Rangers 3-2 Celtic


Celtic will have to keep the Champagne on ice for a while longer after failing to collect the three points required to win the league at Ibrox this afternoon.  The champions-elect looked nervous early on with few looking comfortable in possession, allowing Rangers significant periods of possession.  After only 10 minutes Rangers were ahead when Sone Aluko beat Thomas Rogne before cutting inside Charlie Mulgrew and firing a shot past Forster in the Celtic goal.

Celtic scarcely featured as an attacking threat in the first half but moments after going behind Georgios Samaras produced one of the most scintillating pieces of skill on the day.  The Greek international collected the ball 70 yards from goal, beat four opponents before his shot from 12 yards was saved by Alan McGregor.  Anthony Stokes mishit the rebound allowing McGregor to tip over.

Stokes forced a further save from McGregor with a fine volley after controlling on his chest but the game was soon to look ominous for Celtic.  Cha Du-Ri was caught wrong side of Lee Wallace and made the slighted touch on the Rangers player who went to ground two yards outside the penalty area.  Referee Calum Murray sent Cha off despite the covering attendance of Charlie Mulgrew.

Despite their numerical advantage Rangers seemed content to prevent Celtic scoring, Fraster Forster didn’t make a single save while Celtic were numerically on level terms or only a single man down.  Ten minutes after the break Victor Wanyama was red carded for a two footed tackle on Steven Whittaker.

Lee McCulloch was fortunate to remain on the field after elbowing Scott Brown on the head.  In a carbon copy of the incident which ended Beram Kayal’s season in December, McCulloch went to ground after the incident until attended by a physio, which perhaps tempered the referee’s response.  Clever, if predictable.

With things clearly not going their way Celtic then lost an offside goal.  Celtic had an opportunity to make an attempt on goal when they won a free kick 28 yards out.  With Charlie Mulgrew still running into position Scott Brown played a quick pass to Kris Commons but Celtic players were crowded out by a number of opponents and lost possession.  Rangers broke forward and applied pressure which brought the best out of Fraser Forster but Andrew Little put Rangers two ahead from what was clearly an offside position.

A further breakaway on the 77th minute resulted in Lee Wallace putting Rangers three goals ahead.

Despite being two goals down substitute Kris Commons started to dictate play and brought Celtic their best period of possession.  In the 89th minute Georgios Samaras broke through the Rangers defence but was scythed to the ground by Bocanegra.  The referee awarded a penalty and ordered the Rangers player off.  Scott Brown scored the penalty

Moments later Commons got the better of Whittaker on Celtic’s left before being brought down by the Rangers player.  Commons found Thomas Rogne with the resultant free kick which the defender powered home.

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  1. Kayal33



    I agree there should be some sort of response from the SNP re Neils treatment at a Football Ground, but Nor have we heard from the Labour, Liberal or Conservative Parties whose main aims is to keep us in the union, you know at the behest of all those Union Jack waving flags at the game yesterday where Neil’s safety could not be guaranteed!!!

  2. Just read back and I’m glad to see that many of you feel exactly like myself. We MUST do something about the “treatment” meted out to our manager. Where is our First Minister now and that waste of space, the Justice Minster? Shouldn’t they be asking questions of their favoured team, so much a part of the fabric of our society that they cannot provide security for a visiting team’s manager. God give me strength.

  3. Good morning Bhoys!!



    Sunny times are here my friends.



    I have to laugh. The smugness of Aunt Sally shaking hands with the Celtic players as they went down the tunnel. Very gentlemanly of you Ally.



    I read this morning that:



    Lennon is braced for being hauled up before SFA enforcer Vincent Lunny. He added: “Why is it you can’t be seen or heard to criticise referees in any way?



    Do you think that if the SFA actually spent their tinpot budget on weeding out corruption, greed and licking Rankers a*** all day with a pro-establishment agenda instead of lambasting Neil Lennon and anybody in Timdom that the game would be all the better for it? Who the frig is Vincent Lunny? Is he working for the hit squad for the now debunked UVF??? Will Neil be forced to wear a blindfold as he’s led into a darkened room to answer the charges against him?



    There is a prize for the first person to post a picture of the dreaded Vincent Lunny (balaclava and all)



    I hear the SFA and the Evil Empire are locked in a room now trying everything in their power to prevent Celtic winning the double. Odds on Collum as ref, Callum Murray as linesman with the groundsman briefed to turn the pitch into a turnip patch of a rugby pitch at Hampden for the Hearts Scottish Cup semi final so that anti-football and the mini huns are granted a level playing field on top of their 11 men and the 3 officials.



    I’d take that bet.

  4. Good morning from a bright but cold York. We lost a league game… That happens in a season but we are going to win the league.. that’s the important bit. Our very young team with an inexperienced manager is going to win the league after being 15 points behind. Next year our team bit be older and wiser but more importantly better. Neil will only have to make a few changes in the summer to get his vision of playing the Celtic way a reality. Give them there last hurrah,The future is bright the future is Green and White

  5. Vincent Lunny. SFA Enforcer (Hollywood voiceover voice)






    “…..in a world where catholics could not be allowed to succeed, one man was chosen. AGAINST all odds, he was granted special powers to crush the catholic rebellion and ensure that the state of the Union would be preserved and a blind eye turned to all wrongdoing. That man was Vincent Lunny.”

  6. Neil "Penfold" Lennon on

    I stopped watching after the second red card because it was clear at that point it was not a sporting competition. What does make me a happy hoops fan today, however, is looking at the joy they showed yesterday because that was their most important game of the season. Ha.



    Game over.

  7. While we’re at it, shouldn’t that ablest of policeman, Campbell Corrigan, be asked a few pertinent questions too? He had plenty to say last season, of memory serves.



    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the other political parties at the moment. Our First Minister was the one who called for the summit last year, seconded by Macaskill. It was their party who pushed through the new legislation, which now seems to be being quietly ignored, certainly by the relevant powers with regard to those who follow follow the bankrupt lot.



    By the bye, am very seriously considering cancelling SKY as they seem to be making a concerted effort to keep them alive and in the SPL. Does anybody else think this is the case?

  8. Paul,



    the question of WHY Neil’s safety couldn’t be guaranteed and why our team was disadvantaged by our manager having to watch the game holed up in the bowels of the Bigotdome surrounded by security has to be asked at the highest level. We all know the answer – because he’s an Irish Catholic who manages a successful Celtic team and in the 21st Century his safety can’t be guaranteed because the neaderthal watp bigots hate him. Shame on them and shame on Scotland.



    As an aside well done to Strathclyde’s finest for letting groups of 50 Rankers supporters at a time (unescorted) out of the wee rankers club on Edmiston Drive an hour before kick-off right into 1000s of Celtic supporters walking to the game nearly causing a riot – if I was a cynic I’d suggest that it was almost a deliberate act as there is no other reasonable explanation.



    Hail! Hail!




  9. Parkheadcumsalford


    I asked this question on the Lost Bhoys/Home Bhoys podcast some months ago!


    Who is in charge?



    SFA? (and all who sail in her rotten ship)


    HMRC? (don’t they have power that supercedes all others??)


    SKY TV? (is the tail wagging the dog or is the dog wagging the tail??)



    If their ‘proud tradition that cannot be allowed to fail’ is sectarian hatred and not being able to grant the same rights and priviliges and courtesy to a manager of a travelling club playing on their poisoned hallowed ground then it’s a tradition that i want no part of and would like to see removed from existance.

  10. Parkheadcumsalford


    “I wouldn’t be too concerned about the other political parties at the moment.”



    I totally agree with your comment re the First Minister and his Justice Minister, getting involved, and Strathclyde Police must be held to account for their inability to protect one individual from harm at a football ground.



    The “other political parties” did absolutely nothing re the sectarian employment policy that operated there for years and years and are still wanting us to be a part of that establishment through a Union….!! por cierto.

  11. The two big issues from Sunday are very diverse.



    The security issue will go nowhere. Neil was advised by Celtic’s security it wasn’t safe to sit in the stand. That would have been very sensible advice. However if Celtic raise the issue, Rangers will reply that this wasn’t their view. They will pass responsibility back to Celtic



    The referee’s performance, however , is another matter.



    Have we had another scenario where our manager has been lied to by officials. If Neil committed a red card offence, why wasn’t he issued a red card there and then.


    This has all the signs of collaboration and interference. Can anyone imagine a player punching another player in the tunnel , then being allowed to attend the half time team talk, and then being red carded as he made his way back onto the pitch for the start of the second half.


    It wouldn’t happen. If Neil was guilty of a red card offence , why wasn’t he ordered off there and then.



    We have just seen a world first in football. The time delayed red card. Not after video review, as thats not in the match referees remit.



    10 minutes later……..yes thats worth repeating……10 minutes later our manager is ordered off for an offence he is alleged to have committed



    The Cha sending off was a ridiculous decision. It was game changing. The Wanyama sending off was no more a deserved sending off than McCullochs tackle on Kayal in December.



    Murdo McLeods description of it as horrendous , is yet another example of nonsense from this most mercenary of ex celts.



    Remember Murdo McLeod



    ” i could work harder if you paid me more”



    That says all you need to know about him as a man. His comments are tainted, because as he has already shown, pay him enough and he will say whatever suits. The only priority Mcloeod has ever had is the own that involves his own bank account.



    The most disreputable of ex Celts. Fergus had him sussed, and quite correctly showed him the door

  12. The Battered Bunnet on

    A thoughtjust crossed my mind. Quite welcome for a Monday morning…



    The Gang of 10, via Michael Johnstone of Kilmarnock on the BBC on saturday, are openly suggesting that Rangers’ Adminstrators should jolly well support voting change if they know what’s jolly well good for them.



    We know Rangers are likely to be liquidated shortly.



    We also know that there is a current SPL inquiry into the years of fielding ineligible players.



    If Liquidation doesn’t get them, the SPL inquiry can. Or not, as Michael Johnstone laboured to imply.



    Liquidation means Rangers have no vote, which means the Gang of 10 win the day in terms of voting power. They can change the rules, then accept some Newco Rangers back into the league.



    Unless… they are not as united as they claim to be. In other words, they need Rangers to carry the day before they liquidate. They might have what they need to change the rules once Rangers are gone, but they need the rules changed in order to be able to win a vote on Newco entry.



    I’d be interested to know BRTH’s view from a Licensing Law perspective were a majority of clubs to promise the Adminstrators of Rangers that an as yet unincorporated Newco non-member would be voted into membership of the SPL in exchange for the Admoinstrators of the old club supporting change now.

  13. Parkheadcumsalford on 26 March, 2012 at 08:44 said


    Well said in regards to sky tv.


    With sky ,sfa and the spl all needing the Huns to keep the gravy train pulling in the cash.As I have said previous in a few posts if the Huns are allowed to break every rule in the book and Celtic plc stand by and do nothing.Then as much as Celtic have been part of my life I and may other will not be part of a rigged set up.The £50+ to sky a month plus my season book money will be put to use else where.




  14. I posted before the game that Rangers starting line-up was likely to cost more than ours despute their financial problems. Even though Lafferty was on the bench they started with a defence that cost more than ours, a midfield that cost more than ours and a front line that cost about the same as ours. Two of their goalscorers were signed while they had abandoned any pretence of paying taxes. If administration is a tough process for any business to endure can someone please let me know when things start getting tough for them!



    And to top off the advantage gained through financial doping, they even had a card-happy referee doling out decisions in their favour that would never be awarded in ours. I still think Forster stood a very good chance of reaching the ball before Wallace and that Cha did not even foul Wallace in the first place.



    So this morning I feel cheated – the same way I felt cheated when I first heard about their various tax evasions and the undisclosed payments to their players. The same way I felt cheated when they went out of Europe in 2008 and spent ridiculous sums of money they didn’t have and couldn’t afford to pay back in order to win the league and cost Gordon Strachan his job. The same way I felt cheated when they signed Jelavic for £4m despite two ongoing tax appeals and the bank’s apparent running of the club (still convinced the bank never sanctioned that one).



    Even if we win the league and cup this season I will still feel cheated that they have “suffered” an insolvency event and a few wage cuts to their players is the only “suffering” in evidence to date.





    Bring on the liquidation CSC

  15. optimistic little soldier on

    I’ve a few thoughts on yesterday.



    First, there’s a very fine line between bottling it and not being able to deal with overwhelming expectation properly. And I suspect our players fall on the side of not dealing with expectation.


    In big games where Celtic were the underdog (Udinese, Rennes away etc), we didn’t bottle it nor did we have any expectations to deal with.


    The Cup Final, however, there was an overwhelming expectancy and our players failed to match those levels and fell short, ultimately losing. Same again yesterday.


    This is not bottling big games; it’s just a young team being unable to deal with the overwhelming favourites tag. The more we get into these situations (Cup Finals, League Winning Games etc) the more they will handle it and the fewer upsets there’ll be.



    Secondly, when Samaras was fouled by Papac yesterday and the whole Celtic end, bench, TV audience couldn’t believe it, I suspected the game was up in terms of getting an even break with officials’ decisions. To make it worse, it wasn’t just Murray at a career low yesterday.


    The stand-side linesman incorrectly flagged Stokes off-side when he was one-on-one. He also allowed Wallace – in an offside position – to influence play in the lead up to the 2nd (killer) goal. I suspect he also stopped Murray giving the foul on Samaras by Papac… ref just about to blow, then on touching his ear, waves play on.


    Career lows from Murray and Mr Stand-Side.



    Thirdly, from Neil Lennon’s interview yesterday, there is another Dougie Dougie brewing. Lennon has set out his legal-stall already: “I have witnesses”.


    Lennon has already said that the delegate’s view is different from his and his witnesses and that it will all come out in the wash when the officials report is published.


    If, following a get together between the four-officials and the delegate, the report does not match Lennon and his witnesses’ account of events, be sure that Celtic will attack the SFA from all angles and won’t miss. As I say, another potential Dougie Dougie is on the cards.



    Fourthly, gutted that Ticketus FC beat us yesterday, they celebrated it like it was their last ever derby win. Oh wait…

  16. Celtic should go to the 10 clubs and agree 100% with a fair split of the TV money. Its simple really divide the amount the league gets from TV every season by the amount of live games shown. The amount for each game is split 50/50 by both clubs.



    Simple and fair!





    Fair play to you.



    Hope you are well.



    Yesterday,we saw the champions,A FACT due to their performance over the season.



    In the coming weeks ,I expect the team to show everyone why that is so.




  18. Parkheadcumsalford @0844.



    Re: SKY



    I agree, and if my conversations with people in the MS Sports Media yesterday are anything to go by, this line will be aggressively pushed this week by all of them.


    For all the MediaHouse generated positive spin, I sense a panic that things are about to get a whole lot worse for RFC(*).

  19. twists n turns on

    Had a lot of time to think on long drive home after yesterdays match.



    On the team performance, I was disappointed the way we started. In such an important game, I was expecting an up and at em’ attitude from the first whistle. It took Aluko’s excellent finish to spark us into any sort of life. Slowly but surely we did get a foothold, which was the cue for the MIB to put a spanner in the works with the 1st sending off. Shocking decision. A “clear” goalscoring opportunity? Not in a million years regardless of whatever angle you look at it from and regardless of which team you follow.


    1. Wallace has lost control of the ball.


    2. He is beaten for pace


    3. At least 3 hooped shirts are heading across to cover as well as Foster



    Wallace also slowed enough to encourage the nudge on him. He was beaten and knew it.


    So how on earth did the ref see a “clear” opportunity? Quite simply he didn’t. It was NOT a sending off, but he couldn’t get to his pocket quickly enough. From then, it was clear what the agenda was. Wanyama’s is a daft tackle but he took the ball cleanly. I accept some refs will dismiss for this, but a lot wouldn’t. Most in Scotland WILL, IF, it is a Celtic player.



    I am used to this treatment. We all are. I think Neil will get hammered. I hope if the official report deviates from the true version of events, and given Neil has witnesses, Celtic fight this all the way.



    I am never astonished to lose to them. It is a derby game, it happens and will happen again. It wouldn’t however happen so often on a level playing field, and that is the frustration.



    How do we improve? I do wish we had a no nonsense defender or two. It’s hard to take when a coward like McClugger is happy to try and roll our defenders around, and able to do so. Only half a dozen years, our defenders had the likes of him beat in the tunnel. He would never have bossed our back 4 around like he was able to do yesterday.


    A box to box midfielder would also help, but for me we need 2 better defenders as priority.


    I hope Neil has also had time to calm down and reflect on the things that he CAN influence. Our bhoy is still learning, but critically, is growing season by season. I think he is too quick to switch the back 4 around, with full backs often on the ‘wrong’ side of their comfort zone, and I fell it upsets our game too much.



    The double is still very much on though and the ice cream will be back out the freezer soon enough.

  20. The big decisions in yesterdays game were ,Anthony Stokes clearly onside with the opportunity to run through one to one with the Rangers goalkeeper and Wallace offside for the second goal.In the cold light of day Cha might have got away it but in the current climate Vic was always going to be sent off. When Rangers won 9 in a row I remember us beating them when they had already won the league yesterdays result like that has no bearing at all, the big one was in December.


    If Neil Lennon had wanted to watch the game from the beginning in the stand would he have been allowed to?I hope Celtic will pursue this issue with the SPL and SFA.Surely if the home team cant guarantee the safety of the opposition manager then these games should be played at a neutral venue.

  21. Barcabhoy. Sadly I agree with you on McLeod. Not a nice man.



    I hear Pat Nevin was lauding RFC yesterday. Strangely his ears remained unoffended by any of their songs.



    I don’t wish unemployment of anyone, but if a side effect of RFC’s liquidation is less work for the likes of Murdo and Pat, it’ll be a welcome development.

  22. northbhoy ... \o/ on

    Morning CQNrs



    Hope all are well today and are coping with the usual rubbish spouted by MSM about yesterday. It is clearly not a fair playing field and that we need to stay away from any notion of being linked to them.




  23. Think the SFA should tred very carefully given what is about to be allegedy exposed about illegal registration of players

  24. One thing yesterday yet again highlighted was that we desparately need a playmaker, someone who can control the game and create the chances when we’re up against it or things are tight. Hoping that we get to see Ibrahim, or McGeoch, given a run after the title is clinched and played just off the striker and ahead of the middle two.

  25. optimistic little soldier on

    We all know Paul McBride tore the SFA rule book a new one in relation to interpretation of their own rules.



    Is there any chance Rangers, with their own legal eagle, a Billy Smythe or something or other, will be able to challenge the SFA on the interpretation of rules about the making of undeclared payments to players?



    I’d hate to see the huns get away with this because the SFA forgot to put in a comma or something into the rule-book…

  26. stflannansbg on 26 March, 2012 at 08:14 said:


    Sydney Tim: hopefully does not speak for all tic fans downunder. Does he ever praise the tic?




    All that non stop sunshine, beautiful beaches and outdoor lifestyle is bound to make a man grumpy. Cut him some slack!

  27. Another beautiful morning here in North Ayrshire.



    Listening to Radio Scotland there.



    Apparently everything was fine yesterday. Dougie McDonald said so. He also informed listeners, voice dripping with fastidious distaste, “what Mister Lennon will have to understand…”


    Refs are accountable he said, and to prove it, informed us that a referee supervisor was in the stand.


    His name was Jim McCluskey.



    No stacked deck there then.



    And a last point: if that stand was not safe for Neil Lennon, it should be closed.



    What’s that you say?

  28. Kayal33 on 26 March, 2012 at 09:26 said:


    will whittaker get a retrospective red card for his over the top stamp on Wanyama?








    Be surprised if Elbows gets one for his assault on Broonie.



    We get one more go at Elbows after the split I hope. It should not be wasted.

  29. RobertTressell on 26 March, 2012 at 09:34 said:



    hopefully Beram will be back to get revenge, Karma

  30. jhilday on 26 March, 2012 at 09:33 said:


    Another beautiful morning here in North Ayrshire.



    Listening to Radio Scotland there.



    Apparently everything was fine yesterday. Dougie McDonald said so. He also informed listeners, voice dripping with fastidious distaste, “what Mister Lennon will have to understand…”


    Refs are accountable he said, and to prove it, informed us that a referee supervisor was in the stand.


    His name was Jim McCluskey.





    I imagine there were one or two other ex-referees in the stand too. With their season books.

  31. By accounts Neil Lennon will be called to answer for what he may or may not have said to the referee. Very few are privy to what Neil is being accused of but if he is guilty then he should serve his sentence.



    Good on the SFA for trying to uphold the rules and image of the game in Scotland.



    Oh! but guys… instead of picking on one guy, one manager, one Celtic Supporter and ex-player, who just happens to be the most abused, intimidated, misquoted, threatened and assaulted employee ever to work in Scottish football since its inception, why don’t you have a wee look at yourselves and ask why the most public of procrastinations in taking another club to task for its fans breaches of your rules, by singing repeated proscribed sectarian and racial songs, since Rangers went into administration.



    Surely action against that club takes precedence over any action against Neil Lennon or do the SFA too have an affiliation to illegal discrimination; Or do they just like to bully.



    Your rules have been broken repeatedly – why are you taking no action against the offending club? WHY?

  32. Kayal – I would hope our ‘hard’ men would be taking a yellow card each for him.



    As you rightly point out – Karma can be a real bitch. They know all about it. Ask wee Naismith.

  33. Kayal33 on 26 March, 2012 at 09:32



    In terms of a playmaker, I thought Commons made a real difference when he came on.



    With Forest out, I would like Kris to get a run in the team.

  34. twists n turns on

    PF Ayr / Oldtim and all who expressed interest in the 7th June (thu) Hamilton raceday, I shall be booking a table on Wed, as the girl who deals with it is out until then. I will reserve a table, and pay my £122.40p. You can then call and book your own, giving your payment details, by using my name to book. Will confirm the detail on Wed when the table is reserved.



    As I said at the time, will include, entry, programme, 3 course meal, afternoon tea and free drinks all day.

  35. The summation, by those with influence, of Murray’s performance is that he got most of the big decisions right.


    Of course, they mean ‘ the right way.’



    We made mistakes yesterday, both players and management, we have and will pay for them.


    The officials will be rewarded for theirs.