Raft of reasons to start Bolingoli against Leverkusen


Like you, no doubt, I could see Boli Bolingoli far enough last summer.  His actions kicked off a series of mishaps that destroyed Celtic’s title challenge by October.  Ange Postecoglou has been clear with his intentions towards the player, despite a raft of injuries, Ange has played youths and a right back on the left, with Bolingoli available for selection.

The 26-year-old remains on the payroll.  Unless we pay him off, like we did with Olivier Ntcham, or manage to convince someone to take him, a feat we were unable to do during the recent transfer window, he will remain at Celtic for another two years.

He played Champions League football last season and Europa League campaigns the years before that, there are too few in the squad with anything like that experience to call on.

Josip Juranovic’s hamstring may feel fine by Thursday morning, but honestly, would you be happy putting that muscle to the test, knowing we travel to Pittodrie on Sunday?  I like Adam Montgomery.  He is fast and can dribble and has real potential in the game.  Exposing him to too many difficult games, though, can have a negative effect.  I would rather both Adam and Josip were rested and ready for Sunday.  For a whole raft of reasons, Bolingoli should start against Leverkusen on Thursday, he is experienced enough and I think he owes us one.

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  1. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Completely agree with this. He’s honking as well as being a selfish dunce, but I couldn’t care less about the EL this season. The club is a shadow of itself and we simply can’t afford to prioritise the EL when we are struggling to compete at home. Preserve our better players for Pittodrie. We’ll need them.

  2. Just logged in after allowing the flack to settle after the game, so sorry to hear about DD, I haven’t made a day out with CQN in a few years but know he was held in high esteem and I enjoyed his contributions over the years.


    Thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.



    RIP Garry

  3. Agree Paul, that Boli is an auto-pick for the Leverkusen game (as he’d did OK in his last outing I called for him in v DUFC and all but…well we saw how that ended.



    Despite it being obvious what Boli was thinking with b4 his fateful trip to Spain – and as I’ve said, she’s a belter of an excuse – I think he’s a brave and very energetic player with quick feet and a good appetite for the game.



    I still find it a bit sad that an enduring grudge is being held for so long against this footballer who, like many others, isn’t exactly a behavioural role model when it comes to their socialising habits. He’s a daftie but not the only one we’ve ever signed and kept on despite circumstantial evidence.



    Forgiveness says give the 3million quid man another chance.



    He didn’t exactly lose us the 10 all on his own ye know!

  4. @Quad..Mick gave you a mention and noticed you were up to date with events Doon Under









  5. Garry was one of the most generous and positive members of our community. Few who have actually met him had a bad word to say about him. He was at ease in expressing his love for his family and his club.



    He was a huge enthusiast for Ange Postecoglou and saw him as our Bielsa. He even enrolled in the predictor competition as Garry Postecoglou and I would like to let that name rest on our table for the remainder of this season as a small tribute to a supportive guy.



    I last talked with him at the funeral we attended for our recently departed Australian protagonist and it was Garry’s typical generosity in wishing to be there that prompted my attendance.



    He was one of the best of us, and I hate using that tense about him, in bringing people together.



    I am shocked by the news of his passing and I offer my weak sentiments to those who loved him and cherish his memories.



    RIP- Garry with two Rs- I hope Ange’s team does you proud

  6. Boli starting against livi, only making the bench against Raith Rovers and falling out of the squad for Dundee Utd in the space of one week is only one of several puzzling decisions from Ange.



    It’s very disheartening to be back to writing off the Europa league but unfortunately that’s where we are this week.



    Ange should know what game is his priority and plan accordingly. We must win on Sunday.



    RIP Garry.

  7. SFTB – heartfelt post.


    When I saw the Garry Postecoglou name not picking, I simply thought someone had got tired of his Superbru picks. Sadly, we never know the minute.



    DRAMBOWIECELT – thanks for that update. HH

  8. Rest in Peace Garry.



    I cannae believe this news.



    Garry going is a sign I tell ya.



    Get Good with the Lord Almighty.



    I’m greeting as Garry was like a Brother in Rhythm.

  9. Hi QUAD, thanks DRAMBOWIE, gutted with that sad news about Garry.


    Been on the phone to Paddy our presidente , he’s got some great


    Ideas for the CSC as soon as we get out and about again, hope you


    Can get down to one.


    Don’t think it will be soon though.


    H.H. Mick

  10. Do not stand at my grave and forever weep.



    I am not there; I do not sleep.



    I am a thousand winds that blow.



    I am the diamond glints on snow.



    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.



    I am the gentle autumn’s rain.



    When you awaken in the morning’s hush



    I am the swift uplifting rush



    Of quiet birds in circled flight.



    I am the soft stars that shine at night.



    Do not stand at my grave and forever cry.



    I am not there. I did not die.






    RIP Garry Duncan – A Celtic supporter

  11. I would have Bolingoli in at LB against Frimpong.3 CHs,and a RB,hopefully Juranovic.


    Middle 3,no idea,but we need legs.Shaw,Soro,Urogohide,why not?


    Front 2 Jota,Abada,through the middle.



    Sunday much more important,and we might find something out.We have next to no chance,so a good time to try.A draw would be a fantastic result,but you can see the problems in selection the manager has.


    What we don’t need is the same old,same old.

  12. Seven matches in — 4 at home — and we are 6th in the league.



    Really says it all regarding the damage that PL’s active involvement and DD’s passive involvement are doing to the club at the moment.



    Threadbare squad with no planning in the youths / reserves — and yet still too many clap.



    BBg = talented but he has never settled.

  13. @SFTB I Missed out on the register date for the predictions


    If and only if i could take Dd’s nameske for the rest of the season i would be honoured…


    I understand if it’s not appropriate

  14. RIP Garry



    I could tell from your posts how much our great club meant to you



    remembered in my prayers to-day




  15. So, so sad, to hear of DD’s passing, deepest condolences to all his friends on here and, of course, his family, Rest in Peace, my Celtic friend.

  16. Shocked to hear the news about Garry.


    I never had the pleasure of meeting him but did swap some funny tales with him on Sentinel Celts of my home town.


    Sincere condolences to his family and his many friends.

  17. Very sad to hear about the passing of Delanys Donkey. Good man and fine Celtic supporter.


    Thoughts and payers with the family.


    RIP Gary

  18. bournesouprecipe



    Dad is going Mad, so on ma day aff I took him to places he Loves. Ardmore.





    Celtic Books urnae even working.






    Ange isnae a ‘take it on the chin’ kinda dude.



    I Think we might win the League.



    You know me, I sincerely hope so.



    Wow How Guid is Callum?

  19. R.I.P. Garry.


    Very saddened to read the horrible news about Garry.


    We seemed to miss each other at several Hoots, with you being there and I wasnt due to health etc…or me being there, and you not being able to attend, but I knew that Garry was very popular with most posters/CQN members on here and that was good enough for me.


    We shared a couple of laughs together regarding ME living in nearby Yoker back in the 1980’s, and having a girlfriend from Garrys neck of the woods..in ” Dalmuir”, as I would sometimes drink in a couple of Pubs that Garry would frequent or at least be aware of in Dalmuir.



    My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Garrys family, and all of his friends .


    Garry R.I.P.





  20. Haven’t posted in a long time but shocked to hear of Garry’s passing a great lad who I had the pleasure of sharing a few beers with on more than a few occasions. RIP Garry the Celtic community is poorer without you

  21. Rip Garry , very sad news indeed .


    Never met the guy in later years although we were both on the same bus from Glasgow uni to Amsterdam In 82 for our historic. 2-1


    Rest in peace bud .. YWNWA

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