Rangers destroyed by SFA


Huge result from the SFA Judicial Panel Tribunal tonight, absolutely enormous, perhaps the biggest decision ever made in Scottish football history.  Rangers have been banned from signing players over 18-years-old, for a period of 12 months and fined £160k.

For months Scottish football has lived under some huge moral questions; would the combined forces of TV contracts, the Bank of Scotland and the formidable Rangers lobby combine to subvert the meritocratic spirit of sport and see rules written to see Rangers kept afloat.

The SFA Judicial Panel Tribunal made these questions moot.  In the event that Rangers fail to agree a CVA with creditors and emerge as a Newco, and IF that Newco is allowed to inherit the SPL share given up by Rangers, the Newco will be unable to sign any players of 18 years or older.

Although the SPL and SFA are able to transfer Rangers league share to a Newco, player employment contracts are with the current company, so players would not be contracted to any new company.  An SPL Newco would need to compete with 16 and 17-year-olds.

Conversely, there is nothing to stop a new football club, Rangers United, for example, sharing Firhill and applying to the Scottish Football League, from signing players of any age.  A new football club like this would inherit no financial or football punishment from Rangers FC.  Anyone aspiring to fill the gap left by Rangers would do well to navigate their plans in this direction.

In fact, scrub that first sentence, this is the biggest decision ever made in Scottish football history, no perhaps about it.

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  1. This is a very interesting first crack at a disciplinary decision by the SFA. I say first crack as it will be their decision on the inevitable appeal that will determine how this actually plays out. If this is upheld it could signal the end of Rangers hold over the Scottish football authorities and perhaps the levelling of the plays field.



    On a separate note, this will enrage the hordes and with the game coming up on Sunday all of our fans will need to be wary of the usual reaction of the Burberry-wearing Chelsea fans. Although it could be a sparsely populated away end on Sunday if the good news keeps coming.




  2. sonofaderryman on

    tomthelennytim on 23 April, 2012 at 23:39 said:


    Paul67 – RTC reckons existing contracts can be switched to newhuns. Not affected by the embargo.



    I would not worry too much about the players theyn have re signing, any that are out of contract wont stay if they are in teh third division, or have to take pay cuts. Their years of cheating is biting their erses!!!



    Hell slap it intae them.

  3. Allgreen tthinks SPL are at it on

    What exactly have the Huns been found guilty of? Can’t get into SFA site to check offences.

  4. WITS,



    what is it with the huns and Walking???



    Now it would appear that quite the opposite of not walking away, they want to walk away from Celtic Park.



    Jog-On Hun is my response.



    Whaddya know, Its 9-i-A-Row…..






  5. Paul67



    Interesting verdict – now what’s left by way of punishment when the BTC is announced?



    Stripping of titles?



    Revoking their licence?



    Newco and start from scratch or cease to exist?

  6. tomthelennytim on

    Paul67 – cheers for reply. If that is true then they’re truly fecked.


    I can’t see how they will put a side out. If they are now (as seems likely given the change of pace) hammered for the dual contracts then I think division three might be the best newhuns can hope for.


    Absolutely doomed.

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Kilmarnock were furious with what they saw as Celtic’s underhand methods and the Scottish League and SFA were strongly sympathetic to the Ayrshire club. Celtic would be fined by the league £100,000 for the poaching of the duo and would also be ordered by the SFA to pay double that amount in compensation.



    It was now McCann’s turn to be furious. He argued the scale of the fine – imposed by the league and supported by Farry and the SFA -was unprecedented and pointed out that when Rangers tapped up Dundee United’s Duncan Ferguson they were given a punishment of just £5,000.



    Ultimately McCann had no option but to stump up the cash. While the fine certainly seemed excessive almost all outsiders sided with the league and the SFA. Many in football and the media had been appalled by McCann’s behaviour throughout the affair during which at no time did he show even the slightest regret for his blatant tapping of Burns.



    Everybody still impressed ?

  8. Am I dreaming????



    Didn’t think my night could get any better after watching the young lads destroy QOS.



    My ghod I was wrong!!!

  9. “All of us working on behalf of the Club are utterly shocked” Admin Could someone please explain to them that their job is to work on behalf of the creditors not the club.

  10. Meanwhile on FF they’ve had enough ………………. :)




    #1 Today, 23:17




    Don’t buy the Rhebel Join Date: 31-07-2006


    Posts: 655



    Enough is Enough






    Liquidate the bloody club and leave the shitehole that is Scotland forever.


    How can such a corrupt body run a sport.


    Crooks and bigots in charge at SFA. Now it is totally clear.



    They can all feck off. If any fan of Rangers goes to another away game, they need their head tested.

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on

    Marrakesh Express on 23 April, 2012 at 23:33 said:



    The SFA have done the right thing here……the reputation of Scottish Football has been well and Truly tarnished GLOBALLY by RIA, ……….. I saw SDM & Agent Whyte boarding a flight for the DEEPEST Amazon tonight……..tomorrow is going to be an interesting day for the LL………




  12. i think we should be neighbourly and invite the newco to the naming of our stand called the craigwhyte 54 !!!!

  13. Of all the things I had hoped might happen these few days, I hadn’t seen this one coming.



    Oh my. How to calm down and get to sleep?

  14. Paul 67


    Perfect symmetry with the SFA providing a 12 month signing ban to reflect the 12 month of PAYE, NI , VAT dodging ……. seems fair to me.



    More fun ahead …….



    Still thanks to our greatest ever team for bringing the Big Cup home, directly resulting in Minty losing the plot , this has been 45 years in the making….. My money is now on Dignity going into liquidation on a very special day in May!




  15. Neil Lennon is ainm dom (nohunlover) on

    Ha ha. Hope Collum and Norris aren’t too low at whatis happening their team tonight!!

  16. Anyone else think that UEFA have held a great big gun to the head of the SFA and said “sort this out or else”.



    This is the response.

  17. Is summa of sammi on a plane right now?






    I will never look at a pound coin the same again



    One Pound to rule them all, One Pound to find them,


    One Pound to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


    In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

  18. Paul67



    Does Craig Whyte and Bill Miller understand their role (or potential role) at Rangers. The bully boy tactics are just not working, not when Rangers have been cheating HMRC with such easy disdain.



    I’m sure the footie authorities might have wanted to minimise the damage, but in this case they have been fighting a fight they cannot win.



    Expect the BTC result to come in vv shortly and make the SFA fines look like a snowflake in the Antarctic.



    Maybe D&P will have to revise upwards how much debt AdminFC owe. Mind you, they probably won’t get another chance to update the figures.

  19. i’ve just thought of the most vile hun i’ve ever met.. i’m buzzing at the thought of his despare

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