Rangers and Newco both look marooned without clarification


So what do we know?

Need for clarification

Rangers’ potential new owner has asked for clarification on what he is buying, a franchise with a place in the SPL or the middle of a doughnut, with the ability to apply for membership to the Scottish Football League.

That clarification has not been delivered, which must undermine Rangers sale.

Rangers want an extension

Despite needing clarification, Rangers administrators, Duff and Phelps, failed to attend the meeting and asked for a further extension (it’s like the 2007-08 league season all over again).  Curious, to say the least. Clearly they were not in a position to offer the SPL information that would assist their case.

To be revealed before 30 May

The next meeting is on 30 May, by then the First Tier Tribunal on Rangers Employee Benefit Trust will have reported.  There will also be a considerable amount of information in the public domain on how Rangers operated under Sir David Murray.  With all this information available, it will be impossible for the SPL to further delay publishing the findings of their inquiry into Improper Registration of Players by Rangers.  In disciplinary terms, this is the big one.

What about Craig Whyte?

Bill Miller was appointed preferred bidder on Thursday but, as floating charge holder, Craig Whyte can ask the court to block stop Duff and Phelps disposing of Ibrox.  We don’t know Craig Whyte’s mind, or if he has a deal with Miller, but if they are not working in partnership, you can expect a late and effective legal block put in place to stop the disposal of Ibrox.

So what does it mean?

The chance of a Newco being in place, in the SPL or SFL, for the start of next season has never been more remote.  On 7 May they don’t have a buyer, after 10 weeks they don’t have the stadium and the moral outrage over what looked likely to be voted through today is beginning to gain traction.

Today was the best chance Rangers had to cut a quick deal with the SPL.  Further delay only means more time for the other clubs to work on contingency plans and to be lobbied by their own supporters.

We are six days away from the end of the season and Duff and Phelps have to put enough of a confirmed deal in place to convince someone to part with £11.2m.  They don’t have passage into the league and they don’t have a stadium to sell.

If Bill Miller stays in the game until the end of the week and submits a formal offer for the stadium and other assets, we can expect Craig Whyte to go to court to halt the process.  I cannot see how or why Miller, who doesn’t even have a passport and has made no moved to come over and negotiate in person, would put £11.2m on the table when he doesn’t know what he is buying, or what sporting and financial penalties are coming his way.

Rangers will have to overcome all these obstacles long before 30 May if they are to stay in the game long enough for Newco to inherit their place in the SPL but their chances of surviving that long is dependent on a positive outcome from the meeting that has now been postponed.

They look marooned; I don’t think they are going to make it.

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  1. Saint Stivs on

    gordybhoy64 on 7 May, 2012 at 16:45 said:


    Saint stivs,


    cheers pal,will have a look at the ones you have suggested






    let me know waht dates your thinking off, can do a wee search myself and give you a recommendation of whats best offer.


    if you dont need a hotel, the services apartments on offer nowadays are magic.

  2. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Will somebody Please flush the toilet



    Hail Hail

  3. ernie lynch on

    If someone were to write to Celtic and say they won’t renew their season ticket until they know for sure that it will iclude old firm games what do you think Celtic would say?

  4. From FF…



    smells like sh1872.



    Lindsay Herron ‏ @rfc_lindsay


    Duff & Phelps applied for SPL meeting to be adjourned as they felt new owners (Bill Miller) should be involved in these discussions

  5. johnnyquest on

    Yet another postponement,and still,with two months of administration behind them,not a single,solitary word of contrition from the club,formerly known as rangers.

  6. corrib04 is Neil Lennon on

    P67: ‘They look marooned; I don’t think they are going to make it.’



    Aw. what a shame, never mind.


    Hey, who here is looking forward to the Champions League draw?

  7. What is the Stars on




    yea Yea yea,they look marooned,I dont think they are going to make it



    All very well


    But why hasnt the forelock tugging,soup taking,back of the bus sitting,old firm minded board of Celtic FC come out and done something to stop this travesty of Rangers Newco being allowed back in to the SPL penalty free



    Answer that


    Up the rebels,

  8. sixtaeseven: No NewCo in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    The next meeting is on 30 May, by then the First Tier Tribunal on Rangers Employee Benefit Trust will have reported.



    Do you have confirmation of that, Paul?

  9. TheBarcaMole on




    Quelle Surprise!


    No change there then………….


    Same old, same old………


    Been beating this drum for some time now and not with the intention or hope of being a proven doom-sayer but hey c’mon this is going to run and run and run……….


    At risk of repeating myself…..


    It’s a long game for them; and with the connivance of the brotherhood, their political allies and the the carpetbaggers within, they will hope to draw the whole thing out to achieve the desired result; survival of RIA (no, not a typo) in as near as possible a guise to the original model.


    May well mean continued administration (for however long, for them) and the (comparatively insignificant) concomitant penalties that go with it but hey, sorry to say, ‘the people’ will be/are still here giving it out with impunity………….



    Hope that I am wrong……..Really!!!



    Regards & Hail Hail



  10. is may 30th significant? are dunfermline still technically SPL members untiljune 1st? could it be related to contracts reverting to original terms?



    and why, if it takes 21 days to change anything at the SPL, didn’t they vote on a resolution last week and reconvene in a fortnight?

  11. ernie lynch on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 7 May, 2012 at 16:57 said:


    “The next meeting is on 30 May, by then the First Tier Tribunal on Rangers Employee Benefit Trust will have reported.”



    Is this definite??









    The Eclipse film case finished hearing evidence at the end of August last year. The judgement appeared on the web on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week (though interestingly was reported in the press the week before).



    That’s a full eight months for the judgement to appear.

  12. Eyes Wide Open on

    Sadly Paul, the more remote, the higher the obstacles become – the more ridiculous lengths we will ultimately see the establishment and scotland go to, when its cruch time.



    They wont allow Rangers to die – they wont go without them.



    They will be granted some sort of special, one time only ‘extension’ from the laws of the game to allow them to participate in the SPL next season – to buy them the time they need to clear the path and calm the waters.



    Im not sure we should have been going along with the transfer of powers to the 11 clubs – unless ofcourse we knew for a fact what way the vote was going to go with the existing spl ‘board’.



    All it does is put these so called ’10’ in the ultimate position of power to decide on the fate of the huns – and they have already indicated they will prostitute themselves.

  13. SmashingMilkBottles on

    Dead Huns Walking



    I’m off to the happy office with 31003 to discuss and laugh out loud in case any manky mob members are in close proximity

  14. What will the voting process/structure be? (if it matters at all by then)


    1.Simple majority?








    5.Do rangers get a vote?




    7.Ross County?



    The “split” on this could be the most vital piece of info in the history of the game in Scotland imo.


    If it only takes 2 votes to keep the cheats out,that’s what will happen.


    If it’s a simple majority it’s a real coin toss.


    Clarity required from SPL on this

  15. gordybhoy64 on

    Saint stivs,


    thanks for your assistance here,going for a couple of nights


    from the 4th june,not exactly a big deal but want to give


    my good lady a nice break before i go to Derry for the 5s


    and 4 days on the swally,thanks in advance,my budget could stretch to £125 a night

  16. Paul67 seems VERY sure of things!



    What makes you so certain that Hector will deliver the coup de grace this month? After all he was meant to last month.

  17. sparkleghirl on

    the moral outrage over what looked likely to be voted through today is beginning to gain traction.



    This, to me, is the key.

  18. Paul67 – hopefully you have brought some calm to the situation. My gut instinct on hearing the news of a delayed vote (one with no opposition from clubs which have stated that they will oppose Newco, no matter what some on here are saying) was that this is good enough news.



    My gut instinct about Windy Miller is that he has no real interest in buying rangers unless he is really really keen on his Ulster Scots (or as the yanks more correctly put it Scots-Irish) heritage and some bampot from the DUP has been bigging up the Ulster connection to him, having met him at a Tenessee Pipe band competition!!!



    Another big question for us now – will Duff and Pelps ever be appointed as administrators ever again? Unless the instruction was to run rangers in to the ground for me please then they are the most incompetent administrators in the history of administration….. unless. Who shouted Craig Whytes floating charge? I don’t know what you mean……………….

  19. Paul – I see your thinking – There would appear to be a lot of unknowns. But how do we know a neat collection of back door deals have not been done to welcome over the threshold on May 30th?

  20. archdeaconsbench on

    Paul apologies if this has already been asked, but how can you be certain that the FTT verdict will be announced by the 30th May? Thanks..

  21. Well you win some and you lose some, and they have lost big time by the sound of things :o)

  22. As predicted by many of us on here earlier, the filibusterers can’t make a decision. Probably took at least 3 of their 5 hour meeting to decide whether to have tea or coffee!

  23. Paul67, if this was CFC instead of rfc’s troubles , our support including the likes of Mr Keane et al would have sorted it, then again we would not be in the same situation as we have respect and integrity, I wonder when rfc lost theirs?

  24. Paul67



    Whats to stop BM requesting the license this week and taking his chance with the SPL Board?

  25. Thanks for cheering me up again Paul



    By the way,is it not Hearts that look marooned or have the Newco/Oldco changed their colours already?




  26. this is really about nobody having their name put against killing rangers



    isnt it?



    Hector where for art thou?

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