QUICK NEWS 5am Update March 8, 2013


Gilt-Edged Justice Picture the scene. A wealthy old lady decides to disinherit her only son. So he kills her before she gets the chance to make a Will. What should happen to her estate? The ‘Golden Rule’ and the SPL Commission. (Glasnost)

Classy Juventus Knock Out Celtic. Tactical analysis of the big game. (tictactic.co.uk)

Celtic Now Firmly Re-established On The Big Stage. On June 24th Celtic will learn their opponents for the first game in the 2nd qualifying round scheduled for July 16 or 17th. Then they would need to navigate a 3rd qualifying round and a play-off round in order to make the group stage. In each of these 3 rounds they will be seeded. (Herald)

QPR’s Wage Bill Doubles, And That’s Even Before The Last Two Transfer Windows Are Included In Financial Figures. Last year QPR only managed to escape relegation on the last day of the season. Player wages doubled to £56m in attempt to spend their way out of trouble. Such is life in the EPL. (Telegraph)

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