Rangers deferential media were necessary for liquidation


I see the “equalise before the other team score” strategy is being utilised ahead of the publication of Craig Whyte’s book, covering the account of his purchase of Rangers and the sordid details around their slip into liquidation.

The Daily Record tells us that in the book, “Whyte will claim that he had the power to control the editorial output of the Daily Record.”

They lead with an incredible [literally]“No one is in any position to question the quality and integrity of our journalism”, while throwing their former editor Bruce Waddell, and ex-head of sport James Traynor, under the brown brogues by saying “That one’s for Waddell’s conscience” and “we’ll leave it to [Traynor] to address Whyte’s claims.”  There is no awareness that the world outside the newspaper views it as a publication that was willingly complicit in pushing a narrative that was fatal to the football club.

Despite admissions like “it is to my own eternal shame” and “pride-swallowing lesson” – but don’t question our quality or integrity – no recognition was made of what the rest of us knew at the time, the Record was the chief cheer-leader for the owner of Rangers.

They failed to put sufficient analysis into the role they played in the Rangers narrative ahead of liquidation in 2012.  This had a material impact on events, while others inside the club were doing their best to stop Whyte gaining control, the Record did everything possible to ensure he got his hands on the Arsenal shares.

And still, STILL, no criticism of David Murray from Cognitive Dissonance Towers.  How deep the bonds go.

Without David Murray’s control of the print and broadcast media, Craig Whyte would have been exposed and run out of town months before taking control of Rangers in May 2011.  The subsequent events could not have happened without a deferential army of media accomplices.

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  1. Ask yourself if Scotland had been Independent then what would Salmond have done.



    Ask yourself what the SNP government would do if we get Independence in future.

  2. A blog about anything,seems to turn into any kind of attack on the Board by a few of the obsessed among us.Cannot leave it alone,even for a day.


    We know,we agree we have heard it Ad Nauseum,we support Res 12 we know the Board are shit,we agree with everything said over the years,just FFS give us one day.To be so constantly obsessed is not healthy.

  3. Ernie



    Indeed it is.


    It means nothing except to highlight his own political impoency.


    You know it’s a uk issue.


    By speaking to HMRC it is as potent as pissing in the wind


    – the devolved government had no say in the debt,how it was conceived,rolled out….All that happened under your hero then Blair,Brown and Darlings tenure.


    You also know that Labour and other parties petitioned HMRC for the hun,they(All parties) were fawning for Sir Pockle of Hun.






  4. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Yeah they may be relying on that,






    No idea what fat Alex would have done.Nothing,I would venture,as he had no bearing on what went down.How that equates to the present day,is beyond me.Unless,of course you are enamoured by Boris,the asshole ruling you at the moment.You know,that bastion of everything decent.Unionist Celtic fans,never thought I would live to see it.Strange times we live in.




    They don’t want to know.Should be bringing their Union Jack’s to Celtic Park.

  7. An Tearmann on 10th February 2020 2:38 pm




    So if you accept that Salmond did speak to HMRC about the huns what makes Whyte’s version of events so unlikely?

  8. An Tearmann on 10th February 2020 2:48 pm




    What happened is that the law took its course and the huns were liquidated.

  9. BSR






    It aint Easy to get into this Celtic Team. I Believe this is an absolute Belter of a team.



    We are gonnae need Everyone over the next few months. Listening to Radio Scotland after the game (about j38 on M6). I thought John Kennedy spoke fantastically well. Another Leader of Men.



    We are very well served.



    The Futures very Bright.

  10. CaddingtonCommon on

    It’s not often you get a tabloid sports journalist actually admitting both he and his colleagues are actually crap, but today it has happened. Still, looking at this rag’s circulation figures it won’t be too long before the writer of this morning’s said article as well as his cohorts, will be seeking alternative employment.


    Oh for the days of Mcilvaney and Archer.


    Bring on the red top revolution.



  11. Ernie


    “the huns were liquidated’



    Are you sure ?



    You wouldn’t think so looking at what comes out of the Spfl, the SFA, and the MSM including that bastion of truth the BBC

  12. An Tearmann on 10th February 2020 2:48 pm



    And, lest we forget, two factors that set the whole train of events in motion were 1.control of the huns banking arrangements being moved from Scotland to England and 2.the involvement of the City of London Police.



    We can only speculate as to whether things would have panned out differently if matters had remained under Scoddish control.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Think you’re being incredibly harsh on the DR with that leader Pablo!



    CW’s revelations will open the eyes of some (but nowhere near all) of the world’s dumbest football supporters.



    Sales to this demographic are, barely, keeping the DR afloat.



    So ask yourself Paul, if you headed up a morally bankrupt media entity whose front end employees were virtually unemployable elsewhere would you ….



    a) Tell the truth and die quickly






    b) Continue with the whoppers and die slowly.



    BTW – The first line of my post was typed with the same level of insincerity and faux outrage one might encounter in … er … the DR.






    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  14. ernie


    You make good points ( 2:58) but i am left with the problem that the reality in Scotland is that `Rangers` do still exist .

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on 10th February 2020 2:32 pm


    ‘A 12-year-old boy has been charged with racially abusing Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos in a recent Old Firm game.’




    I find it hard to believe that it is in the public interest to charge a 12 year old in those circumstances.




    Yes,we can only speculate,which you do a great deal of.And it’s Scotland,not Scoddland with a double D.If you want to go down that road,you would need a double T in Scotland.Scodland sounds exactly the same


    But carry on,keep spouting the old Unionist jargon.

  17. Hot Smoked on 10th February 2020 3:05 pm



    A version exists.



    But only because of acts of omission and commission by a variety of people, some of whom should have known better, and who need to be held to account.

  18. Turkeybhoy on 10th February 2020 3:08 pm



    Scoddish is entirely appropriate in the circumstances alluded to.



    No longer living here, the nuance may have escaped you.

  19. HOT SMOKED ,


    You are confusing reality with other people’s fantasies.Sane people,know that Rangers no longer exist.,In saying same,I include all of the supporters of teams across Scotland.They no longer exist,fact.We know that.Everyone knows it,but their fans although,knowing it’s TRUE,fantasize that it’s not.The Media,who also know the truth,pander to the fantasies of their biggest customer base.Really,if you were a business on your knees,you would do anything to survive.The old saying”Publish and be damned”has now become”Dont publish,and be saved”.



    Don’t try and pull the “Not living in Scotland”,notice the spelling,on me.You are talking shit.I am usually more polite,but not to a Unionist.Rule Brittania.

  21. I thought the Huns needed 10 mill (by their own admission) to see out the rest of the season?



    Why are they still hangin around polluting the atmosphere with their rotten corpse smell?



    The world was a beautiful place for that brief period of time in back 2012… before the decaying Zombies crawled out from their graves acting and sounding even worse than they did before

  22. Anyway,Ernie,let’s all bow to your wonderful understanding of all things.


    Pity you don’t seem as knowledgeable about football,I would go as far as to say,Celtic,as we very,very rarely read your incisive quotes after any games.Anything mentioned about the Board,or politics,you are on like a shot,shit stirring with your “Speculations”.

  23. BHOYLE 083,


    King put up around 3 million,which still left them 7 million to find.Talk is,they are looking for another Close Brothers loan,and the ST money will soon be coming in.Robbing Peter to pay Paul,can only go on so long.

  24. Supt Mark Sutherland said that any form of abuse was “completely unacceptable” and that the force would continue to investigate any further claims.


    Wouldn’t know where to start

  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    That Jackson article is pitched at the intellect of his and the Record’s readership.



    Anyone on here who reads/buys that thing should really have a bit more self-respect.

  26. TB


    `You are confusing reality with other people’s fantasies`



    I am not !!!



    I do, though, accept that I am looking at `reality` in a philosophical way.



    Darts? Not the first thing I think of when I think of Turkey :-))


    Enjoy anyway.


    Cheerio for now.

  27. Anyone know how many arrests there were on the 29th of December at this game and what are they charged with?

  28. northeast ghirl on

    Find it incredibly suspect that all of a sudden Police Scotland now have identified a culprit but he’s too young to be identified. Sky of course are running this with !More to follow appendage. Completely astonishing🤔🤔🤔




  29. Paul67 already suggested that a police report was made by two season ticket holders. None of this should come as a surprise.

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