Raith, what can go wrong? Newco back at court


Raith Rovers in the League Cup, what can go wrong?  Rovers are nine points off the top of the Championship but have already ejected Livingston and Aberdeen from this season’s League Cup, performing far better at the Tony Macaroni than some of us did

If my memory serves correct, they were just as far off the pace in the second tier that fateful day we try not to recall too often.  For Celtic, this is an opportunity to get back on track, for Raith Rovers, this is a chance to reach a Hampden semi-final, with all the money and prestige that brings.  Whatever ills them in the league, they found the ability to frustrate and dispose of two Premiership clubs this season.  I will be happy to see Celtic take a two goal lead.

Scotland’s favourite litigants’ representatives were back in court yesterday in their dispute with the SPFL.  The League have entered a sponsorship deal with online car dealer, cinch.  Newco refuse to comply with sponsorship terms, claiming a prior deal with Parks Motor Group (of Newco chairman, Douglas Park fame), prohibits them from doing so.

Newco provided a redacted document from May this year to substantiate their claim, however, Lord Keen, acting for the SPFL, informed the court the document revealed Newco and cinch were in talks as late as 7 June this year to rename Ibrox Stadium.

Sheer self-respect would prevent you, wouldn’t it?

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on

    “however… the document revealed Newco and cinch were in talks as late as 7 June this year to rename Ibrox Stadium.”






    You really can’t make it up, can you.

  2. I particularly liked Newco’s statement yesterday confirming prior negotiations with Cinch while at the same time denying the negotiations took place 😂

  3. Paul, Raith Rovers ejected Aberdeen but not Livingston, the court room drama and darling of the law fraternity club did that last night. I’m sure this mob must getting legal aid.

  4. …………………..Hart………………………..


    Ralston CCV Welsh Montgomery


    ………… Turnbull Soro Rogic…………….


    ………Abada Giakoumakis Jota…………………




  5. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Cinch you’ve been gone


    All that’s left is a brand I’ve sold…



    With due apologies to Freda Payne.

  6. NOTACLUE1 and PARKHEADCUMSALFORD thank you for your willingness to help this old ghuy with the Covid Passport. About twenty minutes ago I actually managed to get it on line and printed it off. Do not ask me how I did it, luck I guess.



    Before I managed, I kept getting told to phone 119. Actually they do not deal with the Passport, so why tell us to phone that number?



    Lhads thanks for your willingness to help. The real Celtic spirit to help one another never dies, does it? Brother Walfrid put a spirit into the club that lingers on 133 years later. Long may it continue.

  7. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Weight of schedule, thinness of squad/ injuries, lack of glamour…. A workmanlike 2-1.



    The huns? They were always going to get found out. Just weird.

  8. Stadium naming rights. Very common these days and I have no idea why Celtic have not gone down that road. Must be some valid reason ?



    Adidas Celtic Park, Vodafone Celtic Park, JD Sports Celtic Park. Or even Sports Direct Celtic Park.

  9. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck to the Celts in the cup.



    Progress tonight will give us a chance to remind the country we’re on a fifteen game unbeaten streak at Hampden, five years in the making.

  10. Ah, Raith Rovers ! I’ll never forgive our Social Convener for buying £100 of celebratory champagne before the match, we ended up pouring it out the window of the bus on the way home (M8).

  11. Andy Patons Mullet on

    As much as we laugh at the huns and the absurdity of what has now come to light, at what point does the Scottish Authorities take them to task. Stalling and procrastination to bankrupt other football clubs to make it easier for them to do the same without the penalty? The league couldn’t and wouldn’t penalise say 3/4 clubs as it makes a mockery of the league. Scorched Earth FC.



    If it was down to me (yes I am biased against them) it would be a suspension of their membership immediately with the view of expulsion. They bring nothing good to the game or the country.




    Well done to you on giving those Guys a Glesga Magical Mystery Tour, and the info about Glasgow Celtic etc.


    Great Post.



    My old Da did something similar with his Black hack Taxi in the early 1970’s, and a South African Journalist that hired him for a few hours.


    I suspect that my Da had his Taxi Meter running throughout LOL.



    Soon after this Tour of Celtic Park, Hampden and Ibrox, the SA Journalist must have been impressed with his experience,, as on returning home to South Africa, he published a story about my Da and the wonderful stories and history of Celtic in particular that my da had provided.


    The Journalist must have asked my Da for his name and address etc, as soon after he returned home, he sent my Da a copy of the South African newspaper…with his ” Article/Story” of his trip with my Da, and all the great history and stories that my Da had given him….especially of Celtic and the ” Rivalry” between Celtic and The Huns.


    I think I MAY still have that South African newspaper somewhere in the Hoose, as my Da gave to me many years ago ?


    Again, well done SAINT STIVS.




  13. JIMDOM on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2021 1:05 PM


    Stadium naming rights. Very common these days and I have no idea why Celtic have not gone down that road. Must be some valid reason ?





    Maybe a GB banner tonight to name CP, JGA…THE JANEY GODLEY ARENA…..” IT’S OK TO BE RACIST, JANEY”…it’s the cause that matters!!!!

  14. Im hoping that Big GIO can score a hat trick at least tonight,…or at least ONE Goal to stake his place in the team as I see NOTHING about Ajeti that makes me think hes good enough for Celtic.


    Whenever I see Ajeti on the team sheet..my heart and hopes sinks a little.


    Sorry for being so negative about a Celtic player, but I cant help it.



  15. smiley an awfy braw post..thank you the Simon Templar fae Stivs thing



    SAINT STIVS on 22ND SEPTEMBER 2021 8:42 PM


    I had an interesting day today.







    Business meeting at our office in Glasgow, with guys from Swansea and Watford.







    Both football fans, we chatted often about results, celtic connections to those clubs, the good (bbj) the bad (judas) the ugly (hurlock of all people).







    A cleared schedule for an all day meeting pleasantly suprised when all business was concluded by lunchtime.







    Flights not till 5pm, what we going to do now, well guys its a free hit, email or a tour around glasgow ?







    Celtic Park anyone ?







    Signed up.







    I showed them The toilet block , “it was a pity rangers got relegated, it spoiled the laegue for a while ” one said. The true story presented, and the losses never paid and the fraud of the phoenixing they were agog. How can that happen ? If derby go under they go under, aye well scotland that is.







    Onto Celtic park, the plaque for the original park, round to the statues, a look at the banners, the stories of them, tommy, walfrid, jock, jinky, they loved our history a few wow reallies ?







    the celtics for change stone, the cqn one, family members, down to see billy, he is the most impressive.







    down the london road i told the story of the migrants, the irish, walfrids dinner tables through bridgton, there is a flat across from the old police station, every window bedecked in orange crap.







    they never heard before the religious elements, or they didnt pick up on it.







    showed the huns bars, told of the murders, turned up abercromby street and went to saint marys.







    even today, today 2021, the level of poverty on show in that street on an ordinary day, is pitiful, a strange thing occured, a rangers top wearing equally pitful guy walked past the gates and the statue, and looked haunted, he is just poor i thought, and addicted, and it is a shame.







    i told the story of an gorta mor, i took them in the church , showed wlfrids pictiure and tfather peter on the walls, the paving and the peter howson.







    some fella is in praying, in a devout way, looking high, arms out, dont know why, but against the walfrid painting he looked as tortured as those in the frame.







    we didnt go past the back row.







    back in the car, the tommy burns story, down the gallowgate, bar67, the hoops bar, the story of bairs, the brake clubs, onto the saltmarket, more walfrid story of charlotte street and the brothers.







    up high street, the waves of irish, the banners on the lamposts “the famine” statements.







    provands lordship, cathedral, infirmary, and the garndgard, mcgrory, royston road.







    told them more about walfrid going to saint annes,







    dropped them back at the airport a wee bit early and said there is a celtic shop in there.







    best business meeting ever said nik from watford.







    cant wait to get up far a game and i am buying my kid something from the shop said david.







    if you know our history.







    I’m getting to this late, but that was a very enjoyable read indeed yesterday, on your missionary work educating your business associates from ‘darn sarf.’ I felt myself being transported along just imagining the scenes. Well done!

  17. The worry for me is the team performance. Will we continue in the Livingston vein? Passing backwards and sideways at a slow pace, Few forward passes. Limited shots at Goal.






    Will we play Angeball, quick passing attacking play?



    if we play as we did against Livingston we could well lose

  18. Big Jimmy



    ‘Whenever I see Ajeti on the team sheet..my heart and hopes sinks a little.’



    Sadly, so do his!

  19. Seeing Big Ange has said G.MAK isnae ready for staritn yet?????


    I Hope tae God wae see him at least in the 2nd half ..Score a wee double….


    And seal the deal…….



    Cinch you’ve been gone



    All that’s left is a brand I’ve sold…



    With due apologies to Freda Payne.





    😂😂. Brilliant song.



    Two homes games to get motoring again and get some much needed game time for a lot of our new players. Then another home game against a far higher level of opponent, in Bayer Leverkusen. Hope to see Giakoumakis and Scales at some point tonight.

  21. Mathematics was my least favourite subject in school, I can add and subtract and that’s it. Reading Paul’s article yesterday about the current financial state of the club I was I was astounded and blinded by the science of various bloggers by their sheer grasp of the intricacies of balance sheets and accounts etc. Celtic FC I gather has emerged very well considering the dreadful state we’ve been in past year which is good news thanks in the main to a fantastic fan base. Time now to get it right on the park.



    Failure at Livi now seems embedded in Celtic’s DNA on too many occasions in recent times and regardless what manager is at the helm. Good to be back playing on a big pitch tonight but Raith have been doing well in this competition so let’s take nothing for granted here.



    Soro as a player is an enigma, he was brilliant last season when played in Europe against a very good French outfit who if memory serves me were top of the league, then for some reason Lenny seemed to ignore him. His timing in the tackle went, probably due to lack of game time. He does not suddenly become a bad player. Perhaps AP can still get the best out of the lad. Can we see our new Greek goalador tonight? Hopefully a win.

  22. SCULLYBHOY on 23RD SEPTEMBER 2021 8:43 AM


    Cambridge Dictionary












    noun [ C ]














    a thief





    someone who gets money dishonestly by tricking people:







    ‘She fell for a charming, fast-talking grifter.’




    H,mmm,my wife says that’s her.

  23. Toaty Trumper @ 1.40



    You have a history of talking tripe but today you really have lost the plot and with it any level of credibility you ever had — all that effort in the Tech so that you could have a career counting beans in the City (of London) — what a waste that it should come to this farrago of nonsense.



    Mid 70’s — high inflation …


    Please blame the Vietnam War / post colonial economics / the Barber boom / the 1973 ME conflict.


    Nothing to do with HW / DH / JC or anyone else with a red rosette.



    1976 public spending cuts — Treasury inspired drive by claiming that the Debt Office couldn’t sell gilts.


    Seemingly there was no appetite for UK debt in spite of the fact that the oil was beginning to flow and the Tory three day week was history.



    You are right DH cut public spending in 1976.


    But guess what — he increased it in 1977 / 78 / 79.


    The dead sheep / GH under instruction by Maggie cut public spending in 1980 / 81 / 82 and kept on cutting.



    Even someone as limited as yourself can see the difference between these two events.


    You might have been taken in by the piece of political sophistry put forward by GH.


    However anyone who lived through this period — and is fair minded — will be able to help you understand the reality behind the Trot / Socialist Vanguard sloganeering.



    And then you go on to talk about the problems surrounding the winter of 78/79 where on each telling — by a right wing press owned by foreign domiciled billionaires no less — the issues get worse with every telling.



    No attempt to understand the influences in play at this time be it Detroit Big Auto needing the profits from “Treasure Island” / greedy skilled worker unions not happy with JC’s effective pay policy / half witted shop stewards desperate to hear the sound of their own voice / Tory supporting press out to cause trouble.



    The winter of 78/79 — there is a story waiting to be told.


    Unfortunately you are not capable of telling it.


    Consequently keep on howling at the moon.

  24. 18YM @ 1.29



    Much of JC’s work post the 79 election was a case study in trying to explain away the biggest mistake of his political life — not calling an election in Oct 78 when he had a much better chance of winning.



    The Nats knew that they were a busted flush in the spring of 79 yet still they voted for Maggie in the no confidence vote.



    And as the great man said himself at the time — it was the first time in history that turkeys had voted for an early Christmas.



    The giveaway in all of this is the Nat effort that goes in to try and re-write history where we had a gold standard progressive political party doing its best to hold back the forces of the right wing press / the economic establishment / Chicago boys economics — when in fact we had a tartan tory glee club with legendary levels of political stupidity swally’ing their way towards oblivion and all the while complaining about the RC influence in Scotland and how this was holding the country back.



    Add in their anti EU tendencies — no Treaty of Rome for them — and their desire to get out of NATO ASAP and you had a political movement with a very high level of political toxicity.



    Things have gotten better but not by much and they have found in government a level of hopelessness / cluelessness / uselessness that cannot be found anywhere else outside of BoJo’s brain.

  25. Raith Rovers, 1994.


    A cold wet night. We stopped off on our way at the Stanley Bar for a few pre match pints.


    An oasis of Timdom surrounded by the bigots.


    The kindly staff told us how the previous summer, huns had invited their knuckle dragging cousins from Chelsea down to the establishment and told them that this was “a Fenian pub” frequented by Irish – Catholic-Republican Celtic fans.


    The right wing thugs proceeded to wreck the joint, handing out punches and kicks to any staff unfortunate enough to be within reach.


    The game was forgettable to say the least. The hardest part was watching our beloved Paul McStay miss his penalty.


    Wet and miserable, we trooped out, convinced the Gods had turned against us.


    I’d swear there was an extra 500 miles added to the journey back to Co Clare.


    No one spoke all the way back. I made a silent oath that I would never feel this down again after a sporting fixture.


    And I haven’t.


    But as is the nature of football, the following May we basked in glorious Scottish sunshine as the giant Pierre (there’s only one) rose into the clouds to head home an exquisite cross from our own Tosh McKinlay .


    Just like that, the trophy famine was over and despite hun banners stating that it would never happen, Paul McStay did lift the Scottish Cup .


    Raith Rovers indeed !

  26. 18YM @ 2.19



    The 79 Nats were given a choice — and guess what they voted with Maggie to bring down JC’s government.



    They voted for an election where they lost all but two of their MPs.



    That is turkeys voting for an early Christmas.


    And you have to ask why?



    Why bring down JC’s very progressive government at that particular time to the benefit of Maggie rather than letting JC govern for another 6 months as the economy grew as the global position improved and the oil flow increased.



    Why did the Nats vote for their own destruction — it didn’t make sense then and it certainly doesn’t make sense now.

  27. Why does anyone on here try to have any sort of argument,discussion with Ernie Lynch?It amazes me.He never answers a question,except with a question.He will argue black is white,because he says it is.Show him he is wrong,not acceptable.Refute his argument,with facts,not acceptable.He will dig out one of his musty,cobwebbed Tomes,surrounding his wee Pseuds corner,and dig out something to try and defeat your argument.He will never say,”Sorry,you are right”.Never.He is a shitstirrer of the highest order.Anything that has a whiff of causing dissent on here,he is in like a shot.Waken up.Compared to JHB,he gets a free ride on here.

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