and Paul Murray?  Is Craig Whyte a worthy successor?  Is Charles Green trustworthy?  Is Ally McCoist a great manager?  For the PR hired hands at Ibrox, the questions were always the same, it was just the answers that changed.

Few have the gall to deliver the PR messages which flow out of Ibrox, and that group of clubs have depended on PR spin for decades.  Short of the communication of formal issues, like Annual Accounts and sensitive Stock Market issues, Celtic don’t utilise external PR services.

Celtic have in-house PR to facilitate media inquiries and the output of club message, but there’s no perceived need to bring in an external spin doctor to reframe reality.  This is the way it should be, of course, you’ll never win a battle in the gutter with a guttersnipe, but there are costs.

We have had paid professionals successfully briefing against our club for decades, millions of people read and listen to these messages daily.  This is a battle we will never win but the consequences for a football club trying to go about their business in an orderly manner are significant. The club, its directors, manager, players and supporters are variously painted as money-obsessed, anger-filled, flops and a rabble who hate the country their forefathers fought for.

We don’t indulge in PR excesses because Celtic have nothing to spin. They pay the taxes required to support their nation’s services, run an orderly business and are a remarkably well-respected and successful collection of fans, players, coaches and administrators. There are always unpopular decisions but the club face them down.

An eagle-eyed reader noticed an interesting aggregation in the two schools in Malawi we are assisting. Saturday’s article noted the pupil numbers at Kholoni Primary School in Mchinji as 1221 and St Josephs’ Primary School in Kasungu as 746. Go on, add the figures and see how many pupils will benefit from Celtic fans building kitchens. The spirit of ’67 is alive and kicking.

If you are driving to, or being driven to, CQteN on Friday, don’t think you can just nip along London Road and into Celtic Park. There is no access to the stadium from London Road. Access is via Janefield St, which, if you are coming from the east, means driving underneath the stadium. Make sure your taxi driver is aware.

There was a tremendous response to the whisky auction, which closes on Friday at noon, the current highest bid stands at £225. We have bottle No. 1 of a limited edition (291 in total) Craigallachie Telford’s Bridge, in a wooden box and presentation cardboard tube, whit an authentication certificate.

Bids are by email only to auction@celticquicknews.co.uk. This is a rare and valuable bottle. Shipping within UK and Ireland is included. Please include contact details and your bid amount.

Many thanks for all the kind wishes to the family yesterday, they were enormously appreciated.

Seville, The Celtic Movement, launches on Friday! Copies have landed and I hear…. it’s pretty decent.

“We are in the Estadio Do Besso on the 24th April 2003. We are far into the 78th minute of the 2nd leg of a UEFA Cup Semi-Final. The first leg in Glasgow, a fortnight earlier had seen Celtic obtain a 1:1 draw with Boavista, a relative minnow in Portuguese terms who had won their first ever top league title in season 2000/01, having only been 2nd on 2 previous occasions in their history.”

Order yours below:

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  1. The Saints continue to break the current football club mould.



    SOUTHAMPTON will name Canada ice hockey coach Ralph Krueger as their new chairman today.

  2. traditionalist88 on

    Was browsing the ‘wayback machine’ page on web.archive.org and looking at a snapshot of the Celtic FC official website from years ago when I came across this, from May 12, 2002:





    Club statement on Nationwide league speculation


    By Newsroom Staff



    Following weekend newspaper reports claiming that Celtic and Rangers will be invited this week to join the Nationwide First Division from next season, a Celtic spokesman said: “We will not confirm or deny whether private talks have taken place.



    “We’ve not received any invitation to join the Nationwide League, but we retain an open mind with a view to structural changes, and will view any proposals with interest.”



    The newspaper reports had suggested that the move will be proposed this Thursday at a meeting of the Football League’s executive committee, with all the members clubs expected to vote on the plan on Friday.




  3. proudbhoy



    12:30 on 12 March, 2014





    12:13 on 12 March, 2014





    I see James Forrest is out fo another 3 weeks with another injury.



    With the game time versus time on the treatment table is he worth his wages?





    I dont think so, i love wingers but to be honest young jamsey is very inconsistent, i wouldnt be too upset if he moved on and we got good price for him.



    I when he plays scott brown must play centre midfield .. Not his best position .



    I would like to see brown on right ahead of jamsey or lustig right back and matthews right midfield.



    Think both of these would mean better performances than what forrest can give.


    Hoping for more luck than yesterday. I never learn!

  5. FourGreenFields on

    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers ………fc not plc



    Yer lucks in , the bars open :-)

  6. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on



    They will just bring back Jabba ,all is well over there :))

  7. proudbhoy



    Agree re James Forrest.



    It is a shame because when he is on form he can be very good.



    However, too many inconsistent performances coupled with too much time on the treatment table means I wont miss him when he goes/if he goes.

  8. Paul67



    Timing perfect again Paul, posted my good afternoon all post, and a yellow box appeared above it. :-)) haha




    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  9. Bada Bing



    Had a wee lightbulb moment this morning – think I might have grabbed wrong end of the stick (your post) last night as the footy/ in-play was running. :-)



    Passed on info to Hotel Client and left them to get on with it. Sometimes they expect you to have answers for everything – just because you point out legislation to them.



    Thanks again for your help.




  10. BMCUW



    Now now, no drinking today, it’s wednesday. :-)))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  11. FourGreenFields on

    leftclicktic we are all neil lennon



    Was working in Coatbridge this morning , popped into the Festival shop and picked up a couple of items for Friday night and a copy of The Irish Voice paper , very helpful people in there .





    By sheer coincidence,I am currently sitting in one such establishment.




  13. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    12:31 on 12 March, 2014



    Who’s this Rangers…….they’re deed….

  14. repost



    Good day to any lhouns or qhuines around.



    I’m up in Aberdeen next week for a course and am on the lookout for the best place for a spot of the black stuff to toast St Paddy on his special day.



    Any recommendations?

  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Who won the English Premier League with Man U, the Scottish Premier League with Celtic, and the Intertoto Cup with another English team?



    Nae Googling CSC

  16. jamesgang



    That’ll be why yer always late then. :-)))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.





    Nipped in on the way to the bookies,bud. Nice smoking shelter!



    One of my mates showed me his Lucky 15 for Cheltenham today,I showed him my NAPS table selections. He said-oh,we’ve got three the same!



    Haven’t the heart to advise him that it is not good news for him. Poor fella is screwed.

  18. Awe Naw



    How are you this fine day? Well I hope. :-))



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.

  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    12:47 on 12 March, 2014



    And a fine day it is too sir




  20. Jobo



    I heard nothing gets going on Friday till you’ve done a formal CQN forecast for the night ahead.



    A meteorological grace as it were!! ;-)






    Aye. Indeed! ;-)))



    HH jamesgang

  21. BMCUW



    Tut tut, be having a word with you on Friday. Hehe Oh, good luck wi the gee gees.



    Weefra HH supporting Wee Oscar.


    Interesting comment from Ruby Walsh’s Dad,Ted about the stooshie over Ruby’s comments yesterday.



    “England’s an interesting country. They remember the names of the horses blown up in Hyde Park but not of the fellas that rode them”



    Or,as we say up here,GIRUY.



    Well said,Ted.

  23. Great post, Paul67, and exactly right. We’re a highly respected club worldwide. To see that one only needs to ask someone other than the readers and listeners of an ever-dwindling number of Scottish newspapers and broadcasters, whose ‘journalists’ are paid by our former rivals.

  24. I see the now harder working PR machine at Edmiston Drive is on twitter desperately trying to pull in punters (pay at the gate) for some kind of party tonight.


    Methinks even the most furrow browed are not in partying mood.

  25. jamesgang @ 12.48



    I don’t do forecasts! But if I did I’d be sticking my money on Friday evening being extremely wet. Looking forward to putting faces to names. And then mixing them all up later in the evening ;-)





    Very pointed article today. I think Mr Irvine may be rooting through his files to dish the dirt on his former paymasters. And anyone else whom he holds responsible for the removal of sinecure,or that he suspects may be booting the boot in as retribution for previous.



    Not saying he is the type to bear a grudge-lightly!



    There may be some interesting revelations to follow yesterday’s announcement.



    Hope so….


    Booting the boot in?







  28. tonydonnelly67



    13:00 on 12 March, 2014





    You need to relax, and read peoples posts an stop making silly accusations, I post my opinion, you post yours, you don’t like mine? Tough, I don’t like yours? Same thing, no debate, it’s your opinion not mine, what part of that do YOU NOT GET?

  29. Away Jobo



    BBC Weather just copy your posts on the news. Everyone knows that!




    HH jamesgang

  30. Malorbhoy



    If I recall correctly, I think you said you were staying in the Premier Inn on George St on Fri – as am I. Arriving in Glasgow around lunchtime -happy to share a taxi to CP if that suits? If not, no worries.




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