Rangers 3-2 Celtic


Celtic will have to keep the Champagne on ice for a while longer after failing to collect the three points required to win the league at Ibrox this afternoon.  The champions-elect looked nervous early on with few looking comfortable in possession, allowing Rangers significant periods of possession.  After only 10 minutes Rangers were ahead when Sone Aluko beat Thomas Rogne before cutting inside Charlie Mulgrew and firing a shot past Forster in the Celtic goal.

Celtic scarcely featured as an attacking threat in the first half but moments after going behind Georgios Samaras produced one of the most scintillating pieces of skill on the day.  The Greek international collected the ball 70 yards from goal, beat four opponents before his shot from 12 yards was saved by Alan McGregor.  Anthony Stokes mishit the rebound allowing McGregor to tip over.

Stokes forced a further save from McGregor with a fine volley after controlling on his chest but the game was soon to look ominous for Celtic.  Cha Du-Ri was caught wrong side of Lee Wallace and made the slighted touch on the Rangers player who went to ground two yards outside the penalty area.  Referee Calum Murray sent Cha off despite the covering attendance of Charlie Mulgrew.

Despite their numerical advantage Rangers seemed content to prevent Celtic scoring, Fraster Forster didn’t make a single save while Celtic were numerically on level terms or only a single man down.  Ten minutes after the break Victor Wanyama was red carded for a two footed tackle on Steven Whittaker.

Lee McCulloch was fortunate to remain on the field after elbowing Scott Brown on the head.  In a carbon copy of the incident which ended Beram Kayal’s season in December, McCulloch went to ground after the incident until attended by a physio, which perhaps tempered the referee’s response.  Clever, if predictable.

With things clearly not going their way Celtic then lost an offside goal.  Celtic had an opportunity to make an attempt on goal when they won a free kick 28 yards out.  With Charlie Mulgrew still running into position Scott Brown played a quick pass to Kris Commons but Celtic players were crowded out by a number of opponents and lost possession.  Rangers broke forward and applied pressure which brought the best out of Fraser Forster but Andrew Little put Rangers two ahead from what was clearly an offside position.

A further breakaway on the 77th minute resulted in Lee Wallace putting Rangers three goals ahead.

Despite being two goals down substitute Kris Commons started to dictate play and brought Celtic their best period of possession.  In the 89th minute Georgios Samaras broke through the Rangers defence but was scythed to the ground by Bocanegra.  The referee awarded a penalty and ordered the Rangers player off.  Scott Brown scored the penalty

Moments later Commons got the better of Whittaker on Celtic’s left before being brought down by the Rangers player.  Commons found Thomas Rogne with the resultant free kick which the defender powered home.

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  1. Just read an article from Neil about the decision at iPox.


    The ref team combined to set an agenda IMHO at iPox.


    The stand side Hun with a flag


    1.stokes on side by 2 yards


    2.samaras tackled from behind no foul


    3. 2nd Hun goal offside


    4.kung fu kick by Whittaker on vic


    The ref with a flute


    1.cha never a sending off


    2.samaras pulled back at corner flag


    3.assault on brown by elbow with knee and arm from behind.


    If this is the best the sfa can provided the spl with,then the spl and Neil Doncaster should be looking else where for a better provider.




  2. So Rangers still have that old failing even in their dying throes, the near fatal administration process couldn’t stop them.



    A dodgy victory on the most unlevel playing field on the planet, but beaten by all comers in the SPL, only able to galvanise themselves to be able to kick scream, punch, bribe and scratch against their ‘fenian’ nemesis.



    Pathetic, plus ça change



    Gone Fishin

  3. seventyxseven 'gelee et glace' on

    Twist and Turns



    £122 for the day out at Hamilton – but its free drink all day???



    You should get a job with Duff and Duffer. (smile.)

  4. optimistic little soldier on

    In addition to Calum Murray: All through the first half he cautioned Whittaker about holding/pulling at corners/free-kicks.



    In the 2nd half, Whittaker – arms wrapped around Ledley – pulls him to the floor. Ledley protests and ref waves his hands emphatically as a “No!”. It was the sign-language version of Iain Paisley’s kinda NO.



    You’d think that after having warned the same player during 45mins of play for that very thing, and then when it happens in front of you – blatantly – that you’d do something about it.



    Unless it was only 1-0 to the Huns at the time I suppose…

  5. seventyxseven 'gelee et glace' on

    Swiss Tony



    You are a jinx!! Still, its the last chance you will have to be a jinx for a long time. They are gone.

  6. So Shortbread have just wheeled out an ex-ref who is a proven liar, an ex-ref who had to resign from the game, an ex-ref who has zero credibility, to tell us all is well ?



    And we pay money for this !!



    Murray’s reluctance to tell the truth at the SFA hearing after being rag-dolled last year underlined him as being suspect. His over eagerness to reduce our numbers compared to the reassurance he sought at the hun sending off confirmed to me that he is as honest as a Whytey promise.



    Man of the match yesterday – Sammy. Zero protection from Brother Murray and his 2 cohorts.



    The sooner they pass on the better.

  7. My thoughts on the game (if anyones interested that is)



    Starting with the team line up



    Lenny got the full back positions horribly wrong. Cha is quite simply not good enough as a RB. Constantly drifting infield allowing Wallace the freedom of the left flank. Should have chopped Aluko down prior to the first goal but allowed him to run unhindered. Adam Matthews also had a poor game and was the cause of the 3rd Hun goal allowing himself to be caught in possesion.



    Charlie has had a fine season but yesterday was probably his worst performance of the campaign. Both Elbows + Aluko ran him ragged



    Does anyone know if Joe Ledley was playing? Hid for the 2nd weekend running. Big Vic kept getting caught in possession yet again. He must learn to move the ball quicker



    Sammi my MOTM. Forster + Kris Commons can also hold their heads high



    Now to the cheat



    Celtic MUST put an official complaint to the SFA over his handling of the game. Cha gets a red card for pulling back wallace. Goain doesn’t even see yellow for doing likewise to Sammi as he is about to burst into the box. How many fouls did Whittaker commit. 8,9? No card whatsoever. Now i have to say Big Vic deserved to go. No matter if you get the ball, a 2 footed challenge inevitably brings you a red. If you’re going to make a challenge like that, make sure you take Whittaker clean out so he can’t continue. If Celtic do nothing about Murrays handling of this game then this behaviour will continue



    As a team, we need a couple of bruisers in there. We are powder puff. For the first 20mins you would have thought it was the Huns who needed 3 points for the title.



    Lenny has to get tough with this group of players otherwise we will see many more days like the last 2 Sundays

  8. Good Moaning CQ oan. (Allo Allo accent)



    Cinnot beloove thay have added ticks to hat food.



    I git a Groggs pisty ovarydoo – I’ll be bonkript before ling.

  9. twists n turns on




    If you have had a drink with PF and Oldtim, you would realise just how much of a bargain the “free” drink portion of the package at £40 really is! I would think by race 2, the £40 worth will be well spent :-) – but yes, I see what you say – my phrasing could have been better, it does indeed read like hun accountancy!

  10. Over..and…Over on 26 March, 2012 at 10:00 said:




    jhilday on 26 March, 2012 at 09:55




    Thank you.



    I think we can manage that in spite of them.

  11. Over..and...Over on




    We will not lose another game for the rest of the season,in-fact I think we will hardly concede another goal. As Neil will have them fired up after yesterday, highlighting what it takes to beat 12 man teams.

  12. If it wasn’t obvious before, it is now. Everything and everyone is trying hard to save Ranjurs. We are all assuming they are done for with their debts. the tax bills and all the various charges against them, but look at what’s happening.



    We have the kindest and most docile set of administrators in the history of admin trying to keep the team intact. Why is that even necessary?



    We have the MSM still spouting their nonsense and only admitting to Ranjur’s problems when they could no longer spin against the volume and quality of info coming from the online ‘bampots’.



    We have the SFA and SPL trying hard not to find any evidence of wrongdoing.



    We have the gang of 10 plotting to allow Ranjurs to remain in the top flight.



    We have several interested parties lining up to purchase them.



    And finally, we have the three judges currently deliberating on the outcome of the big tax case. No doubt these fine gentlemen are working hard to find extenuating circumstances as to why Ranjurs were not really at fault, were just badly advised, and therefore liable for either no tax repayment or perhaps just a fraction of the big bill.



    You know they will be saved, it’s inevitable.

  13. Headtheball on 26 March, 2012 at 10:12 said:



    ”And finally, we have the three judges currently deliberating on the outcome of the big tax case.”




    So everyone keeps saying.



    When the judgement is published, assuming it is published, it might not be, I think we’ll find it’s one judge and one tribunal member.

  14. ernie lynch



    I’m not sure, I thought I read it was three judges. Anyway, whoever it is, I wonder what influences they are under and how they are viewing all that’s going on right now.

  15. Need cheering up?



    Here are all the trophies that will be taken from rangers and their rightful winners from 2001-2011.



    Glasgow Celtic. 5 League Titles, 1 Scottish Cup, 2 League Cups.


    Dundee United. 1 League Cup, 1 Scottish Cup.


    Queen of the South. 1 Scottish Cup.


    Falkirk. 1 Scottish Cup.


    St Mirren. 1 League Cup.

  16. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on 26 March, 2012 at 10:31 said:




    When do we play those filthy,cheating beggars again?




    Hopefully never !!

  17. reilly1926 on 26 March, 2012 at 10:34 said:


    Sixteen roads to Golgotha on 26 March, 2012 at 10:31 said:



    When do we play those filthy,cheating beggars again?




    Hopefully never !!




    One more time would be ideal, CP in April, revenge for the Champions.

  18. Just seen SSN + Andy Walker.


    Atrocious attempt to justify the Refs decisions and lack of them.



    Also was the score 3-0 as there was no Celtic goals shown.



    There is a definite Hun bias on that channel. Not all down to Jim White.

  19. So the way this is going Celtic may have to wait to KIlmarnock to win the league.


    Is Michael Johnston going to supply over 3 stands to Celtic fans wishing to attend? OR, will it be “we couldn’t do that after the outcry last year when we done it for Rangers”?.


    Should this game be boycotted?

  20. googybhoy



    I posted earlier about Walker



    He is an utter disgrace. Proclaims to be a Celtic supporter



    He is nothing of the sort. I have never seen him stick up for the club



    He actually said Murray had a good game!

  21. bazflaz75 on 26 March, 2012 at 10:39 said:



    Ki hasn’t played since he was hospitalised with a virus when away with South Korea. Earlier in the season he was one of our best performers but his form has been poor for a few months now.

  22. Basic question to referees: How come when their players assaulted our players at Celtic park it was yellow cards whereas at Ibrox our players see red?

  23. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    reilly1926 on 26 March, 2012 at 10:34 said:



    Hopefully the next time will be the last time,but we need to put right a few wrongs before they sink into liquidation.



    I want to see them humiliated one last time.It is my wish to see them crushed and destroyed on the hallowed turf of Celtic Park,before we say bye bye to them forever.



    I am not going to say that I hate anyone,or anything – I do not hate – hate is a wasted emotion,but they do try me.



    Everything about them makes me sick to the pit of my stomach,their referees in particular.



    It’s cheating,the most blatant cheating that you will ever witness.



    I am counting down the days until the next fixture against those degenerate parasites.

  24. I wish folk would get off Ki’s back, the bhoy carried the midfield when everyone was injured, he hasn’t played well recently but do we really want to make him the new Sammi??



    The blame game does nothing for the players confidence or for the atmosphere on here!



    We win as a team and we lose as a team.




  25. greenjedi 09:16:



    Celtic should go to the 10 clubs and agree 100% with a fair split of the TV money. Its simple really divide the amount the league gets from TV every season by the amount of live games shown. The amount for each game is split 50/50 by both clubs.



    That sounds very fair. The next Sky/ESPN deal is reported to be worth £80m over 5 years so £16m a year. They show 30 live games each as part of the deal and so that works out at 60 games so approx £266k per game. Split 50/50 gives each team £133k for each live game they appear on.



    So far Sky and ESPN have shown 49 live games this season so there are still some more to go before the end of the season but here is a breakdown of what each team would expect to receive based on your suggestion:



    Team —– No. of Games —- Amount


    Aberdeen ————– 7 ————- £933k


    Celtic —————— 18 ————- £2.4m


    Dundee Utd ———- 4 ————— £533k


    Dunfermline ———- 5 ————— £667k


    Hearts —————– 8 ————— £1.067m


    Hibernian ————- 11 ————— £1.467m


    Inverness CT ——— 5 ————— £667k


    Kilmarnock ————- 5 ————– £667k


    Motherwell ————–5 ————— £667k


    Rangers —————19 ————— £2.5m


    St Johnstone ———–6 ————— £800


    St Mirren —————— 5 ———– –£667K



    What is that these clubs want? A fairer distribution on TV money, fine, but then you would hope they would have more of their games on TV rather that always Celtic (and Rangers) having to go to Aberdeen or Inverness for 12.30 kick-offs.



    If they want a fair share, perhaps they should lobby more for more of their games to be shown.




  26. South Of Tunis on

    Mmmmm ——–



    Yesterday , once more .



    Run of bad form continued . Pedestrian and very ,very poor. Looked tired , distracted and far from being up for it. No drive , no dig . Looked young /inexperienced and lacking leadership. Badly need a playmaker, badly need a reliable goal scorer.



    Officiating was inept and open to accusations of partiality..[ very Scottish ]



    Samaras was great —— despite being assaulted[ with impunity] for 90 plus minutes.



    Celtic started badly . We gave them their first , their second was offside, we gave them their third. We missed a sitter. We continually gave them the ball.. We lost .



    Cheered myself up by watching Catania come back from being 2 -0 down to earn a good draw away to Napoli . A game which featured 12 South Americans. Good game . Montella has Catania playing well. .



    Lovely spring day , low 20s , clear blue sky -way down south . No SPL Parachute. No to any Newco that doesn’t have to grovel and beg to be allowed to start at the very bottom

  27. Right bhoys this is my apology to Neil Francis Lennon and his coaching team.



    When things were looking grim around October/ November last year, I called for our young manager to go.



    I questioned Neil’s ability to run our club while he had his own personal battle with depression, a crippling illness of ones brain and from my own experience the most frightening experience of your life, whereby even the most simple everyday tasks are extremly difficult and where everything that goes on around you is wrapped in a dark cloud and you cannot function properly.



    Neil I was completely wrong as you have had the courage and willpower to overcome all your own problems along with the death threats and still came out on top.



    You are without doubt the greatest Celtic manager we have ever had.



    People may say that is OTT, well they have never had to suffer depression and therefore cannot understand what it does to your brain and body.



    Keep going Neil and take courage and strength from the history of people like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandella, Ghandi and all the other great men and woman, Irish, Burmese, Palestinian and every other race who suffered bigotry and opression all of their lives and always spoke out against their triumphalist bigotted and racist governments that tried to keep them down, some of whom even lost their lives doing so.



    God bless you Neil Francis Lennon and I do humbly apologise for doubting you, my mistake will never be repeated.