Raft of reasons to start Bolingoli against Leverkusen


Like you, no doubt, I could see Boli Bolingoli far enough last summer.  His actions kicked off a series of mishaps that destroyed Celtic’s title challenge by October.  Ange Postecoglou has been clear with his intentions towards the player, despite a raft of injuries, Ange has played youths and a right back on the left, with Bolingoli available for selection.

The 26-year-old remains on the payroll.  Unless we pay him off, like we did with Olivier Ntcham, or manage to convince someone to take him, a feat we were unable to do during the recent transfer window, he will remain at Celtic for another two years.

He played Champions League football last season and Europa League campaigns the years before that, there are too few in the squad with anything like that experience to call on.

Josip Juranovic’s hamstring may feel fine by Thursday morning, but honestly, would you be happy putting that muscle to the test, knowing we travel to Pittodrie on Sunday?  I like Adam Montgomery.  He is fast and can dribble and has real potential in the game.  Exposing him to too many difficult games, though, can have a negative effect.  I would rather both Adam and Josip were rested and ready for Sunday.  For a whole raft of reasons, Bolingoli should start against Leverkusen on Thursday, he is experienced enough and I think he owes us one.

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    Big Jimmy ..you ok mate……





    You know helps there if you need it …..





    Cheers mate, but I am okay. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Nurse about my kidneys, and another one in two weeks with the same nurse about my Diabetes. I dont know why she cant deal with both issues in ONE Appointment ?


    Strange..but what do I know ?



    Like so many, especially those that knew and loved Garry Duncan…I am shocked by the sad news Today.


    May I also pay my respects to Andy McMahon R.I.P.



  2. Mike in Toronto


    Listened to Gerry Cinnamon “diamonds in the mud” this morning as Garry highlighted it to me a while ago.HH

  3. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Just told WeeBGFC about Garry – his was the same as the universal reaction on here, Sentinel Celts, and anywhere else DD was know – disbelief and sadness.



    God bless Ryan and all his family from the two of us.






  4. @Big j……You know you will never be let down on here…


    We give it big licks wae fall outs ………..


    But my dads Mantra…..echoes in my ear








  5. sceptical citizen on

    Very sorry to read of DD/Gary’s passing. May he rest in peace.


    Sorry for all who knew and loved Gary.


    I don’t know of his reason for passing nor is it any of my business.


    I know that this won’t happen, but it would be easy and probably human nature to assume that posters who are also humans, might refer to Gary’s stance on the medical issue as being somehow influential in today’s very sad news.


    It would be appropriate to say that particular discussion can be held on another day, which would be the normal approach.


    But normal is – no more. Normal as we know it is gone!


    I say these words as I shared the same fears as Gary did, and with good reason.


    Well I’ve not said this before, but I will today to let Gary know that I shared his hesitancy about this medicine, and with good reason.


    My father in law did what is called doing the right thing by simply going for his medicine so to speak.


    Well the very next day my father in law had a blood cl– in his heart.


    The following day a piece separated or broke off from the blood cl– and went down his leg and he’s now waiting for his toes to be removed.


    Scary stuff, but I’m trying to convey that Gary wasn’t some wacko who read a website. His fears were genuine.


    As are now the fears of my entire family.


    I’m sure that you good reasonable people on here will now realise, especially after today’s devastating news that there are many, many, hundreds, if not thousands, of good, well intentioned people who are ‘genuinely’ very afraid in today’s climate – and its NOT because they read some scary website.


    The truth can be scary.


    But where do we find that truth if only one side of the discussion is allowed to be heard?


    Surely Celtic supporters of ALL groups of people, know better than anyone after all of our history, that if someone offering an alternative opinion to the one being “SCREAMED” from the rooftops by 100% of the most ‘untrustworthy’ media in the whole world, then that person is instantly ‘non-personed’….then maybe there’s something not adding up with this?


    I had fear mistrust curiosity off the radar, because I don’t and can’t bring myself to trust these messengers on the media, or any politicians of any persuasion as they’re ALL everyone of them, are consistently proven liars, and this was is before my father in law’s news was conveyed to our family.


    May Gary Rest In Peace. 💔 🙏

  6. I got an email from Celtic Pools saying that i can win a prize of new (fitted) golf clubs and get a free round at Trump Turnberry.



    Celtic really not ‘reading the room’ on this one

  7. sceptical citizen on



    oh gawd for the fourth time today



    SC Feck off





  8. The Battered Bunnet on




    If, as you suggest, Bolingoli is not included in the UEFA list and Celtic want to play him, I can’t imagine Leverkusen objecting.

  9. sceptical citizen on

    PHILBHOY on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:49 PM


    Why don’t you two drop it for now.?




    Good call Philboy.


    Will do.

  10. Just logged on to see the dreadful news about DD…..never met him but I think we were similar ages …enjoyed his posts ……a great tim who had a great taste in music!!…… sleep well Garry…

  11. Sorry to read about Garry. Condolences to friends and family.



    Can we leave the bickering for another day, eh?



    Not very appropriate given the circumstances.

  12. Alasdair MacLean on

    Can hardly bring myself to write anything about the awful news today.


    I just want to note I am proud to be able to say that Delaney’s Dunky was a friend of mine.

  13. sceptical citizen on

    GEEBEE1978 on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2021 4:04 PM




    Of course, Philbhoy has already made that call, which was heeded.


    Take care.

  14. SC come back tonight …


    i might be refreshed…….


    i might be fatigued….


    i also may be under the effects of my Nom-de plume


    So :::::do a couple

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Used to be good with dates.



    Now I can hardly remember a thing so have to write them down.



    Today is 28 September.



    We play Leverkusen on 30 September.



    So pre-match press conference on 29th.



    So far, so good.



    Scotland play 2 matches on 09 & 12 October.



    Clarke is at it including McGregor.



    The SMSM are at it with their “Steve will risk Calum” wording.



    The sheer audacity of both.



    Celtic’s next two games after Thursday are Aberdeen in 3rd October and Motherwell on 16th.



    Here’s how I’d like tomorrow’s press conference to play out …. IF … Calum won’t make Pittodrie.



    “Ange, how is Calum?”



    “Yeah, he’ll miss tomorrow. He’s probably a couple weeks away from being ready to play”



    Two weeks takes us to 13 October.



    Club stance defined.



    Clear message sent.



    “Bugger off Clarke. You’ve already damaged Turnbull’s fitness. Keep yir mitts off our captain. Go pick wonder boy with the bigoted mammy if you’re short”

  16. Just reading the sad news of the passing of Delaney’s Dunky.



    Garry reached out to me in 2013 when I was about to go into the Gold Coast Hospital for life-saving surgery. He sent me a long and very uplifting email despite my only having conversed with him a couple of times on CQN.



    I never ever forgot that.



    RIP Garry

  17. Rip Garry.


    I never met the lad but it would appear that I missed out on an opportunity to meet a wonderful Celtic fan.

  18. Never met or knew Garry AKA Delaney’s Dunky. But enjoyed some of his posts


    RIP fella



    May the road rise up to meet you.


    May the wind be always at your back.


    May the sun shine warm upon your face;


    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,


    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  19. RIP Garry Duncan,an old school friend and Knightsood lad.Spent many a great time in his company and had many a good “giggle”.



    Condolences to all family and friends




  20. Logged on to make a point ahead of our European game.


    Read of DD’s passing.


    Stunned and shocked.


    I know he was a friend to many on here, not least of whom was Petec.



    Condolences and prayers to all his family and friends.

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