Raith call out SFA plans for Appellate Tribunal


You wonder if Ally McCoist rues the day he called for the public outing of members of the SFA Judicial Panel which imposed a player registration ban on his club.  One judge, one journalist and one football club, Raith Rovers, were soon outed.  Crossing the Fifers was a mistake.

Raith Rovers are now pointing out the same facts we have discussed here for months:

“We are also concerned that there has not as yet been an opportunity for clubs to receive legal advice from the SFL and/or debate the potential consequences on the smooth running of our league in the event that the Courts are asked to annull/strike down any of the corporate transactions that have led to the current position of Sevco Scotland Ltd as owners of certain assets of the Rangers oldco.

“Indeed, the position as regards the potential sanctions to be applied by the Scottish FA via its Appellate Tribunal has also still to be bottomed out.”

In short, Sevco’s ownership of Ibrox may be nullified by the courts and the SFA will be forced to subvert judicial oversight if it wants to guarantee Sevco participate in football next season.

While these concerns were only expressed online, the SFA were able to ignore the issue, but with Raith Rovers asking the questions Mr Regan will have to look SFL clubs in the eye and tell them what he’s going to do with Lord Carloway.

Lurgan 53

Dwyer O’Hagan, or Lurgan 53 as he was known here, passed away on Wednesday after an illness stretching back to last year.  Dwyer enjoyed our triumphs and defeats on the blog for many years and will be sadly missed by us all.  Our condolences to his family and friends.

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  1. archdeaconsbench on

    Traynor about to launch into ‘We are the world….’



    Another new angle. Another lie.

  2. Auldheid


    Now that I’m back from my travels, I just wanted to acknowledge that you were right (I’m glad to say) and I was wrong about the new Huns being admitted to the SPL.



    My view that that the ‘establishment’ would protect Rangers was not wrong in the sense that they made every effort to keep them in the SPL and will very likely succeed in limiting their fall to the SFL1.



    I have also long held the view that UEFA/FIFA would not intervene and that has been the case to date. I do not see that changing.



    Next season we will have a debt free but severely weakened Huns in SFL1.


    More than I expected but wrong.

  3. The Comfortable Collective on

    Auld Neil Lennon heid on 7 July, 2012 at 14:54:



    I think we might see a lot of effort in isolating RR this week. . .



    Stephbhoy on 7 July, 2012 at 14:54:



    Fair enough.



    I dont have any tangeable justification for my point of view, except when I hear accepting comments from them, it makes me suspicious.



    However, that may be just because doncaster/ reagan just feel they have boxed the SFL clubs into a corner.



    If motion 1 is correct, then hopefully the answer is NO.

  4. No jim you are using the scare tactic of the rest of the game dying as a tactic


    to help new company and you know it, and whats more most of us know it too,


    and thats your real problem.

  5. Pressley excellent on shortbread.



    falkirk are a healthy club, in profit, by rearing their own, and cutting cloth accordingly.



    also calling out the logic of havign rangers in div1, what happens if they dont get promoted.



    and not in the Regan camp, scottish football will survive.

  6. Gordon_J, difficult to know what comes next but I see the ground being prepared for entry in the Third Division.

  7. A beautiful requiem mass for Lurgan53, a fitting tribute from the priest for this special man and ‘ardent Glasgow Celtic supporter.’



    RIP Dwyer O’Hagan



  8. Electronic Tims ‏@ETimsNet


    Pressley “If Rangers finish 5th in Div 1 I bet they find a “solution” to put Rangers in SPL!.



    Guan the Elvis..

  9. Jabba certainly has an agenda against Mr Hutton.


    Stupid hurting hun.




  10. The Comfortable Collective on 7 July, 2012 at 15:01 said:



    i can only hope its a new no for thems, and given everything hanging over thems i think its bloody risky

  11. Fine words Paul in remembrance of Dwyer.



    His service has now ended and his family and friends will be heading to his resting place now.



    It was a privilege to have access to his service and to have met the man, however briefly.

  12. garygillespieshamstring on

    That was a wonderful tribute to Dwyer. He sounds like a great man.


    R I P.

  13. jt – the decine in scottish football and it was happening when rangers were in the league. scottish football is not doomed, hopefully rangers are, sorry their deed

  14. dowtchyabhoy on

    setting free the bears on 7 July, 2012 at 14:09 said:





    You can catch the service here



    Memorial service





    Thanks for that, very much appreciated

  15. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Bhoys dont give up keep posting anywhere you can ring these phone in programmes write to papers MPs excetra .Let them know football is nothing without integrity.There was a time we thought that newco.were certain to start in the SPL but fan power ended that move.So we can still influence those clubs before next weeks vote.No to newco.in Division 1.H.H.

  16. Astounding……do these intellectually challenged fools on RS not comprehend the scale of the legal tornado engulfing the entire scam surrounding rfc/sevco?


    How are these propagandists,especially that corpulent clown,Jabba,being given the oxygen of publicity at our expense.


    “The bonfire of the vanities” doesn’t begin to describe this nonsense.

  17. Paul, I think you are probably right. I can’t see the first division gerrymander being supported. But there is still the chance of a Spartans or the like asking one simple question – why are we not being considered for the vacant SFL place as well as Sevco?

  18. The Comfortable Collective on

    The SFA had it easy for decades.



    Warp and denigrate the sport in Scotland for the benefit of one team, no problem, we’ll use the referees, and any uppity tim complains, the msm will helpfully put them in their place as paranoid.



    F**k it, we’ll not even be subtle about it.



    Aidan McGeady, sure, we’ll send him off for ‘diving’ on the half way line, just because we can, sure it wouldn’t happen to another team in scotland, or in any league anywhere in the world, but we’ll do it. And why? Because we can. so run along paranoid timmy, nothin to see here.



    Add a sprinkle of ‘kapos’ in the form of Collum and Conroy, more intent in personal progression and keeping on the good side of their ‘betters’.



    I don’t have to go into chapter and verse on here about how the SFA have cheated and subverted moral and sporting integrity in order to help the huns.




    Their subversion of all their own rules, the ignoring of moral and sporting interity to shoehorn them into a league where no one else wants them is simply the latest step in this long line of shame.

  19. Jabba : bigotry personified & a puff-piece PR slimeball for one non-club and one non-club only.


    How this greedy excuse for a journo is allowed to continue his vile propaganda is utterly beyond me.


    Even in the ‘shock-jock’ world of American radio the gibbering overeater would be laughed outta town.


    His horrible sleekit tones and self-contradictory statements are an embarassment to Scotland.


    Radio off. Listening to any more would be akin to self harm.


    Joe Filippis Haircut on 7 July, 2012 at 11:17 said:




    I was born and brought up in Ayrshire I used to think it was the most bitter anti catholic place in Scotland.Then I moved to Stirlingshire and found it worse places like Plean and Fallin even the rides in the childrens play parks are painted orange and purple we live in a bigoted wee Country.H.H.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~



    They only play at being bigots-if bigotry wisnae “cool” there,then they would soon stop it.



    In Kilwinning,Dalry,the Cumnocks,Auchinleck-oh,ffs,who am I kidding,in most of Ayrshire-it is endemic.



    It will take decades of re-education to teach them what their “brothers across the sea” learned,and that is that co-existence is preferable to confrontation.



    There’s a long way to go,but hatred and intolerance must never prevail.



    It must never be ALLOWED to prevail.



    And those who encourage it,and plenty of them are in positions to prevent it,should be called to account.

  21. Jabba has more ffaces than a tow hall clock he is only interested is covering his own fat bahooky IMO

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