Rangers 3-2 Celtic


Celtic will have to keep the Champagne on ice for a while longer after failing to collect the three points required to win the league at Ibrox this afternoon.  The champions-elect looked nervous early on with few looking comfortable in possession, allowing Rangers significant periods of possession.  After only 10 minutes Rangers were ahead when Sone Aluko beat Thomas Rogne before cutting inside Charlie Mulgrew and firing a shot past Forster in the Celtic goal.

Celtic scarcely featured as an attacking threat in the first half but moments after going behind Georgios Samaras produced one of the most scintillating pieces of skill on the day.  The Greek international collected the ball 70 yards from goal, beat four opponents before his shot from 12 yards was saved by Alan McGregor.  Anthony Stokes mishit the rebound allowing McGregor to tip over.

Stokes forced a further save from McGregor with a fine volley after controlling on his chest but the game was soon to look ominous for Celtic.  Cha Du-Ri was caught wrong side of Lee Wallace and made the slighted touch on the Rangers player who went to ground two yards outside the penalty area.  Referee Calum Murray sent Cha off despite the covering attendance of Charlie Mulgrew.

Despite their numerical advantage Rangers seemed content to prevent Celtic scoring, Fraster Forster didn’t make a single save while Celtic were numerically on level terms or only a single man down.  Ten minutes after the break Victor Wanyama was red carded for a two footed tackle on Steven Whittaker.

Lee McCulloch was fortunate to remain on the field after elbowing Scott Brown on the head.  In a carbon copy of the incident which ended Beram Kayal’s season in December, McCulloch went to ground after the incident until attended by a physio, which perhaps tempered the referee’s response.  Clever, if predictable.

With things clearly not going their way Celtic then lost an offside goal.  Celtic had an opportunity to make an attempt on goal when they won a free kick 28 yards out.  With Charlie Mulgrew still running into position Scott Brown played a quick pass to Kris Commons but Celtic players were crowded out by a number of opponents and lost possession.  Rangers broke forward and applied pressure which brought the best out of Fraser Forster but Andrew Little put Rangers two ahead from what was clearly an offside position.

A further breakaway on the 77th minute resulted in Lee Wallace putting Rangers three goals ahead.

Despite being two goals down substitute Kris Commons started to dictate play and brought Celtic their best period of possession.  In the 89th minute Georgios Samaras broke through the Rangers defence but was scythed to the ground by Bocanegra.  The referee awarded a penalty and ordered the Rangers player off.  Scott Brown scored the penalty

Moments later Commons got the better of Whittaker on Celtic’s left before being brought down by the Rangers player.  Commons found Thomas Rogne with the resultant free kick which the defender powered home.

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  1. JimmyQuinnsBits on




    I mean this genuinely, and hopin to help…go to bed



    like me, I’ve had too much an I’m off



    Hail Hail all, oiche mhaith

  2. JimmyQuinnsBits on 25 March, 2012 at 23:24 said:



    OK, 1975 huns stopped us doing 10 in a row – Dalglish missed three sitters one on one in the first half (and the huns won 3-0 second half) So league reconstruction due, cos every cnut were fed up with us winning it..



    The rest to follow. if you want

  3. I think we all need to relax about today’s result. It was geared up all week for a hunday. The administrators telling us yet more parties are interesting in purchasing a club in admin with limited income for the next 3 years, no euro footy and a massive tax judgment winging it’s way. Yeah, mr duff and mr phelps – can you hold the manhole cover while I drop all my Singaporean cash down there?


    Let them enjoy today. Remember when we revelled in end of season wins while they had the title won? Pointless, meaningless acts of defiance that last no longer than the 90 mins. 3-2, 2 players off, manager off. That really is the very best they can do.

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Kingoh @ 23:08 – “I would have enjoyed it so much I think I’ll apply for a job as the guy who pulls the switch on the electric chair! ”



    Well you’ve got the face for it…!




  5. Today proved to me that we do not need Rangers nor do the rest of Scottish football. They are a contagious disease that needs to be cleansed or their contamination will be the death of the rest of the League.

  6. tarrant,



    I’m going to steal El Madrigal’s from earlier…



    ‘No point raising your game to beat us, you have to beat the teams round about you’

  7. In days of yore when capital punishment was still a barbaric reality, it was sometimes reported that,.. ‘the condemned man ate a hearty breakfast’.


    I don’t ever remember anybody being upset by the miscreant’s healthy appetite.


    It changed NOTHING.


    He still faced oblivion.


    Today we witnessed just such an insignificant repast.



    I am content.

  8. Do you know what amazes me ?



    Some Celtic fans moan at Neil for caring and saying it like it is, maybe they would rather have our Tony Mowbray back picking his teeth and saying nothing, just a thought.

  9. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    CaltonTongues on 25 March, 2012 at 23:32 said:



    Sorry CT, genuine crossed-wires… I couldn’t get the jist of yer post, so was seekin clarification…. yer comin across as a bit aggressive… jeez the blog is wired tonight

  10. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on




    I’d gie ye a wee kiss in exchange for they pool tiles.



    Only on the cheek though.

  11. Celtic Champs Elect on

    the big picture says we will be crowned champions neil lenny lennion will raise the spl trophy high above his head and we as supporters will pop our champagne and cry tears of joy for this young team and our devoted manager the huns will combust at seeing Lenny smoking his imaginary cigar as we celebrate as one and on our way to wining the title for evermore . the huns are dead gone finito and hell mend them I say.

  12. The H\o/ly St\o/ne \o/f Cl\o/nrichert is Neil Lenn\o/n on

    Disappointing result today fellow Celts. But that’s it.


    Do you know what today meant? Hee Haw.


    Sure we all wanted to get it right up them and have a party. Well from what I saw on the telly the Celtic support had one anyway.


    Aye, a few performances were not up to scratch, maybe Neil got one ot two things wrong. But he and those I mention are human and they’ll learn from it. The cheating today from RFC and the officials made it an extremely difficult task and one that we nearly salvaged more than our dignity from.


    Well done Neil Lennon for all that you and your team have achived through adversity. I for one will be raising a glass for you when the league is won and will be right behind you in pursuit of the double and into next year and greater achievements still.

  13. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on




    In Scotland, Lenny is fair game it seems for all.



    Those of with a bit more savvy know just how much of a hero the man is.

  14. thehuddlehound on

    Is it true that without audited accounts which are then subsequently accepted by an AGM, that not only can r@angers not play in Europe next year but they shouldn’t be granted license to play in the Scotland either?


    If that’s so, then the only way they can play next season is if they phoenix and come straight back, no?

  15. Zbyszek on 25 March, 2012 at 23:24 said:



    The biggest embarrassment of today referring were not red cards but penalty for them. If Cha fouled Wallace, this foul happened at least 2 yards before penalty area. This sums up well the level of the refereeing. I noticed that the linesman did not rise the flag up. Red cards might be questionable but 2 yards mistake is not. You should hear how Polish referees are blamed for giving wrong decisions with on side and off side play when their mistakes are more than 20 cm.







    Z’bish, you’ve been drinking more than me. They didn’t get a penalty. In my opinion Cha fouled the hun therefore red card. Maybe Mulgrew would’ve got there, but maybe not. In situations like this, I play Devils Advocate – if it was against me, I would expect a red card, so good / fair / not biased decision.

  16. JimmyQuinnsBits on 25 March, 2012 at 23:36 said:


    CaltonTongues on 25 March, 2012 at 23:32 said:



    Not with anyone on here.



    But, with CFC probably the PLC.






    Come on you have been around to have been educated today it was service as normal, until we force change on these people it will be the same as it ever was.

  18. I am Neil Lennon - LTPS on

    There was an excellent post about a year ago. It was a story about a team with a background from the Caribbean that was identical to celtics story. It was fiction but was used to highlight how Celtic had been persecuted. Does anyone else remember it and saved the link?

  19. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Just back in from a very pleasant night out with the wife in Amarone. The following message is for those of a blue persuasion:-



    Glasgow Rangers can you hear me?


    SFA can you hear me?


    SFA Referees Committee, can you hear me?


    Sir David Murray, can you hear me?


    Walter Smith, can you hear me?


    James Traynor, can you hear me?


    Keith Jackson, can you hear me?


    Chick Young, can you hear me?


    Graham Spiers, can you hear me?


    Gordon Dalyell, can you hear me?


    BFDJ can you hear me?


    Rob McLean, can you hear me?


    Pat Nevin, can you hear me?


    Alistair McCoist, can you hear me?


    The Blue Knights, can you hear me?


    Dave King, can you hear me?


    Graeme Souness, can you hear me?


    Jock Wallace, can you hear me?


    Willie Waddell, can you hear me?


    John Lawrence, can you hear me?


    Bill Struth, can you hear me?


    Scottish Society, can you hear me?


    Truth 4767 Beverley Hills 50210 The Beast 666, can you hear me?



    Your team are fecked. Your club is bust. They’re going down. They’re finished – finito! But before all that, they’re going to take one helluva beating at Celtic Park after the split. Our team will annihillate the sad remnants of Glasgow Rangers FC and put you out of your misery once and for all and we will be partying on jelly and ice cream until it’s coming out of our ears. Please be sure to get your ticket because we wouldn’t want any of you to miss it.

  20. The H\o/ly St\o/ne \o/f Cl\o/nrichert is Neil Lenn\o/n on

    Tarrant. We’re all entitled to our own opinion and I respect yours.


    My opinion is that I was astounded by that red card. Foul – yes. Yellow card – mmm? Red card – never seen a referee give one before for a similar offence.

  21. 15 PTS behind we were, I think some Celtic fans need to take a long hard look at themselves and give Neil credit.



    When Neil took over he has questioned the officials and I’m glad he’s doing it.



    Neil if yer reading this, keep the pressure on these cheats.



    I’m glad your on our side, Scottish Football is corrupt amd with bent officials you have have to tale them to task.




  22. tarrant on 25 March, 2012 at 23:38 said:


    In my opinion Cha fouled the hun therefore red card.




    So a slight tug on the sleeve is a red card? What about when Sammi ran into the box whilst been rugby tackled? Is that not a red card and therefore, in your opinion, a penalty!

  23. TTTT



    You seem to be regretting the exclusion of Commons and Izzaguire from the starting line up today while you call for “out of form favourites” to be dropped.



    Both Emilio and Kris have fallen into that category this past month or two but they redeemed themselves when given the chance today. Today is the first time either player has grabbed the chance to earn a place. They blew previous opportunities.



    Far from seeing this as a negative, I see it as great news that 2 more good players seem to be rediscovering form.



    But I still stand with Neil and say that neither deserved a place before today

  24. Fortunes Favour Mibbes on




    They are, of course, but I’d be calling in online Tim bampot favours and would bring a bottle of Blue Nun vino for you all the way from my local grocers ! :))

  25. Seen the highlights of the game, confirmed the 1st red is strangest interpretation of a clear goal scoring opportunity I have seen. I predict I will never see a red like that again.



    I, for one I am glad Lennon challenges these people and says what we are all thinking.



    Never like losing to them but its made easier knowing we will be champions.



    I am very angry about the disregard and lack of respect the officials showed towards the manager of a football club today. Nothing short of scandelous.



    The double and a doing of them at Parkhead will make me a very happy tim. Need to get back to our best, need to be better than the officials.



    Good night all Celtic fans! Hail Hail!



    There will be no huns playing in scotland next season, that is a FACT



    Super Ally said that there is a slight possibility of Rangers playing in Europe next season, I believe there is a slight possibility of them playing in Scotland next season.



    PS Will visit your cave some day.

  27. Margaret McGill on

    There is a small debate going on this particular missive of the degree of bigotry in Scotland. I too left Scotland for various reasons. I have lived/worked in Asia, Holland, England but mostly the USA.


    Sometimes I wonder if, or if so to what degree, Scotland is a bigoted little cesspit. On a visit to North Lanarkshire in 2010 I was in a local pub as the Orange Walk passed by. It being Wabbit season at the time.


    Strathclyde’s finest locked us in the pub for the duration “for our own protection”. You know I’m not sure that would have even happened in the 19th Century. Anyway, I am still convinced that its the genetic hun gene that exists in Scotland in a large minority that drags the country down. I believe there may have been a mutation in the FOXP2 gene around 1690 somewhere in the Central belt by a major shagger.


    But then again the Y chromosome took a helluva beating in Ireland after the reformation also.