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  1. Much as I am equally galled at the events of yesterday, I am at least grateful that the feared violence does not appear to have happened.


    I’m certain that had the game gone to 3 reds for TFOD and then going 0-3 behind, the game would have had to have been abandoned due to an invasion my the ugly hoarde.


    I am grateful for small mercies indeed.

  2. Heared yesterday that if the ftSFA strip the rankers of their cheated trophies in the intervening period those trophies wouldn’t be given to anyone,but set aside.


    Bestest wee country in the world!

  3. SaintLubo



    You’re posting on the Canajun page. You need to go back a thread :-}




  4. tractorbhoy on 26 March, 2012 at 11:13 said:




    Right bhoys this is my apology to Neil Francis Lennon and his coaching team.



    When things were looking grim around October/ November last year, I called for our young manager to go.



    I questioned Neil’s ability to run our club while he had his own personal battle with depression, a crippling illness of ones brain and from my own experience the most frightening experience of your life, whereby even the most simple everyday tasks are extremly difficult and where everything that goes on around you is wrapped in a dark cloud and you cannot function properly.



    Neil I was completely wrong as you have had the courage and willpower to overcome all your own problems along with the death threats and still came out on top.



    You are without doubt the greatest Celtic manager we have ever had.



    People may say that is OTT, well they have never had to suffer depression and therefore cannot understand what it does to your brain and body.



    Keep going Neil and take courage and strength from the history of people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, Ghandi and all the other great men and woman, Irish, Burmese, Palestinian and every other race who suffered bigotry and opression all of their lives and always spoke out against their triumphalist bigotted and racist governments that tried to keep them down, some of whom even lost their lives doing so.



    God bless you Neil Francis Lennon and I do humbly apologise for doubting you, my mistake will never be repeated.