Raft of reasons to start Bolingoli against Leverkusen


Like you, no doubt, I could see Boli Bolingoli far enough last summer.  His actions kicked off a series of mishaps that destroyed Celtic’s title challenge by October.  Ange Postecoglou has been clear with his intentions towards the player, despite a raft of injuries, Ange has played youths and a right back on the left, with Bolingoli available for selection.

The 26-year-old remains on the payroll.  Unless we pay him off, like we did with Olivier Ntcham, or manage to convince someone to take him, a feat we were unable to do during the recent transfer window, he will remain at Celtic for another two years.

He played Champions League football last season and Europa League campaigns the years before that, there are too few in the squad with anything like that experience to call on.

Josip Juranovic’s hamstring may feel fine by Thursday morning, but honestly, would you be happy putting that muscle to the test, knowing we travel to Pittodrie on Sunday?  I like Adam Montgomery.  He is fast and can dribble and has real potential in the game.  Exposing him to too many difficult games, though, can have a negative effect.  I would rather both Adam and Josip were rested and ready for Sunday.  For a whole raft of reasons, Bolingoli should start against Leverkusen on Thursday, he is experienced enough and I think he owes us one.

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  1. Garry touched the lives of so many people in a bright, vibrant, musically and rebelliously Celtic way, including people like myself who despite never having met him loved his personality which shone thru his posts and updates on all things.



    What a miss for everyone who knew him but especially his family.



    God bless you Garry, YNWA.

  2. CaddingtonCommon on

    Sad news about Garry. Never new him but from reading his posts and the tributes from fellow posters I felt, in a strange way, I did know.


    RIP Garry and Hail Hail.

  3. Met DD at my first hoot . Clicked straight away ( hard not to ) that smile . We ended up standing on a table belting out ‘PEACHES’.



    So many laughs ….golf , drink and Celtic stories …..



    One subject he never got tired of talking about was his love for his family .R.I.P ma pal .🙏🍻🏌️‍♂️⚽






    You do know he’ll be back to haunt you if you haven’t spelt his name right ,its……… ‘GARRY’ 👍

  4. itscalledthemalvinas on

    Sorry to hear of the passing of Garry,never met him but his love of Celtic always shone through.

  5. When I first started lurking on this site, Garry’s posts were always the ones that I could identify with most. I think he was a good bit younger than me but seemed to have had a similar upbringing. It’s clear from today’s tributes that he touched the hearts of all those he met, whether in person or through the cqn and sc sites.


    Condolences to all his friends and family…

  6. RIP Garry / DD never met the man but always read his comments on the blog ,came across as nice person.


    Hope his vision ,like mine ,about our manager comes true .HH

  7. Premier Sports League Cup




    Saturday 20th Nov 5:15pm


    Celtic v St Johnstone


    Sunday 21st Nov 4pm


    Rangers v Hibernian

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Cheers Tom McL.



    Glad we are first up.



    Sevco can play on the churned up pitch the next day for once.

  9. Never met the man either, Delany’s Dunky, but judging by the number of posts on this blog and the one earlier, he must have been some guy. RIP Garry, looks very much like you will be well missed.

  10. Just cannot believe this sad, sad news about poor Garry.



    I let my brother know there as we both knew Garry from growing up and my big bro cannot believe this either. So shocked.



    May God bless his family and look after them in their hour of need.



    Can we donate anywhere for a wreath or something



    D :)

  11. AN TEARMANN on 28TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:20 PM









    Seen you mention tribute to jimmy Greaves by Danny Kelly.ta.agreed great listen for a hour .:-)





















    came across very humble and really aware of his strengths and weaknesses and brutally honest on the world cup, injuries, illness and losing his best attributes, i thought it was a great doc.



    “i suffered a goal drought once” he said



    “worst 15 minutes of my career”

  12. “Threadbare squad”



    Our first team squad has 39 players so may that we have let 7 go out on loan. 34 IN B squad.



    There is no way this squad is threadbare,



    PL has left the club



    Our issue is that key players are injured and the others are not motivated or are not good enough



    The performance in the last 2 games are not good enough and look a lot like the disgruntled players from last season. it is the managers job to get a performance and Ange has to deal with any issues. I think we will get back on track. A good performance is not beyond us

  13. I’ve been in touch with Garry’s son, Ryan. He and his family are overwhelmed with all the tributes here and elsewhere. They are really grateful for all the kind words ans suggested tributes.



    There will be a post mortem on Monday and funeral arrangements will be announced thereafter.



    I will keep you updated if you don’t hear it elsewhere first.

  14. I have not frequented this green place for sometime but had to come on and post my condolences.


    Garry Duncan (Delaney’s Dunky) was a unique individual. Someone that did so much for others and who had so many friends that loved him.


    Although I have not been about here, I did Lee in touch with Garry through a group I am on.


    You knew where you stood with him, someone who stood up for what he believed in.


    He was a big supporter of Ange, his Biesla that would rejuvenate his beloved Celtic, I hope his belief in Ange comes to pass. I can just hear him now, I told you so.


    May God Bless your Soul Garry and God Bless those that you will now be with in Heaven.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  15. RIP Garry and condolences to Andy’s family too. I didn’t know either man but seems to me both were good men. I met DD at the last hoot when Park Road 67 introduced us but we only shared a hello and a handshake. But if the esteem Park Road 67 held him in is anything to go by he must have been some BHOY.



    May both of them sit with God. If they arrive at the pearly gates together this would be their song.







  16. I had an unusually busy day today, but still felt the effects of todays sad news re BSR’s friend and of-course our own DD………….Horribly sad.


    For those who only knew these guys through here I think this sums up the feelings well.










    RIP Garry . I only knew you through these pages but the way you are warmly described by those who knew you better , is exactly how I pictured you .

  17. Delaney’s Dunky.


    Not that long ago my boy told me that a woman he worked with was getting married to a guy whose da was a poster here. Did I know a Delaney’s Dunky? Of course I did, the man’s a CQN legend, I told him.


    Me and DD then chatted on here about what a small green and white world it was. And now this afternoon my boy tells me that he has died.


    Terrible news and an awful loss. Condolences to his family and friends

  18. Many great memories posted already of our own


    Garry Duncan


    And a real privilege to have been part in quiet a few of them in Garry’s company


    Our time spent Lisbon 2017, particularly in Ronaldo’s bar as mentioned,or the pink street party,will live with a few of us forever.


    That is now 2 of our fellow travellers from the trip that have gone (Stephen Houston & Garry)


    They will meet up again In a special place and be watching over us all



    Our time in Dublin


    And more importantly our time at our 2nd home – Celtic Park



    Thanks for the time we have spent as Bhoys, and being a friend Garry



    Thoughts and Prayers are with your full family at this devastating time


    And with you Garry ( your religion was another huge part of life)



    May Perpetual Light Shine Upon You Garry Duncan




    May you Rest In the Arms of our Lord







  19. PS – was in tears typing that



    Can I also offer huge condolences for the family and Friends of Andy McMahon



    May Perpetual Light Shine Upon You Andy




    May you Rest In Peace



    Hail Hail



    I remember saying the Alarm were better than the Clash😉


    My god did I get telt 😉


    You told me that Garry and myself would get on just fine,and you were right mate.


    We had had a few ding dongs on here so I was a wary about meeting up at a hoot,but you,MARSPAPA and BMCUWP assured me it would be fine.It was better than that.He came towards me hand outstretched and shook my hand at the pool table and it was never brought up.


    God Bless your mucker 💚

  21. Can I add


    I hope someone can pass on message of Garry’s passing to Sydney Tim


    Another very good friend of Garry’s in their early years of following our great club

  22. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Hey my auld gig friend Gary


    Take care and enjoy mixing with the music elite



    Will miss you at the manics next week



    Singing it loud at the indie disco






    Ryan chin up my friend

  23. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    My condolences to Delaney’s Dunky‘s / Garry’s family and all his friends and other posters here.



    I always stopped to read his posts and indeed we had brief exchanges over the years on here. Always polite and welcoming.



    I have mainly been lurking here past 16 years but it’s always a shock and saddening to lose one of the CQN community.



    Take care all.

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