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When Roy Race’s scriptwriters sat down to decide on their weekly football fantasies they would never bring themselves to write what Jack Aitchison went through yesterday.

A scoring debut.
With his first touch.
As the youngest player ever to play for the club.

This is classic (Roy) Race-ism.  To get to the stage of making your Celtic debut as a 16-year-old striker Jack would have to have eclipsed many older players in the youth structure, so he clearly has something about him, but consider anything he achieves in the next five years as a bonus.

With Kieran Tierney (18) and Ryan Christie (21) also scoring their first goals for the club yesterday, there was an air of optimism that some of the development work we’ve invested in recently is bearing fruit. The most important lesson from yesterday in this respect was Tom Rogic (23).

Tom has been at Celtic for over 3 years, which indicated the time it takes to develop a player. He came through long-term injury during that period but he could easily have dropped off the scene a year ago without much fuss. He now looks every inch the modern creative midfield player. What he did to create the chance for Ryan Christie’s goal yesterday was sublime. If you didn’t see it, go look for it.

It takes time and patience to develop players, but the evidence is mounting that we’re good at it again.

Really pleased the sun shone on Ronny’s last day, in every sense of the word. It was a high to go out on after a lot of rainy days, in every sense of the word. I planned to appraise him, and our strategy, after the Scottish Cup semi-final defeat but decided to leave it to the end of the season after his quick announcement that he was leaving. Will pick up with this in due course.

As I walked away from Celtic Park yesterday and pondered the success or otherwise of Ronny Deila’s reign, the thought occurred to me, maybe it’s too early to tell?

Remarkably, over the weekend, more than 500 of you have contributed to a crowdsource project to publicise issues relating to Resolution 12 in The Guardian newspaper, and a business paper serving Uefa’s territory in Switzerland (all without a mention in the main blog).

We are not served particularly well in Scotland with oversight, accountability and governance. It’s important for our society, not just our game, that those who can articulate this situation do so. Read this article for more information, with a link at the bottom to participate.

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    Update on Kit’s orphanage appeal. Bliddy nightmare setting it up,that infinite number of monkeys and typewriters springs to mind!



    Geldof is a prophet-give us the fookin’ money!



    Bear with me,I want to get it as right as I can…

  2. An Teach Solais on




    If you are still about, any progress on Just Giving page for Kitalba’s heroic efforts ? Thanks in advance. HH

  3. From previous ……








    Agreed. I think the ball always moves quicker when McGregor plays.



    ……. And big cup winners……






    I’m a huge fan of Christie. And McGregor has come into a game to an extent I hadn’t thought possible.



    Litmus test will be if the latter can win over Cowiebhoy!??!



    HH jamesgang

  4. An Teach Solais on



    Sorry typed at the same time as yourself.


    Great minds think a like an all that except, inmy case, self praise is no praise. HH


    Very good article,Paul. I agree that we have seen more youth being given its chance under RD than any other recent manager.



    For that,he goes with my grateful thanks. And two titles…

  6. We are a noticeably better team with Brown not in it, fit or not he’s not a very good footballer in truth, much as I love him.



    Lots of movement and fluidity in that team yesterday, during our half time blab near the pie stalls in the main stand yesterday we universally agreed that the first half was the best we had seen all season.



    New manager with some decisions to make in midfield, Commons, Brown and Bitton would struggle for game time next season if it was me.

  7. Paul, many thanks on the update of contributions, like a wean in the motor, are we nearly there yet?



    Thanks in advance.

  8. thetimreaper on

    McGregor has been brilliant recently, opposition players cannot get near him. Play him in the middle with a fire fighting ball winner and they would do well.

  9. —–



    Willie McGregor…?



    Mr.”Perptual Motion”…



    We Like..!



    Looks Like Ergot Ozil…



    Runs Like Dame Edna Everage…



    But He’s Wan O’ Oooors!









  10. Appropriate that the day after Celtic’s way too young and annoyingly talent wonderkid scores on his debut his cqn equivalent nets a podium hat trick!






    HH jamesgang





    I forgot I was a technophobe when I went for this!



    Tell you what though-I’m mightily impressed by the response I’ve had. I still haven’t managed to reply to everyone,but of course,I will.



    I’m exceptionally grateful to every kind heart who has offered their assistance,and-as always-to Paul for this platform.

  12. ROBINBHOY on 16TH MAY 2016 12:33 PM


    We are a noticeably better team with Brown not in it, fit or not he’s not a very good footballer in truth, much as I love him.





    Mate, I said that years ago…………………and go hounded.



    SB plays for Celtic the way I would play for Celtic, we need what we had on the field yesterday, football players.

  13. I swear I sounded like Meg Ryan as rogic danced through to set up that goal….



    Yes, yes, yes, beautiful…….boom!



    Except I wasn’t faking it!



    HH jamesgang

  14. Funny how Scott Allen has a song and is highly rated in the blogosphere yet hardly plays and CMcG who has hung in there and become a player under RD is yet to be accepted by the support??



    He has a drive about him I think we need in the team and an eye for goal…



    Also thought SJ had a very decent game yesterday…

  15. Geordie Munro on

    If Aiden Tierney is half as good as Kieran we’ll be doing all right. (sorry Paul :p)



    Great day yesterday and I know it was a dead rubber but after all the media talk about where we’d be without Griffiths goals I thought yesterday was a great girfuy.



    Sevendifferentscorers csc

  16. Midfield wheat from chaff



    Out : Commons, Mulgrew, Brown, GMS, Forrest, Henderson



    Keep : Christie, McGregor, Rogic, Armstrong, Roberts, Ajer (by default)



    Dunno : Bitton, Allan, Nesbitt, Johansson (keep 14/15 version)



    In : Victor Wanyama clone

  17. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Aiden Teirney ?


    Is he related to Keiron Tierney ?


    Never seen that sub :)

  18. thetimreaper on

    We mostly seem to agree that we want youth in our team. I don’t think Moyes, Lennon, Keane are suitable to continue with that. It has to be Rodgers on that basis.




    Aye hard to fault anyone yesterday, here we are again though waiting on a new manager to be announced and see who he fancies and who he doesn’t and what style we are going to be playing.



    The passing and the movement yesterday were a joy to watch, give us more of that please!

  20. I actually felt sorry for James Forrest yesterday, when his name was announced when he picked up his medal there was nary a cheer for the bhoy. Played in his best position he’s a dangerous player for us.



    Man management crucial for the bhoy.



    If he goes I wish him all the best.

  21. An Teach Solais on




    Thank you for your reply and, of course, when the page is up and running I, like loads on here, will be only to happy to contribute.



    WIshing you every success in your endeavours.


    Kitalba’s story of his work is very moving and makes us appreciate that, for most of us, the problems which we face in day to day life here


    are merely small fry. HH

  22. STARRY PLOUGH on 16TH MAY 2016 12:43 PM



    I think we should just re-emply RD, but this time let him get on with it his way. After we’ve rid ourselves of Commons, Mulgrew and Forrest.

  23. Robinbhoy



    Forrest should be a club legend now but hasn’t applied it and needs to be released. Rumoured to be disruptive, has paper hammys and an obsession with his fringe are just 3 more reasons I’m not going to mourn him.



    A poor man’s Paddy Roberts.

  24. Paul67



    Rogic,Christie and Aitchison were at Celtic before Ronnie Deila.


    Christie was playing first team SPFL football when Deila arrived in Scotland.



    He is not massively responsible for their growth.



    As for we are good at nurturing youngsters again.



    That is far too early to tell.



    The standard that we aspire too is also relevant .



    These Bhoys may make it at SPFL standard ,they may not.



    They are all too lightweight for my liking .



    I doubt if any of them will ever be sold to an EPL or top level European side.



    Forster ,VVD ,Wanyama ,wee also monsters in size and physique.




  25. Yon Aiden Tierney is some player.



    Bhoy has a great future ahead.



    …and keep an eye on Kieran Nesbitt.




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