Rangers deferential media were necessary for liquidation


I see the “equalise before the other team score” strategy is being utilised ahead of the publication of Craig Whyte’s book, covering the account of his purchase of Rangers and the sordid details around their slip into liquidation.

The Daily Record tells us that in the book, “Whyte will claim that he had the power to control the editorial output of the Daily Record.”

They lead with an incredible [literally]“No one is in any position to question the quality and integrity of our journalism”, while throwing their former editor Bruce Waddell, and ex-head of sport James Traynor, under the brown brogues by saying “That one’s for Waddell’s conscience” and “we’ll leave it to [Traynor] to address Whyte’s claims.”  There is no awareness that the world outside the newspaper views it as a publication that was willingly complicit in pushing a narrative that was fatal to the football club.

Despite admissions like “it is to my own eternal shame” and “pride-swallowing lesson” – but don’t question our quality or integrity – no recognition was made of what the rest of us knew at the time, the Record was the chief cheer-leader for the owner of Rangers.

They failed to put sufficient analysis into the role they played in the Rangers narrative ahead of liquidation in 2012.  This had a material impact on events, while others inside the club were doing their best to stop Whyte gaining control, the Record did everything possible to ensure he got his hands on the Arsenal shares.

And still, STILL, no criticism of David Murray from Cognitive Dissonance Towers.  How deep the bonds go.

Without David Murray’s control of the print and broadcast media, Craig Whyte would have been exposed and run out of town months before taking control of Rangers in May 2011.  The subsequent events could not have happened without a deferential army of media accomplices.

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  1. Pannysbhoy 3:30



    Don’t hold your breath on that wan.



    The Good thing is the whole of Scotland will see a bit more into the biased broadcasting.



    Michael is too good a pundit to not be employed, even in Scotland.

  2. northeast ghirl on

    Does anyone find it strange that they are getting some negative press because of Whytes book being released. Fit up if ever I saw one😠

  3. 12 yrold boy and that’s the BREAKING story from the sky sports news centre folks.


    Accept it or else.


    Any form of response or defense will be labelled ‘whataboutarry’



    Sky or declaring themselves ‘off the hook’ for their translation mince last week.


    Celtic fans are racist.


    Any pictures doing the rounds of grown men rangers fans doing monkey chants at scott sinclair are a pure figment of our imagination.


    What a sick country scotland is

  4. Just watched Sky News. The 5-min sports bulletin round up lead story – the 12-year-old Celtic fan charged with racism.


    I imagine fans get arrested every week somewhere or other in the UK for this, has it ever been the lead story on Sky?


    A bit of getting back at us here over translategate.

  5. 67 European Cup Winners on

    The big question – do I buy the book – entertainment value must be high


    But am I financially supporting a Hun



    Oh it’s a conundrum




  6. Ernie-



    2.48- I accept petitions from all parties were put forward,Labour/Tory and the SNP.



    Who was in power at the treasury?and(silly question) who overseen tax law,Gordon? Alistair.


    Wee fat Alex was impotent in a power context.


    If you accept Alex petition you accept your own parties negligence too matching his fawning and ignoring,



    I do not find Whytes version unlikely


    What makes you think that?







    Law was followed and Huns were liquidated



    Is that correct? Still no word on Labour’s part.


    It’s easy politically to shiteswipe say wee alex/snp in the Scoddish vernacular


    It deflects from the hun cancer in the Labour party.and the build up of cheating Huns death.all under(by sheeraccident) under Labour’s financial stewardship lol,laughing


    Now I would contend that as soon as HMRC


    raided Sir Pockle of Huns lavvy, the London treasury knew,but then again the lack of governance in the banking and finance sector under Gordon and Alistair was amateur as well as costly to the country.but you know that,




    Lest I forget that all minty did was under a Labour government.


    I won’t.



    The change of bank was under a Labour government,if your telling me the treasury didn’t know of the levels of debt banks were carrying


    The city of London police I would say knew of minty long before 08,they would known since the raid by HMRC I would contend.


    You do accept the strong scoddish element in the Labour party.face stops you critiquing them.



  7. My friends in Celtic,



    So the article Paul wrote a few days ago was indeed correct and my prediction at the time has come to pass.



    The police have poured resources into finding a single scapegoat for Morelosgate.


    This was circa 8 weeks ago and the scapegoat has finally been found.



    Did the police go into a year 1 class mob handed and arrest this hardened criminal , or was it a carefully planned and resourced dawn raid. ( Assuming of course that the 12 year old boy is in secondary school )



    I am raging, absolutely livid. This arrest and prosecution is a sham, an appeasement if you like and it’s not in the public interest.



    Very convenient that the age of the culprit is right on the dot of criminal responsibility in Scotland.



    We still await the police action after Morelos threatened our supporters, witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people.



    Yes this is nothing more than the Scottish establishment picking a victim.



    There is a trend in this Scottish establishment and that is sleeze. It’s everywhere.


    Of course Salmond helped the huns with HMRC and the establishment will circle the wagons to acquit him on a technicality even although the evidence will be heaped against him. Watch this space.



    HH to all.

  8. IS it true that when Dave King was held up in SA (no doubt by Bloemfontein CSC)


    that unfortunately he had £200m of Far east investment with him in his pocket



    1872 dafties to pick up the deficit

  9. Paul67:



    “On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.



    Celtic fans’ abhorrence of intolerance is commendable, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. The club cannot cut across this with denials or deflections. Others have exploited that police report shamelessly, but that is Gutter Life.”



    Is Paul in on the conspiracy against Celtic?



    Of course not.



    An individual has disgraced themselves and they have been turned in by some sensible fans.



    We shouldn’t deny the racism’s existence. Make it clear it has no place at Celtic.



    If huns want to play PR games let them. It’s clear that it doesn’t win titles.

  10. Pannysbhoy,



    No worries, the hun (nasty sneaky snide MSM orientated) full on attack is happening.



    Lenny, Broony and John are there Standing like Giants frae Donegal. None are from there as well.



    I really liked Johns after match interview.



    We are in very Good hands.

  11. Dont kid yourself that SKY sports would not have run this story if we had not reported them to OFCOM, they seem to hate Celtic, they are presently in awe of Liverpool and promote everything in a positive light about Sevco,a Police Superintendant has commented on the charges of the 12 yr old, I just wonder what else happened at this match he should be interested in ?

  12. Anyone on hear that subscribes to Sky need a reality check. Don’t give us the wife and weans like it drivel. Get it cancelled. It’s easy. Had it fir 19 years. Cancelled 2 year ago. Never been missed.

  13. Load mobile navigation






















    Celtic legend Jackie McNamara rushed to hospital after collapsing on his doorstep


    Friends of his family say the former Hoops defender is undergoing surgery.





    ByRecord Reporter


    16:01, 10 FEB 2020UPDATED16:17, 10 FEB 2020


    Jackie McNamara – Career in pictures


    Jackie McNamara – Career in pictures


    Play Video






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    Former Celtic and Scotland star Jackie McNamara has been rushed to hospital in England after collapsing on his doorstep.



    Friends of his family say the former defender is undergoing surgery.



    It is understood the 46-year-old was taken to hospital in York and then transferred to another hospital in Hull

  14. Greenpinata 4.42



    Don’t doubt Salmond ‘helped’ the hun



    What about those old labour strong strong strongholds in Lothian or North Lanarkshire if you think the fake socialist there weren’t putting their brithers first and petitioning the treasury.



    The political fawning by all parties towards Minty leaves all parties including Labour as guilty in their scoddishness as the SNP,Tories or lib dems.not an ounce of difference in how they dealt wi Dave!!



  15. John Hartson, tweeted 8 mins ago.


    Worried sick for my former teammate and great friend Jackie McNamara who collapsed at home Saturday with a bleed on the brain.. my thoughts are with his wife Samantha and the children

  16. An Tearman



    Your subsequent conversations re Whyte’s allegations about Alex Salmond have gone down a surprising side road for me.



    First of all, I was open that Craig Whyte asserting an opinion similar to my own previously expressed suspicions, only serves to make me think twice about whether I was right. I don’t count his version as reliable corroboration- indeed he may have stated this just to implicate a constituency that is seen by the Sevcoites to be anti-Rangers.



    I was not suggesting that Alex Salmond DID influence HMRC to go easy on the old Rangers, merely that he tried to.



    As you indicated, the only ones that could influence the Tax Authorities, by law, were the UK government. However, there is no indication or, indeed, allegation that they did so, other than the fact that HMRC continued to battle Rangers for settlement and, at a UK level, gave them no deal or respite. Therefore, if Gordon Brown or Tony Blair acted at all, it can only have been to influence HNRC to carry on as they were doing.



    Alex Salmond, on the other hand, may or may not have tried to use his political (not legal) clout to persuade HMRC . Whyte said he did (not convincing evidence) and Salmond has said nothing (which neither implicates or acquits him). Besides Alex may have other more serious matters on his mind.



    I think, on balance, it may have served the interests of the Yes Vote in the due referendum, for Rangers not to go out of business. Neither Alex or the wider SNP movement would have felt they could win much in the way of votes from the Loyalist rump at Ibrox but it would still be a bad look for Scotland to be seeking Independence at a time when one of its major institutions was going bust. There was no such incentive or motivation for the UK Labour Party to do anything on their behalf. Their votes were already heavily committed to the No vote amd amny of them to the Tories.



    Whatever Alex did or did not do, it was clearly ineffectual. HMRC continued on track.



    However, the possibility that he may have sought to influence the outcome, without having any power to do so, remains a possibility. Unless HMRC come out and inform on the subject, which they won’t, or Alex makes a statement, we may never know the truth.



    The timing of Whyte’s allegation fits. The “shame game” of 2011 which prompted moves towards the OBaF Act does fit with Sevco going bust, but, as always, we flounder on the rock that Craig Whyte is an unreliable purveyor of truth, right up there with Keef Jackson (Tea Boy with a typewriter).




    P.S. – More for Turkeybhoy than yourself. Any Independence supporter who also supports Scotland’s entry into the EU must also be prepared to label themselves a “Unionist”- only fair that!



    Federalist is too mealy mouthed.



    Independenceformystreet csc

  17. AN TEARMANN on 10TH FEBRUARY 2020 5:03 PM



    Yes I’m sure certain Labour politicians in Scotland would have wanted to help the old huns, but in reality only the Scottish government would have had the inclination and power to action any help.




  18. First of all Get we’ll soon Jackie Bhoy.


    As for the minor allegedly being able to outshout 60,000 fans calling Morelos a Hun Orange bassa with a squeaky voice not broken yet I would say SHITE !!!!


    More fabricated PISH from A distressed Jabba and the craft Klan.


    We’ve heard nothing from sky or the Huns for 72 hrs but now they are prepared to use a child as justification for their propaganda against Celtic. So blooming wrong on all fronts.


    Why would Celtic not come out and apologise to Morelos and Offer the child an educational program two months ago if true knowing that police charges were being actioned.


    Racism is so so wrong.We have self policed for years successfully THATS why we are a club with historical values.


    But something stinks badly here and we are in a war against dark forces who are attacking our club at every opportunity.


    Dear o dear a TWELVE YEAR OLD KID !


    If it’s True the peepil are not interested in


    Rehabilitation they will exploit anyone and any situation to fit their narrative and cover their arse . Shameful !!!!!!!

  19. !!Bada Bing!! on 10th February 2020 2:32 pm



    ‘A 12-year-old boy has been charged with racially abusing Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos in a recent Old Firm game.’



    Why am I not surprised? The famous Glasgow polis, they should be ashamed of themselves, a bigger bunch of chancers in Scotland you will not find.

  20. Fingers crossed for Jackie Mac. Always thought he was seriously underrated as a player and as a captain.

  21. timaloy29 on 10th February 2020 4:46 pm






    “On this occasion, two Celtic season ticket holders (quite rightly) reported to the police an incident, observed only by a handful of Celtic fans, by another fan at last month’s defeat.




    Celtic fans’ abhorrence of intolerance is commendable, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. The club cannot cut across this with denials or deflections. Others have exploited that police report shamelessly, but that is Gutter Life.”







    Hang on.



    Is the suggestion that two, presumably adult, Celtic fans reported a 12 year old to the police?



    A 12 year old?



    And they’re being held up as paragons of virtue?



    If that’s the case I’d rather be in the gutter. At least there’ a decent view.

  22. Kafflick schools to blame !!!!!


    You can see we’re the Klan are going with this.!


    Disgusting exploitation of a child No shame Plod of the Kraft !!!!

  23. A Feckin 12 year old???



    Ffs is it not our jobs to educate the youngsters. What good will come from charging him and how much would that cost?






    So the superintendent thinks this is the best use of the public purse?


    Is he deaf?? Because that shower of scum do nothing but sing sectarian songs.



    D. :)

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