Randomness led to disjointed Celtic


On Friday we spoke about the mental energy deficit Celtic players would have after coming through the previous week’s upsets and triumphs.  Neil Lennon picked up on the theme after the Aberdeen game, giving his players due credit for coming through a difficult week in rude shape.

Credit to Aberdeen, who scarcely crossed the halfway line during the opening period, but had the better of the second half at Celtic Park on Saturday.  It is easy to point to the missing McGregor, Christie and Rogic, and to a lesser extent, Ntcham, and realise why Celtic were so lacking in creativity, putting things right in the short term is a different challenge.

I am grateful for the return of Nir Bitton after such a lengthy absence, but he is not the player we need or are missing.  Changes were required at halftime, but the last thing we should have done was to remove Ewan Henderson, our creative mid, leaving Bitton and Scott Brown playing holding roles.  This only served to invite Aberdeen forward.

Neil is still figuring out how to use his forward players.  We tried various combinations of Oliver Burke (central then right), James Forrest (right then central), Scott Sinclair and Mikey Johnston, with Odsonne Eduard and Timo Weah making second half appearances.  We appeared to be throwing players on to see what would happen.  The result was as disjointed as it sounds.

Odsonne Eduard always improves the team when he comes on from the bench, but his impact is not as easy to measure when he is on from kick-off.  I expect he will start at Dundee and against Newco.

James Forrest is 27 years old and whatever else you can say about him, he is a winger, not a central defender or a full back, and not a No. 10.  We have a solid partnership of Kieran Tierney and Sinclair on the left.  Jeremy Toljan, our new right back, should be developing a relationship with Forrest, not Forrest, then Burke, then Weah, or as it transpired, no one at all.

Celtic FC Foundation dementia work

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Thank you.


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  1. BR left Celtic in lousy circumstances and at such a critical time of the season probably unprecedented in European football. Neil Lennon now is left with the task of keeping the club on steady course which so far he is doing admirably despite the plethora of injuries. Didn’t see the Aberdeen game but I expected three points particularly when the team had the benefit of a weeks rest. It’s extremely difficult to break down teams who defend with two banks of four and a pity BR didn’t use these tactics in Europe.



    Watching Red Bull Salzburg play with that high press and high tempo which seemed overdone at times with a lack of control being caught out badly by Napoli. Although Salzburg had a legimate away goal ruled out which could have made a difference but then you expect these things when you play in italy – remember Baresi’s blatant handball in our match in Milan not so long ago.

  2. Ernie,



    Also you May be right. Celtic May never call it out.



    Since they were created in 2012, Sevco rangers have won zero, nada, zilch.


    This is an unpalatable state of affairs for the bear friendly.


    The longer it persists the more rabid their support, in all areas, becomes.


    That is why there is a rise in racist, sectarian violence among their support.


    That is why there is an inexplicable rise in honest mistakes in favour of only one entity.


    This is why, when they are cashless, trading while insolvent, we have reports of £20 m bids for a misfit forward of little renown.



    As long as Celtic keep winning titles and remain firmly in the ascendency then Celtic have no need to engage in a verbal, mud wrestling match with the grotesque swine.


    Their vacuous claim of pre eminence among people is routinely exposed weekly as an absolute nonsense. There are second rate at best.


    Same as the same club nonsense.


    Can you even imagine having to live that lie, every single waking moment of every single day?


    I have no pity for them as they have chosen this path, reprehensible though it may be.


    But not a one of them believe this falsehood to be true.


    You know, I know it and most importantly, they know it.


    It is that that kills them, fuels their anger and hatred.


    Celtic don’t need to make verbal statements.


    We just need to continue to be better than them on the park, until they waste away the last of their meagre resources, and return to days of the old John Greig, “ managed” Rangers.



    I wish there were no rangers of any hue. However, I accept that there is a emotional need, an in build human desire/need for there to be a team in blue for them to support. I get that.


    I don’t like it, but it is where we are, in Scotland, in 2019.



    I’ll continue to support Celtic.


    I have no requirement of the board or PLC to issue statements.




  3. glendalystonsils on

    In order to make the constant changing around of positions up front successful , Lenny has organised Scottish country dancing lessons for the forwards . Against Dundee , we will be mainly playing ‘strip the willow’.

  4. GreeninbingleyinOslo on




    First time I ever saw the word written down was 1987, in a letter from a Cornish mate of mine, who was one of the greatest faffers I have ever met. It was faffing then, and it’s faffing now, for me. From the verb ‘to faff’.



    Fannying’s just fannying. No debate there. Splendid term, as is ‘fanny-merchant’.

  5. FOOL TIME WHISTLE on 11TH MARCH 2019 5:04 PM



    Hard to argue with this sentiment…



    Twitter today






    Follow Follow @SPFLNewsNow






    Isn’t it crazy that the SFA can change the results of Clyde FC games that an ineligible player was present in but not strip Rangers FC of titles….. https://spfl.co.uk/news/disciplinary-hearing-clyde-fc …”



    Perhaps Clyde should just “imperfectly” register players next time and they too will get a mild talking to over tea & biscuits at Hampden.






    They did the same to Dundee Utd back in 2016, and they failed to point out the inconsistency.



    It’s basically urine extraction, and they do it because they can.



    The only time they were confronted, they folded, but the lesson wasn’t learned that supporters threatening to withhold their cash was enough to change their ways.



    The appeasement that followed has led to the farce that Scottish football has become.



    I received a large amount of birthday cards today. Some from people I do not know. In particular a Mass bouquet with fifty Masses on it from Mrs Burns from Sevastopol Street. We all know of her, she never forgets us and we shan’t forget her, bless her dear heart.



    I also received a card from reporter Brendan O Cathaoir, which indeed was thoughtful. I received a letter from a friend, and from a student in America whom I don’t know, but again it’s good to know that people are thinking of you. There were some smuggled letters as well from my friends and comrades.



    I am the same weight today and have no complaints medically. Now and again I am struck by the natural desire to eat but the desire to see an end to my comrades’ plight and the liberation of my people is overwhelmingly greater.



    The doctor will be taking a blood test tomorrow. It seems that Dr Ross has disappeared and Dr Emerson is back…



    Again, there has been nothing outstanding today except that I took a bath this morning. I have also been thinking of my family and hoping that they are not suffering too much.



    I was trying to piece together a quote from James Connolly today which I’m ashamed that I did not succeed in doing but I’ll paraphrase the meagre few lines I can remember.



    They go something like this: a man who is bubbling over with enthusiasm (or patriotism) for his country, who walks through the streets among his people, their degradation, poverty, and suffering, and who (for want of the right words) does nothing, is, in my mind, a fraud; for Ireland distinct from its people is but a mass of chemical elements.



    Perhaps the stark poverty of Dublin in 1913 does not exist today, but then again, in modern day comparison to living standards in other places through the world, it could indeed be said to be the same if not worse both North and South. Indeed, one thing has not changed, that is the economic, cultural and physical oppression of the same Irish people…



    Even should there not be 100,000 unemployed in the North, their pittance of a wage would look shame in the company of those whose wage and profit is enormous, the privileged and capitalist class who sleep upon the people’s wounds, and sweat, and toils.



    Total equality and fraternity cannot and never will be gained whilst these parasites dominate and rule the lives of a nation. There is no equality in a society that stands upon the economic and political bog if only the strongest make it good or survive. Compare the lives, comforts, habits, wealth of all those political conmen (who allegedly are concerned for us, the people) with that of the wretchedly deprived and oppressed.



    Compare it in any decade in history, compare it tomorrow, in the future, and it will mock you. Yet our perennial blindness continues. There are no luxuries in the H-Blocks. But there is true concern for the Irish people.

  7. Fool Time Whistle on




    Thanks for that link.



    SFA get all tough with the wee teams & bottle it with Newco.



    Gutless & Clueless – Solicitors to the SFA

  8. Something has been niggling me about our performance against Aberdeen. Already expressed my concern about lack of cohesion and organisation of the team.



    But it’s just dawned on me that what I noticed was the number of times team mates were showing their annoyance at other team mates.



    It’s a trait that I noted had disappeared under Rodgers. I guessed it was an edict for the manager that you don’t scorn your teammate (during the game) regardless of what mistake you believe they made.



    Now it seems like everyone is pointing, and pointing out, and generally showing their unhappiness.



    Keep an eye on it. Disharmony during a game is never a good thing.


    SO SKY ask STEVIE G about pitch invasions.i make it 5 times this season they thought they had won the league .he must have an AU-PAIR to do his ironing.

  10. SFTB



    Thanks for the response.



    I agree that Broony’s presence in the dressing room and as a sounding board for Lenny is monumental.



    Listening to Broony talk about Brendan Rodgers in the wake of his departure (he got right into the issue in the post-Tynecastle match interview before the inevitable BR question was asked) revealed how much he valued BR’s coaching methods, without displaying any bitterness regarding the timing of his departure. Broony I would say would have been encouraged to hear Lenny giving the ”if it ain’t broke, don’t” fix it pre-Tynecastle message since it represented continuation and relative stability.



    The obvious difference between Lenny’s first stint and now is that as you say, he had to stick a rocket up the team in the aftermath of Tony Mowbray – and to be seen to do so. (well remembered on N’Guemo btw, forgot about that).


    Just now, any changes I think should be minimal and Lenny has to be careful on getting the balance right. Hopefully Broony & John Kennedy will help on that one.



    Lenny has encountered really bad luck on the absence of players that make the difference in tight games (McGregor/Christie/Rogic)….Ntcham too thinking about his performance and goal in the 1-0 Zombies game, and Rosenborg home performance.



    If we were told 4 weeks ago that we’d have Bitton & Henderson starting against Aberdeen in midfield it would seem unbelievable. (but not as unbelievable as Lenny in the dugout)



    Calmac in the squad and maybe a 20 minute run out against Dundee would be fantastic.



    ….btw we need to get TTT to organise another CQN West Donegal night…..









    Was the man voted the greatest ever Celt also the smallest ever Celt?




    Possibly. I immediately thought about someone Jock Stein Signed in the mid 70s. I think it was John Gibson. Around the same height as wee Jimmy without the same ability.

  12. Mcshagger taking the piss or calling the bluff, so he does not get called up for these upcoming games, then answers the call fae the tax cheat to return at a later date. Mmmmm




    D. :)

  13. Paul67 et al



    Getting a bit worried reading that Lenny made good decisions back in the Ross County semi-final. To be honest I think Lenny was hoping nobody could remember that far back. We did get beat after all. By Ross County!


    Lost, what was it, one league game at home last season, none the previous season, and none this, so we must be doing something right. Lenny, you are not Jose Mourinho, you do not use up two substitutes at half time at 0-0, got time to get it right, done it often enough recently. Oh and don’t talk about anything psychological, that is a complete no-no from me, do not give the players excuses, because, trust me, they will take them. Only one question the players need to be asked, did Brendan pay your wages, no, get out there and get the job done!

  14. i missed this , on etims, interesting times ahead.



    Michael Lindsell:



    Why we invested in Juventus, Manchester United and Celtic.



    One of the more unusual areas has been focusing on is football, where the managers of the fund have added Juventus, Manchester United and perennial Scottish Premiership champions Celtic.



    Why invest in Celtic? Football clubs offers investors the opportunity to buy into some of the biggest global brands around the world. Football clubs have very strong customer loyalty, they offer a big platform to advertisers. Audiences watching live sport are the most valuable out there. Creating wonderful football is worth a lot of money and far more people are being remunerated for it today.



    Some 30% of all Italian football fans support “Juve” one of the biggest long standing clubs in Italy. At the moment it has a limited International appeal, but that could be changing soon.



    Celtic are in a similar position in Scotland, although we have a very narrow niche market where media revenues are tiny. “Here is the crunch”… There is a huge diaspora of Celtic supporting Scottish Catholics and non Catholics around the world that support the club vigorously. If Celtic were to tap into that supporter base or could morph their media rights from just the S.P.F.L. into something bigger, then the revenues could double or even treble very quickly.

  15. Fool Time Whistle on

    Extract from the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (also known as the Green Guide)



    “3: Management – responsibility and


    planning for safety



    3.1 Management responsibility for safety



    As emphasised in Chapter 1, responsibility for the safety of spectators at sports grounds


    lies at all times with the ground management.



    The management will normally be either the owner or lessee of the ground, who may not


    necessarily be the promoter of the event.


    Representatives of the local authority, together with police, fire and ambulance officers,


    should – preferably through a co-ordinated approach – advise management on how to


    discharge this responsibility and, in certain circumstances, may require measures to be


    taken in order to achieve reasonable safety standards. This does not, however, exonerate


    the ground management from its responsibility for the safety of spectators. “

  16. Fool Time Whistle on

    More from the Green Guide which is the GO TO Source for clubs & Safety Teams



    “3.3 Meeting that responsibility


    The detailed management responsibilities described in this chapter and referred to in later


    chapters fall into the following basic categories, each of which management should


    address in establishing a safety management structure:


    a. Legislation:


    Management should be aware of


    i. the requirements of the safety certificate (if applicable)


    ii. safety of sports grounds legislation (additional guidance on safety


    certification is available from the Football Licensing Authority – see Bibliography)


    iii. fire safety legislation (see Section 3.6 and Chapter 15)


    iv. health and safety at work legislation (see Section 3.5)


    v legislation relating to people with disabilities (see Section 3.7)


    vi civil contingencies legislation (see Bibliography)


    vii. any other specific pieces of legislation that may have relevant safety


    implications. “

  17. hi bhoys, just spent the last 4 hours watching the micheal Jackson programme neverland, harrowing stuff.hh.

  18. BSR



    McGregor did a great job for Scotland. He was banned and re-invited



    He didn’t retire , come back for the England game and retire again



    Scotland players should be treated as such and not based on their club



    The Scotland manager at the time was a hypocrite and McGregor had every right to highlight it

  19. A massive, fantastic thanks to everyone who helped or donated, an absolutely incredible amount!!!!

  20. CELTIC MAC @ 7:31 PM,



    Good post, as per…



    You are correct. One of Lenny’s strengths is “the thunder” if we are not seeing a positive reaction then we must ask ourselves why.



    As you say Lenny is no Mourinho, he’s also no Brendan Rodgers + Chris Davies + Glen Driscoll…



    For me he’s been given an impossible task. However with this group of players and those coming back from injury we should have enough to get us over the line…



    …I’m A Great believer in the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy.



    However something is definitely broke. That’s why I agreed with Auldheid after BR-exit that we must take one game at a time. It’s our best hope of maintaining our position in the League and our Cup run(s).



    Hail Hail

  21. Looks like Ernie Lynch may have had his account deleted as well.



    I hope not.



    Hail! Hail! to the Celtic support, especially the non paid cage rattlers like Ernie.

  22. chairbhoy



    Confident Lenny will lead us there, the results in Edinburgh got him off to a great start. Keep our home record on a par with the last two seasons and we will be champions. Our record since the New Year in domestic games has been fantastic, players coming back will be keen to play a part, and the International break might just arrive at the right time. Onwards to Dundee!

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