Rangers improper player registration evidence mounts


More evidence emerged today on how Rangers recompensed players through their Employee Benefit Trust (EBT) scheme in The Sun newspaper, who have a draft contract Rangers offered an unnamed player.  The contract was a letter confirming a six figure payment as well as a £1200 per game appearance bonus.

An accountant told Sun reporters Paul Thornton and Ewing Grahame:

“I have been shown a contract of employment showing how much money players were going to get but also a back letter which I presume that individual has assumed is part of his salary. It seems like a contract.

“If the two documents are handed to someone together, is that seen as being his overall package? If the answer to that is yes then there is a problem because the money that goes into the trust really should be getting taxed because it is his salary.

“The fact it is there as a back letter at all suggests it is dodgy.”

Attention is obviously drawn to the potential criminal consequences of these tax arrangements but football fans throughout the country will be alarmed that Campbell Ogilvie, the man who was general secretary and director of Rangers when the EBT scheme started, is currently president of the SFA and would have been involved in scoping out the secret remit of the SFA inquiry into Rangers, which was asked to report within an incredibly quick two week period.  Ogilvie is also one of the few men the inquiry will report to.

If the allegations in today’s Sun are accurate, Rangers have improperly registered football players for a period of around a decade.  The penalty for playing an improperly registered footballer in any game is a 3-0 forfeit.

When the SFA president is in a position to confirm all of this, the association have all information they require to make a ruling on this, but despite these allegations being widely reported for many months, they have yet to even acknowledge there is anything to investigate.

Can you imagine the scrutiny the Football Association in England’s board and chief executive would be exposed to if this scandal was not being actioned?

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  1. Wahoo 1st! Are there a few tims at the caley game, I swear I’m hearing jelly and ice cream when rangers die? Though I also heard the Huns sing to the tune to the fields? I’m confused :(

  2. From the last thread


    Auld Neil Lennon heid says:


    26 February, 2012 at 12:40



    Like a lot of us i’ve smelt something rotten for years with this lot but i think it’s like a wee snowball rolling down from the top of a mountain, i believe it’s got an unstoppable momentum now and that the pace will quicken until it smashes intae the big hoose at the very bottom of the hill where the bottom feeders reside ;)))




  3. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    Gordon Smith trying to claw back credibility..and failing. The only way he could reedeem himself on Sky would be to say – ‘Craig Whyte is a red herring the dye was cast by David Murray and co’…Then I’d respect him

  4. I cant hear what they are singing but it sounded like “the tims are……” to the tune of the huns are going bust, anyone catch it?

  5. Astonishingly the world’s greatest finisher doesn’t even male the huns’ team today. He is on the bench with the remains of their oh so talented squad. And this is before the redundancies!



    Rangers: McGregor; Perry, Goian, Bocanegra, Broadfoot; Aluko, Davis, Edu, Kerkar; Little, McCulloch.



    Substitutes: Alexander, Healy, Bedoya, Mervan, Wylde, Hemmings, McCabe

  6. From previous post..



    The Honest Cover-up says: 26 February, 2012 at 12:44



    They now know fining them is a waste of time so I guess they think they’re untouchable. The SPL should dock them one point every game they do it. See if the threat of no Europa league changes their tune!



    HH /Bishop B

  7. 1-0 Huns



    Why are they singing songs to the tune of all of ours?!?!



    Unless they really is a group of tims there!

  8. The RFC-SFA combo stinks to the high heavens.



    The information is leaking out slowly but surely.


    It can only be a matter of time before UEFA get involved.



    Shortbread and whisky today.



  9. OK this has all been hinted at for a while…a



    What I cannot understand is why nobody has asked Campbell Ogilvie..a public figure… to comment on this.



    Did he know about EBT when he was at Rangers? Did he have an EBT when at Rangers? Did he know that they weren’t registered with the SFA? Does he think it is appropriate for him to be overseeing an investigation of this? Shouldn’t he step down?



    If he refuses to speak or answer then publish the fact that he refuses to answer. That’s news.

  10. Paul – With the Sun publishing this article it is well and truly mainstreamed. You seem to be fearing that the SFA will manage to whytewash this via a quick and limited enquiry. The fact the previously Blue Sun is now investigating rather than PRing might give us some hope that Ogilvie will not be allowed to rubberstamp his own version of events.

  11. Not sure if this has been covered before but if some Rangers players were issued with two contracts these agents must have known that this was illegal

  12. Paul



    If this is proven, and the Huns therefore lose every game 3-0, does that mean they will be relegated as every season they’ll have earnt 0 points, so will they go to division 3 with minus points? :)

  13. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    Ten Men Won The League says:


    26 February, 2012 at 12:42


    If the MSM do a bit of digging and find the ‘Love’ connection, Wiggy is finished in Scottish football



    Anything you can share mate?

  14. Going back to Dougie gate, did the dossier alluding to match fixing via bent refs get permanently buried or did it never exist?

  15. The other thing is you would have expected that some football agents would have said something to the governing body that something was rotten over the road

  16. Anyone notice the difference between Inverness today and the other week?



    Oh yeah, no tackles.



    Filth winning 2-0



    Oh well.

  17. TONYG says:


    26 February, 2012 at 13:00



    Not sure if this has been covered before but if some Rangers players were issued with two contracts these agents must have known that this was illegal





    Yes, even if players don’t know the rules, the agents and lawyers must have realised. There may be far more people involved than we realise.

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