Rangers destroyed by SFA


Huge result from the SFA Judicial Panel Tribunal tonight, absolutely enormous, perhaps the biggest decision ever made in Scottish football history.  Rangers have been banned from signing players over 18-years-old, for a period of 12 months and fined £160k.

For months Scottish football has lived under some huge moral questions; would the combined forces of TV contracts, the Bank of Scotland and the formidable Rangers lobby combine to subvert the meritocratic spirit of sport and see rules written to see Rangers kept afloat.

The SFA Judicial Panel Tribunal made these questions moot.  In the event that Rangers fail to agree a CVA with creditors and emerge as a Newco, and IF that Newco is allowed to inherit the SPL share given up by Rangers, the Newco will be unable to sign any players of 18 years or older.

Although the SPL and SFA are able to transfer Rangers league share to a Newco, player employment contracts are with the current company, so players would not be contracted to any new company.  An SPL Newco would need to compete with 16 and 17-year-olds.

Conversely, there is nothing to stop a new football club, Rangers United, for example, sharing Firhill and applying to the Scottish Football League, from signing players of any age.  A new football club like this would inherit no financial or football punishment from Rangers FC.  Anyone aspiring to fill the gap left by Rangers would do well to navigate their plans in this direction.

In fact, scrub that first sentence, this is the biggest decision ever made in Scottish football history, no perhaps about it.

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  1. tictalker on 24 April, 2012 at 00:16 said:



    Ok bhoys 90mins at full throttle on Sunday.


    I really really want our players to put everything they have into the game and demolish them.



    They need a lesson in football



    Tictalker talking tic





    The young ‘uns have set the bar tonight…..I really should make a point of lending my support.



    Im hoping we try to emulate that spirit next week and beat them well,….I want a hammering.



    It’s well over–due.

  2. .



    That’s the First Leg-Over..(First for a While..;0)



    In Kuala Lumpur..



    Big thanks to Estadio Nacional.. VMhan.. MoonbeamsWD.. And BJmac for Making a Great Start to My Trip before I even Left Australia..



    CQN KTF..



    Cheers Bhoys..




  3. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    I posted this around Easter and I’m glad to see the SFA finally starting to do their job.



    There is a much bigger picture being played out here and it can be summed up in one word.



    Five letters



    TRUST !



    Not in an ebt sense but in what ebts were based on, that the parties involved would act with honesty and honor and in doing so ensure credibility in the very concept of trust itself.



    What we are witnessing on a massive scale is a betrayal of trust.



    By Rangers who have betrayed all they thought they stood for. Dignity , honesty and righteousness.



    By the media who betrayed the Rangers support in particular and the football reading public in Scotland at large. Purveyors of myths, lies and mistruths, whilst avoiding the very truths they were supposed to uphold and protect.



    The SFA and SPL who betrayed the game they were supposed to protect by not adopting and applying their rules “with rigor”. Remember that statement after the Shame Game’s supposed “summit”?



    And for what? To sustain an institution that simply does not work at any level, financial, business or moral. An institution whose history should be buried so that from the ashes something worth preserving might grow.



    The Easter message is timely. It began with a betrayal of trust, for how many pieces of silver? It moved through pain and death but led to the restoration of the best of human spirit.



    The kind where the truth was revealed in all its humble dignity and righteousness, the kind of spirit where trust cannot be betrayed.



    Time for the best of human spirit to prevail. Time for Rangers, the media and the governors of football to face the truth and act on it in such a way that trust itself is resurrected.

  4. Craig Whyte was defiant when asked for his reaction to the punishment on him and Rangers.



    He told Press Association Sport: “Tell me how it is going to affect me? I couldn’t care less. It makes no difference to my life whatsoever – and good luck collecting the money. It’s a joke. It is very harsh on Rangers. I am surprised at how harsh the SFA have been on a club which is going through tough times at the moment.”

  5. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    Summa of Sammi…. on 24 April, 2012 at 01:54 said:



    In the past you have complained about the timing of your trips to Bonnie.


    It seems you`ve cracked it this time.


    Haste ye back to Oz.

  6. Tennessee Tim on

    Dixie Fried CQN commentary:



    Yeeeeeeeeeeee-haaaaaaa!!!!! Looks like the Hun just got taken out behind the woodshed. That ol’ boy Regan opened up a big honkin’ can of whoop-ass.



    Who’d a thunk it?

  7. .



    macjay1 for Neil Lennon on 24 April, 2012 at 02:11 said:


    Summa of Sammi…. on 24 April, 2012 at 01:54 said:



    In the past you have complained about the timing of your trips to Bonnie.


    It seems you`ve cracked it this time.


    Haste ye back to Oz.









    My Dad’s Rangers pals offer to Pay My Flight Home before the League is Decided..(Because l always Jinxs The Hoops)..



    While My Celtic Pals and a few CQNers Threaten to Kneecap Me if l Come Home before the League is Won..:O)



    The Green Brigade on Sunday..Thanks VMhan..




  8. Margaret McGill on

    Yes they’re day, all my Goebbels seemed so far away


    Now it looks as though they’re here to pay


    oh I believe in Yes they’re day


    Suddenly, I’m not half the hun I used to be,


    There’s a laddo hanging over me


    Oh Craigie Whyte came suddenly

  9. LassieBeattie on

    OOOOOF !


    no way!


    picking my jaw off the floor as I read.


    Never thought I’d see the day.



    God bless all those not around to see these days !

  10. Just logged on to catch up on the evening patter and Lo and behold catch P67’s new article that the SFA finally grow a pair. Reading further on I see references to a post from Hamiltontim from early Sunday morning. Didn’t really want to scroll back so thanks St.Stiv’s for reposting HT’s original post. I met Hamiltontim for the first time a few weeks ago after the St.Johnstone game at an impromptu CQN pub crawl and beer fest. ( yes, all in attendance I wimped out and fled up the road early so as to avoid the wrath of the outlaws ). Nevertheless I remember sitting listening to HT talk about life, his job, his family and Celtic Football Club and thought to myself, this guy gets it and he really is one of the good ones much like MWD, CRC, BT and Pablophanque. After reading the post he wrote about his Dad it just confirmed what I concluded. HT your Da is surely proud of you. He raised you to be what you are and I’m glad to have gotten to know you even though it was only over a few pints. We’ll meet again sometime no doubt but until then, thanks for the great post and putting it out there for all to see. You are some mhan.

  11. Tennessee Tim on

    Good night Scotland..good night Ireland…good night Wales…good night England. .



    You’ll be waking up soon, and I’ll be dreaming sweet, Hun-free dreams back here in the States.



    To all CQN folk out there – I’ve never met a single one of you, but I enjoy the craic on this forum and I really enjoy reading and sensing your delight and happiness during these historic times. It’s always nice to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Especially when that something is Celtic and all it stands for.

  12. OK, my cynicism has returned to eclipse my delight….



    Seems the administrators and the owner are singing from the same hymn sheet. The administrators at pains to highlight the evidence they presented showing it was all the owners fault…. His lack of diligence. Why should the club suffer. Raging forums are, predictably, venting their spleen towards the owner, the SFA, Tims and any sponsor they can think of.



    The owner meanwhile does not care at all, but accuses the SFA of kicking a club that is going through difficult times…. Stating that in November over dinner ( succulent lamb perhaps) Regan & Ogilvie said ‘nae borra’.



    Is it an exploding policy arena? Seems like it. But I think we should wait until the appeal process is over.



    Significantly….. None of these ‘players’ mention The Mint.



    Seems to me that Craigie Bhoy was headhunted as someone who has the brasskneck to take a deal, and not care less the consequences for his reputation, or the fall out, as long as there is money is to be made.


    Have the goalposts suddenly been moved to thwart the final stage of his and the administrators cunning plan? Possibly…



    The priority has been taken care of. The Black Horse.



    HMRC will be taken care of one way or the other via MIH (or lawyers acting on their behalf (or Lloyds behalf) as Craigie Bhoy is not allowed any input to that case) and what is left of it offshore.



    I believe the Ticketus story was released on cue, controlled PR, or controlled demolition if you like. Certainly not ‘an exclusive’….



    Exploding Policy Arena?


    SFA, SPL, Uefa and other interested parties vying for control in a power vacuum? No doubt. Chickens rushing home to roost, colliding with deserting rats. And an old media left dazed, confused, anxiety ridden, not knowing what to report.



    I am sure there are other forces at work, as much as I am sure the truth might be a long time coming, if it comes out in full at all.



    But…. It would not have happened if not for the New Media.


    Historic Times…..


    but the Fat Lady is just clearing her throat.


    Still do not know what she is going to sing.

  13. My wife’s brother Tony (aged 47) passed away around 2.15am.


    He had battled a savage cancer for around 20 months.


    He leaves behind his wife ,his 15 year old daughter,family and friends to mourn him.


    His team was Liverpool.







  14. My condolences Andrew. Sorry to read that.


    I was aware of a close friend of yours fighting that terrible illness. Too young.


    Thoughts with you and Tonys’ family.


    Hold them close.

  15. Well done to our baby Hoops last night, what a result.



    Hopefully if we can get rid of the squad players we have who are not playing we can get these young guys in the 1st team squad next season.



    The future looks very bright for us. Well done to everyone at the Academy.

  16. Champion Spring Morning…



    Good to see that the SFA have taken considered and appropriate action.



    This could certainly be the dawning of a new Era in Scottish Football, for quarter of a Century our game has been defiled, I predict a great future.



    I’m glad the SFA had Lord Nimmo on this inquiry, this decision has to be water tight, a judgement without fear or favour.



    We must remember that the issues the SFA considered are far less serious than the infringements being considered by the SPL.



    Over to you Mr Doncaster…

  17. TinyTim,


    I’m sorry read about Tony’s passing. My thoughts are with you and your family.