Rangers destroyed by SFA


Huge result from the SFA Judicial Panel Tribunal tonight, absolutely enormous, perhaps the biggest decision ever made in Scottish football history.  Rangers have been banned from signing players over 18-years-old, for a period of 12 months and fined £160k.

For months Scottish football has lived under some huge moral questions; would the combined forces of TV contracts, the Bank of Scotland and the formidable Rangers lobby combine to subvert the meritocratic spirit of sport and see rules written to see Rangers kept afloat.

The SFA Judicial Panel Tribunal made these questions moot.  In the event that Rangers fail to agree a CVA with creditors and emerge as a Newco, and IF that Newco is allowed to inherit the SPL share given up by Rangers, the Newco will be unable to sign any players of 18 years or older.

Although the SPL and SFA are able to transfer Rangers league share to a Newco, player employment contracts are with the current company, so players would not be contracted to any new company.  An SPL Newco would need to compete with 16 and 17-year-olds.

Conversely, there is nothing to stop a new football club, Rangers United, for example, sharing Firhill and applying to the Scottish Football League, from signing players of any age.  A new football club like this would inherit no financial or football punishment from Rangers FC.  Anyone aspiring to fill the gap left by Rangers would do well to navigate their plans in this direction.

In fact, scrub that first sentence, this is the biggest decision ever made in Scottish football history, no perhaps about it.

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  1. aldersyde avenue on 23 April, 2012 at 23:23 said:


    I for one will hold off celebrating this decision for the time being.



    Rangers (IA) will have a right of appeal I presume.



    Sorry to be cynical but I’m guessing the penalty will be reduced or even suspended for a period of time.



    I do not trust the SFA and always suspect ulterior motives.




  2. Looks like a SFA SPL power struggle going on here SFA saying rules are rules SPL saying to hell with rules let them in funny old game innit

  3. Never chased the podium before but must have been in the right place at the right time.


    A memory I will cherish.


    Where were you when the SFA stuck it to Rangers? I was winning the CQN Podium!



    Hail Hail




  4. Marrakesh Express on

    lucky cody 23-17.


    well spotted. CW has single handedly sanitised Scottish football. By doing more damage to the huns than Jock, Jinky and Henke put together he has achieved the impossible, with much help from SDM.


    It now looks like a slow, lingering painful death. If ever an entity deserved it, its the RFC. I keep getting a picture of the end of the movie ‘Ghost’, where the bad guy gets dragged away to an eternity in hell by the evil spirits. Get what I mean?




  5. Over on R-Media they’re suggesting that Ragers should refuse to fulfill their fixtures as a protest…….

  6. Paul67 – Big question – has the integrity of football won over financial considerations?




  7. I wonder if the SFA punishment will embolden the SPL to speed up their own investigation on the two contracts.


    The End is nigh






    share on F’book or Twitter



  8. Sir Paul



    The News jist keeps oan gettin’ . Bettah and Bettah!






    Jist When Wan Door Closes , fur the G.A.



    Another Door..



    Bangs… Right in Thur Face!



    Goodnight,Kiddo.. Ah am sure Ye wull sleep .. weel.









    Laughin’ like …Hell!

  9. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Anyone know what the Thai for Duffy and Phelps is? Maybe the superstore can print it on my shirt for Sunday.

  10. Yes Paul that is what the SFA are trying to do with this verdict, is lead the parties down the road of a completely New Club.



    Now they CAN investigate the 2 contracts issue without fear of any backlash and remove all the trophies from a Club that no longer exists.



    They will also fast track there New League formula and guess who will be invited to take part? por cierto.

  11. tomthelennytim on

    Paul67 – RTC reckons existing contracts can be switched to newhuns. Not affected by the embargo.

  12. Paul67 – I wonder if the SFA have taken the moral decision right out of the hands of the self-serving SPL Chairmen?



    The line from the UEFA statement always stuck in my head that they expect “the spirit” of the FFP rules to be adhered to.



    They couldn’t trust greed not to win and UEFA to have to step in.

  13. You know something good is happening when paul67 is posting at this time.



    Tictalker talking tic

  14. Didnt think the SFA would do that at all.



    Historic indeed!



    Yo Ho Ho, off they go…….








    PS – Starry Hope……..”never chased a podium” Aye Right!! :-)

  15. Gordon_j



    Don’t think you’ll get a statement from fat Mark apparently FF has crashed 3 times since the announcement!!



    This is the day….

  16. obonfanti1888, aye, that one is coming.



    Art of War, yes, integrity has won over, before the SPL clubs had a chance to vote on the matter.



    Kojo, had a wry smile at that, thank you.



    Por Cierto, so far so good. A new league structure is still an obscure ambition, agreed by no one, and not even relevant to a Newco starting at the bottom of the structure.



    tomthelennytim, Fraser Wishart said otherwise last week. Contracts of employment are with the current company. New company does not employ these players.



    Googybhoy, game changer.



    RogueLeader, this is exactly what has happened and will be the subject of a blog tomorrow. This decision takes pressure away from votes.



    tictalker, indeed.

  17. Paul67



    Just read the headlines on newsnow. Wow!!! Stunning news! Craig Whyte’s reply to the PA is brilliant. What a crazy guy!



    Looks like its the 3rd division for Rangers. A team of 16 and 17 year old’s simply couldn’t compete in the SPL, not sure they could compete in the 3rd division either.



    Stunned with the brilliant news!



    Today is a truly historic day!

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