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  1. Celtic in total command and never once threatened, except by officialdom.



    The half we’re now hitting into, hasn’t been played on and Celtic will score and the SFA


    and Raith will be taken out.

  2. I am Neil Lennon e El Juarez Bravo on

    Unbiased Jimmy Nicholl – “hopefully Raith will get a wee break”

  3. Afternoon bhoys from a sunkist hun free mountain valley.



    Celtic are doing their bit to distribute some money to the lower divisions.



    Playing for a replay !!!!!!!!



    Shocking pitch and conditions.



    Should have had a pen, we would prob have missed it anyways.

  4. Poor first half, all possession but lacking a cutting edge….. Will score a few in the 2nd I’m sure. Wi the looks of Lenny he won’t miss them and hit the wall!

  5. Re the state of the park. There are large green tracts, mostly in the half we defended.


    If you watch some games from CP in the 60s you will see us playing football on a ploughed park and this is a carpet in comparison.

  6. Gerry bhoy



    With kayak in midfield … Do you think we could be up the creek without a paddy :)

  7. jackie mac – Lennon’s digestary system has been aggressively attacking the corn flakes he had for breakfast all morning.

  8. Bobo


    Yes but each to their own, seems to be a lull now maybe cos the game is stagnant





    Not doing anything wrong out there today,but not doing anything right either!

  10. Crap pitch, not the type of game for our players to create, add on the MiB cheats and no wonder we struggled in the 1st half. We need to change the game I’d put Forrest on.



  11. tommytwiststommyturns on

    We need a replay like a hole in the head, with all the fixtures we have through February!


    Need to get Charlie into a more advanced position so that we get some quality deliveries into the box. Mind you, Hooper and Watt are going to struggle to beat tall defenders.


    If it’s the same with 20 minutes to go, then I would put one of the CB’s up front to get on the end of crosses!




  12. stephenofderby on

    KLV you’re criticism is typical of someone who loves to see the Hoops win. Thats fair. The game lasts ninety minutes though. If its still the same at the end then we can look for explanations. Support the hoops and they’ll deliver. Neil Lennon can deliver a team talk to win the second half and the tie.

  13. These are no excuses, but these games are always difficult, playing against 11 parked and packed in defence on a muddy cow-patch.


    I think we need to go straight down the middle……passing hit and hope balls from left and right wings is futile, especially with an unpredictable swirling wind.


    Lumpen fare. A grind.


    Hopefully the seond half will allow some flair to show.


    COYBIG! echoed x 10,

  14. This isn’t the type of surface on which to be using Forrest, not if we want him to be available for the Juventus game.



    I’d probably consider taking Hooper off (to protect him from turning an ankle) and putting Stokes on. Go with the tremendous Tony twosome in the second half, and push Commons in just behind the strikers, letting him run at the central defenders with the ball bobbling at his feet. If he can turn any of their defenders (which he can), there’s always the chance of a mis-timed tackle conceding a real penalty. And with the strong wind blowing towards the Raith goal in the second half, I wouldn’t put it past Chaz to score one direct from a corner.





    Raith 0 Celtic 3


    (Commons (pen), Stokes, Ledley)

  15. Very poor again in the cup, crosses to the invisible man, no creativity and basically 6 defenders against raith rovers. No where near good enough from the players on that park, Two steps forward 3 steps back for me again, nothing seem’s to get learn from one game to the next. No doubt the riot act in second half, but its like last Sunday all over again from some of the players. attitude miles out. Just Saying………………




  16. ………..Gawd help us…………………….. Thompson…….


    poster boy hun for Shortie……………

  17. tommytwiststommyturns on

    PF – I wouldn’t be surprised if the big man could play in any position!



    Co-commentator, ex-Celtic, ex-Raith Rovers Stevie Thompson…….aye right.


    BBC Scotland tossers!




  18. Can someone explain to me why we are fielding 2 defensive midfielders in kayal & Vic in this match…



    Kayal off Stokes on

  19. And, btw, ‘accident’ or no ‘accident’ in the box (more like accidental on purpose) a foul is a foul…..penalty.


    I feel like I’m grasping at straws now!


    : > )

  20. Bankiebhoy



    Ticks all the boxes ..



    Brucey bonus that he scored for a team that knocked us out of the cup semi last week

  21. Commons needs to drop off their back 4 a bit, start picking holes in it.



    Tony Watt needs to sharpen up or make way for Stokesy.



    Hoops needs to stay on their back line and ruffle them with more incisive movement.



    The zombie-luvvin’ linesman, Gilmour, needs a Benny Hill slap on his wee hun napper.

  22. People like Jimmy Nichol are everything that’s wrong with Scottish football. No enthusiasm at all, doesn’t even sound like he enjoys football.