Randomness led to disjointed Celtic


On Friday we spoke about the mental energy deficit Celtic players would have after coming through the previous week’s upsets and triumphs.  Neil Lennon picked up on the theme after the Aberdeen game, giving his players due credit for coming through a difficult week in rude shape.

Credit to Aberdeen, who scarcely crossed the halfway line during the opening period, but had the better of the second half at Celtic Park on Saturday.  It is easy to point to the missing McGregor, Christie and Rogic, and to a lesser extent, Ntcham, and realise why Celtic were so lacking in creativity, putting things right in the short term is a different challenge.

I am grateful for the return of Nir Bitton after such a lengthy absence, but he is not the player we need or are missing.  Changes were required at halftime, but the last thing we should have done was to remove Ewan Henderson, our creative mid, leaving Bitton and Scott Brown playing holding roles.  This only served to invite Aberdeen forward.

Neil is still figuring out how to use his forward players.  We tried various combinations of Oliver Burke (central then right), James Forrest (right then central), Scott Sinclair and Mikey Johnston, with Odsonne Eduard and Timo Weah making second half appearances.  We appeared to be throwing players on to see what would happen.  The result was as disjointed as it sounds.

Odsonne Eduard always improves the team when he comes on from the bench, but his impact is not as easy to measure when he is on from kick-off.  I expect he will start at Dundee and against Newco.

James Forrest is 27 years old and whatever else you can say about him, he is a winger, not a central defender or a full back, and not a No. 10.  We have a solid partnership of Kieran Tierney and Sinclair on the left.  Jeremy Toljan, our new right back, should be developing a relationship with Forrest, not Forrest, then Burke, then Weah, or as it transpired, no one at all.

Celtic FC Foundation dementia work

Your Foundation deliver projects in Glasgow and Edinburgh in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland and The Eric Liddell Centre and need to raise fresh funds to ensure the work continues.  To this end, the Hail, Hail Trail takes place between 12 April and 25 May.  To participate, you are asked to do get sponsorship for walking a total of 130 miles (around 3 miles per day).

I do a lot or reading about running, but the literature continually says that walking is the best thing we can do for ourselves.  It has health benefits that are difficult to get any other way.

So if you need an excuse to get off the couch, or if you are already walking a dog and could incorporate a good deed into your routine, sign up here.

Thank you.


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  1. GDT…aye, just like the last one (SFA imposed)…shades of the continuation lie here…lifetime is fluid

  2. MM…wishful thinking that Cesar wiz a big blonde bird (alliteration)…keep yer fantasies to yerself lol ;-))




  3. Melbourne Mick on

    When she asked me for a slug of my Guinness it brought me


    back to reality.


    But definitely my kind of ghirl lol.


    H.H Mick

  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47532719



    Manchester City are set to offer millions of pounds in compensation to victims of historical child sexual abuse.



    A club redress scheme will see survivors of the most serious crimes receive six-figure sums in damages.






    Something for the sick Huns to get excited about.

  5. glendalystonsils on

    So David Hamilton of the Scottish Police federation thinks that banning these offensive (to whom?) banners from fitba will help sort out offensive behaviour problems?



    Who needs a banner when you have several thousand bigots spewing out songs of hate.

  6. From BBJ on the pitch invasions…



    But in the aftermath of the incident with Jack Grealish down at Aston Villa on Sunday, somebody sent me a tweet and it really resonated with me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day.



    And it basically said that given the whole carry-on at the minute with Brexit and the way that communities have lost jobs and industry and people are skint, there just seems to be a real anger within the country. Maybe if we can’t sort things out at the top then it is inevitable that chaos will filter down to the bottom .









    I agree with the sentiment , you can listen to it described here in a song from his fellow countrymen.



    Stereophonics – Chaos From The Top Down…







  7. REFEREE Steven McLean phoned Steven Gerrard to apologise for missing the foul that led to Hibs’ equaliser last Friday night.



    The official blundered by failing to award Rangers a free-kick when Stephane Omeonga tripped up James Tavernier.



    I’m sure he would have asked his hero for a signed photo too,another sickening cheat….

  8. Bada


    Call me a cynical but this wouldn’t be paving the way for some dodgy decisions favouring the huns tomorrow ?



    I sense they’re preparing the ground for some honest mistakes and they can point to the last game to show it goes against them too sometimes .




  9. Dboy- you’re correct, there is always an underlying story,in anything involving those reptiles.

  10. Fool Time Whistle on

    Bada! Bing!



    If that document in Mr James site is genuine I believe that a fraud was perpetrated.


    Since this sleight of hand resulted in financial gain to some & financial loss to others this amounts to a crime.


    I repeat – if that document is genuine.



    Nimmo Smith obtained a fee for an alleged independent enquiry when he was told that this document existed & as such his findings could NOT contradict the intent within the addendum.


    His fee was actually a bribe so that he would arrive at the desired conclusion whilst giving the impression that he had used his considerable legal brain to wiegh up the evidence before so concluding.



    Does malfeasance in a public office apply to the SFA officers? Probably not, but the duplicity must constitute some civil tort or criminal offence – anyone?



    Again, if true – all other clubs were duped & some may have a case for financial loss – Celtic?



    What did strike me though was that the document only mentions EBT payments – it fails to mention DOS payments at all.


    So on that basis, we can see why the period that Nimmo Smith was initially asked to cover was hastily & very quietly changed to exclude the DOS payment period. Without changing the dates like this, Nimmo Smith could not have arrived at his instructed conclusion while retaining the figleaf of cover that he had.


    The addenda omitted to mention that the SFA & other signatories would not pursue Sevco over DOS payments. Thos galring hole in the agreement was spotted just before Nimmo Smith began his pretend enquiry & the dates were quickly changed to exclude the DOS payments.



    Not a fan at all of this man’s site, but – a big but, if this is genuine – it is enough to re-open that whole saga & who knows, maybe Sevco will not be going for 55 anymore.




  11. Underlying story?…Brock Radgers leaving when he did is one…seems to me that Celtic Facing Bhlogs are being deliberately drip fed info that assassinates his character…

  12. Keeping the PLC out of the crosshairs…what is telling is BR”s response in interview to this was “who’s feeding them this”

  13. FTW…I believe…naw…Scottish fitbaw was shafted…no ifs buts or maybes…and we’re all living through the aftermath

  14. Fool Time Whistle on




    You may be right…


    I believe a lot of people are going to be unable to sit down without pain for a long time…

  15. TLT



    That’s how it appeared to me too. The narrative was set early . Two main aspects a ton of people were certain had occurred at the time the story broke …



    1) Brendan had tried to take the entire backroom staff with him. Newspaper headlines stating that he asked JK to go and he turned him down appeared. I have yet to see a quote from JK to verify this . JK is quoted saying when he met BR on the Monday he asked him to be ready to take the team should BR get the job .



    2) BR had insisted the deal go through straight away even though Leicester were willing to wait . This has been vehemently denied by BR when he said LC weren’t willing to wait and PL would testify to that if asked .



    Upshot is we’ve lost one of the clubs best ever managers and no questions are being asked of our board .



    Could it have been avoided?



    Did they back him enough?



    Did they interfere too much in transfers like Shevd and Arzani who BR seemed to know nothing of ?



    Was BR too ambitious for the boards liking?



    Why did the board let BR speak to LC at such a crucial point in what could be a historical season for our club?



    Was the failure to secure certain signing targets in the summer a major factor in BR leaving?



    BR regularly spoke of continuous improvement throughout all levels at the football club,did the board facilitate this to the best of their ability?



    From what I can see no one is asking these questions of our board on line or in the press.



    How very convenient for them .



    Turned into a bit of a rant but that wasn’t intended. In short I agree .




  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Why the speculation about the role of the Board , when we`ve got it from the horse`s mouth ?





    ” …when the opportunity came to talk to Leicester……. ”



    And :


    26 secs in.



    ” ….taken the Club………as far as I could………..”





  17. So JB’s in Clybedank is shut…damn….first time going for a piss in there…strangers in the bog asking do you want a sniff…not my thing was my reply….;-))

  18. MacJay…..it was success….or mibbe it was coccain;-)) Who knows…never took them up on it. Did u know that there was a party bus for hire in Clydebank…;-))

  19. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THELURKINTIM on 12TH MARCH 2019 1:57 AM


    MacJay…..it was success….or mibbe it was coccain;-)) Who knows…never took them up on it. Did u know that there was a party bus for hire in Clydebank…;-))







    The sweet smell of success.



    I`ll bear the party bus in mind when I`m next struttin` in Kilbowie .

  20. Macjay…how’d u strut wae a walking stick/walker…not the soup taker wan…altho ;-))

  21. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THELURKINTIM on 12TH MARCH 2019 2:22 AM


    Macjay…how’d u strut wae a walking stick/walker…not the soup taker wan…altho ;-)






    A wheely Zimmer frame.



    That`s the plan.

  22. Good morning CQN from a blustery, wet and cold Garngad



    By now we have probably all seen the texts going about, the one about Martinez, Maloney and Kennedy and the 2nd largest shareholder investing cash for signings, I will believe it if it happens.



    Anyway, good to see Cal Mac back training, any news on Rogic, Christie and Ntcham??



    Come on the sheep tonight.



    D. :)

  23. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Cheltenham first day, full of hope and optimism, I’ll no doubt be a


    poorer man come Friday.

  24. An Gorta Mor





    Yup.we are building it.fantastic effort by all who collected and contributed.




  25. 50 shades of green on

    Morning Tims….



    M and M rolling up to Celtic park next season eh, sounds nuts to me.



    P.S. I love MnM’s…






    So the thug goalie chucks it, just before 2 stupid crappy away games in a week prior to his team visiting Celtic Park….hmmmmmm.



    And the radio said ( o I know a song that starts that way) That Burke and Bain will be in the ebts squad the day…hmmmm….




  26. 50 shades


    Interesting thread on Twitter from FAC


    Who are highlighting the amount of arrests at concerts in and around Glasgow (in the hundreds) to those vs convict Dave’s current fraud.(27)



    Outrage bluster faff and faux ‘we mist do something.


    Sectarianism and irish catholic racism is Scotland’s societal shame.football like the 180 anti catholic marches is only a vent.




  27. 50 shades of green on




    Not on Twitter big man, but I’ve heard about it, the arrests that is. Not surprised really especially in this country.







    The LurkinTim,,,,,, can he play at right back???.







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