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    The blog was in fine form and humour after yesterday’s result



    It goes pear-shaped today when Celtic win!



    Blinkin’ flip,take a look at yerselves,folks…..

  2. Paul67,etal.



    Good final score,the team done well.



    My moan is,after 5,10mins why did Celtic not change the pattern of their game, when you play against a 9man defence the first thing you do is stop punting high balls down the park,easy meat for defenders to defend that kind of ball. Secondly you keep the ball as close to your body as possible,these things weren’t getting done,If we hadn’t received that Penalty we would have gone along playing the same way,we would have gone into the second half with an atitude of, much of a muchness.



    The substituions were correct ,but maybe should have been on from the start.We certainly need Scott in the team to give it that bit of bite,And James certainly Kept Raith busy chasing his heels.No one injured so a plus for me.But the game should have been changed within a quarter,of an hour,I saw it,you saw it,Why didn’t the manager see it,everyone knew that Raith would try and frustrate the players,it’s common practice these days,too frustrate the Celtic.


    Ah well,a good result in the end.

  3. Voguepunter



    I’m sound with you mate. It’s the arseholes that try to have a go at me that gets my goat. They’re meant to be intelligent folk yet can’t put a single argument to back up their pathetic one liners. If they want to call me out Ill gladly square up. They have nothing on me.



    I back the team through thick and thin.



    They don’t, because its fecked their line or because Sami is just shite. Pathetic.



    T,hey spout their shite and then fuck off again leaving me sitting fizzin.



    Fuck it. They should be exposed for the sad clique they are. Do they want to keep this place to themselves? Who the fuck are they to tell me? The wee arsehole jinky BHOY is laying out threats the other day and I’m meant to shut up?



    He can meet me anytime after that. I’ll fuckin show the wee prick



    15:24 on


    3 February, 2013





    The blog was in fine form and humour after yesterday’s result



    It goes pear-shaped today when Celtic win!



    Blinkin’ flip,take a look at yerselves,folks…..



    Celtic have qualified comfortably in the end for the next round of the competition whats not to like, so who would we like to draw?………. Juve game looming ever quicker last 16 C/L yes last 16 C/L………… Regan on shortbread last night ….. lots of Celtic chat to be had

  5. Well that’ll be that then..



    Used to be you could enjoy the game and talk about a great result but seems the lunatics have taken over the asylum again..



    Take the sharp objects away please

  6. Corkcelt are you saying the PIRA are not guilty of such crimes ?



    Anyway my point was and still is singing about the PIRA has no place at a football match. Any right thinking Celtic fan knows this. End of.

  7. izzy


    15:24 on


    3 February, 2013



    Away and take a break bud………………….. calm down your doing yourself no favours, its only a blog

  8. corkcelt


    sorry for late response I agree Celtic are more than a football club but I stand by my personal view that we have sufficient football history and songs without singing these ballads at matches. my opinion is just that and I apoligise to no-one for it sorry if that offends but not sorry about my opinion off now sunday diner doesnt make itself. will catch up later but wont be posting for a while


    Good performance by the bhoys in second half



  9. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Well done The Bhoys. Hard hard game for us today and under a lot of pressure after last week’s slip up. Ref didn’t want to give us anything. I was amazed he allowed us to kick off! Well taken penalty from Kris and two great goals from young James and Charlie. I hope Charlie is running into one of those patches of form where he can come up with a batch of goals over 4 or 5 games. Juve beware! Today was a day for the donkey jackets and wie did that successfully.



    Well done to Dumdee Utd yesterday in dispatching that wee team who have an overblown perception of their place and influence in Scottish football – especially after the Arabs had to endure all their media bluster, sniping and backbiting for the last 7weeks or so. Congratulations to Sevco for their successful strategy of the boycott and punishing Dundee Utd by guaranteeing them a place in the next round of the Cup and the extra money to their coffers that will bring.

  10. Nephew in, that will be Harry Potter on, with the blog the way it is…………………….ole Harry wins



    enjoy yer day Celts

  11. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Still on the subject of Dundee Utd, there was a patch of play in the second half yesterday when The Arabs seemed to retain possession for a long time, passing their way through Sevco with ease. Did any status on here count the number of passes in that piece of play?

  12. Magnus, thanks for that. I hate to argue with Tims I really do but I felt embarrassed by that today.


    As I said I’m all for celebrating our heritage but in the right way and I know there are many who agree with me however when we speak out we get accused of being Huns or disrespecting the hungers strikers ! Fuckin pathetic.


    Our manager has already asked for the songs to stop……he must be an Orc then eh !

  13. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Guys – you all know Paul’s language violation rules on his blog. He wants to keep this site open to all, so please bin the expletives.






  14. Corkcelt, equally be sure to let us all know where you’re sitting so the right thinking fans can have a look at who’s pissing on Celtics good name.

  15. I’ve been on this blog on and off since 2006. While there has often been controversy, points were generally well argued and personal abuse was uncommon.



    Sadly, since the arrival of the angry brigade as well as the tiresome time-waster who can’t stand the ‘bored’, the comments section of this fine blog is little better than that beneath a Celtic v Them you tube video.



    While I always read Paul’s article,I rarely look in on the comments anymore and have only recently started looking in again after a much needed break. What a mistake that was. I used to enthusiastically recommend this place to any Tims I met. I don’t do that anymore and won’t be again anytime soon.



    What a crying shame that the once fine CQN, the place that introduced me to the delights of Estadio’s prose, the thrill of the next instalment of WG’s gate in the wood and the banter of Noel90 and Pablophanque is now populated by the likes of Izzy, KJ and a few other clowns. I’m not being all misty eyed here and I recognise there were problems in the past but generally these were occasional isolated incidents. It’s hardly a coincidence that the contributions of the true entertainers have become fewer as the new breed of CQN’r has become more prominent.



    The word Hun is thrown around here a lot but I have never used it against anyone. However I would like to point out that you don’t need to be a supporter of the team in blue to be one in my book. A Hun is defined by his behaviour and there are a number of posters who need to take a long hard look at themselves.



    Anyway, that’s my two cents worth. Do what you want with it.



    I’m out.

  16. Bobo



    I’d rather have Corkcelt’s jacket sitting next to me than …………………………….you.

  17. Rieperman,said it better than I ever could,used to be a great place to air ones views,sadly,those days are gone,I can swear with the best of them,but,it doesn’t take a lot of commonsense to know that this is not the place for that kind of language,as for all the hardman chat,dearie me.

  18. rieperman



    15:44 on 3 February, 2013



    Have to agree with those sentiments. A fine blog now ruined by a few cretins.



    We are a football team and have plenty of great songs portraying our achievements in that


    field over the years. The Songs at away games have no place at a football match, IMHO,


    Never sang them,could not give a monkey’s about the political situation in Ireland,


    but will continue to support the GLASGOW Celtic whenever and wherever they play.





    Some of the chat on here is a mirror image of FF, grow up and take your politics to a political site and give us peace!

  19. voguepunter



    Right, thank God for that. Was beginning to worry there. :))



    Weefra HH

  20. voguepunter



    As we seem to be the only ones in this parallel site, good result today eh.



    Weefra HH