QUICK NEWS 5am Update Feb 19, 2012


The Great Whyte Hype. Hail, Hail to the Bloggers with backbone and courage who unearthed the biggest football scandal in 140 years.( CQN Magazine, Issue 6, Page 22  )

Rangers Subside In Disgraceful Style. Rangers supporters show of loyalty and unity reverts to type: bigoted and sectarian. (The Independent)

My Blog Shows How Scotland’s Media Were Complicit In Rangers’ Downfall. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil Scottish media exposed. (Guardian)

Rangers’ Historic Day Is Marred By Songs Of ‘Hate And Ignorance’. Loyalty equals bigotry at Ibrox. (Herald Scotland)

Too Cowardly To Report, To Bigoted To Believe. It took a freelance journalist to do the media’s job, as over the years they turned a blind eye to the rampant overspending at Ibrox, content to peddle the party line. (Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain Blog)

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